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Summary: Epilogue. Spoilers for Prisoner X.

epilogue for Prisoner X
by Becky
January 1998

With a quick glance back at Jim, Blair escorted the doctor to the door. He wanted to go to Jim, make sure he was okay. He looked like he was near to overload. Simon's there with him. He'll keep him grounded until I can get there. After handing the doctor over to the nearest available officer, explaining that she was one of the good guys, Blair hurriedly turned around, intending to go back to Jim.

He bumped into Simon instead. Backing up a step, he looked around Simon anxiously. "Where's Jim?"

Simon gestured back toward the fenced-off fighting area. "He went the other direction."

Blair spluttered. "What? You let him go? Why'd he go that way anyway?"

"There's another exit down that way."

Blair nodded. "Oh, okay." He stepped around Simon and headed toward the fence and the other exit.

Simon grabbed his arm. "And where do you think you're going, Sandburg?"

"After Jim. Couldn't you tell he was nearly overloading? He needs me, Simon."

Simon let him go and Blair dashed off at a half-jog. Simon watched until Blair disappeared into the shadows, calling Jim's name. Then he pulled out his walkie-talkie and flipped it on. "Connors, you still posted at the rear exit?"

"Yes, sir."

"All right. Ellison and Sandburg will be coming out that way. Don't shoot them, okay?"

"Yes, sir."

With one last look at the other end of the walkway, Simon turned and headed outside.


Blair skidded to a halt when he saw Jim sagging against a wall near the other outside exit that Simon had spoken of. He paused a moment, then whispered, "Jim? Buddy?" Jim didn't reply and Blair put a hand on Jim's back, unconsciously rubbing it. "Are you okay?"

Jim finally answered, "I will be." He lifted his head and turned to look at Blair, shifting to lean with his side against the wall. Blair's hand slid off Jim's back with the movement and his arm fell to his side. Jim shivered slightly and Blair replaced his hand on Jim's shoulder.


"Just a reaction. I told Simon that the hate was getting to me. It was. It still is a little, I think. This place was worse than I expected." He shivered again, then took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Blair watched silently, then frowned as he saw the reddened area around Jim's eyes. He lifted a hand and touched Jim's face. Jim flinched a little and opened his eyes. Blair asked, "What happened?"

Jim nodded back down to where the fighting area was. "During the fight with Vinson, the really big guy with the tattoos, I had just started to get a handle on him when he got some pepper spray, from the guard probably, and used it on me."

"Pepper spray?!? Oh, man. Your eyes. How did you fight blinded?"

Jim smiled slightly, and reached up a hand to pull down Blair's, squeezing it once before releasing it. "I do pay attention to my teacher occasionally you know. Used my hearing to track him on the mat. I knew where he was and managed to duck his punches and then took him out. Needless to say, the, uh, audience was less than thrilled about that."

Blair nodded, then asked, "Do they still hurt? Your eyes, that is."

"Everything hurts, Chief. What do you say we go home? I think I'd like a hot shower, a soft bed, and lots of bruise liniment."

"We should probably get you checked out first, Jim."

Jim waved it off, pushing away from the wall with a small groan. "I'm fine. I would know if anything was really wrong. I'm the Sentinel, right?"

Blair didn't look convinced, but nodded. "Yeah, okay. You're the Sentinel." He hesitated a moment, then said softly, "I'm glad you're okay, Jim."

Jim smiled and slung an arm around Blair's shoulders, pulling him into his side, hugging briefly. Blair's arm went around his waist in response. Jim pushed the door open, and they stepped out into the cool night air together. "Let's go home, partner."

- The End -