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5/30/12 -- Added SGA to my fic recs page.

10/20/11 -- Part twenty-two of Laud and Tarnish (TS/NCIS crossover) is now at my LJ.

6/1/11 -- Part twenty-one of Laud and Tarnish (TS/NCIS crossover) is now at my LJ.

5/26/11 -- Added a steampunk section to my book recs page. Am also working on the next part of my writing exercise....

5/4/11 -- Don't all faint, but part twenty of Laud and Tarnish (TS/NCIS crossover) is now at my LJ. Please be sure to read the extra notes about the revisions to previous parts.
Oh, and I've been adding Tron: Legacy fic recommendations - my latest obsession - to my fic recs page as well.

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