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The Prophecy resources | Story listing

The Prophecy and its related stories are light fantasy fiction or maybe call it a fairy tale that I started writing for a friend several years ago. Somehow it grew beyond my original expectations and took on a life of its own....and became an entire universe of stories.

A huge thanks to Robyn who beta reads all my stories and helps me with ideas for future stories and listens to me as I bounce off thoughts about the characters and what I have planned for them.

All the stories and the characters in the stories belong to me, though some characters are based off people that I know personally. And a very few may remind you of characters from a television series or two, i.e, The Sentinel. No copyright infringement is intended in those cases, just love of the characters and the actors that play them. Also, please do not reproduce these stories elsewhere. Thank you.

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The Prophecy resources

Gallery of selected characters/actors
Timeline of the Stories
List of stories in the order they were written
Map of countries involved in stories (very rudimentary)
Visual Inspiration: Artwork

Comments about Jydan and Blaen -- PLEASE READ
See also Special Disclaimer.

Original Story -- The Prophecy -- All stories are based around this main story which was the very first written (in January 1997). It remains the longest story I've written for this universe and the most important. At some point, I will probably revise this story as my writing has improved since then. The story would essentially remain the same however.

Summary: This is a story within in a story, revolving around an ancient prophecy, two very different countries, and focusing on three women and their families and how this prophecy affects them. Expect a little swordplay, a little magic, a little romance, a few wars, intrigue, secrets kept, and truths revealed.
[Part One] 81K
[Part Two] 100K
[Part Three] 88K
[Part Four] 152K


Additional Stories in The Prophecy universe

Stories are listed in four main sections:
Pre-Prophecy (those which happen before the main story)
During-Prophecy (those which could be considered missing parts and unanswered questions of The Prophecy)
Post-Restoration/Pre-Prophecy epilogue (two-month gap between retaking and the epilogue of The Prophecy)
Post-Prophecy (those set after the main story)

In addition, there is a subsection for stories devoted to Jydan/Blaen-centric stories (these stories remain mostly separate from the rest of The Prophecy universe and can be skipped easily if you are not a fan of Jydan and Blaen tales).

Stories are listed chronologically (more or less) in each section. Some stories tend to overlap each other, so this is only a general idea. New stories will be highlighted by a graphic.


Pre-Prophecy stories

A Child Shall Lead -- And in the beginning there was...a child. (11K)

One Clan -- Knowing the Land Wars must end, the leader of one clan sends a proposal for peace to another. (31K)

This I Prophesy -- Last words from an old sorcerer that lay the final foundation for what is to come. (7K)

The Bestowal (by Ryana) -- A Rillandan princess loses her way after being kidnapped, but in the process is given a very special cloak pin and finds her true destiny in life. (141K)

And Soon the Day Will Fade Away -- An old woman and her companion discover that there is yet a task for them in life. (9K)

Floating on These Tears -- Rhian reflects and remembers as she mourns the loss of a friend. Set some years after And Soon the Day Will Fade Away. Melancholy. (13K)

Dividing Lines -- From the shadows, Seth watches his siblings and decides where they fit into his life. (6K)

Old Myths and Truths -- A scholar finds the remnants of an old Bornathian tale that tells of the beginnings of a famous broadsword. (6K)


During-Prophecy stories

Question of Time -- After waiting many years for a child, Randal and Tayna have a son - a son with a destiny they don't understand. (6K)

Of Life and New Beginnings -- Bornath left behind her, Gywna settles into Rosewood with her new husband and tries to find her happy life. (54K)

Songs of the Rose -- Her good friend Gwyna has died, leaving a void in Ryana's life. Fulfilling both her own wishes and that of her friend, she leaves Rosewood and travels to Brightstar, there to live her dream of becoming a bard. Spans most of the timeline of The Prophecy. (95K)

Return to the Past -- Left by himself in the aftermath of Gwyna's departure and Arven's death, Dani works on making a life - and happiness - for himself in Darcabe. (37K)

Harmony to a Lullaby -- A young bardic student named Dorien is given an offer by Tulan, Royal Bard and Historian of the Rillandan Court. (6K)

Thieves -- The life and times of a street kid are not always easy as Tulan finds out when he meets Camella and makes her part of his life. Spans latter half of the timeline of The Prophecy. (53K)

Like Father, Like Daughter -- Dani makes one last trip through the Bornanthian countryside before he leaves for Rillanda and meets a familiar young woman. (13K)

To Know Everything -- Tulan accepts another student to give him three and Alissa gives him a piece of foreknowledge to wonder about. (10K)

Opella's Tale -- A first-person tale of life in Darcabe during Seth's rule, as told by his second wife. Spans the war and up until the The Prophecy epilogue. (26K)

Beyond Life, Death, Fate, & Destiny -- Dani makes his last journey - and rejoins all the family he has lost. (4K)

In the Midst of Battle -- As Alissa joins in fighting the soldiers from Bornath during the invasion of Brightstar, a chance encounter gives her hope. (6K)

Destiny Awaits -- Granted a vision of what awaits, Kasi begins on her path with a life-changing decision. (5K)

