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Last updated May 27, 2002

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One West Waikiki: Created by Glen A. Larson; music by Matthew Del Gado; main title theme by Brian Russell, Kofi Asamooh, and David Boruff.

Cast: Cheryl Ladd (Dr. Dawn "Holli" Holliday), Richard Burgi (Detective Mack Wolfe), Elsie Sniffen (Nui Shaw), Ogie Zulueta (Kimo), Paul Gleason (Captain Dave Herzog).

Aired: Two-hour pilot and five episodes originally shown on CBS during 1994; those and remaining episodes shown later in 1995 and 1996 for syndication.

'Til Death Us Do Part (two-hour pilot) -- Aired August 4, 1994 (CBS) and October 1 & 8, 1995 (syndication)
'Til Death Us Do Part title card

Synopsis: Holli and her escort, Tom Haber, travel to Hawaii for their vacation. During their stay, Tom is killed and Holli becomes involved in an investigation of a stolen body parts ring. Holli is offered the opportunity to stay and become the medical examiner.

Written by Glen A. Larson and directed by James Hayman.
Song: "I'll Remember You" performed by Don Ho

Guest Stars: Ken Howard (Ronald Markham), Douglas Barr (Cmdr. Tom Haber), Julia Nickson (Laura Greystone), Susan Diol (Miriam), Tamlyn Tomita (Taylor Chun), Terry Carter (Dr. Carter Reeves), Mitchell Ryan (Cosmetic Surgeon), Daniel Van Bargen (Capt. Charlie Dalton), Robert Pine (Mr. Bryan), Myra Turley (Mrs. Bryan), Grace Una (?), Louan Gideon (Commander Benson), Nephi Hannemann (Nephi), Una Damon (Mandi), Nelson Mashita (Arti Chan) Laura Grayson (Police Matron), Caron Aquino (Meg), Laiseni Auelua (Repo Man #1) Sakaria Auelua (Repo Man #2), John Ayers (Office Randel), Terry Okita (Reporter), Steven Perry (Police Officer), Musical Group On Boat: "Honolulu".

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Vanishing Act -- Aired August 11, 1994 (CBS) and May 11, 1996 (syndication)
Vanishing Act title card

Synopsis: A crooked US Marshal, who is one of Holli's friends, is helping a Columbian drug lord relocate in Hawaii. Mack has financial woes which force him to moonlight--as a waiter.

Written by Gail Morgan Hickman and directed by Stephen Stafford.

Guest Stars: David Beecroft (Brad Sullivan), Tony Plana (Ramon Guiterrez), John Del Regno (Tony Gianakos), Raymond Ma (Mr. Fong), Angela Harry (Miki Kalani), Mary Van Arsdel (Female clerk), Peter Mark Vasquez (Raul), Aaron Placourakis (Maitre d'), Garret Sato (The Bartender), Lois Leppart Ranta (Older woman), Libby Fabro (The Waiter).

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Terminal Island -- Aired August 18, 1994 (CBS) and November 26, 1995 (syndication)
Terminal Island title card

Synopsis: Someone has brought a deadly disease to the island and they must find the source before more are infected.

Written by Glen A. Larson and directed by Stephen Stafford.

Guest Stars: Patrick Kilpatrick (Billy Ray Talwin), Rod Arrants (Charles Banks), Rebecca Staab (Rebecca Dunn), Anne Lockhart (Karen Banks), Darby Hinton (Mr. Randall), Kristen Cloke (Wendy Cochran), Barbara Alyn Woods (Heather Randall), Tom Byrd (Frank Walker), Stephanie Erb (Anne Walker), Robert Gossett (Security Man), Hank Cheyne (Kona), Lindsay Ridgeway (Becky Randall), Shayne Eastin (Charlotte Randall), Shaun Toub (Joseph Kastami), Gretchen Palmer (Stewardess), Nephi Hannemann (Nephi Hanaman), Cary J. Pitts (Captain), Tommy Fujiwara (Walter Chan), Bob Whiting (Sporting Goods Clerk), Michael W. Perry (Councilman), Katie Doyle (Vera), Marty Eli Schwartz (Maitre d'), Francis K. Puana (Diver #1), Jeffrey Lepage (Diver #2), Steven Aiu (Helicopter Pilot).

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A Model for Murder -- Aired August 25, 1994 (CBS) and May 18, 1996 (syndication)
A Model for Murder title card

Synopsis: A serial killer is loose in Hawaii and attacking models. He uses a curved carpet knife and leaves slashed pictures.

Written by Stephen A. Miller and directed by Jerry Thorpe.

