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Here's what people had to say about my pages,
my stories about The Sentinel or my original work, or whatever.
Thanks for visiting.
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Name: Mishale
Comments: I love the new design! And THANK you for all the hard work, youre putting in it! Please dont ever think its a waste of time. Its very appreciated! - Mishale

Name: Sassy
Comments: I want to thank you so much for your transcripts page! I fell in love with TS over songvids, and cant watch the show. Your site is the next best thing. Thank You!

Name: Galen
Comments: What font did you use for the graphic on your home page? (The Prophecy) Thanks, Galen

Name: Melissa
Comments: Becky ... Havent had a chance to read the fanfic yet, but loved the ep guides and transcripts. They allowed me to revisit a show I loved ... but hadnt thought about in years!

Name: Banik
Favorite Sentinel story (on my page): Cant narrow it down
Favorite Prophecy story: Silver Cords
Comments: Wow, after visiting your site on and off for just under a year it seems only fair that I finally provide some feedback. Youve done an excellent job Becky, and Robyn too, I love reading the work you put out, and the other casting galleries is a great featu

Name: Donald Torres
Comments: none right now. but i need to find the entire shows on DVD. any ideas.

Name: TesubCalle
Comments: Hey Becky, Just noticed you thought highly enough of my Apokalypsis: An Unremembered Death fic to add it to your personal list of favourites. Dont know if I thanked you for the gesture, so here it is: THANK YOU!

Name: Wolfgang Bornath
Comments: Hi, does my family name ring a bell? I just searched on Google and one of your stories popped up with the land of Bornath. As this is not a very common name, could you tell me where you got it from? BTW: I love your stories! wobo

Name: Madraf
Comments: Glad to see youre still writing in the Sentinel universe.

Name: ana silva
Favorite Sentinel story (on my page): sentinel too
Comments: hi! i just wanted to tell you that i simply love what you have done!this is really a great job!i´m from portugal and in my country this serie isn´t very´s too bad because everybody else don´t know what they´re missing!i just love the sentinel and

Name: Besterette
Comments: Hope you read this, couldnt find a general email link. Just wanted to drop a note of appreciation for the transcript and photo gallery sites, important fandom resources that I use quite a bit.

Name: Kerry
Comments: Thank you for listing my site on your links page! However, Id like to change the title its listed by and also add another address; but I cant find your email address on the site! Can you contact me? Thanks!!

Name: Mishale
Comments: I love your site! Its wonderful and one of the very first sentinel homepages I got to, when I was a freshman in this fandom! PLEASE go on with your great work!

Name: ccase
Favorite Sentinel story (on my page): already there
Comments: Already There is a wonderful Christmas story and a great pick-me-up on a cold night.

Name: Jacob
Favorite Prophecy story: The Prophecy [original]
Comments: The Prophecy was indeed enchanting. Although I have had some misgivings in the beginning, being biased by other stories in the past which failed to deliver - if i may use such a word. The Prophecy is a beautiful and well engineered story with a complex ye

Name: Michael L. Smith
Favorite Sentinel story (on my page): Mad Bluebird
Comments: Hi Becky. I enjoyed your story about my Mad Bluebird. I bet someone out there has done just that. You wrote that you had desired to write another story around him. Is there another story about the bluebird? And if so I would love to read it. Thank you fo...

Name: tara
Favorite Sentinel story (on my page): the sentinel men in green tights
Comments: you need to write more.

Name: Iris
Favorite Sentinel story (on my page): many may I enter here?
Comments: I have just read through your drabble stories...I read them all in one piece... So guess, whether I enjoyed them! Excellent work the two of you are doing! Keep providing us with such great stories and drabbles and ... Thanks a lot!

Name: Lady Firebird
Comments: Becky, I found your page as a referral page to mine. Thank you so much for your kind compliments about my fiction! I've not been writing for a while but I'm trying to get back into it. May I link to your page? Also, I have not read your Prophecy stories.

Name: Spyder
Favorite Sentinel story (on my page): most of them.
Comments: I stumbled on The Sentinel Smarm Sanctuary and read a rant by Kitty. She mentions a Satellite interview tape from the show. For some reason I am unable to E-Mail her. Do you possibly know about this tape or how I could get in touch with her? Thanx!!

