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Summary: Set after Jim saves the day, but still in the helicopter. No real spoilers for Hear No Evil, but inclusion of seveal lines of dialogue from the episode.

That Height Thing
missing scene from Hear No Evil
by Becky
November 1998

"And how am I supposed to explain this? More carrots?" Simon muttered, voice barely rising over the noise of the helicopter. Hand covering the microphone just in front of his mouth, he shook his head and turned back around to face the front of the copter

Blair exchanged a quick look with Jim, grinning and shrugging once, his face and eyes asking without words 'what else was I supposed to say?'

Jim laughed softly. "Sure, Simon, you should try them some time." Half a second later, he added, voice pitched just for Blair, "I hate carrots," amusement ringing in his tone.

The helicopter swooped around, following the one with Sheila in it back toward the city and a safe landing spot. Inadvertently, Blair looked out of the open window on his side of the helicopter -- and got a dizzying view of the ground far below him. Squeezing his eyes shut and swallowing, he took a deep breath, forcing himself to remain calm, ignoring the hair that flew into his face, tickling his eyelids.

Big, big mistake, Sandburg. Don't you remember? Never look down.

An air current lifted the police copter again and Blair's stomach lurched. The fingers of one hand curled into his seat while the other gripped his seatbelt, as if holding it would keep him more safely strapped into the copter. Now that the chase was over and the distraction of helping Jim was gone, his fear of heights roared back in full measure, amplified by the trick flying and windowless door.

Oh, come on, you've done this before. Like when you went out to the oil rig with Jim. And Maggie, of course.

Another part of his head reminded him of the more pertinent details. Yeah, but the copter flew lower and wasn't involved in some really nasty high speed chase. And there were solid doors. And Maggie diverted me with her beefstick and lambchop comments.

A small smile flitted briefly across his lips in memory. Even if Maggie had turned out to be on the wrong side of the law, those particular nicknames always amused him for some reason. Probably because for once I wasn't the only recipient of strange names.

Movement next to him and a hand on his arm made him open his eyes to see Jim looking at him, forehead creased with worry. He covered the microphone and leaned in toward him. "You okay, Chief?"

Blair swallowed and nodded, eyes jerking from Jim to the windows just behind the larger man and back to his face again. "Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm ... okay. I'll just be glad to be on solid ground again. Sooner the better." Now would be good actually.

Realization lit Jim's blue eyes. "I thought maybe you were just a little sick-feeling from the flying, but it's your height thing, isn't it?" His voice was soft, concerned, caring. Not a hint of laughter or mocking to be heard.

Blair nodded again, gasping and closing his eyes when another updraft jerked them in their seats. Jim's fingers tightened around his arm and his thumb rubbed in calming circles. Just keep doing that, Jim. I'll concentrate on that. Maybe I can forget we're flying. The copter swerved a little and he slid slightly, stopped by the seatbelt. Or maybe not. Eyes flying open, he moved one hand to grab onto Jim's arm when he shifted to release him.

"No, wait, I--" He clamped his mouth shut. Don't, Sandburg, you'll sound like a baby. You're not gonna fall out or anything. Geez.

Jim gently removed his hand. "It's okay. Just hold on a sec." He moved his arm up and around to the back of the seat, then dropped it over Blair's shoulders, pulling him minutely closer to him, anchoring him to his side. Hand clasped on Blair's shoulder, fingers rubbing softly, he smiled. "Better?"

Nodding and relaxing a little, Blair replied, "Yeah, better. Thanks. For this. And for not laughing."

Jim shook his head. "No need, Chief. I have my own fears which you didn't laugh at when I told you about them. Same goes for you and your fears." He squeezed Blair's shoulders and leaned down a little more, lowering his voice just a hair. "You set aside your fears and came with me -- that's what's important. The rest is just details."

Blair felt his cheeks heating up with a blush and he looked down, noting absently that his hand had released its death grip on the seatbelt. Maybe because now I feel a little safer. Jim's not gonna let anything happen to me.

The copter jerked a little and Blair stiffened. Jim's arm tightened again, holding him. "It's okay, Chief. Just relax. Close your eyes. I'll tell you when the ride is over."

Blair chuckled a little at that and did as Jim said. Eyes closed, concentrating on the feel of Jim's soothing fingers on his shoulder, he ignored the rest of the world.

Not so bad, after all, is it, Sandburg? Not so bad, after all.

- The End -