The following are links to important Sentinel sites.
Some are story archives, others are multifunctional sites.

Cascade Library is one of the main fanfic archives for
The Sentinel.
It goes the extra step by including a writer's resource page,
a section for story recommendations, interviews with various authors,
and links to a multitude of other TS sites.

Becky's site is loaded with goodies!  She has links to everything
imaginable, from fanfic to transcripts.  Don't forget to check out her
delightful Prophecy series while you're there.  A couple of the characters
might seem vaguely familiar.


And one cannot speak of Becky without mentioning Robyn.
Her adjacent site contains oodles of fun and/or useful links,
from a list detailing Jim's use of his senses to every fan's
favorite resource for all things medical, The Cascade Hospital.