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Summary: Set after Jim goes off on hovercraft during shootout. Spoilers for Red Dust.

Just a little something my brain came up with when re-watching the episode. Not much. I'm trying to kickstart those muses...*again*....

missing scene for Red Dust
by Becky
January 1999

Taking a moment to count the shooters and figure out the best way to get Katrina out of the way, Simon paused, his gun still up and ready. The captain winced and shifted forward a bit as Micki's younger sister cried in panic, dancing around on the road, bullets flying past her. None of them had hit her yet, but with every moment she stayed out there and standing, the likelihood that she'd get shot rose.

A blur of color sped past him and it took only a moment to identify that blur.

"Sandburg!" His voice rose in frustration, a touch of anger, and more than a little fear.

Damnit, kid, are you trying to give me a heart attack?

Raising his gun again, Simon waited until Blair grabbed Katrina and dodged to the side, taking them both to the hard pavement. The second his view was clear, Simon fired at the shooter standing on the other side of the car. The man went down, his own gun discharging in the air as he fell backwards out of sight, the shot almost unheard among the volley of shots still being exchanged.

Simon blew out his breath, then looked immediately toward Jim's partner, praying the younger man had gotten down before anything had found a target in him. Jim would...I don't think I want to know what Jim would do. Either to me -- or himself. Both Blair and Katrina lay flat on the wet pavement, Blair partially covering the girl's body with his own. Neither moved for a moment and Simon inhaled sharply.

Then Blair shifted a little, turning his head toward Simon, flashing him a quick 'I'm okay' smile. Simon shook his head and returned his attention to the situation at hand. Glancing around, he saw that most of the shooters were down and his people had them covered. A minute later, the last few holdouts were on the ground as well, being cuffed and read their rights. Nodding in approval, he straightened from his crouched position, keeping his gun at his side, taking a quick eyeball accounting of any injuries on his side of the shooting. Finding them minimal, he turned toward the bay, squinting against the light reflecting off the water.

Now, what happened to Jim...?

In the distance, he caught sight of the hovercraft as it roared toward the opening of the bay. A familiar figure had just pulled itself onto the back of the craft, using the long rope that streamed behind it in the water. Simon had the distinct feeling Jim had gone skiing -- without the skis.

I was wrong. It'll be the two of them who will be the death of me!

Wishing for a moment he had a cigar to chew on to relieve some of his tension, Simon glanced toward Blair, who had risen from the ground and was helping Katrina, still shaking and very scared, to her feet. He watched as the younger man spoke softly to her, keeping one arm around her shoulders, fingers rubbing her upper arm, calming her fears about herself and her sister before the arriving paramedics could take her. The kid doesn't even seem to realize just how close a call that was... Simon hesitated a moment, looking from Blair to the car where the shooter had been standing.

On the other hand, maybe he did.

Closing his eyes, he rubbed his forehead -- maybe he'd just conveniently forget to mention Sandburg's heroic act to Jim. Save them all a little stress.

"Hey, Simon."

Blair's voice startled him, but he didn't let it show, just opened his eyes and looked over to his side. For a moment, he was surprised to see Blair's eyes not on him, but on the water. The young man bounced slightly on his toes, hands shoved in his pockets. A second later, Simon chided himself, his own eyes moving out toward distance in which the hovercraft had disappeared.

Of course, he'd be looking at the water. He probably saw what Jim did. And he's worried.

"Sometimes I think I've seen everything that Jim would ever do." Blair's lips curved in a small smile, echoing his nervous laughter. "But then he does something like this and I have to wonder what else he's got hidden up his sleeve. I mean, really..."

Simon clapped a hand on Blair's shoulder, tightening his fingers. "I know exactly what you mean, Sandburg. Exactly." He paused and lowered his voice. "You did a good thing, getting Katrina out of the way, Blair..."

Blair nodded, finally moving his eyes up to meet Simon's. "Thanks, Simon, I..." He stuttered to a stop as the captain's eyes nailed his.

"...but if you ever get yourself killed when you're with me, when Jim has left you deliberately out of the way to keep you safe, I will never forgive you. Do you understand me?" He stared intently at Blair, watching the young man swallow, then nod.

"Yeah. Yeah, I understand, Simon." His eyes skittered away from Simon's, looking back toward the water, scanning the area for any sign of the hovercraft. "I just didn't want her to die. She didn't deserve that. She didn't do anything."

Simon squeezed Blair's shoulder once, then released it finally. "I know, Sandburg. I really do. I just don't ever want to tell Jim that you got into the middle of something nasty and got killed for your efforts. Just be careful. Got it?"

Blair nodded again. "Yes, sir, I got it."


Silence fell between them for a moment as they watched the water together.

Then Blair said quietly, "Thanks, Simon. For, well, for..."

Simon interrupted, never moving his eyes from the hovercraft he could now see in the distance, slowly returning toward them. Since it's coming back, that probably means Jim's in control. Good. "Thanks aren't necessary, Sandburg, not between friends." He paused, glancing down just for a second. "But you're welcome, anyway."

He caught a flash of the trademark Sandburg grin before he returned his eyes to the water, an answering smile on his face in spite of himself.

Now, then, Jim deciding to forego a return ski-less skiing trip and Sandburg remembering he's mortal again, maybe life will go back to something close to normal. Normal. Ha! What's that? What is normal for these two? He shook his head. Face it, Banks, life will never be dull -- or normal -- again.

- The End -