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Note: In regards to getting copies of episodes, please note that I do NOT do tape copying myself, so please do not ask; see merchandise.

3/7/06 -- Added tidbit for Vanishing Act episode. Thanks go to Ken Hamilton for information!

11/9/05 -- Added internet-archived copies of Chaz's two OWW/TS crossovers to fanfic page.

12/5/02 -- Added intro text to front page. Thanks to Maedoc for providing me with copies of the original press release material!

11/22/02 -- New image in the Promo Gallery from press kit (last row, last picture).

10/24/02 -- Few more quotes added to the quotes page (for Vanishing Act and Along Came a Spider).

9/22/02 -- Getting episode copies... There are a few links on the links page under merchandise for those who are looking for tapes. In addition, another way to get tapes is to join a list of a TV show where either Richard or Cheryl had a large presence and ask there. For Richard, that could be The Sentinel as that is probably his biggest series (this is how I got about half of the episodes, through people I know on the CascadeTimes list). For Cheryl, I would imagine she has a large fan group. Check at either Yahoo!Groups or through google.

7/12/02 -- New image in the Promo Gallery of Mack (last row, last shot). This is the scan from the ebay auction as I do not currently have access to a scanner.

5/27/02 -- The last three episode galleries are up: A Model for Murder, Holliday on Ice, and Unhappily Ever After.

3/17/02 -- Four new galleries up today: Flowers of Evil, Rest In Peace, Guilty, and Battle of the Titans.

3/3/02 -- Two new galleries up today: Past Due and The Dead Don't Lie.

3/1/02 -- Four new galleries up today: Vanishing Act, Terminal Island, Along Came a Spider, and Scales of Justice.

2/25/02 -- Screen captures for 'Til Death Us Do Part (the two-hour pilot episode) are now available.

2/18/02 -- I'd love to include full episode summaries/synopses with the episode guide if anyone wanted to volunteer. I'm looking for something to similar to what is at the The Buffy Cross & Stake for their summaries. I'm currently working on getting information up for the episodes I just got, but it may take awhile. Right now, the only new stuff is on the quotes page. I've also moved the galleries into a subdirectory. Let me know if anything got lost in the transition.

2/3/02 -- Two linking button graphics on the links page.

1/21/02 -- A new link -- Waikiki-TV -- information regarding Waikiki including tv shows filmed there. I'm *still* working on getting the rest of the episodes on tape so I can do the rest of the episodes (i.e., screen grabs, quotes, etc.). As you might guess, I'm not having much luck. ~sigh~

2/10/01 -- A few new links, one of which is for Lifetime's feedback page. Go let them know that you want the series to be rerun on the network.

11/18/00 -- I've added a merchandise link for OWW pictures available for purchase from Ohlinger's. Check links page under merchandise.

9/18/00 -- Two more new images in the Promo Gallery. And a few more links, two of which are merchandise links. Also...I think I've discovered something about Elsie Sniffen (Nui Shaw) and where she's gone since OWW. In looking for OWW info on the net, I came across an article (Alice Magazine) about a Kayla Blake (currently on Sports Night) with a picture of her -- which looks to me like Elsie Sniffen. I sense some name changing perhaps... Check out the this pic of her from her IMDB page if you're curious...

9/16/00 -- A new image in the Promo Gallery.

8/1/00 -- A new image in the Promo Gallery.

7/27/00 -- Two new images in the Promo Gallery.

7/23/00 -- Entire page! A HUGE thank-you to Robyn for the lovely title graphics. Some parts of the site are still under construction, mainly because I don't have all of the episodes -- yet. ~grin~ And I'm working on cast and character bios and a blurb for the show itself.

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