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Last updated December 12, 2002

All pictures belong to Pet Fly Productions, Paramount, and the actors.
No copyright infringement is intended.
These pictures are shown here only for the enjoyment of the fans.

All pics have a larger image. Just click on the thumbnail to view.

Jim in black leather coat, smiling Jim in dark red coat leaning on wall, serious Jim in light blue shirt leaning on wall, serious Jim in green shirt, smiling Jim leaning on Major Crimes door

Jim in black leather jacket, serious Jim in black leather jacket, smiling Jim leaning against wall

The Most Sensitive Man in America Poster dirty Jim poster Jim leaning against doorframe Jim in jungle wear (magazine pic) Richard in French magazine

 Jim in tan coat and gray t-shirt, serious Jim in headset (Black or White) Jim in the jungles of Peru (Switchman) Jim (Flight)   Jim (Sentinel Too promo shot) 

 Jim in coat and t-shirt, serious (black and white) Jim holding hat, smiling (black and white) Jim leaning against wall, smiling, close-up  (black and white) Jim in tank top leaning against doorjamb (black and white) Jim leaning against wall, smiling (black and white)

Jim smiling (black and white) JIm (black and white composite) Jim (black and white, serious)

Jim (Switchman) Jim climbing onto train engine (Night Train) Jim (episode?) Jim with headset (Black or White)

Jim, Elaine, and Tommy (Poachers) Jim and  Elaine (Poachers) Jim and Elaine (Poachers)

Jim in helicopter (Murder 101) Jim with Sheila and Blair in background (Hear No Evil) black and white composite image of Jim and gun

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