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Summary: Incacha's POV. Spoilers for Warriors.

Upon rewatching Warriors recently, some things occurred to me and I wanted to write them in them in the form of some missing scenes. No one minds, right? Don't know how good this is, but I just felt like writing. Oh, since I don't know what to do with Chopec language, I've indicated when it's being spoken with "< >" around the spoken text. Hope that isn't too confusing.

missing scenes from Warriors
by Becky
January 1998

Incacha watched as Enqueri moved away from the overhang, disappearing into the building. The younger man who also stood on the balcony looked down at him, a small, but curious, frown on his face. Even from this distance, Incacha could sense that the young man was meant for something great, in fact already was on the path that would lead to his destiny. He smiled widely up at the young, chuckling inwardly at the hesitant grin that was given in return.


He looked down and away from the young man, meeting the clear blue eyes of the Sentinel where he stood in front of the entrance to the building.


Incacha frowned. Something was wrong. That he could knew just from the look on Enqueri's face. He stepped over to him, concern in his eyes. Enqueri had been in his charge for too long for even the years that had passed since they had last spoken to affect the bond he had always felt with the man, even though the bond was not the one he knew the Sentinel was destined for. That place belonged to another.

"<Incacha, please come inside. It's not safe out here.>" Enqueri looked around quickly, gesturing toward the entrance as he did so.

Hearing the worry in his voice, Incacha did as he had been asked, then moved along with Enqueri toward a series of steps that lead up.

"<Incacha, why are you here, why in ... my tribe, my city?>" The words were stumbling, the ease of speaking a language he once spoke quickly gone. But Incacha understood.

"<The Chopec need your help. The Great Eye is killing our lands, our food, our people. A vision told me that you were in the Great City where the Chief of the Great Eye could be found and brought back to answer for his crimes.>"

"<The Great Eye? What's that? And who's the Chief?>"

As they turned to continue up more steps, Incacha pulled out the folded likeness of the Chief of the Great Eye and gave it to Enqueri. "<This is the Chief. He must be stopped.>"

Enqueri's eyes widened slightly and his jaw muscles clenched, but he said nothing about it, only went on with another question. "<How did you get here?>"

Incacha answered all the questions, telling him about the long trip from the Chopec home to the waters around the Great City. Then Enqueri asked about the man in the park, Toren. Incacha explained about what they did and why he blew the dart at Toren.

As they left the many steps and walked down a long shadowed path filled with other entrances, Incacha asked, "<Who is the other?>"

"<The other?>"

"<Yes, the one who stood at your side from above.>"

"<Oh, you mean Blair.>"

The word was unfamiliar and felt strange to his tongue. "<Blair.>"

"<He's my, uh, friend, my partner.>"

"<Does he guide you now, Sentinel? Is he your shaman as I was?>"

Enqueri turned wide eyes upon him, swallowing hard. He opened his mouth, then closed it again, looking instead at the entrance in front of them which opened to reveal the young man, eyes wide and expectant. His quiet voice was excited even if Incacha couldn't understand him. But he could see the vibrant life in those dark blue eyes and in the way his hands moved as Enqueri ushered them all inside the large space.

Yes, this was the one that was meant to guide Enqueri. He could feel it, could see it. Incacha waited until the young man, Blair, stopped speaking, and then asked, "<Are you his shaman? The shaman of the Great City? Do you guide Enqueri?>"

Blair looked from him to Enqueri and back, wonderment and knowledge in his eyes as he spoke, obviously wanting to understand. Incacha looked at Enqueri, who replied to Blair's questioning words. He saw a flash of something go through Enqueri's eyes as he responded and quickly realized that Blair did not know about the shaman part of his soul, that Enqueri had not spoken to him about it. That would be something he would have to remedy, somehow, before he had to return to Chopec lands.


Incacha pulled himself forward slowly, then banged against the entranceway to where Enqueri lived, breathing hard. The pain was deep, too deep. He knew he was running out of time. He had to see Enqueri and his Guide. They would know how to help the Chopec, who would be expecting the Sentinel to arrive. But first he had to make Enqueri accept who he was again, to make the choice to be a Sentinel.

And he needed to pass on the way of the shaman to Blair, to give him the authority to guide Enqueri, to make him believe, to make him listen.

He banged again, heard a voice inside, then the entrance moved and he all but fell through as Blair was suddenly there, muttering words filled with fear and worry. He wished he could comfort him, tell him that this was the way of things, that this was not the end. But the language barrier was too great, and he couldn't speak, could hardly find the breath to do so. He had a feeling that Blair might understand this better than Enqueri, who had not been able to accept that death was not always the end of life, only the next step.


Incacha latched desperately onto Blair's arm, speaking in forced breaths, depending on Enqueri, even as he sensed the man falling apart next to him, to translate.

"<To you, I pass on the way of the shaman. Guide him. Show him his animal spirit. You are his guide now. His shaman.>"

With one last look at the young man who was panicking and then another one at Enqueri whose voice was receding into the distance even as he yelled his name, Incacha let go. His duty was done. It was up to Blair now. Up to him and Enqueri. They were Sentinel and Shaman to the Great City, bound together both in the present and beyond. As he had foreseen would occur when he had first met Enqueri so many years ago.

Smiling, he watched from high above for a moment longer, then turned and lopped away next to his animal guide. The Sentinel would make his choice and Incacha had no doubt on what that choice would be. With his Shaman to guide him on this level, Enqueri would find his animal guide on the inner level and take up the responsibility that was his once again.

All would be well.

- The End -