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Last updated August 14, 2002
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Stories with Megan involved; romantic pairings marked where applicable.
Currently, this mini-archive lists 61 stories.

Stories listed by author's name; author's website is linked unless stories are only at archives; for series, not all stories may be listed.

Becky -- Found here
Affairs of the Heart -- Missing scenes from the episode Neighborhood Watch. (Blair/Katie.)
Afterimage -- An unexpected phone call elicits emotional memories for Jim and Blair. Megan appears briefly.
Bit O' Green -- Megan teaches Blair the danger of a last-minute St. Patrick's Day fix. Humor. (Blair/Megan)
Boss's Day -- Time to be nice to Simon for a day.
Chop-Chop -- After an arrest gone wrong for Jim and Megan compounds an already bad day, Jim takes out his frustration on some innocent paper.
A Cliche in the Life (with Robyn) -- Answer to CascadeTimes Awful-Fic Challenge.
Dash of Conspiracy, Enemies on All Sides -- Crossover with One West Waikiki. Sequel to Dose of Confusion, Murder on the Side.
A Father's Eyes -- Glimpses from Jim's life, as seen by his father, William Ellison. Megan appears briefly towards the end. (Blair/Megan)
Hope and Fear -- Jim and Megan take a call while Blair is teaching a class. When something happens to Jim, will Blair be able to forgive himself for not being at his partner's side?
Journey of One -- Missing scene from Sentinel Too, part two.
Keepers -- Megan and Jim ruminate on Blair's place in the Sentinel's life.
Memory's Tears -- A case brings back to Jim the tragedy that ended his marriage. Megan appears briefly.
Nursery Rhyme Drabbles -- Drabbles with nursery rhymes quoted in them; Megan appears in several.
Outtakes -- Observations on friendship, illustrated by Jim and Blair. Megan appears towards the end.
Ripples -- Missing scenes from The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.
Traditional Christmas -- Christmas with Jim and Blair and Simon and Megan and Rafe and Brown and...
Trust -- Post-TSbyBS. (Blair/Megan implied)
Volvo Stuffing -- Jim, Blair and Megan do a favor for Rhonda, and Jim may live to regret it.
Waking Memories -- Megan asks Simon about the incident with Golden; Simon recounts Blair waking up in hospital.

Besterette -- Found at Besterette's Basement
Sparrowhawk Sandburg Series -- Blair's romance with Megan and Jim's with his sister, Beau. (Blair/Megan; Jim/OFC.)
     #6: It Runs in the Family -- Jim and Beau have a little accident.
     #9: Hearts and Flowers -- Blair ponders 'True Love.'
     Misc: Snapshots -- Bits and pieces, scraps and scenes that might make it into a full fic someday.

CarolROI -- Found at Immortal Cascade
The Immortal Series -- Megan discovers her own destiny when she befriends Blair's lover, Diandra, an Immortal Champion in need of a Companion. (Blair/OFC, Jim/OFC.)
     #2: Crossed Out -- Blair stumbles onto a crime and winds up in a perfect position to go undercover to trap one of Cascade's most vicious crime lords. Unfortunately, the DEA agents don't believe his involvement was accidental.
     #3: Immortal Champion -- Dee returns when a drug dealer comes after Blair and Megan Connor. Can she and Jim work together to save their lives?
     #4: Immortal End Game (co-written with Suisan R.) -- An old acquaintance of Diandra's shows up in Cascade with an agenda. When Jim becomes involved, Blair finds his roles as Watcher and Guide in conflict.
     #5: Strange Dreams -- Blair has a vivid imagination.
     #6: Keeping Secrets -- Detective Rafe witnesses something that changes his life.
     #7: Poison Kisses -- Who knew that kissing could be so deadly?
     #8: Immortal War -- Sentinel and Champion. Guide and Companion. The Great Outdoors. Add them together and you get a recipe for disaster.
     #9: Immortal Phoenix (in progress) -- The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg in my Immortal Universe. Will the uproar over Blair's thesis destroy Jim and Blair's friendship? Or will a shadowy enemy do it for them? (Jim/Megan)
     #10: Frozen -- Jim has an accident, and it's up to Blair to save him.

Emerald -- Found at Wolfpup's Den
Suicide Watch -- Jim gets a call from the hospital, saying Blair attempted suicide. But he knows his friend better than that, and the Major Crimes department won't rest until they find out what really happened.

