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Summary: Blair takes Jim back home after he's found. Spoilers for Secret.

When I first started writing (in long-hand) my missing scene for Secret, this was part of what I actually wrote first. I'm not quite sure where the one I actually posted came from. And because Marsha asked for a sequel, I wrote the scene from Simon's POV and dug this one out of mothballs, adding and changing things as necessary.

missing scene for Secret
by Becky
October 1997

After signaling at Simon, Jim turned and headed for the elevator that would take him downstairs. He leaned against the back wall, keeping an eye on the still-unconscious man on the floor as the elevator slowly descended. Halfway down, the knockout drug started to kick in as the adrenaline from the fight and the shootout wore off. He rubbed his forehead, concentrating on keeping the drug at bay. Just until I get somewhere I can crash, that's all I want.

The elevator car stopped with a jerk, startling him out of a half-doze. He pushed himself forward to raise the doors, only to have them move upward before he could reach them. Blair's concerned and anxious face appeared. "Jim! Am I so glad to see you. Are you all right?"

Jim nodded, stepping into the small hallway. "Yeah, I'm okay, Chief. However, I wouldn't suggest this place as an alternative to a fishing trip."

A relieved grin lit up Blair's features as he moved to walk in stride with Jim. Three steps away from the elevator, Jim stumbled. Blair grabbed his arm, holding him steady against the vertigo in Jim's head. He closed his eyes, trying to find his center, but Blair's tense voice overrode his own thoughts. "Jim! What is it? You said you were all right?"

Jim placed a calming hand on Blair's. "I am, for the most part. Oliver gave me some kind of knock-out drug. I managed to fight it off for a bit, but it's still floating around in my bloodstream and I think it's finally catching up."

Blair moved Jim to lean against a wall, looking around for cops, but not seeing any yet. He looked back at Jim. "Okay, what did you use to keep away the drug?"

Jim lifted a hand, showing him his thumb. "I found a nail, pushed it in, used the pain to focus."

Blair shuddered once. Voluntary pain. With a nail, no less. Definitely not on my top ten to-do list anytime in the near future.

He heard Simon's voice coming closer to the building and helped Jim stand up. "Okay, well, let's take this slow. Simon is worried about you and probably pissed at me running in here like I did. Let's get you out there, show him you're okay, and then go home."

Jim sighed. "Sounds like a plan. Lead on, Chief."


Having politely turned down Simon's offer of help after he dropped them off at the loft, Blair guided Jim upstairs, kicking shut the door behind him. He nudged the half-asleep man toward the stairs to his bedroom. He was glad he'd cleaned up the mess the Oliver's two goons had made. He didn't need Jim questioning it right now. When he woke later, it would be soon enough and obvious, considering the glass on his own bedroom doors were still broken and needed replacing.

Blair refocused his attention on Jim who had started to waver on his feet. He grabbed Jim's arm, directing him toward the bed. "Whoa, wait a minute there, big guy, the bed's over here."

Jim fell back on the bed, accidentally pulling Blair with him to land next to him, eliciting a startled exclamation from the younger man. Blair sat back up, pushing away from the now dead-asleep Jim, shifting his weight to get a better grip on Jim's legs. "C'mon, Jim, into bed, all the way. You will not be happy with me tomorrow if I leave you like this." With a bit of effort, Blair managed to get Jim totally settled on the bed.

He sat on the edge of the mattress, breathing hard, then shook his head in amusement. "Shoes in house, in your room, and on the bed, no less. Tch, tch, Jim, aren't you breaking one of your own rules?" He yanked off the shoes, then grabbed a spare blanket and draped it over the sleeping man. He paused a moment, touching Jim's shoulder, finally letting his relief at having Jim back sweep over him.

Blair whispered quietly. "Glad you're back, Jim, I missed you."


Several hours later, Blair was at the table, typing quietly on his laptop, cataloguing what Jim had said about his shoulder pain and the use of the nail to forestall the effects of the knock-out drug. He looked up when he heard stirring from the upstairs, then Jim's blurred voice, weary, but awake. "Sandburg?"

Blair replied, "Yeah, I'm here, Jim. You feeling better?"

A few seconds and a groan later, Jim appeared at the top of the stairs, then walked down to join him. "Yeah, a little grungy feeling, but I think a shower and change of clothes will fix that." He stopped by the table, rubbing his face. "How'd I get to bed? Last thing I remember was Simon nattering on about my truck." He paused, frowning. "It is okay, right?"

Blair nodded, smiling over the man's worry about his vehicle. "Oh, yeah, it's fine. Parked in the lot outside. As for you not remembering anything, I'm not surprised. That drug really wiped you out. I barely got you up the stairs and into bed."

Jim raised an eyebrow, but only said, "Hmm. Thanks. Think you could rustle me up something to eat?"

"Consider it done. Go ahead and shower. Food will be ready when you get out."


Over a meal, Jim, finally fully awake, noticed Blair's doors. He looked from Blair to the doors and back. "Something you want to tell me, Chief?"

Blair blinked, then shifted a bit in his seat. He hadn't been looking forward to telling Jim about Oliver's men busting into the loft. Jim was rather territorial when it came to his space, his living quarters. Knowing that the place had been shot up and searched was not going to make the man happy. And having his partner nearly killed in the process was only going to make things worse.

Jim prompted, "Chief?"

Blair cleared his throat and began. "The night you disappeared, around 4 a.m., a couple guys, who we figured out later worked for Oliver, busted in when I was on the phone with Simon trying to figure out where the hell you were. They started shooting -- took out the glass doors in the process -- and I ran out the back door."

Jim straightened in his seat sharply, lowering his fork to his plate, all his attention on Blair. Blair could almost feel those Sentinel senses cataloguing his vitals, checking for injuries. Blair responded instinctively, reaching across the table to lay a hand on Jim's arm. "I'm all right, Jim. They missed me. I dropped the phone, probably busted it, but I'm okay. Really."

Jim was silent for a few seconds, continuing to hold his Guide's eyes, making sure he was hearing the truth. Finally he nodded, saying only, "Go on."

Blair continued, telling Jim about his adventures on the bus and the holding cell, then the deal with Jack Kelso at the University and the second shooting. Jim finally began to eat again at Blair's prompting, not really tasting the food, his mind on Blair's story and the two close calls he'd had with Oliver's men.

Blair finished. "...Anyway, these last few days were quite ... exciting to say the least."

Jim just shook his head, muttering dryly, "Exciting. You would say that, Sandburg."

Blair chuckled once. "Life is always exciting with you, Jim." He paused in thought for a moment, then grinned wider, laughing again. Jim looked up, face expectant. Blair went on, a mischievous light in his eyes. "Well, except for the paperwork."

Jim threw a napkin at his partner.

- The End -