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Summary: Set after the elevator falls for the last time, but before Jim sets out to find Galileo. Spoilers for Dead Drop and one line of dialogue from the episode.

No, this isn't one of those "where there should have been a hug" missing scenes. It goes earlier than that, just after the elevator, with Jim on it, falls another 5 floors. And before he rejoins Simon and Joel in the corridor after the failed "brake welding" attempt. Just a little snippet to fill in some of the jumps in knowledge from the episode.

Fear of Falling
missing scene for Dead Drop
by Becky
March 1999

"I think I'll pass on the Cuban food."

His voice echoing in the elevator shaft, Jim pulled himself upward on the top of the elevator car, hands gripping the support beam. His head still spun a little from the rapid descent, and he had to swallow several times, sternly telling his stomach to get back where it belonged. Oh, man, that is not something I want to repeat. A mechanical hum above him got his attention, and he jerked his head up to see the second car making a slow descent. The officer on the car informed him through the radio link that they were coming down to get him. Jim nodded once, not bothering to answer.

Okay. Time for Plan B. Or maybe C. But first...

Slowly uncurling his fingers from the support beam, Jim sat down on the roof of the car, yanking out his cellphone as he did. He could hear voices below him in the car; one woman crying, a man comforting her; and he could hear Blair talking out loud, saying something about 'an onboard battery'. Disregarding the non sequitur, Jim hit the speed-dial on his cellphone that would connect him with Blair's phone and then waited impatiently and worriedly for his partner to pick it up. After the second ring, the connection clicked through and Blair's shaky voice came over the line.


"Yeah, Chief, it's me. Are you okay?"

"I-- No, yes, I don't know." A pause, a hard swallow, the sound of a hand rubbing over skin.

Jim frowned, not liking the rising panic he could hear in his partner's voice -- or the increased heartbeat he could just barely hear pounding across the phone line. "Sandburg? What's going on? Talk to me, buddy."

Blair rambled on in a low frantic voice, ignoring Jim's question. "You know I was really hoping that this brake welding idea of yours was gonna work. I mean, this falling elevator thing is getting a bit old."


"First, it was just stuck. Okay, that I could handle. Happens every now and then, even in the best of buildings. And while being stuck in a falling elevator isn't really on my Top 100 Things To Do Before I Die list--"

"Sandburg--" Jim again tried to cut in, but Blair just spoke faster, words tumbling over one another.

"--I can handle it okay because I think, 'You know, Jim knows about this; he's here and he'll figure out what's going on and get us all out of here alive and in one piece, right?' No worries; well, maybe some worries," he paused a bare moment, a half-laugh, half-sob spilling out.

Jim immediately jumped in. "Bl--" Again, Blair just ran right over him.

"Oh, who am I kidding? I've got lots of worries, especially the new one sitting right in front of me. Isn't this just a bit of overkill? Oh, man, I can't believe I said--"

"BLAIR!" Jim heard a sharp inhalation at the other end of the line, then his partner spoke up again, his voice quite shaky.

"Yeah, Jim?"

Knowing he had to be calm in the face of his partner's fear, Jim took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before he spoke. He hadn't heard Blair this panicked in quite awhile. Whatever was happening inside the car, his guide needed to hear safety and calm in his voice. "Blair, tell me what's going on."

"You don't know?"

"No. I've been ... out of touch with Simon for a few minutes." If I tell him I took this last ride with him, he'll probably panic about that too. No need for that. I'll tell him later. If at all.

The words poured across the fragile connection in a rush. "There's a bomb in here, Jim. A bomb! In a briefcase. And it's ticking."

Jim jerked upright, hand tightening on the phone. "A what?!? Did you say a bomb, Sandburg?"

"What? You need me to repeat it for you, Jim?" Blair's voice grew agitated, rising in volume. Jim could hear one of the women in the car reacting to it, panicking further. "Maybe describe what's inside? I know the contents quite well since our friendly madman made me open this thing and then I've been telling Simon and Joel about it all, not like they can do anything about it or anything, but.... There's like 8 sticks of C-4, a timer, and--."

Closing his eyes and directing his senses at his partner, Jim interrupted the torrent of words. "Chief! Blair, just calm down. Breathe!"

Blair went on anyway, lowering his shaky voice. "Jim, I don't know what to do. I can't defuse a bomb. I don't know how. I can't--"

"Chief, listen to me. Breathe for me. You are ... relaxed, right?"

"Isn't that my line, Jim?"

"Humor me." For a few moments, all he heard from his partner was deep, heavy breathing as Blair worked on calming himself, which gave some calm to those with him as well. Keeping half his focus on Blair, Jim rubbed his free hand across his eyes. A briefcase bomb. Damn. This guy was determined to kill everyone in the car, regardless of what they did. Having control of the car wasn't enough. Having explosives on the top hatch wasn't enough. Damn, damn, damn.

Blair spoke again, his voice still a little shaky, but much calmer. "Jim, man, I know you're on top of this and all--"

You have no idea how 'on top of this' I am right now, partner.

"--but could you maybe hurry things up a bit? This is definitely not one of my better days."

Me either, Chief.

"And I'd really like to get out of this box -- soon."

Jim watched the other elevator car come to a stop next to him. He nodded at the officer, holding up a finger to ask him to wait a moment. "I'm working on that, Chief, believe me. And I will get you out, I promise. Just sit tight. And keep breathing."

"Yeah. Got it." Blair paused for breath. "Just ... be careful."

Standing up, Jim had to smile at the concern for him in Blair's voice. "Always."

Blair snorted quietly in laughter. "You forget that I know you, Jim. Sometimes I don't think you know how to be careful. Some of the things you do..."

Jim stepped across to the top of the other elevator car, shaking his head, even while knowing Blair couldn't see him. "You worry too much."

"Yeah, well..." He trailed off.

"I have to get going, Chief. I'll talk to you later, okay? Probably when this is all over."

"But what--" He paused, then whispered, "What about the bomb?"

Jim's stomach clenched. "Let us worry about that, Blair. Just--"

"--Sit tight, I know, I know. Will do."

"Good." Jim looked at the elevator car, silently cursing Galileo. "Don't forget -- you owe me lunch."

"Lunch?!?" Blair's voice rose a tad. "Jim--!"

Jim flipped the phone shut, chuckling softly for a moment as he heard his partner muttering through the walls of the car. Probably knows I'm listening too.

Shaking the amusement away, he dropped down the access hole and into the elevator. Simon would be waiting for him. Hopefully he had a plan that would stop the elevator from falling and maybe fix that briefcase bomb as well.

At least he'd better have a plan, because we're running out of options -- and time.

- The End -