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8/23/07 -- Two outside Marjorie sites now archived here.  Both links can found at the bottom of the Space Rangers gallery page. Thanks to Kerr for the suggestion and links!

5/19/06 -- Y/GC Guestbook removed due to excessive spamming. (Sorry!)  All entries made were kept and can be viewed here.

3/24/05 -- Marjorie was at the recent Richard Biggs Memorial Show on March 19, 2005 in Hollywood, CA.

3/13/05 -- Courtesy announcement: ICON-24 will be having a Richard Biggs Memorial event during their convention, April 8-10, 2005, New York.

12/19/04 -- Courtesy announcement: Richard Biggs Memorial Show, March 19, 2005, Hollywood, CA. Proceeds going to Rick's sons.

11/9/04 -- Three new promo shots from Marjorie's guest shot on Andromeda. Thanks go out to Anne of SteveBacic.com.

5/23/04 -- Our thoughts go out to the friends and family of Richard Biggs (Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5) who passed away yesterday.

Screen captures available on this site now for both parts of the Andromeda fourth season finale, "The Dissonant Interval," including two personal shots Marjorie sent me a bit ago.

5/2/04 -- Screen captures and quotes from Andromeda: "The Dissonant Interval (part 1)" are available at Lady Maigery's Andromeda Ascendant site. The episode aired this weekend in Canada, with part 2 to follow next week sometime.

3/2/04 -- Airdates (according to epguides.com) for Marjorie's Andromeda episodes: weeks of May 10 and May 17, 2004. Note that the episodes tend to air a month earlier in Canada on GlobalTV, according to epguides.com's listing.

2/23/04 -- Episode title for Marjorie's Andromeda appearance: The Dissonant Interval (two-parter). (Source: Lady Maigery's Andromeda Ascendant site.)

2/1/04 -- Great news! Look for Marjorie in the two-part fourth season finale of Andromeda. She is the lead guest role, a Neitzchian named Louisa. And that's all I'm gonna tell you, not that I know too much more.  Really.  :-)  No airdate as of yet, but it will probably air in May sometime. I'll keep you posted.

1/21/04 -- From Marjorie regarding working on Jeremiah: "I was on the crew of Jeremiah as Script Coordinator and was also assistant to the Executive Producers.  The script coordinator is responsible for making all the changes to each script as the writer makes them (there are lots), so that they can be distributed to the cast and crew.  Having both jobs at the same time also involves getting legal clearances, doing contracts, helping figure out schedules, being liaison to the Studio in LA ... all kinds of stuff in addition to usual assistant work."

1/18/04 -- Screen captures are available from Marjorie's role in the 1991 TV-movie, Aftermath: A Test of Love.

12/17/03 -- New image in the general gallery (courtesy of ebay <g>) -- last image in the third row.

10/20/03 -- An eagle-eyed viewer caught Marjorie's name listed as a Script Supervisor on JMS's Jeremiah (aired on Showtime) in Part 2 of "Letters from the Other Side." Thanks Bryan!

5/28/03 -- Screen captures are available from Marjorie's 1995 guest shot on California Dreams.

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