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Radio SciFi Interview 
date unknown, but sometime between September 2001 and January 2002

Star Trek series V rumors

Rescue 77

Formidable Marjorie Monaghan digs putting out fires on Rescue 77
by Jessica Wallenfels, special to TVQuest

New Dramatic Series Finally Receives A Time Slot by Lou Angeli
Interview with Rescue 77 Executive Producer Gregory Widen
(Not really an interview with MM, but a good article about the series.)

Spelling and WB Reignite a Popular Program Theme by Lou Angeli, Battalion Chief
Interview and announcement of the series; March 9, 1999

Relating to Ryan by Amy Steelman, Vine Lines Magazine, March/April 1999
Interview with Marjorie Monaghan in regards to her role on Rescue 77

Paramedic Role Offers Challenge to Actress (off-site link)
Short article available for purchase from Northern Light.
Originally in Omaha World-Herald, March 14, 1999.

Viewer's Voice on Rescue 77

Babylon 5

"Intersections in Surreal Time" by Joe Nazzaro
Starlog; December 2001, Issue 293

"Called to be an Actor" by Barb Powell
Aspire!; July 1999, Vol. 1, Issue 13
Aspire! is the newsletter for the Patricia Tallman Fan Club; to order a copy of this issue, send $6 to:
The Patricia Tallman Fan Club
c/o Barb Powell
1661 South Bend Drive, #5
Rocky River, OH 44116

"Freedom Fighter" by James Swallow
Starlog; September 1998, Issue 254

"Who is Number One?" by Lou Anders
Babylon 5 Magazine; September 1998, Vol. 2, Issue 2

"Marjorie Monaghan: Looking Out for Number One" by Lou Anders
Babylon 5 Magazine; August 1998, Vol. 2, Issue 1

"Marjorie Monaghan: One on One" by David Richardson
TV Zone, December 1997, Issue 97

Babylon 5 Fan Club Chat Transcript
December 10, 1997

"Who is Number One?"
The 5 Times Magazine from The Babylon 5 UK Fan Club
Autumn 1997, 5x14, pages 6-7

Excerpt from The UFP Newsletter
August 1997 Issue

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