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Safe Haven  {graphic by Robyn}
Last updated July 30, 2003

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Currently, this mini-archive lists 74 stories and one virtual season.

Stories listed by author's name; author's website is linked unless stories are only at archives.
{Not all stories will have a happy resolution.}

AuntieHill -- Found at Hillsville
Forever and a Day -- After over a year apart, Blair and Jim are reunited. However, the coming year brings pain and possibly tragedy for them both

Autumn Skies -- Found at Autumn Skies' Fanfic
Sojourner -- A bookseller in a small town befriends a young stranger.
Sojourner Epilogue -- A short follow up. Nick and Sophie receive a Christmas card.
Falling Rain -- Jim waits for Blair's return.

Becky -- Found here
Ripples -- TSbyBS epilogue. Moments of revelation in the wake of the announcement of Jim's abilities.
Changes Drabbles -- Beginning, Illumination, Redemption, Foundation, Renewal, Centering
Penance -- Jim and Blair deal with a last bit of emotional fallout from TSbyBS and in the process, learn to let go and move on.
Trust -- What is trust?
Sweet Dreams -- Sometimes a friend is the secret to sweet dreams. An anthology of missing scenes (last scene is post-TSbyBS).
Timeless -- An introspective piece with the boys remembering a few milestones in their lives.
Reverie -- A time of joy for Blair and his family and friends finally arrives.
Afterimage -- An unexpected phone call elicits emotional memories for Jim and Blair.
A Father's Eyes -- A father's views on his son (last scene is post-TSbyBS).

Calista Echo -- Found at Susan Foster's Sentinel Fan Fiction Site
Stealing Home -- After TSbyBS, Blair is struggling to get through the Academy when his life gets hi-jacked.
Coming Home -- Sequel to Stealing Home. Blair tries to make sense of his life without his memories. The Tessuad isn't done with him yet.

CarolROI -- Found at Immortal Cascade
Frozen -- Jim has an accident, and it's up to Blair to save him. (part of the Immortal Series universe)
Compassion -- The Witchblade is playing matchmaker with Blair. (part of the Immortal Series universe; crossover with Witchblade.)

Ceryndip -- Found at Ceryndip's Sanctuary
A Life's Work -- A missing scene and epilogue for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Cynthia Becker -- Found at Cascade Library
The True Events of TSbyBS -- AU. Jim wakes Blair up from a nightmare, and we learn just what The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg was all about.

D.L. Witherspoon -- Found at TVLit 101 (mirror site
Evolution -- What if no one believed Blair's lie at the press conference?

Danae -- Found at Danae's Sentinel Fan Fiction
Fate -- Jim learns a few lessons in fate.
Wages of Sin -- Jim's been keeping secrets.

DannyD -- Found at Dexter's World
Who Once Lied... -- "I'm a fraud, man." Is Blair a thief?
Memories and Pain -- Sequel to Who Once Lied...
The Bonds of Friendship -- Final chapter after Who Once Lied... and Memories and Pain.

DawnC -- Found at the Blair "Angst" Fiction Page
Badge of Dishonor -- Ending based on season 4 finale spoilers (written before episode aired).
In the Fell Clutch of Circumstance -- Alternate ending.
Redemption -- Alex Barnes' psychiatrist realizes she's a sentinel, forcing Jim and Blair back into the media spotlight.

Graywulf -- Found at Cat's Eye View of Cascade (mirror site) (grafix-lite mirror site)
To Be Or Not To Be

Impala -- Found at Cat's Eye View of Cascade (mirror site) (grafix-lite mirror site)
Mercy -- After the events of TSbyBS, the lives of sentinel and guide take another unexpected turn.

Iris Wilde
Lullaby (FPP-602) -- In 1966, a rapist preyed upon the inhabitants of Cascade's red-light district until he was caught and imprisoned. It's 34 years later... and history is repeating itself. Not *truly* a non-cop story in the strictest sense of the word as it is an episode in one of the "Blair as cop" virtual seasons, but story is written without *any* reference to Blair being a cop, so I'm including it. :-) Found at Faux Paws Productions (check the virtual season 6 archive page).

