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Last updated December12, 2002

All pictures belong to Pet Fly Productions, Paramount, and the actors.
No copyright infringement is intended.
These pictures are shown here only for the enjoyment of the fans.

All pics have a larger image. Just click on the thumbnail to view.

My collection of autographs. First a few in response to fan letters I wrote in March 1998. {I wrote Bruce as well, but he didn't respond :-( }

Richard Burgi signed photo Garett Maggart signed photo Anna Galvin signed photo Ryf van Rij signed photo

Ryf signed his photo when Robyn and I visited his and Henri's trailer at the set in Vancouver in December 1998. Henri signed the cover of one of his CDs that he gave to us during that same visit.

Ryf van Rij signed photo Henri Brown signed CD cover

Richard and Bruce signed this one at the SOS Fan Rally in January 1999; Garett signed it at the Moonridge Animal Park charity event in August 2001. Garett also signed the second photo (one of my favorites) at the Moonridge charity event; now I just need to see Richard again to sign it as well...

Autographed TS cast photo by Richard, Garett, and Bruce scene from end of Switchman; signed by Garett Maggart

Anna signed this at the Hollywood Charity Horse Show in May 1999.

Anna Galvin signed photo

I wrote Leigh Taylor-Young in October 2001; I received this a month later.

Leigh Taylor-Young signed photo

I wrote Brian Fitzpatrick (aka Steven Ellison) in November 2001; I received this a few weeks later.

Brian Fitzpatrick signed photo

Another one from Garett, this time from June 2002 Moonridge event.

Garett Maggart signed photo

Autographed photo of John Sampson (Richard's stunt double) courtesy of a friend awhile back.

John Sampson signed photo

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