Iris Wilde
Lullaby (FPP-602) -- In 1966, a rapist preyed upon the inhabitants of Cascade's red-light district until he was caught and imprisoned. It's 34 years later... and history is repeating itself. Found at Faux Paws Productions (check the virtual season 6 archive page).

Azar -- Found at Probable Impossibilities
The Ariel Series -- While Blair finds romance with a former student, Jim discovers a new side to his friendship with Megan. (Jim/Megan; Blair/OFC)
     Braided into a Corner -- When Blair and Ariel fall asleep on the couch with their heads together, Megan decides a little mischief is in order.
     Priceless -- On the fifth anniversary of Blair's press conference, Jim gets a much needed reminder.
     Things That Go Bump in the Night -- Blair and Ariel discover the downside to sharing a wall with Jim and Megan.
A Novel Solution -- Sam Beckett Leaps into Blair to protect Simon and Megan and to solve the problem of the dissertation. Crossover with Quantum Leap, spoilers for TSbyBS.

Kelly Meding -- Found at Whitejazz's Sentinel Page
Daedelus series -- A series which takes place a week or two after Murder 101 and continues on through the 4th season. (Megan/OMC)
      Paint It Black -- A foreign diplomat may be responsible for several violent attacks on women and a new detective joins the M.C. gang.
      New Ground -- Two murder cases keep the detectives on their toes. Meanwhile, Blair finishes his dissertation.
      Seasons -- With the springtime comes change and a new (or old?) adversary is the cause.
      Holiday Weekend -- A masked man terrorizes female students over Easter Break. Two friends come closer together.
      House of Cards -- Who really hired Klaus Zellar? A reinterpretation of TSbyBS as it applies to my timeline.
      As We Gather Here Today... -- When you're living in Cascade, not even a wedding can go on without a few glitches.
      The Echo -- After new budget cuts, Blair gets creative to keep Connor in Cascade.
      King of Hearts, Part 1 -- Jim makes in important connection on the eve of Blair's graduation.
      King of Hearts, Part 2 -- An old arrest surfaces, a friend falls and Jim is faced with more questions than answers as he moves closer to uncovering the mystery of the suicide king.

KimAnne and Liz -- Found at Guides and Dolls
Draw Four -- The Major Crime gang plays something else instead of poker.
Draw Eight -- After most of the "gang" has gone, four have decided to continue their Uno playing.
Uno Attacks -- Blair finds a game and invites the Uno players back for more.

LRH Balzer -- Found at Wolfpup's Den
Movers and Shakers -- While Blair is in the hospital following S2.1 and Jim keeping watch over him, Megan, Joel, Rafe and Brown move the furniture back into the Loft. Sequel to Primary Focus.

Madraf -- Found at Starfox's Mansion
From the Ashes -- Blair's past comes back to haunt him.
What the Future May Hold -- After Blair's death, Jim raises Blair and Megan's son as his own and tries to make the young man see what his father meant to him. Death story. (Blair/Megan, then Jim/Megan)

Maj -- Found at Cascade Library
Greater Love -- What happened after TSbyBS.
Greater Love 2 - Hero's Return -- Sequel to Greater Love. (Blair/Megan)

Robyn -- Found here
A Cliche in the Life (with Becky) -- Answer to CascadeTimes Awful-Fic Challenge.
Revenge of the Washing Machines -- Megan gets front row seats for Jim and Blair's adventures in a laundromat. Humor.
The Sentinel: Men in Green Tights -- Jim and Blair play Santa and Elf for kids in the hospital, and the rest of Major Crimes comes away with some great blackmail material. Humor.
Three to Tango -- Jim and Blair get roped into teaching Megan the tango, and wackiness ensues.

Shallan -- Found at Wolfpup's Den
For the World is Hollow -- Once again, there's another Sentinel in Cascade, but this time will be different. Also, Megan and Blair test the waters of their mutual attraction. Sequel to The Prize. (Blair/Megan)
Power Trip -- Jim, Blair and Megan investigate a series of ritualistic murders only a month before Halloween.

TAE -- Found at TAE's Serendipity Station
Hero du Jour - Joel and Megan -- Joel and Megan find themselves in a position to assist at the scene of an accident.

Tara -- Found at Wolfpup's Den
Darkness and Light -- Blair deals with the end of a relationship and an injury to Jim he feels he could have prevented, while Simon discovers his feelings for Megan are in fact returned. (Simon/Megan; Blair/Cassie)

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