And in the Darkness, Light -- Fearful of the dark and what it represents to her, Kasi's mage abilities reappear, necessitating the need for a teacher and training before Seth notices her. Or is it already too late? (25K)

Legends -- All legends must have a beginning - even Kellessan - especially when the quest for her destined weapon is involved. (51K)

Acceptance -- Having found a horse, Kellessan takes a moment to look at her sword, at Lachiellian, before continuing her journey. What she finds surprises her. Set after the main part of Legends. (9K)

Not Alone -- A warrior does not always have to stand alone, as Kellessan learns from a very dear source. Set after Legends. (5K)

Cleansing -- On the eve of his official graduation, Dorien's world goes up in flame as Seth's soldiers burn the Bardic Academy to the ground. (20K)

Haunting -- Two Bornathian guards in the occupied Crystal Palace have an interesting night. (8K)

Eve of War -- Kellessan has last-minute doubts just prior to the 'restoration' battle near the end of The Prophecy, receives encouragement, and passes it on. (14K)


Post-Restoration/Pre-Prophecy epilogue (two-month gap)

Sword of the Protector -- A scribe transfers the text of a brief but important story of early Bornathian history. Set at the end of Opella's Tale. (17K)

Lilies of the Field -- During their return trip to Brightstar after meeting with Opella in Bornath, Kellessan and Dorien meet up with old friends and old memories. Set after Sword of the Protector. (56K)

In Memory and Honor -- Remembering those that lost their lives in the cause of truth and freedom in the war against Seth. (6K)


Post-Prophecy stories

Mirrors -- Preparing for an evening at court, Kell questions just who she is and then sees a face from the past who gives her the answer. (9K)

Heart's Journey -- During a banquet just a few months after retaking Rillanda, Kell realizes the truth of something Hinarme once told her. Set right after Mirrors. Some angst and some sappiness. (17K)

Rumors -- Kell considers how to remedy a few particular rumors circulating the palace. Post-Heart's Journey; pre-Searches. (20K)

Searches -- The war over, it's time to find a new Guard Captain for the royal guard. Kell and Dorien set out together on a trip to do just that. (94K)

Silent Song -- With Jydan as the new Guard Captain, Linet falls back into her life as a princess -- only to discover she is in need of a little assistance. With Camella's help, she finds someone to trust with all of her secrets. Set after Searches. (77K)

Past Truths -- Dorien walks in during a playful moment between Jydan and Kell. Misunderstanding what he sees, he's hurt and it's up to Kell to let him know just how much he means to her -- before it's too late and he's gone for good. Set after Silent Song. (24K)

At War's End -- A bit of remembered prophecy sends an old man on a desperate search for a missing book. (6K)

Glimpses -- A search for family brings a young man to Brightstar; with him, on her own search for a new place in life, is a mysterious swordswoman. Set after Silent Song. (78K)

Time's Circle -- Dorien and Linet announce their engagement; Liralen settles into place in the Royal Guard with Jydan; and while dancing with Melaani, Blaen's dreams turn prophetic. Set after Glimpses. (133K)

Oracle's Tears, Part One: Daughter of Fate -- Post-Time's Circle. In the wake of recent events, decisions are made and actions taken to assure Rillanda's future. (69K)


Jydan/Blaen-centric stories

Someday -- To pay his way into Shionan, a young Blaen has to sell something of great value. Set before the main part of Silver Cords. (10K)

Silver Cords -- Jydan, a mercenary from Eirena, and Blaen, a dironan from Gurodel, meet for the first time and start out on a journey to stop a ruthless slaver. Together they discover that neither of them is what they thought they were. (129K)

Treasure -- Jydan does a bit of tracking for something special. Set near the end of Silver Cords. (10K)

A Flame in the Wind -- After escaping Rik and becoming tayaerra, Jydan and Blaen continue their journey, meeting up with old - and new - friends in the process. Set after Silver Cords. (128K)

Interludes -- As they wait for Jydan after the battle during Linet and Dorien's engagement ball, Blaen tells Melaani the story of a trip that he and Jydan took into Malinde on a simple mercenary errand years before. Or maybe not quite so simple.... Framing story set after Time's Circle; Blaen's tale set during five-year gap in A Flame in the Wind. (81K)

Markings and Symbols -- A chance occurrence shows Jydan that not everything was left behind after rescuing Blaen and the other captives from Rik. Set after A Flame in the Wind. (20K)

Legacies -- Jydan and Blaen return the captives from Rik's raid to their homes, then continue on their journey which takes them through four countries and several trials, testing their strengths, their weaknesses, and their tayaerra bond. Set immediately following Marking and Symbols. (218K)

Sea Dreams -- Returning to Blaen's childhood hometown sets the stage for closure. Main story set sometime after Legacies. (90K)

A Moment of Peace -- An ordinary day and a quiet moment between tayaerra. Set after Silent Song. (7K)

Moments of War -- Heading up north to do some "raider-thumping," Jydan and Blaen find their enemy to be someone Jydan once knew a long time ago, someone he hadn't ever wanted to see again. Set immediately following A Moment of Peace. (61K)


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