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Summary: Epilogue. Spoilers for Vendetta.

Much thanks to Robyn who brain-stormed with me for this.

epilogue for Vendetta
by Becky
November 1997

Blair turned sideways in the truck, watching Jim silently, not saying anything, just listening to Jim as he discussed the case. Jim finally stopped and threw a glance at him. "What?"

Blair shifted in his seat, then shrugged, looking out the window. "It's nothing."

Jim sighed. "C'mon, Sandburg, spill it. You're brooding about something."

Blair was quiet for another moment, then he asked. "Are you feeling okay? No residual, um, well, you're not upset or anything?"

Jim frowned. "Upset? No, I'm not upset. What do you mean?"

Blair motioned in the air with his hands. "Well, you know you've been a little .... testy the last few days."



Blair watched as Jim's jaw tightened for a few seconds, then he breathed out in a rush. "Yeah, I guess I have been." He glanced over at Blair, seeing the concern in his guide's eyes mixing with research interest. He chuckled softly. "C'mon, Chief, tell me what you've got going on in that complex brain of yours."

Blair flushed, then smiled. "Okay. Just making sure. I have a theory about what's been happening lately."

"A theory. Okay. Go on. I'm listening."

"All right. You were already on edge when this whole thing with Freeman started. Then the near car collision happened. Freeman is not exactly a prize winner for congeniality. So he pisses you off. You get mad. He starts bugging you more, which only makes you madder. And then there's the issue of scent, or more correctly, your Sentinel sense of smell. I would bet my next month's salary that the smell of Freeman's cologne is somehow connected to something, maybe in the past, maybe not even something you can remember, that made you mad. But because of your Sentinel abilities, you subconsciously connected that cologne with the old anger. Added to your anger at Freeman, it turned into blind rage. And because of your Sentinel abilities, your senses must have stronger input into your brain, including the higher areas that govern your actions. You were out of control, almost like a zone-out."

Blair stopped to breathe, eyes expectant. Jim blinked, realizing only after a few seconds that Blair had finished. He nodded slowly. "Makes sense to me, Chief. You're the expert here on this Sentinel stuff, not me."

Blair smiled and all but bounced in his seat in his enthusiasm at Jim's unquestioning acceptance of his reasoning. "Cool."

Jim laughed and shook his head as he pulled the truck into the lot outside the loft. He didn't tell Blair his additional thoughts about what had happened with Freeman. He'd been considering it as well over the past few days when his mind was clear enough to process such thoughts. He knew another reason that either Blair hadn't thought of or wasn't going to acknowledge.

It had also been an instinctive 'protect the guide' thing.

When Freeman had started banging on the passenger side window of the truck and Blair's heart rate had jumped, Jim had felt his protectiveness and Sentinel senses go into overdrive. Something inside him had screamed 'Danger! Protect!' He later almost swore he'd heard a panther growl as well. After that whenever he saw Freeman, those instincts to protect Blair came to the forefront, adding to the rage he felt at Freeman's insistence on stalking him.

Jim climbed out of the truck and waited for Blair to join him before they headed toward the building. Slapping Blair on the shoulder, he grinned, and lapsed back into the pseudo-southern accent he adopted for the case. "C'mon, Little Joe, let's go watch some more Bonanza."

Blair choked out, stopping in his tracks. "What? Are you kidding? That song is already stuck in my head. I am so not watching anymore of that stuff."

Jim laughed and pushed Blair toward the door as he began to hum the theme under his breath, just loud enough for Blair to hear. Blair covered his ears. "Aaaaaargh! Oh, please, make it stop!"

- The End -