Name: Dorothy morabtio
Favorite Sentinel story (on my page): ANY.
Comments: Becky I swear you have the most informative site in the fandom. Everytime I come in there is always more more more! I love it!~Dotty

Dorian - 11/04/00 05:55:31
Favorite Sentinel story: Haven't read any yet
Favorite Prophecy story: Haven't read any yet
Comments: Just wanted to write and comment that you have a nice, informative little page here for an extremely new Sentinel fan. I have just caught a few episodes late night on Sci-Fi. Of course, a good show is cancelled before its time. Harrumph.I think I'm going to enjoy this fandom a bit. From the few episodes I've seen, I can tell the authors of this series understand that depicting a friendship in all its layers is the single most important thing. I wish someone had imparted that concept to the HL: the series writers before it was too late. I quit that show like nobody's business and delved off into my own AU fanfic.However, for all that I've seen of TS, I think Jim and Blair are pretty adorable together. They could have worked in any setting.

Laura J. Underwood - 10/04/00 23:17:53
Favorite Sentinel story: All
Favorite Prophecy story: All
Comments: I just wanted to say that I have been visiting the page for some time, and really enjoy your stuff. I wish you good fortune with your writing in the future...

Dulranza - 08/25/00 03:15:08
Favorite Sentinel story: still reading
Favorite Prophecy story: haven't been able to start reading yet!
Comments: Okay, I confess: I only started watching TS in hopes of the occasional glimpse of my home country. While I have for the most part been disappointed in that regard I have found that the show is as addictive as Peru's number one export. I'm so relieved t find I'm not the only TS junkie out there! Thank you for feeding my addiction.

Faith - 08/14/00 03:37:35
Favorite Sentinel story: all of them
Favorite Prophecy story: all of them
Comments: Hi Becky!! I just realized I hadn't signed your book!! How rude~~ me asking you to sign mine!! I have loved your site since I found it and I visit frequently!! Practically every day. And I always will. Love it all. I hope you will keep with it and eep it current!! This site is one of my many resources for everything!!! Love it, love it, love it!! Keep up the great work girlfriend!!

alicia hornsby - 08/06/00 00:10:04
Favorite Sentinel story: missing scene stories
Comments: im glad to see im not the only one who really likes this show--my husband thinks im nuts!!! i have several story ideas if you'd like to hear about them and give them a shot, curious if you come up with plots similar to mine--your missing scene stories hi the mark with what i would have come up with--esp the ones about "Golden".

Franzi - 07/25/00 12:10:04
Favorite Sentinel story: Still all stories
Comments: Hey! It's me again. Just visited your "OWW" page and I loved it. I only got to see 5 or 6 eps of the show (and I liked it) and since it won't be aired in Germany for the next few months (or maybe years), this one will help me :)

RBB1 - 07/18/00 06:45:51
Favorite Prophecy story: Do I really have to pick?
Comments: Hi, I just wanted to say I love the Prophecy stories you've written. It's been a while since I've read such detailed work that tugs at the heart-strings. Keep it up!

Buzzd - 05/11/00 01:27:42
Comments: I just *have* to let you know how much I love the TS Park page, it really made me laugh!! Good jobs, guys! :-) Cheers! Buzzd

Franziska - 05/06/00 21:00:33
Favorite Sentinel story: They are all great
Comments: I've just visited the TS Park. It's great and pretty funny! You two did a good job. Write faster! Bye, Franzi. Greetings to all "Jimbabes" and German fans of the show!

Patrick Wojtowicz - 04/14/00 07:24:03
Comments:Just wanted to say that you have a great looking site, and your writing (of what I read)is very good. Didn't have time to stay, but will return to read more. If you get a chance stop by my's still under construction, but coming along. thanks, an i look forward to reading more (have you booked marked)!

Jenny - 03/10/00 07:38:23
Favorite Sentinel story: ALL OF EM
Favorite Prophecy story: ALL OF EM
Comments: Keep the good work up. I wait for that Whats new to move up a day, so i can get the next installment of your stories. Keep up the good work can't wait for the next installment Jenny

Franziska - 01/28/00 21:43:05
Favorite Sentinel story: love them all
Comments: I just wanna say hello and tell you that I love your stories. Just keep on writin'!

