It all began with a post from Angie: "Somebody out there, anybody, write a nice story that contains the following: Jim, Blair, Truck, Bad Guy.

The end of the term was approaching and grades were due, so I had very little time to spare.  Still, I wanted to make my friend happy.  This was the result.

Jim, Blair, Truck, and The Bad Guy

Iris Wilde


See Jim.
Jim is tall.
Jim has short hair.

See Blair.
Blair is short.
Blair has long hair.

See Jim's truck.
The truck is blue.
The truck is old.

Jim drives the truck.
The truck goes zoom!
Zoom down the street, Jim!
Zoom over the curb, Jim!
Zoom on the sidewalk, Jim!
Jim loves his truck.

See Jim's gun.
Jim's gun is noisy.
Jim's gun is slippery.

Blair does not drive Jim's truck.
Blair does not have a gun.
Blair has a cell phone.
Blair has a social life.
Blair loves his social life.
Blair's social life goes zoom!

See Bad Guy.
Bad Guy is big.
Bad Guy is ugly.
Bad Guy has no hair.
Bad Guy does not drive Jim's truck.
Bad Guy does not have Blair's social life.
This is why Bad Guy is bad.

See Jim and Blair see Bad Guy.
See Jim growl.
Growl, Jim, growl!
See Blair call for backup.
Dial, Blair, dial!

See Bad Guy see Jim and Blair see Bad Guy.
See Bad Guy run.
Run, Bad Guy, run!

See Jim's truck go zoom!
Zoom, truck, zoom!

See Bad Guy run into a dead-end alley.
See Jim stop his truck.
See treadmarks.

See Jim pull his gun.
See Jim drop his gun.
See Bad Guy laugh.

See Blair throw his cell phone.
See Blair's cell phone hit Bad Guy's head.
See Bad Guy fall over.
See Blair laugh.

See the police car.
See Bad Guy in the police car.
Bye-bye, Bad Guy!

See Jim and Blair.
See Blair smirk.
See Jim fume.

See Jim.
See Jim's truck.
See Jim drive his truck home.

See Blair.
See Blair's cell phone.
See Blair call a cab.


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