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Summary: Missing scene for The Rig. Set after Blair stops the bomb and Jim comes looking for him. Spoilers for The Rig.

For Graywulf who started me off thinking in this direction...

Just a Second...
missing scene for The Rig
by Becky
July 2000

Waiting impatiently as the Coast Guard took custody of Crilly and his group, Jim glanced again at his watch, then across the choppy water towards the oil rig. Still no sign of life over there. Damnit, Sandburg, where are you? He took a breath to calm himself down. The rig hadn't blown up, so chances were Blair was fine. Maybe he was releasing the others.

"Jim!" Simon's voice snapped him back into reality and he looked across the ship to see Simon walking towards him. "Jim, are you all right?" The captain looked him over once. "Nice outfit."

"Thanks. Simon, we need to get over to the oil rig. Sandburg's still over there somewhere." Brushing past Simon, Jim strode towards the nearest helicopter.

Simon frowned and pulled the cigar from his mouth. "He is? But we haven't been able to raise..." Realizing his audience was gone, he turned and called after the rapidly disappearing detective. "Jim! Where are you going?"

The words floated back. "To catch a ride. I have a partner to retrieve."


Oh man, oh man, oh second...ONE SECOND!...

Blair kept his eyes closed and remained flat on the hard metal floor of C Deck, trying to ignore the pounding of his heart as it banged against his ribcage. Way, WAY, too close. He swallowed hard several times and lifted one shaking hand to press his knuckles to his forehead.'re still alive, Sandburg. Maybe you should, uh, move ... or something.

Adrenaline still pumped through him, giving him enough energy to struggle to a sitting position. His eyes fell on the bomb and he felt the remnants of panic rise again, followed by lightheadedness and nausea in quick succession. Oh man... Closing his eyes, he leaned against one of the drums and dropped his head between his knees. Deep're okay. You're not dead. Just slightly...hysterical.

So focused on his breathing, he didn't hear the distant sounds of footsteps or voices until Jim's voice echoed in the vast room from above him somewhere.

"Sandburg! Sandburg!"

Blair lifted his head and shifted forward to pull himself upright. "Jim?!"

A clattering of footsteps heralded Jim's approach as he descended the stairs in a rush, jumping from the last set to the floor just as Blair rounded the oil drums.

"Oh, man, Jim! I am so glad to see you!"

Two more long steps brought Jim within arms' reach and he grasped both of his partner's shoulders warmly. "Chief. You okay?" Sentinel eyes scanned for injuries, then narrowed slightly. "You're shaking."

Raising his hands to grab hold of Jim's arms which were still encased in the scuba suit, Blair nodded. "Adrenaline. I'm fine. Really. How'd you get back here? Did you stop Crilly? What's going on?"

Jim tightened his hands just a bit. "Whoa, whoa, easy there. Breathe, Sandburg." He paused and waited for Blair to do as he asked, then continued. "To make it simple, Simon got suspicious and called in the Coast Guard. They're taking care of Crilly and his gang." Smiling, he released one of Blair's shoulders to tap him on the forehead. "And I got one of chopper pilots to give me a ride over here so I could collect you."

"Collect me?" Grinning in spite of himself, Blair smacked Jim on the chest. "That's good, Jim. Real good."

Laughing softly with his partner, Jim slid his arm around Blair's shoulder and tugged him into a firm one-armed hug. "I thought so." He paused, then said quietly, "I assume since you're still here, that you disarmed the bomb." Jim tilted his head to meet Blair's eyes.

Blair laughed weakly and glanced towards the bomb hidden behind the oil drums. "Uh, yeah. More or less. Don't know that Joel would've approved of my method, though. Eenie-meanie-miney-mo was the play of the day."

Jim released him with a pat on his shoulder. "You're alive. That's what counts." He headed towards the oil drums. "Is it back here?"

"Uh..." Blair took a step forward but stopped, letting his hand drop as Jim disappeared behind the drums.

"How much time was--?" There was a moment's dead silence, then Jim rushed back out, eyes wide. "One second? One second?! Sandburg..."

"I had to take the other four to make a decision?" Blair interjected hopefully.

Jim just stared at him in disbelief, then draped his arm over his shoulders again, pulling him close to his side. "Come on, Chief. Let's get out of here. This suit is getting uncomfortable."

"You'll get no argument from me. I think I've had enough of the 'death-defying' acts for the day." Blair paused, then chuckled as they took the stairs leading out of C Deck two at a time. "Hey, Jim, do I get hazard pay for disarming the bomb?"

"Only if you want to be the one to tell Simon."

"In that case...never mind."

- The End -