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The Fabulous MM: Marjorie Monaghan
mailing list dedicated to Marjorie

Marjorie Monaghan list (originally a Yahoo!Club)
mailing list dedicated to Marjorie

The Babes of B5
Marjorie is included in this list.

The Women of Babylon 5
Marjorie is listed under "Smaller Roles"

TVNow's Marjorie Monaghan Schedule

IMDB filmography listing

TV.com's Marjorie Monaghan Site

The Great War of Magellan

The Great War of Magellan: The Web Site (official)

The Great War of Magellan InfoStream

Richard Hatch Enterprises

Rescue 77
Rescue 77 button

Zap2it.com Page ~ IMDB Page

Fellow Rescue 77 stars sites:
Christian Kane: Kane (his band's official site)
ChristianKane.net (unofficial fan site for Christian Kane)

TV Firefighters -- a book by Richard C. Yokley

Number One's Domain
Episode listing, gallery, quotes

JoJo's Rescue 77 Site
Episodes listing, character and cast info, pics, fanfic

Rescue 77 page
Includes info on characters, an episode guide, links keeper lists, and fanfic

TKTV's Rescue 77 page
Includes cast and characters and an episode guide

Unofficial Rescue 77 Home Page

Without help, new shows will be DOA by John Kiesewetter
The Cincinnati Enquirer, March 15, 1999

Babylon 5
Babylon 5 shield

Zap2it.com Page ~ IMDB Page

Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about Babylon 5. Specific episode guide pages: Racing Mars, Lines of Communication, The Face of the Enemy, Between the Darkness and the Light, Endgame, Objects in Motion, Objects at Rest

ISN News
News site for Babylon 5 and Crusade (probably also Legend of the Rangers)

Views from the Gallery: A Critical Guide to Babylon 5 and Crusade
Reviews: Racing Mars, Lines of Communication, The Face of the Enemy, Between the Darkness and the Light, Endgame, Objects in Motion, Objects at Rest

Code 7R: The Secret Realm of the Ranger ~ Code 7R website

Down Below Sound Archive
sound files (.wav) for the show; 5 clips for Marjorie's "Number One" character
    -- do "by name" search; enter "number&one" in box (without quotes) to get list

ISS Babylon

Fannish link:
Babylon 5: The Virtual Sixth Season (includes the Tessa Halloran character)

Fellow Babylon 5/Crusade stars sites: (most found through The Galactic Gateway)
Daniel Dae Kim Site
John Vickery: The Unofficial Homepage
The Official Sites - M. Gilbert B. Boxleitner
The Official Carrie Dobro Website
The Official Claudia Christian Website
The Official Jason Carter Fan Club WebSite
The Official Jeffrey Willerth/Kosh Website
The Official Julie Caitlin Brown Fan Club
The Official Mira Furlan Site
The Official Patricia Tallman Site
Pipeline Productions (Jason Carter and Richard Biggs)
Richard Biggs Online


Episode review for "Every Picture Tells a Story."

Star Trek: Voyager

Reviews of episode

The Official Robert Picardo Home Page
He played the Doctor in the series; Marjorie played Freya in Heroes and Demons; she was one of his first love interests; this was also the first time he used an actual name -- Schweitzer. From what I understand, Bob and Marjorie are friends. He said this at Galaxy Ball 2000 in response to "if you had a romantic relationship with anyone on the show, who would it be?": "Oh, it's got to be Freya from the Beowulf one [Heroes and Demons] What a woman!" ~grin~

I also found on Jim Wright's Tinker Tailor Doctor Spy review that Freya got mentioned in the Doctor's song: "A little bit of Freya all night long." I'll have to go re-listen to that...

Space Rangers
Space Rangers logo

Zap2it.com Page ~ IMDB Page

The New Fort Hope
discussion list

B. King's Space Rangers page
Includes an introduction to Space Rangers, the main cast, an episode list, and video release details.

Garn's Guides for Space Rangers
Includes a cast listing and an episode list.

SciFi2k.com Television Themes
Includes Space Rangers mp3 file

Shakaar's Episode Guide for Space Rangers

Todd Brugman's The Caricature Gallery
drawing of Marjorie (as JoJo) near bottom of page under Stars of Science Fiction/Fantasy

Nemesis (movie)


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