Guest Stars: Rebecca Staab (Rebecca Dunn), Adrienne Barbeau (Edna Jaynes), Nicholas Surovy (Arthur Dennison), Steve Garvey (Himself), Paula Trickey (Carla Jaynes), David J. Partington (Burt Keller), Tom Triggs (Minister), Hans Saito (George), Ron Patricio (Reporter #2), Tracy Anderson (Photographer), Mark Dias (Officer Vinson), Carla Holmes (Samantha Brown), Iwalani Mendoza (Reporter #2), Tommy Rosales (Lester Crane), Broadway Joe Murphy (Nicky), Kehaunani Hunt (Claudia).

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Along Came a Spider -- Aired September 1, 1994 (CBS) and May 4, 1996 (syndication)
Along Came a Spider title card

Synopsis: There are two cases for Holli. The first is a drowning which might not have been natural and which the family wanted hushed up. The second was a murder conspiracy in which the body was cremated much too fast.

Written by Glen A. Larson and directed by Jerry Thorpe.

Guest Stars: Richard Joe Paul (Montgomery), Daphne Ashbrook (Drew Dinehart), Jordan Charney (Dr. Howard Braniff), Debra Mooney (Sarah Gaines), Jack Laufer (Gary), Katherine Moffat (Melissa, Sue's sister), Bill Morey (Dr. Barnes), Peter Brown (?), John Doolittle (?), Rodney Ueno (Simmons), Vaughn Armstrong (Boat Captain), Hooker ? (?), Robert L. Silva (Policeman), Meg Roach (Bertha Campbell), Joe Rocca (The Minister), Sam Kuoha (Ching), Gary Bonart (The Mortician), Michael White (Policeman #2), Gina Lew (TV Reporter), Serena Yang (Ling).

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Scales of Justice -- Aired September 8, 1994 (CBS) and October 28, 1995 (syndication)
Scales of Justice title card

Synopsis: The fate of a well-loved singer depends on the results of a DNA test.

Written by Gail Morgan Hickman and Stephen A. Miller; directed by Bruce Bilson; story by Glen A. Larson, Gail Morgan Hickman, and Stephen A. Miller.

Guest Stars: Daniel Benzali (Delacourt), Jordan Charney (Dr. Howard Braniff), Michael Paul Chan (DA Tom Kahana), Don Keith Opper (Ernie Woods), Denise Gentile (Maelia Molokani), Hal Bradbury (? Danny), Donna Barnes (? Shelley Richards), Marion Yue (Amy Yameki), Michael Tomlinson (Brian Smith), Nephi Hannemann (Nephi), Warren Fabro (Assistant DA), Doug Mossman (Judge #1), Ruth Lin (Judge Imura), Kapena Kahapea (Corrections Officer), Jim Tharp (Ed Colby), Nan Asuncion (Waitress), Lark Church (Sarah Woods).

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Flowers of Evil -- Aired October 15, 1995 (syndication)
Flowers of Evil title card

Synopis: In L.A., a serial strangler sent a letter to Holli after each death and now it is being repeated in Honolulu. Has the strangler followed Holli to Hawaii or is it a copycat? Based on "The Flowers of Evil" by Charles Baudelure, 1989.

Written by Stephen A. Miller and directed by Peter Hunt.

Guest Stars: Robert Forster (Gerard Foster), Denise Richards (Deirdre), Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (Walter Mansfield).

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Holliday on Ice -- Aired October 21, 1995 (syndication)
Holliday on Ice title card

Synopsis: Holli suffers a black out after a party and cannot explain how she and her car could have been involved in a fatal accident.

Written by Stephen A. Miller and directed by Peter Hunt.

Guest Stars: Julia Nickson (Laura Greystone), Gwynyth Walsh (Joan Williams), Connie Blankenship (Darcy Hunt), Will Jeffries (Thomas Price), Brian Hussell (Ralph), Caron Aquino (Celia), Fran Ward (Helen Ritter), Teri Okita (Paula Ling), Carla Estiamba (Reporter #2), Laura Grayson (Police Matron), George Smith (Officer #3), Leighton Kaonohi, Sr. (Officer #2), Alex Garcia (Officer #1), Connie Kissinger (Policewoman), Amanda Cizek (Dorothy).

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Manpower (aka Jolly Roger) -- Aired November 4, 1995 (syndication)
Manpower title card

Synopsis: An Australian dance group is the cover for something--a counterfeit ring or Interpol investigators.

Written by Glen A. Larson and directed by Bruce Bilson.

Guest Stars: June Chadwick (Woman Counterfeiter), Michael O'Neill (Wells), Hank Cheyne (Kona), Tristan Rogers (Brock); "Manpower Australia": Billy Cross, Jamie Durie, Christopher Routledge, David Eller, Esa Havela, and Ray Anthony; Caron Aquino (Celia), Christina Oliver (Gentry).

