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Summary: Missing scene for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, set right after the "hospital talk." Spoilers for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg and one line lifted from Secret.

To Iris Wilde, who inadvertently gave me a scene to start with. ~grin~ And for all those who believe there is life after TSbyBS, whatever form it takes; and for all those who believe that Jim finally did get a clue. ~grin~

Kind Words
missing scene for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg
by Becky
May 2000

"You can get more with a kind word and a two-by-four
than you can with just a kind word."
--Marcus Cole, Babylon 5

"...just a book...your partner...great friend..."

The words hung in the air between them as the ambient noise of the hospital faded away. Blair just looked at Jim, hardly believing the complete turnaround from the past few days of Jim being so angry that he wouldn't listen or talk to him. In some back corner of his mind, Blair could feel the mad hysterical giggling, could feel the desire to find some dark room to quietly break down. He'd just given up so much and felt somehow more vulnerable to the harsh realities of life. That Jim had somehow seen that, consciously or not, and replied to it, soothed him, calmed him, helped him find his footing again. Looking up, Blair swallowed and said, "Thanks" to Jim's words of solace.

And then he waited. Waited to see what Jim would do next.

Jim's eyes reflected back to him in quiet peace before he motioned down the hallway with his head. "Are you ready to get busy?"

Blair took a jerky breath as the giant knot labeled "are we still partners?" in his stomach loosened. "Yeah. Yeah, I am."

In unison, they turned and headed down the hallway towards the door that led to the parking lot. Their shoulders brushed from time to time as they swerved to avoid conferencing doctors, harried nurses, and impatient family members. As they walked, Jim filled him in on the happenings at the station and about Bartley and Zeller.

Blair blinked. "So Zeller's dead?"

Jim nodded. "Looks that way. The bomb took out the whole shop. Forensics is still out with the final word, one could've survived that blast."

A horde of people spilled into the building through the double doors, filling the hallway. Jim grasped Blair's arm and pulled him to one side, letting the bustling mass go by them in a blur of colors and noise. His nose twitched at the abundance of cloying perfumes and strong aftershaves. Both odors combined unpleasantly with the medicinal hospital scent he'd been ignoring, leaving him with the urge to sneeze. Seemingly jostled by the passing crowd, Blair shifted closer and lightly rested his hand on Jim's where it still grasped Blair's arm.


Shaking off the effects of the smells, Jim glanced over to see Blair's concerned gaze. He smiled and squeezed the arm under his hand. "I'm okay." His eyes remained locked with Blair's and his smile faded slowly.

A frown developed on Blair's face and he asked, "What?"

Jim released Blair's arm and looked away. "When I saw you that screen, standing behind that podium and telling the world you lied, I felt...I've never had anyone do something like that...for me...before. I never asked you--"

Blair moved to stand in front of Jim and leaned towards him, raising one hand to grip his shoulder. "I didn't want you to. This was something I needed to do, Jim."

"I don't think I deserve it, Chief." Jim met Blair's eyes a little sheepishly.

A chuckle rumbled in Blair's throat and a smile flitted onto his face. "Maybe not, but you got it anyway. It's about friendship, remember?"

Jim reached out and clasped Blair's shoulder tightly. "Yeah, I remember. I just wish I'd remembered sooner." He waffled a moment, then drew Blair into a quick, hard hug. Lowering his head, he whispered, "I'm sorry."

Blair returned the hug with the same strength before releasing Jim and stepping back. "Me too." They grinned at each other, then Blair pointed with both hands towards the door. "What do you say we go wrap this whole mess up, then go do some fishing."

"Sounds like a plan, partner." Jim pushed away from the wall and joined Blair as they headed outside, resting his hand on Blair's lower back as they passed through the automatic doors into the afternoon sunlight. Their voices drifted inwards before the doors slid quietly shut.

"Where's the truck?"

"That way. What about your car?"

"Naomi has it. She dropped me off on her way to buy some sage. She feels really bad about this whole thing and thinks the apartment needs cleansing."


"Speaking of blame, don't be hogging all of it, Ellison."

"Me? Hog the blame? You've got to be kidding. Why wasn't your computer passworded or something?"

"Oh, I'm working on that as we speak. I know this guy. He lives in a cellar with 15 cats, but..."

- The End -