The Sentinel Promo Gallery -- Jim and Blair
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Last updated January 17, 2003

All pictures belong to Pet Fly Productions, Paramount, and the actors.
No copyright infringement is intended.
These pictures are shown here only for the enjoyment of the fans.

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Blair and Jim, first season press kit cover photo Jim and Blair Blair and Jim leaning against Major Crimes door Blair and Jim leaning against Major Crimes door, close-up

Blair and Jim (Switchman) Jim and Blair (Black or White) Blair and Jim (Black or White) Jim and Blair (posed)

Richard and Garett early in filming (unknown source)

Blair (as Dr. McKay) and Jim in hospital room (Switchman) Jim and Blair on street (Switchman) Jim and Blair (Switchman) Blair and Jim (Flight)

Jim, Blair, and Daryl in Peru (Flight) Jim (with gun) and Blair (episode?) Jim and Blair looking at paper (Second Chance) Blair and Jim fishing (Poachers)

Jim waking up Blair (Most Wanted) Blair and Jim (Murder 101) Jim and Blair in helicopter (Murder 101) Blair and Jim (Blind Man's Bluff)

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