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Unhappily Ever After -- Aired November 11, 1995 (syndication)
Unhappily Ever After title card

Synopsis: The reunion of the Magnificent Five, Mack's college buddies, becomes four, then three and then only two--Mack and the main suspect, who, of course, is not guilty.

Written by Gail Morgan Hickman and directed by Jerry Thorpe.

Guest Stars: Teri Austin (Carrie Travis), Gregory Beecroft (Ray Travis), Armando Pucci (Enzo Cruz), Cindy Katz (Rachel Silverman), Murray Rubenstein (Ron Silverman), Sandra Guibord (Kim Tyler), Brian Fitzpatrick (Scott Tyler), Ray Bumatai (Detective Kepui), Cam Brainard (Charles Meadows), Geoff Heise (Manager), Harold Iseke (Stablehand), Ben Wong (Desk Clerk), Brian Mimura (Bellboy). Uncredited: Teri Okita (Paula Ling), Katie Meadows (wife of Charles).

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The Dead Don't Lie -- Aired November 18, 1995 (syndication)
The Dead Don't Lie title card

Synopsis: Holli is beset by an efficiency expert, sent to review the coroner's office, while she is trying to solve two murder cases, one involving a senior police officer.

Written by Glen A. Larson and directed by Jerry Thorpe.

Guest Stars: David Ciminello (? Stalk Capezzio), Mark Blankfield (? Whitney Sloan), Joel Polis (Abe Weiner), Janet Curtis (? B.D. Hooker), Steve Inwood (Allie Wade), Nephi Hannemann (Nephi Hanaman), Carolyn A. Clark (Cindy or ?Vickie Sinclair), Wendy Westbrook (Susan Diga), Maria Mejias (Lamie), Laiseni Auelua (Guard), Jake Ho'opai (Manny), Tom Paciorek (Duke).

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Past Due -- Aired December 2, 1995 (syndication)
Past Due title card

Synopsis: Janice Cole is rushed to the emergency room and gives off fumes that knock out the medical team. Holli and Mack are afraid that there will be more deaths.

Written by Gail Morgan Hickman and Stephen A. Miller; directed by Peter Hunt; story by Adrienne Armstrong and Martie Cook

Guest Stars: Bruce Kirby (Earl Reynolds), Morgan Stevens (Jack Cole), Sara Schaub (Sarah Cole), George O'Hanlon (Holli's Father), Lisa Darr (Diane Reynolds), Joe Moore (Governor), Tommy Fujiwara (Dr. Walter Chin), Nephi Hannemann (Nephi), Toni Pendleton (Tricia Wilson), Jessica Scibilia (Little Holli), Patti Du Brul (Janice Cole), Esmond Chung (Doctor), Barbara Running (Nurse #1), Amber Nicolson (Nurse #2), Tony Natoli (Respiratory Therapist), Pamela Young (Dr. Amy Ihara), Bruce Atkinson (Priest), Samson Mahi (Police Officer), Jade Moon (Newscaster).

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Rest in Peace -- Aired February 3, 1996 (syndication)
Rest In Peace title card

Synopsis: Construction workers uncover an ancient Hawaiian royal burial chamber. Flashbacks illustrate the tale the professor tells of the life of this king and his queen. Marisa is kidnapped and the ransom is a deed protecting the tomb forever.

Written by Dan Wilcox and directed by Scott Thomas.

~~In Memory of Doug McClure~~

Guest Stars: Doug McClure (Stuart Coppage), Kimo Kahoano (Professor), Marshall Teague (Marty Essendal), Leanna Creel (Marisa Coppage), Mark Dacascos (Moku), Peter Clark (F. Gerald Byng), Lynne Ellen Hollinger (Mrs. Byng), Bill Ogilvie (Carl), Vai Richards (King Liholiho), Sissy Lake (Queen Kamamau), Holo Groendyke (Nipi Carver), Laiseni Auleua (Buka), Jim Tharp (Physician), Kenaunani Hunt (Receptionist), Alema Harrington (Security Man), Genevieve Gareia (Girl).

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Guilty -- Aired February 9, 1996 (syndication)
Guilty title card

Synopsis: A woman who was convicted of killing her policeman husband escapes from prison with the double objective of finding her baby son and finding proof of her innocence.

Written by Gail Morgan Hickman and directed by Peter Hunt.

Guest Stars: Robert Ito (Dr. Ronald Shigeta), Tasia Valenza (Amy Shigeta), Robyn Bliley (Angie Cosmo), Michael Mahon (Tanaka), John Takata (Prison Guard), Harry Chang (Store Owner), Andy Trask (Surfer), Nephi Hannemann (Nephi), Natalie Duggan (Tina Monroe), Rebecca Ruth (Clerk).

