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Hollywood Charity Horse Show Report
for May 1, 1999
at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center
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~ Robyn's Report ~

Last night Becky and I went to the Hollywood Charity Horse Show and I thought I'd share a little about what we saw <g>. For those of you who don't know, the HCHS is an annual charity horse show hosted by William Shatner. Celebrities come to the show and the proceeds go to help handicapped children. This year our four Sentinel stars were invited! Becky and I arrived a little after 5pm. First we went to the silent auction room where they had a couple Sentinel posters (one with Jim holding a gun with a dirty face, and one with Jim, Blair, and Simon in Simon's office -- each were autographed by everybody except RB) and a couple autographed scripts (Warriors and TS by BS). Then we went to sit down. We saw about 20 other TS fans hanging around -- we were all easily spotted by our black and green Sentinel hats, shirts, or jackets! Apart from the Trek fans, I'd say we were definitely the largest fan contingent. The TS fans who paid for VIP seating had found out where the TS stars were going to sit and had staked out the best section in the arena for them. Becky and I signed Garett's birthday book (done by Kari Masoner) and chatted with Linda Maclaren while we were waiting for the show to start.

Just before 6pm, I spotted Garett and Anna walking into the arena! I started bouncing and whacking Becky in my usual excited way. Pretty pathetic that I could spot GM from the opposite side of the arena -- can you say YKYHBWTMSW? <G> The first thing I noticed was that his hair was loose! It took them a few minutes to make their way past the fans, around the arena to the TS section where we were hanging out, but they finally made it. Garett was wearing a white and blue plaid long-sleeved shirt, t-shirt, and blue jeans, his hair was loose, and he was wearing his regular glasses. Apart from the different glasses, he looked *totally* Blair Sandburg! Excuse me while I drool <g>. I was really surprised that he was wearing such Blairy clothes! Did I mention his hair was loose and very beautiful? <g> That really surprised me too, since he's usually worn it in a ponytail when he's off the set at these public function things. One of the HCHS people showed them to their seats and asked Garett, "Is she [Anna] your wife?" He giggled, as did all of us fans! He was grinning and laughing a lot with all the fans, and he and Anna did some autographs and pictures for fans. Garett told us that Richard called him and said he couldn't come :-( because his son Jack was sick. Kari Masoner gave Garett the birthday book and he thought it was really cool. He and Anna spent some time looking through the book before the show started and reading what all the fans wrote.

We can't forget Anna (Michael, you listening? <G>) She looked very beautiful. Her hair was loose as well -- I'd say it was most similar to the way she wore it in S2.2 in the jungle scenes. She had on fitted blue jeans and a fitted light blue, short-sleeved button-up shirt. She was very friendly and sweet with all the fans and talked with a lot of us as she did autographs. Becky and I got our picture with her. We didn't get our picture with Garett, but I did call his name and he turned around in his seat and gave me a nice smile so I could take his picture. <G>. It was all very exciting to be able to see GM and AG up close and talk with them! By that time, the PR people (or whoever they were) were telling us to go sit down, so we obliged. A few minutes later, Bruce A. Young arrived. He was wearing a big smile and a rather imposing, long black leather coat and his diamond earring. Anna and Garett stood up and he gave both of them big hugs before they sat down together. By that time the show was starting, and the announcer announced all of the Sentinel stars and they stood up and waved. Hands down, we gave them the biggest, loudest cheering and applause of any of the celebrities -- even more than William Shatner himself! I thought that was pretty cool. There were actually relatively few other celebrities there besides the TS people, which I was kind of surprised at. None of the major cast members from any of the Star Trek shows were there besides Shatner. I remember Greg Evigan (TekWar), Michelle Scarabelli (Alien Nation), and Jennifer Hettrick (Vash from ST:TNG), but that's about it. Anyway, they started the show with handicapped children riding on horses, which was really neat to see. The trick rider from Mask of Zorro was also there and he did a lot of neat riding stunts. Apologies to the horse fans, but I was kinda distracted during the rest of the show -- I kept watching Garett, Anna, and Bruce. Garett was so funny to watch -- he kept giggling and talking animatedly to Anna. So cute! After the first part of the show was over, most of the audience left to go to the Star Trek BBQ, and Garett, Anna, and Bruce left soon after that. They posed for a picture together just before they left.

Becky and I hung around until about 9pm, chatting with fans. We saw/met several people from Cascade Times -- Bonnie (as in 317), Kim (a lurker), Dianne, and saw TAE there too. We didn't stay until the auction was finished, but when we left, the TS items were definitely among the highest selling items in the whole auction! The TS posters were at $175 each, and I'm pretty sure they sold for higher than that. The scripts were going for about $80 when we left. I was quite gratified to see that the two Seven of Nine t-shirts either had no bid or just a bid of $10 <giggle>.

We had a good time. It was neat to see the stars and fun to meet other Sentinel fans! In all, I was very proud that our fandom was well-represented and most enthusiastic about our show!

Hugs, Robyn