JET -- Found at JET's Jungle
A Matter of Perception -- The aftershocks from TSbyBS become too painful for Jim to tolerate.
Deadline -- Blair is kidnapped, and Jim must find him before time runs out.
Seasonal Seranade: The Next Thousand Years -- A two-part story for Christmas and the coming of the new millennium.
Second Strike -- Jim agrees to return to military life for a training mission in the jungles of Peru.
Reflections of Terror -- October, memories of Lash, and a new killing spree in Cascade.
Vengeance is Mine -- A voice from Jim's past returns to haunt him and endanger Blair's life.
You Can Run -- The sequel to Vengeance is Mine and Second Strike.
Tamed: A Christmas Story -- The sentinel meets *The Little Prince* at Christmas time.
Last Man Standing -- Jim and Blair help an old friend of Simon's solve a serial murder case.
False Assumption -- Blair discovers a dangerous secret about a former professor.

Julie Jekel -- Found at Triple Threat
A Novel Solution -- Crossover with Quantum Leap. Sam Leaps into Blair to change the outcome of the episode The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Juliet Benson -- Found at Cat's Eye View of Cascade (mirror site) (grafix-lite mirror site)
Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts -- Alternate ending to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Lanning Cook -- Found at Cook's Kitchen
Ministers of Grace

Lyn -- Found at Brothers in Arms
Deluge -- Blair goes to the rescue of a young man and finds himself in deep water.
A New Day -- Part 3 of her Dust in the Wind trilogy, which is a resolution to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

MaBrown -- Found at MaBrown's Reading Room
Siren's Call -- Epilogue to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Blair begins to find recent events to be too much and decides to take drastic measures, can Jim help him in time?

Madraf -- Found at Starfox's Mansion
Mending Fences Series
    #1: Outburst
    #2: Repentance
    #3: Reconciliation
    #4: Clearing the Air
    #5: Meeting of Minds
    #6: Another Side of the Story
The Weekly Press Conference
-- Something happens at the weekly press conference. (not happy)

Maj -- Found at Cascade Library
Greater Love -- What happened after TSbyBS.
Greater Love 2 - Hero's Return -- Sequel to Greater Love.

Mary Ellen -- Found at Destinies Entwined
Lost -- Blair faces the repercussions of his actions in The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. (not happy)
Lost and Found (with Kathy) -- After a long separation, Jim and Blair are finally reunited.
Healing 1: Beginning to Heal -- Now reunited, Jim and Blair begin the slow process of healing.

Mele -- Found at Mele's Fanfiction
Truth's Consequences -- Jim and Blair have to live with the consequences of their decision in The Right Thing To Do.

Nickerbits -- Found at Wolfpup's Den
So Long, Farewell and Amen -- Epilogue for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. (not happy)

Novation Productions -- Virtual Season in which Blair does not become a cop.

Olwyn Mitchell -- Found at The Fanfic Zone
Covert Operation -- Set after The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, Jim reveals his true colours. Partner betrayal. (not happy)

Rebel -- Found at Cascade Library
All Roads Lead to Cascade -- It's the Fourth of July. Do you know where your Sentinel and Guide are? Blair returns to Cascade after an absence of several years.

Renegade -- Found at Cascade Library
Damage Control -- Alternate ending for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.
Damage Control II: The Other Side -- A companion piece to Damage Control.

Shelley Knepley -- Found at Artifact Storage Room
Instinct -- Epilogue for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. When all else fails, go with your gut instinct.

Sis -- Found at Any Road
Turkey Over Easy -- Sandburg wants a traditional Thanksgiving holiday. Ellison thinks he knows what that means until they actually try to have one.

Starfox -- Found at Starfox's Mansion
Processing -- My take on how the series could've continued.

Victoria May -- Found at Victoria May's FanFiction
Genesis Series
    Into the Beyond -- Blair has moved on to a new life. What happens when fate brings Jim and Blair together again?
    Reacquaintances -- Simon's hosting the weekly poker party. How will the men react when someone out of the past shows up?
    Merging Worlds -- Blair struggles to adjust as his old life and new life begin to merge, as seen through another's eyes.
    Amalgamation -- Old friends and new finally come together and some truths are realized.

Yvonne S. McCool -- Found at Yvonne S. McCool's General Fan Fiction
Allies -- #1 in Stargate SG-1 crossover series. SG-1 discovers a planet of Sentinels and need expert help.
Guide -- #2 in Stargate SG-1 crossover series. A Gelvan Sentinel wants the ultimate guide--Blair Sandburg.

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