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Summary: Blair's POV as the Golden begins to affect him. Spoilers for Blind Man's Bluff.

Back when I first saw Blind Man's Bluff, I started writing my own missing scene to fill in some of the blanks. Now, after reading various missing scenes and interpretations, I decided to go ahead and finish what I'd started and post it. This is from Blair's POV, a little different than most stuff I've read. I don't claim any knowledge of hallucinogenic drugs and their effects. This is just something that I wrote based on what I've seen from the episode and from the inside of my own head. It's a little smarmy toward the end, but hey, we like smarm, right?

From the Inside
missing scene for Blind Man's Bluff
by Becky
October 1997

Blair decided with a grimace to forego a second piece of pizza. Not even starved at midnight while stuck at the station doing research could make him eat more than one piece. Definitely not healthy. Wiping the grease from his fingers with a napkin, he swallowed the last bit of pizza crust as he looked back at the computer monitor. Jim would probably kill him if he knew how much netsurfing he did at the station, but the station's computer connection was faster than his laptop connection, and Jim only allowed him so much time keeping the phone line busy at the loft. So, he did a lot of his surfing here, writing down addresses that he wanted to look at more in detail when he could get to his own computer later.

Prickling at the back of his neck made him jerk head up, feeling eyes watching him, but he saw no one. He was alone in the outer office area. Simon and Jim were both still in Simon's office going over the report on Golden Blair had put together. Frowning and shaking his head, he looked back at the computer monitor, clicking to the search program. On a whim he typed in "Golden," curious what would pop up. More than he expected appeared and he picked a random site and began to scan the information. He ran a hand across his forehead, wiping away sweat. Man, it's getting warm in here. He pushed back hair that had escaped his ponytail and kept reading, squinting a little. The page even radiated a golden color. Weird.

He pulled off his glasses and dropped them onto the desk as he rubbed his eyes with the other hand. It had been a long day, way too long. Colors exploded behind his closed eyelids. Golden yellows and oranges dominated. Vaguely he realized his heartbeat was increasing. With a small tired sigh, he opened his eyes to look for his glasses. Then he froze, hand hovering in midair as he stared at the floor in front of Jim's desk. What the ....?

The floor was moving, or rather there was a golden cloud of mist writhing upwards, distorting the floors, walls, and desks as it rose.

Blair shoved the chair back from the desk, smashing it against the wall behind him. The thought crossed his mind briefly that he should call for Jim, that something was wrong, but the thought vanished as that mist began to form into shapes and move toward him. Danger! He stayed frozen in his seat, eyes glued to the floor, his mind frantically trying to decide what to do. Why can't I ...? Jim ...?!? A gun, I need a gun. Jim's other gun. Where? The drawer, yeah, that's right.

He scrabbled around, finally finding the right drawer and yanked out Jim's .38 service revolver. He knew Jim kept it loaded, wanting to be prepared. He jumped up from the seat and looked around wildly as more golden wraiths emerged from the floor and joined the others wafting toward him, arms outstretched, moaning. Got to get away, away, away! Where? Have to get safe. Have to send them back. They shouldn't be here. They're dead -- should be dead. Down. Need to go down. Garage. Yeah.

He edged along the window and paused at the door, a hesitant frown on his face. I should get Jim. Tell him. He'd know what to do. He blinked, feeling confused and strange. But he saw more of the golden people, glowing like fire, as he turned to go back into the office. No, down is better. More room. Get outside. Get away. He slipped the gun inside his shirt, not wanting anyone to notice it and headed toward the elevator, not noticing the odd glances sent his way as he swerved to avoid more glowing forms coming out of the wall. The elevator was empty and he hit the "garage" button before backing into the corner, one hand in his shirt on the gun, eyes intent on the floor numbers as they changed.

Since it was so late, the elevator car didn't stop until it hit the bottom floor. When the doors opened, Blair nearly fell through them in his urgency to get out. The golden figures had found him! He bumped into someone that seemed vaguely familiar, someone his befuddled brain labeled "friend," as he stumbled past, but didn't give the man's startled greeting any notice as he rushed past him to the doorway that led to the main garage.

He burst through the doorway and stopped on the landing, eyes darting around as his hand convulsively tightened on the gun from inside his shirt. There were others here, others like him, others that were alive. He could hear them talking, see them scattered around the cars. Didn't they know that the demons, the golden fire people, were here? That they were here to hurt them? He swallowed hard, seeing the golden shapes engulfing the others, even as a few of them started to approach him. He heard them talking to him.

"Hey, Sandburg, are you all right? You look a little pale."

He felt his hands beginning to shake, followed by his whole body shaking. Someone touched him, it was unfamiliar as was the voice. Jerking away, he screamed, "No! Don't! I won't let you take me. You have to go back."

He shoved past the solid and not-so-solid figures crowding around him. Off the floor. That's it. Get off the floor. Safer. He stumbled into something. It was a car. He climbed on top of it and yanked out the gun, firing once randomly. "You've all got to go back. You're supposed to be dead. All of you are demons!"

Time seemed to flow and stop with no sense or rhythm. Everything was jumbled. Someone spoke, mentioning demons. He screamed and fired again, wanting the voices to go away, wanting them all to go away. I don't know them. Not safe. Who...? There should be someone I can trust. Who is that? Why can't I remember?

Another voice intruded. But it was different. Something about that voice made him want to stop, made him want to listen. But it wasn't safe, not safe to listen. They were trying to trick him, trying to confuse him.

"Blair, what's going on, buddy?"

Buddy. Only one person called him that. It was Jim. He could trust Jim, couldn't he? He wasn't one of them. But it could still be a trick. More golden wraiths drifted toward him. He fired again, sending another one back to the depths it came from. But others appeared to take its place. There were too many! Too many!

"Easy, buddy, easy, buddy. Blair ...."

The voice, Jim's voice kept talking to him. And he tried to listen. It was so hard. But somehow he knew he needed to, that he had to. A trick? What trick is he talking about? A bat trick? I don't ..... A memory, a fragment, a piece of something shot through his mind. Talking with Jim about bats and sound, something to help Jim. No one else was there. Only Jim would know.

"Give me the gun, Blair. Come on, give me the gun. It's okay."

He finally released his hold on the gun, letting Jim take it from him, then clapped his hands. Jim always told him the right thing to do. If he said it would work, then it would. Jim would keep him safe.

"You did it! You did it!"

Weariness crept up on with a vengeance and he felt himself starting to slide toward oblivion. With the help of Jim and another man he recognized through golden colors as Simon, he came down off the top of the car. He leaned toward Jim, muttering, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. It's all going to be okay."

As consciousness left him and he sank to the floor, all he could feel were Jim's arms wrapped solidly around him, rocking him, and the rapid beating of Jim's heart against the side of his head. And he could hear Jim's voice whispering to him.

"Just hang on."

He wanted to answer that he would, that he would at least try, that he wouldn't give up without a fight. But darkness reached up and grabbed him, dragging him down to where there was no sound, no feeling, no .... nothing.

Well, nothing except that panther sitting in the darkness and watching him with glowing eyes, its tail twitching softly. Blair stared at the great cat, not sure what to do. A deep sonorous voice spoke into the silence.

~~Rest now, Guide, your Sentinel will be there when you wake. He will always be there.~~

Blair nodded, whispering in his head, "I know." And from somewhere above him, where he knew Jim was waiting, he could still hear those words.

"Just hang on."

I will, Jim. I promise.

- The End -