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Summary: Set after Blair leaves Conover. Spoilers for Mirror Image.

missing scene from Mirror Image
by Becky
February 1998

Shifting the stack of folders to his other arm, Simon moved forward as the elevator doors opened onto the third floor of Jim's building. He strode down the hall toward Jim's loft apartment, wondering what prompted him to come here himself and not send one of the other detectives. Because you're worried about Sandburg, Banks. Just admit that you like the kid and be done with it. Snorting to himself, he shook his head. That and this whole mess is partly your fault. You are the Captain and you are the one who agreed to Jim and Blair's plan for getting close to Chapel. Well, Sandburg definitely got close. Too close.

Simon stopped at the door to #307, straightening. He rapped on the door once, waiting. A moment later, the door opened and Jim looked out. "Oh, hey, Simon, you didn't have to come yourself."

He stepped inside as Jim held open the loft door. Yes, I did. Simon shrugged. "That's okay. I wanted to get out of the office for a bit anyway." He looked around, but didn't see Blair anywhere. "Where's Sandburg?"

Turning back from closing the door, Jim gestured toward the back hall. "In the shower. He couldn't wait to wash off any remnant of Conover."

Simon nodded. Understandable. After another moment, he handed over the stack of files. "Here are the files you wanted from off your desk."

Jim took the stack and walked over to the couches, leafing through them slowly. "Thanks, sir. I really appreciate you bringing them over. I didn't want to leave Sandburg alone right now."

With a quick glance at the closed bathroom door, behind which he could hear water running, Simon asked quietly. "How's the kid doing? You mentioned he was a little ... shaky." Shaky. Why do I get the feeling that Sandburg is probably more than just 'shaky'? Jim, the master of understatements, strikes again.

Dropping the stack of file folders on the coffee table, Jim turned, sighing. "Yeah. From what he tells me, he overheard Chapel talking on some phone and then ran out to find a payphone to call me. Only Chapel found him first, threatened to kill him. Blair got away and ran for the stairwell, Chapel chasing him all the way. He nearly ran me down when he turned that corner." He paused and glanced over at the bathroom door, then shook his head, running a hand over his hair. "We should never have let him talk us into letting him go in there. I don't know that I've seen him that panicked since . . ." He stopped abruptly, jaw muscles clenching, his eyes lost in old memories.

Simon raised an eyebrow, somehow knowing the answer he would get, but still needing to ask. "Since what?"

"Since Lash. Not even his encounter with Wade Rooker during the Quinn thing that I mentioned to you earlier seemed to measure up. He was terrified, Simon. He literally dragged me back against the wall, trying to hide behind me or something. He didn't want to let go of me."

Damn. This is worse than I thought it would be. "But he's okay?"

Jim nodded. "Yeah, he's fine, physically. Not even really bruised. It's just that what might have happened, what could have happened. I was in the building, Simon. In the building. And I didn't hear or notice anything until Blair was almost on top of me. I was preoccupied, I guess, thinking about the case, and I wasn't expecting Blair to be there." He looked away, whispering, "If he hadn't got away when he did, who knows what Chapel would have done to him. And I would have been too late, too far away."

Enough of that, I think, we do not want to go there. Simon stepped over to Jim, laying a hand on Jim's shoulder, hearing the shower head being turned off. "Blair is fine, Jim. Just try to remember that. This was something he wanted to do. And you know Sandburg, once he gets his mind decided on doing something ..."

"... you can't get him to change his mind. Yeah, don't I know it. Damn stubborn kid."

Simon said softly, "And 'pretty damn resourceful', as I recall your words were. He got close to Chapel like he said he would and he did overhear vital information that will help us in this case."

Jim nodded reluctantly. "Yeah, I know, I just wish we could've gotten it without endangering him. Way too damn close in my opinion."

Simon inclined his head in agreement. "No argument here." None whatsoever. He paused and squeezed Jim's shoulder once, then backed away, smiling a little. "Now, speaking of your ever resourceful partner, how did he get away from Chapel? He must be twice as big as Sandburg."

Jim finally cracked a smile. "Smacked him up side the head with the payphone receiver."

Simon grinned. "A phone receiver! Definitely a new one in my book."

"Mine too."

At the moment the bathroom door opened and a cloud of steam preceded Blair's exit, one towel slung low around his hips, the other being used to rub at his hair. Blair started talking before he even looked. "Hey, Jim, did Simon get those personnel files sent over here yet? I think I'd really like to start working on them."

Simon decided to answer. "Yes, Sandburg, 'Captain Banks' brought them himself."

Blair jerked to a stop at the glass doors to his room, whirling to stare across the room as he yanked the towel away from his hair. "Um, hi, Simon, er, Captain. Didn't see you there."

Simon folded his arms across his chest, his lips twitching in his effort not to grin. "Think maybe the towel might have had something to do with that?"

Blair looked at the damp towel in his hands. "Hmm, maybe, yeah, I guess." He paused a moment, then took a step toward them, his eyes lighting up. "You said you brought the files?" Simon nodded and Blair rattled on, coming closer. "Good. Thought maybe since I can't do anything more at Conover that I'd work on the files. Have to do something to help."

Where is this coming from? Doesn't he realize what he's done? How much he's done in an astonishingly short time? Simon said quietly, frowning a little. "Blair, you have done something to help. You got us more information in five minutes than any of us could find anywhere else. And we are, I am, extremely pleased with the work you did. I only regret that you were put at such risk while doing so. Cop or not, it was dangerous thing to do, too dangerous obviously."

Blair blinked, looking from Simon to Jim and back, then he blushed, shifting his feet slightly. "Um, thanks, sir. That ... that means a lot."

Simon grunted in acknowledgment, already feeling self-conscious for his impulsive words. "You're welcome. Your next mission is to see what you can do with those files."

Blair grinned, the moment past as he stepped toward the coffee table. "Sure, let me ..."

Jim stopped him, teasing laughter lighting both his and Simon's eyes. "You are not sitting on the couch like that, Chief."


"Clothes, Chief. You're still wet and dressed in a towel."

Blair looked down at himself. "Oh! Uh, yeah, sorry." He turned and hurried away into his room.

Simon laughed and looked at Jim. "Where does he get the energy?"

Jim shook his head. "I don't know. Sometimes I wish I did." A towel came flying out through the doors of Blair's room, landing with a loud, wet slap on the floor halfway to the bathroom.

As Simon tried vainly to restrain his outburst of laughter, Jim sighed melodramatically. "And sometimes I don't."

- The End -