Fan Fiction by Iris Wilde

General Disclaimer: The Sentinel and all related characters
are property of Pet Fly Productions and whichever
network happens to be currently airing it.
No copyright infringement is intended, and no profits are being made.

The Center Cannot Hold
My first TS story.  Blair defends his life with tragic consequences. (11/98)

Closet Monsters
Every monster has a mommy.  Meet the mother of Cascade's
most infamous psychopath. (2/99)

Warm Fuzzies
A short "feel good" story about friendship. (3/99)

Pockets of Life
A little story based on RL.  It's for the birds. (8/99)

Duck Takes a Holiday
My contribution to the Cascade Times Thanksgiving challenge.
 Among other things, it had to include a duck, Blair's Fargo hat, and Pampers. (12/99)

On the importance of touch...a couple of missing scenes
for "Cypher" (for Robyn 4/01).

A virtual episode for Faux Paws Productions.
In 1966, a rapist preyed upon the inhabitants of Cascade's
red-light district until he was caught and imprisoned.
It's 34 years later, and history is repeating itself. (10/00)
(This story is also located in the Season Six archive
at the FPP website.)

Someone is lost. (1/02)

Someone is waiting. (1/02)


But I Digress...
A short, humorous piece written for a fellow fan. (5/99)

It's a Wonderful Sentinel/Guide Christmas/Hanukkah Life
A goofy little story, co-written by Angelyn Harrison.
We were a bit slap-happy one Saturday evening, and this is the result. (9/99)

Laa Laa's Last Hurrah
Also co-written with Angie.  Actually, it was her idea.
Jim, Blair, and a yellow Teletubby.  Don't ask. (12/99)

Jim, Blair, Truck, and The Bad Guy
An easy-to-read story. (3/01)



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