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Q: Are you in contact with Marjorie Monaghan?

A#1: Yes. Just don't ask me to share her email. ~grin~

A#2: An important note regarding forwarding of fan mail via email to Marjorie.  While I am willing to consider most on a case-by-case basis, for the most part, if you're wanting to write her a fan letter, please use the snail mail addy below.  Thank you.

Q: Does Marjorie have a fan club, official or otherwise?

A: No fan club per se (as of yet), but this is an official site approved by Marjorie.

Q: How do I write her fan mail?

A: Currently (as of 7/19/01), your best bet is to write Marjorie via her manager:

John Crosby Management
Attn. Deborah Shaw
1729 N. Sycamore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Q: How can I get an autographed picture of Marjorie?

A#1: The best way is to go to a convention where Marjorie is appearing. You can purchase a photo from her (she has several to choose from) and have her sign it. I think she charges about $10-15 for a photo. I'm not sure if she charges if you bring a photo; she might. She also signs trading cards; those usually cost more.

A#2: You can write her at her manager's address. My advice? Write a brief, *legible*, handwritten letter. When I write for autographs, I print off stationery -- basically printer paper with my name and address on it -- then write my letter on that. This way my name and address are easy to read. Also, the polite thing (and probably best thing to do if you want a quicker reply) is to send a self-addressed stamped 9x12 envelope; included cardboard backing to make sure the photo isn't bent upon return. I'm not exactly sure about postage; I just slap 4 stamps on both my SASE and my original sending envelope to make sure I get it back. So far, so good.

A#3: You can buy an autographed photo from a trustworthy merchant. This means it won't be personalized, but you will have a photo.  There are a list of merchants on the merchandise page; the newest one is that Time Machine company. I still haven't been able to verify with Marjorie that they're "official," but they do keep autograph sites for other celebs, so I'm inclined to say they are and Marjorie just hasn't been able to tell me yet. Also, auto'd photos go regularly up for auction on ebay; just be sure to read the seller's comments and feedback to see how authentic the autographs they've sold in the past have been.  Good ones to buy from (which I have purchased from in the past) include joe_motes and starbase-atlanta. Just go search for Marjorie's name; a good handful will pop up.

Q: Does Marjorie have a favorite charity?

A: She probably does, but she hasn't told me yet.  :-)

Q: Do you know Marjorie's birthday?  Her age?

A: Someone has recently (as of 2/15/02) added "March 19, 1964" on Marjorie's imdb.com page as her birthdate.  I have no proof if this is correct or not.

Q: Can I link to your page?

A: Certainly. You can use the plain text link <http://www.kelesa.net/marjoriemonaghan/> with the title "The Official Marjorie Monaghan Website." Or you can use a linking graphic.

Q: Where can I see Marjorie Monaghan now on TV?

A#1: I try to keep track of when guest shots of Marjorie's rerun on TV; any I find will be announced on the What's New page.

A#2: You might try this link: TVNow's MM Schedule. Also, you could try searching through the TV Guide Search function.

A#3: Keep on eye on SciFi for her Babylon 5, The Sentinel, and Quantum Leap episodes. Also the Encore Action channel tends to rerun Space Rangers every so often. JAG reruns on USA -- USA Schedule.

Q: Is Marjorie going to attend any conventions in the future?

A: Check the appearances page for any upcoming convention. This information comes either from the web or from convention organizers letting me know. If you find one I don't have, please email me and I'll put the information up on the appearances page with credit.

Q: How can I contact you, the site owner?

A: My email is at the bottom of the index page.

Q: What happened to the Guestbook?

A: Because of excessive (and presumably automated) spamming, the Yahoo/Geocities Guestbook was removed in May 2006. I do not have plans to install another. You are welcome to email me.

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