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Last updated May 7, 2001

This is a listing of the fanfic (gen only!) for the show, mostly crossovers, by author. Direct linking is provided if permission is granted.

Becky -- Found at Becky's Sentinel Site.
Dose of Confusion, Murder on the Side (crossover with The Sentinel) -- While attending a drug conference in Hawaii, Jim, Blair, and Simon meet up with Mack and Holli and become embroiled in a homicide case.
Dash of Conspiracy, Enemies on All Sides (crossover with The Sentinel) -- A dangerous and lethal new drug has found its way into Cascade. Major Crimes' best team (aka Jim, Blair, and Megan) is on the case. Along the way, they get some unexpected assistance from Mack and Holli who come to Cascade for Holli to speak at a conference. Meanwhile, Jim is having some disturbing dreams and Blair hopes to figure out what they mean with some help from a dream interpretation course.

Chaz -- Previously found at Guide Posts
Before (crossover with The Sentinel) -- Mack helps out a fellow victim of an explosion.
And After (crossover with The Sentinel) -- Sequel to Before.


Linda Maclaren (Mackie) -- Found at Idol Pursuits
Two West to Waikiki (crossover with The Sentinel and Marker) -- A vacation in Hawaii results in a case of mistaken identity, a kidnapping, and Blair finding himself with a new partner.
Aloha, Cascade (crossover with The Sentinel and Hawaii 5-0) -- Co-authored with Gina Martin. Response to "Crossover" Challenge, the story is on Gina's Hawaiian Style page. A layover in Cascade puts the Governor of Hawaii, Dan Williams, in the middle of a shootout.

Sama -- Found at Reading Cove for One of Many (bad URL)
Lost (crossover with The Sentinel

TAE -- Found at TAE's Serendipity Station
Doppleganger? (crossover with The Sentinel) -- Jim, Blair and Cassie at a seminar in Los Angeles, where they meet up with a man who could be Jim's twin brother.
Double Trouble (crossover with The Sentinel) -- Jim and Blair have left for a weekend of fishing, only Jim has been found at a war between drug gangs, nearly dead, with no sign of Blair or his truck.
Double or Nothing (crossover with The Sentinel and Due South) -- Jim and Blair return to Chicago to testify in one of the cases they helped with, only to meet Mack Wolfe on the plane, who's on his way to Chicago to pick up a prisoner for extradition to Hawaii.
Reunion (crossover with The Sentinel and The Equalizer) -- Jim and Blair go to their family reunion.
It's All Relative (crossover with The Sentinel, Hunter, and The District) -- Simon decides to never, ever, send Jim to another seminar, not no way, not no how. One of him is generally more than enough.

Trish -- Found at Trish's Sentinel Universes
Twin Deception (crossover with The Sentinel) -- Jim's double from Hawaii may be just the edge to save Simon's son.
Seeing Double (crossover with The Sentinel) -- Seeing double can save your life.

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