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Summary: Simon's perspective. Spoilers for Secret and inclusion of one line of dialogue from the episode.

For Marsha, because she asked for a sequel. See what you did?

Another Protector
missing scene from Secret
by Becky
October 1997

Simon sipped at his coffee absently, grimacing when he realized how cold it was. He set the mug down and pushed it away, concentrating instead on the file folder in front of him. FBI, CIA, covert ops, Jim missing, Blair nearly getting killed in the now-torn-up loft. Man, what the hell is going on? And where is Jim?

Growling in disgust, he shoved away from the desk and stood, stretching tired muscles as he walked to the windows overlooking the bullpen which were currently covered by closed blinds. He pulled a few slats down and looked out. Busy as always, but most of the detectives had set aside their current cases to aid in discovering who had Jim and who had shot at Blair. Both were favorites in the department, maybe Blair more so than Jim. Even if the other detectives didn't know how 'special' Jim really was, they knew that the partnership between the two men was unique. And that to Jim, Blair was the most important person in his world, the one person to really get to Jim and change the man's perspective on life and friends. None of them wanted to face Jim when he was found and not have done their best if something ever happened to Blair.

Simon moved away from the window, sighing and rubbing his forehead. That was just it. Jim was gone. And Simon was stuck with Blair. When in danger, Jim's first thoughts were always of Blair and where he was and if he was safe. With Jim missing, that burden of keeping the graduate student protected fell to Simon. Hopefully by sending him back to the loft with Joel would keep him out of trouble...

The phone rang, jerking him from his thoughts. If that's Sandburg again, I swear... He reached over and grabbed up the receiver, almost spitting into the phone. "Banks."

"Simon, it's Joel."

The tension and edginess in the bomb captain's voice immediately caught Simon's attention. "If you're gonna tell me what I think you're gonna tell me, I don't want to hear it."

There was a pause, then Joel cleared his throat. "Sorry, Simon, but Blair's gone. I was only out of the room for a minute. I came back and he'd vanished."

"Damn. Any idea where he'd go?"

"He had just got a phone call."

"From who?"

"I'm not sure, but I think it might have been a friend of his from the University, Jack Kelso."

"Kelso? The guy Blair brought in on the Brackett thing last year?"

"Yeah. Blair asked him to do some research for him about Jim's disappearance."

"When I get my hands on Sandburg, I may strangle him. Doesn't he know how to stay put when he's asked?"

Joel chuckled wryly. "I think Jim could answer that for you."

Simon snorted. "No doubt. Look, head over to the University, I'll meet you there."


Halfway to the University, Simon's radio squawked at him for attention. "Captain Banks."

Snatching up the handheld, Simon replied, "This is Banks."

"Sir, there's been a report of a gunfire at Rainier University."

Oh, hell. "Any word on victims?"

"One man down. No names yet. Emergency vehicles on route."

"The shooters?"

"No sign."

"Keep me posted."

Damnit, Sandburg, Jim will kill me if you've been hurt ... and I don't even want to know what he'll do to me if you're dead.

A few moments later, the radio picked up again. This time it was Joel. Blair was fine; it was Kelso who was injured. They would meet Simon at the hospital.


Simon watched as Agent Cameron disappeared around the corner. "You know, Sandburg, you could be on to something here. I haven't had this much dialogue with the government since my last audit." He then turned to level a glare at Blair, who shifted slightly and looked away after a moment or two. Simon grunted in satisfaction and looked at Joel. "Get back to the station, Joel, I'll keep Sandburg with me. From now on, he is not getting out of my sight."

Joel clapped Blair on the shoulder, then strode off down the hallway, disappearing around a corner. Blair finally looked back up at Simon. "Simon, I'm..."

Simon held up a hand. "I don't want to hear it. I know you were trying to help Jim. I can understand that. But you have to realize that you're a target, that someone wants you dead. So work with me here, don't go running off half-cocked, all right?" Simon placed a hand on Blair's shoulder and shook him once, lowering his voice. "How do you think Jim would feel if I had to tell him when we find him that I let you get yourself badly hurt or even killed, huh?"

Blair breathed out in a rush. "Yeah, I know. It's just ... frustrating. I want to know where Jim is. He's my friend, my partner. I'm worried."

Simon removed his hand to gesture down the hallway. "He's my friend, too, Blair. I know you're worried, so am I. So let's try to do something about it. Tell me more what Kelso told you..."

- The End -