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Last updated October 3, 2003

Stories with Carolyn portrayed in a good light; romantic pairings marked where applicable.
Currently, this mini-archive lists 23 stories and 2 series.

Stories listed by author's name; author's website is linked unless stories are only at archives; for series, not all stories may be listed.

Audrey Lynne -- Found at Wolfpup's Den
Crash and Burn -- Set post-TSbyBS. Carolyn returns to Cascade seeking Jim's help, but the one most in need of help might just be his own partner.

Becky -- Found here (in series order)
Memory's Tears -- A possible reason for the break-up of Jim and Carolyn's marriage.
Ripples -- Missing scenes from The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Moments of revelation in the wake of the announcement of Jim's abilities. (one Carolyn scene)
Not So Faded -- Jim stops by to visit Carolyn while in San Francisco and gets a little more than he bargained for. (Jim/Carolyn; see also alternate scene)
Dance With Me -- Four connected scenes focusing on Jim and Carolyn's redeveloping romantic relationship.

CarolROI -- Found at Immortal Cascade
In Siege's Wake -- An epilogue to Siege, in which the unlikeliest of people gives Blair a helping hand.

Carolyn Claire -- Found at Sentinel Fanfiction by Carolyn Claire
Beautiful -- Is there a future for Jim and Carolyn? (Jim/Carolyn) Currently this is Becky's favorite Jim/Carolyn story.

D.L. Witherspoon -- Found at TVLit 101
Alternate Reality series -- A new world where Blair is an attorney and Jim is a convict. (AU Carolyn)
Sirocco -- When Carolyn runs afoul of bioterrorists, she heads for the one safe place she knows -- the arms of her ex-husband. (Jim/Carolyn)

Holly Lyn -- Found at Simply Sentinel
Companion to Our Demons -- An old enemy is on the loose and wrecking havoc. Set during first season.

Kateri -- Found at Wolfpup's Den
A Wolf's Cry -- AU. Detective Jim Ellison must find a young boy named Blair before it is too late.

LRH Balzer -- Found at Lois's Sentinel Fanfiction Site or Wolfpup's Den
Feet on the Couch: Cypher -- Missing scene.

Laura Picken -- Found at Cascade Library
Blinded by the Light -- A betrayal forces Jim and Blair to deal with one of their worst nightmares: the public, unplanned revelation of Jim's Sentinel abilities. This revelation leads to a showdown that could change Cascade forever.

Lila Kulp -- Found at Web Palace of Queen Lila Her Trekness
Life's Path -- Chapter 13 of the The Life and Times of the Well-Used Sweatshirt series.

majik -- Found at Chaos Central: The Sentinel
Changes -- Carolyn returns to Cascade after more than a year and contmplates the changes in her ex-husband; and how much his new partner has to do with them.
Jealousy -- An earlier version of Changes.

Marianne Edison -- Found at Triple Threat
Sentinels, Telepaths & Guides...oh my! -- Blair, Jim & Simon are in San Francisco on business but as usual, they get swept into trouble. This time, there's a mysterious serial killer on the loose and Carolyn Plummer (Jim's ex) asks them to help. Only, they get more than they bargained for when the killer turns out to be a telepath and there's this strange group of people trying to catch her.

Paula -- Found at Wolfpup's Den
Sniper -- A sniper's bullet turns Jim Ellison's world upside down. Anyone close to him is a target. (brief Jim and Carolyn conversations)

Robyn -- Found here
The Purloined Pair of Underwear -- The black silk boxers are missing, and Jim thinks he knows whodunit. Or does he? (Carolyn appears briefly at end)

Susan Foster -- Found at Susan Foster's Sentinel Fanfiction Site
GDP series -- In a world where the guide is a slave to his sentinel, one pairing is about to make a difference. (AU Carolyn appears in several stories.)

Swellison -- Found at Mackie's Idol Pursuits
Tank -- Things go awry after Ellison reluctantly agrees to some Sentinel testing.

TAE -- Found at TAE's Serendipity Station
Finding Peace -- From Tales from the Heart (CVT-514), a BPP fifth season episode, Part IV. Flashback sequence of Jim and Carolyn's first date.
Valentine's Day-Jim -- TAE's original version of this scene; Jim tells the story rather than it being shown.

Teej (Terrijo) -- Found at Teej's fanfiction.net listing
If You Could Read My Mind -- With Blair attending the academy, a lonely Jim has an unexpected encounter that takes him back to another place and time.

Vision -- Found at Cascade Library
The Call -- I have always thought that Carolyn and Jim made wonderful friends. This story is an ode to friendship, and the ties of love that run deep...

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