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Bruce A. Young

Bruce A. Young -- aka for us Sentinel fans, Captain Simon Banks. Bruce has had a long career in television and movies, appearing in recent films such as Jurassic Park III and Enough. Tall with a deep voice, he has wonderfully expressive eyes and face and uses them well in his performances. In an interview, he said that his favorite role was Jackie, the transvestite hooker from Risky Business. ~grin~

In addition to his popular portrayal of Simon Banks on The Sentinel, Bruce has shown up several times in guest-starring roles on a variety of television shows, including two guest shots on the popular Highlander tv series as Carl Robinson, for which he was nominated for a Gemini Award. In 2002 and 2003, he appeared as a judge on Family Law; a man with a dark secret on The District (on which Richard Burgi of The Sentinel had a semi-recurring role); as a man wrongfully accused and released from prison 21 years later on The Guardian; and as a preacher on Boomtown. Most recently in 2004, he guest-starred on NYPD Blue as another wrongfully imprisoned man released from prison after 18 years; and on Cold Case as a good man with past faults that make him a suspect in an old homicide.

I myself have only seen Bruce once in person, but from watching videotapes of the few Sentinel conventions and reading assorted interviews and others' comments, Bruce sounds to be a gracious and intelligent man.


News: Screen captures from Bruce's guest shot on Ghost Whisperer are now available.

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Disclaimer: This is an unofficial fan site for Bruce A. Young. It is not authorized or recognized, and I have no way of contacting him. This is purely for the enjoyment of his fans.

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