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Last updated March 20, 2001

Bailey's Mistake belongs to ABC.
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Richard Burgi had a small role on the ABC Disney movie, Bailey's Mistake which originally aired on March 18, 2001. His character, Paul Donovan, was dead at the start of the episode, but we saw a few flashbacks of him via the memories of his wife, Liz (played by Linda Hamilton) and he showed up in a sorta-ghost form to his son, Dylan. A few shots I've included aren't actually him, but a pencil drawing that his daughter Becca is working on during the movie. Most of the pictures look kinda funny since the shots were usually superimposed over images and never very clear; I tried to find ones that were semi-okay. {All pictures are actually bigger than I've shown here; click on image to see full size pic. Also, if anyone wants to use any of these pics on your pages, go right ahead. Just save to your own computer and pop it on your webpage. Enjoy!}


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