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The Romanoff Affair (aka The Treasures of Pago Pago) -- Aired February 17, 1996 (syndication)
The Romanoff Affair title card

Synopsis: Holli and Mack go to West Samoa to investigate a strange death, which Holli finds was due to swallowing some large cut diamonds. Then they start looking for the thieves and the rest of the Romanoff jewels.

Written by Michael Fisher and directed by Stephen Stafford.

Guest Stars: Ian Ogilvy (Dan Hollingsworth), Alexa Hamilton (Elaine), Steve Jacobs (Ian Stanley), Nicola Brighty (Victoria), Aaron Faalta (Tommy), Timothy Lee (Ed Chance), Nathaniel Lees (Joshua Kim), Elizabeth Skeen (Tanya), Paul Minifie (Governor), Johnny Sagala (Billy), Mike Edwards (Charles), John Cardwell (Samoan #1), Misa Tupou (Samoan #2), Army Tekotia (Samoan #3), Ahiti Hirovanaa (Samoan #4), Allen Bartley (Orderly), Geoffrey Masters (House Boy), Steve Hall (Bodyguard #1), Anthony Ray Parker (Kimo Bodyguard #2), Apia Boys Samoan Group, Pacific Theatre Dance Group.

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The South Seas Connection (aka Death Watch) -- Aired February 24, 1996 (syndication)
The South Seas Connection title card

Synopsis: In a story reminiscent of D.O.A., Mack is chosen to assassinate the Vice President and is given a drug to ensure his co-operation--follow orders or die in 72 hours or less.

Written by Bruce E. Kalish and Stephen A. Miller; directed by Peter Hunt; story by Bruce E. Kalish.

Guest Stars: Red Symons (? Inspector), John Clayton (? Detective), Nicola Brighty (Victoria), Stephen Whittaker (? Driver), Warren Carl (Wade), Rebecca Clark (Valerie), Vickey Burrett (Emily), Tim Smith (Vice President), Stephen Papps (Speaker), Marise Wipani (Clerk), Fred Ratu (Thug #1), Guan Chan (Chinese Man), Nicholas Bell (George), Jim McLarty (Fed #1), Apia Boys Samoan Group, Pacific Theater Dance Group.

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Kingmare on Night Street -- Aired March 3, 1996 (syndication)
Kingmare on Night Street title card

Synopsis: Holli has a weird nightmare in which her DNA evidence backfires, the IRS sues, and she is accused of fraud.

Written by Glen A. Larson and directed by Peter Hunt.

Guest Stars: Michael Woods (Culhane), Will Jeffries (Tom Price), Gwynyth Walsh (Joan Williams), Rebecca Staab (Rebecca Dunn), Pat Morita (The Judge), Bob Basso (Mr. Bob), Richard MacPherson (Lewis), Hans Saito (Mordachi), Natalie Duggan (Lori), Rebecca Ruth (Jury Foreman), Amanda Cizek (Nurse).

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Battle of the Titans -- Aired April 27, 1996 (syndication)
Battle of the Titans title card

Synopsis: A star Japanese sumo wrestler is murdered. Holli and Mack have more help then they need from the Japanese in trying to prove the Hawaiian sumo champ is innocent.

Written by Stephan A. Miller; directed by Joel Rosenzweig; and story by Brian Russell and Stephen A. Miller.

Guest Stars: Soon-Teck Oh (Mr. Kimura), Kelly Hu (Dr. Midori), Patrick Bishop (? Yamata), Taylor Wily (Joseph Kalama), Ace Yamamine (Okinami), Dann Seki (Sugita), Nephi Hannemann (Nephi), Thomas Moretti (Johnson), Chaz Mann (Officer), Henry Lee (Jojo), Lito Capiña (Doorman), Lily Acain (Pui Loi), Rob Simpson (Announcer), Joan Murphy (Clerk), Sion Palotu, Jr. (Sumo #1).

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Allergic to Golf -- Aired May 25, 1996 (syndication)
Allergic to Golf title card

Synopsis: Holli finds that two pharmaceutical executives, who died on the golf course, were poisoned. In fact, many guests who were at the golf banquet are potential victims, including Holli.

Written by Gregory S. Dinallo and directed by Virgil Vogel.

Guest Stars: Granville Van Duesan (Morton Boland), Marie Marshall (Laura), Don Ho (Himself), Conrad Comeau (Lloyd Fletcher), Garrison True (John Kragen), Mark Morales (Sommelier), Stefanie Smart (Arlene Lucas), William Converse Roberts (? Dr. Scott Jenkins), James Pickens, Jr. (? Tom Vellano).

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