A note from Becky: Thank you! I'm so glad that you're enjoying all the stories. And, yes, I will definitely keep writing.

Sparky - 11/28/99 22:19:18
Favorite Sentinel story: Hmmm..."Traffic Jam" series and "Toasted Grin"
Favorite Prophecy story: I..unfortunately...didn't read those stories :(
Comments: Wow, great site! Made me laugh (*really*), made me cry, and I keep coming everyday (literally). The Stories are greeeeeeeaaaaaatttt, really well-writen!! There's everything I could want, and quickly. You know, it's easy to surf on and everything. Hope you don't lose hope, because I can imagine how hard it is to make a site like this! Congrats on everything, though, and keep up the superb work! --Sparky

Judy Tarrant - 09/28/99 01:58:21
Favorite Sentinel story: Love 'em all!
Favorite Prophecy story: 'em all!
Comments: Becky:) Love your page and visit it often, especially for new fics. You're a terrific, polished storyteller and your ideal of Jim and Blair are some of my favorite stories. Please keep 'em coming!!

Emerald Angelic Munchkin - 08/27/99 23:09:56
Favorite Sentinel story: Have to pick just one?
Favorite Prophecy story: Still reading them!!
Comments: Hi Becky! What a wonderful site...I really enjoyed looking around and still have more to see...GREAT JOB!! Em

Keinpike - 08/26/99 03:03:13
Favorite Prophecy story: haven't read them all yet
Comments: Hey, very nice stories. I have to come back later to finish reading them . I'm just now starting to write my stories on my web site. Got a lot of work to do. Well, I hope you come visit my site some time and read my stories. See ya later~

Teena - 08/20/99 13:17:25
Favorite Sentinel story: oh, where to begin???
Comments: Hi Becky, I don't know how to put this but you made all the difference!!! I can only begin to thank you - most of all for those wonderful transcripts!!!! You can't imagine what it means to me to at least read the original version (man, those German translations SUC !!!) I've been checking every day for new ones - now I've got them all - THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Even in time to read/watch the second half of season three. WHOA, still WAAAAYYYY psyched!!!! Thanx again - I'll be back to your wonderful site..

A note from Becky: You're much welcome! I'm very thrilled that you found the transcripts so helpful.

Erika - 08/17/99 17:42:55
Comments: I just wanted to let you know that your stories were great and I hope you keep writing them.

A note from Becky: Thanks. And I will keep on writing. No worries there.

Buzzd - 08/12/99 02:20:47
Comments: I just realized I've been visiting your page (s) for quite a while now, and I wanted to let you know, Thank You! Thank You! for the Sentinel Gallery (both the screen grabs and the promo gallery). So, ya know, Thanks! :-)

Londongirl - 08/05/99 19:41:46
Comments: I just wanted to thank you for your hard work in producing the Sentinel transcripts. We're unlikely to see the show any time soon in the UK but because you've made the transcripts so readable I seem to have a memory of seeing each episode.

Jessie Smith - 07/26/99 18:57:56
Favorite Sentinel story: Thourgh a Window Darkly
Comments: I have enjoyed all your stories. In fact too much. I about got in trouble at work! LOL. It almost seems your reading my mind. The difference is you are able to "put in ink". Thanks!!!!!!!!

Adaya - 05/08/99 08:18:51
Comments: Hi Becky!!! Just wanted to tell you that I love this place and "The Sentinel"! Bye...

Paula - 03/29/99 08:18:28
Comments: I like your site but haven't seen all of it yet...I just recently started watching Sentinel and enjoy it very much....hope you'll have the time to sign Pat's guestbook eventhough it's not about Sentinel >)

Spring - 02/24/99 13:41:20
Favorite Sentinel story: All of them!!
Favorite Prophecy story: Have yet to read them.
Comments: The page is magnificent and the stories are wonderfully done. I enjoy it every time I come to this page and always anticipate for the next story that is gonna be written.

emily d. - 02/15/99 13:52:46
Comments: Hi Becky! Like your page. Like a lot of your stories.

Pepsiman50 - 01/19/99 21:22:55
Comments: Great page! Glad to see The Sentinel back!

BJ - 12/24/98 22:42:56
Favorite Sentinel story: Dose Of Confusion, Murder On The Side

JAC - 12/24/98 18:05:14
Favorite Sentinel story: Everything written so far!
Comments: I spent a weekend reading everything you and Robyn have posted.....WOW!!!!!!!! I as so intrigued it is verging on obsession. Thanks for making my weekend such a blast. I can't wait for your next posting. :)

High' - 10/14/98 01:18:20
Favorite Sentinel story: Center Fold (a story by Yvonne McCool)
Comments: Man! I really love your page! (I know, everyone says that, but it's true) I'm relatively new to TS, but I'm thoroughly hooked on it. (It's all Love Travel's fault, she got me into it!) *beg* Anyway, I've gotten hooked on TS/OWW crossovers, and yours is reat. Keep up the good work!

Colin - 10/05/98 01:44:20
Favorite Sentinel story: don't know any
Comments: Hi Becky - I couldn't find an email address, so I hope this will do.... I worked as an extra on the season premier of The Sentinal and am trying to figure-out when it will be on TV. Do you Know? If you do, could you e-mail me the date and station it will be broadcast on? Thanks -- I'll even point myself out to you if you w nt. :) I'm sure that would be a big thrill for you. :) (My role was so pivotal to the story.)

Leah McGrew - 10/03/98 09:14:12
Comments: Becky, really loved Disneyland Detour!!!! What a splendid fun story!! Wishing I got Sentinel in Austin TX, have to get vidio tapes to get my Sentinel fix!!! Discovered Sentinel at Revelcon in Houston TX in the music vidios.

Daydreamer - 08/15/98 00:40:42
Favorite Sentinel story: Don't go there, I LOVE them all!! Both Becky's and Robyn's
Favorite Prophecy story: Ones with Jydan and Blaen in them. I'm obsessed I can't help it!
Comments: Heya Becky and Robyn!! Well you KNOW I love ya! Not only are your stories to die for, you two are the nicest, sweetest gals in the Sentinel fandom I've ever met!! Keep it up!!

Dawn - 08/12/98 14:48:53
Favorite Sentinel story: The Time and Destiny series
Comments: I loved this series because it shows how both Sentinal and Guide/Shaman work together not only in our world but in the spirit world.

Becky - 08/01/98 20:54:48
Comments: We have the same name. Cool.

Bethany - 07/13/98 17:36:59
Favorite Prophecy story: All of it!!!!!!!!
Comments: This is a wounderful story line. I've told all of my friends, and we are waiting for more thing to read. Please, if you're going to write more, write FASTER! The writing, and story line is the best I've read in a year!!!

A note from Becky: Thank you! Yes, I do plan to write more. I have several other ideas and stories in the works, but the Prophecy stories do take me a little longer to write than my fan fiction as I want to get them perfect. So stay tuned and please be patient! And thanks again for reading.

Susanne - 06/14/98 23:56:07
Favorite Sentinel story: don`t make me choose
Comments: Hi! I really like your Sentinel stories and hope, you will write a lot more. Your links page for The Sentinel is great. I have it bookmarked and use it almost every day. Keep up the good work and let`s get the show back!!

Colius - 06/13/98 07:32:36
Comments: Hello Becky. I just stopped by to review your site for entrance into the Pen and Sword Webring. I'm quite impressed with what you have here and gladly approve your application. :) Welcome to the ring. The only suggestion I might have would be to add a background to this guestbook.

Laura - 05/16/98 03:47:01
Favorite Sentinel story: cascade supermarket
Comments: Love your stories and your photo gallery is serious kick butt. I'm new to the Sentinel but having fun finding all the cool pages such as yours. Keep up the truly good work.

Winnie - 05/07/98 14:02:57
Comments: Love the new pix and quotes! Definitely great reasons to have your site bookmarked! Love the "Musings" as well, nice to see some backthought from your fic! Keep it coming, Bek and Robyn! I'll keep coming back. - win

Her Strangeness - 04/16/98 23:46:50
Comments: Hi Beckers!!!!