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Night Train

Written by: Harold Apter
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Brian Markinson (Derek Wilson), Sam Jenkins (Isabel Kane), Shane Kelly (Chambers), Yvonne Campbell (Parker), Gaston Howard (Shoup), Raimund Stamm (Huge Man), Alfred Humphreys (Conductor), Forbes Angus (Engineer), Terry Barclay (Sergeant).

Summary: While suffering from the flu, Ellison takes the top secret assignment of transporting - via train - a police informant in the witness protection program. As the classic train winds through an isolated mountain region, Ellison battles the distorting effects a cold remedy has on his hyper-senses. Then, Carolyn Plummer and Captain Banks are tipped off that the powerful businessman standing trial in the impending arson-murder case has planned a bump-off. While Ellison and Sandburg are distracted by their competition for the attention of Isabel Kane, an attorney escorting informant Derek Wilson, the henchmen make their move. Then, in a spectacular melee, Ellison is thrown from the train and a battle of wills begins. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 1, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In all tribal cultures every village had a sentinel. Now, a sentinel is chosen because of a genetic advantage -- a sensory awareness that can be developed beyond normal humans'. Your time spent in Peru has got to be connected with what's happening to you now. I've got hundreds of documented cases of one or two hyperactive senses but not one single subject with all five. You could be the real thing."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Night. Blair playing loud jungle-type music. Jim in the kitchen in a green robe looking ill.~

Jim: Come on, man. You're killing me.

Blair: Is it working? On your cold. These rhythms promote better circulation. Something I picked up from Monbuttu tribe in Kenya. Open up all those passages. Sort of like, uh... sonic antihistamine.

Jim: Would you turn it down?

Blair: Come on, Jim. Give it a chance.

Jim: Give it a rest. Please?

Blair: Fine. (goes into bedroom, turns off stereo, then comes back out) Hey, that's okay, 'cause I got something else for you... and it's almost done. (opens pot on stove to stir a some odd-looking concoction)

Jim: Will you forget it? I'm fine.

Blair: You know what, you are amazing. All that crap you put in your body that you call food and you won't take anything for your cold.

Jim: I don't believe in chemicals.

Blair: No argument from me, but this stuff is not your over-the-counter stuff here. I mean, It's all-natural.

Jim: What's in it?

Blair: It's a little bit of this, a little bit of that. It doesn't matter.

Jim: Any illegal substances?

Blair: No, no. Come on. Maybe if you're in Zimbabwe they have restrictions on certain U.S. goods. Look at this. Check this out. (takes a lid off a pot on the stove, smells it, and coughs) Now, that stuff, that'll clean your sinuses.

Jim: Or clean a floor.

~Cut to Simon's office. Same night.~

Simon enters office.

Simon: Thanks a lot, Thomas. (sits down takes out a cigar, smells it, a smile on his face; his phone rings and he answers it) Yeah, this is Captain Banks. What? All right. No... yes, sir, I have the perfect man for the job. Detective Jim Ellison. Oh, he's been working with a special consultant to the department, Blair Sandburg. Is it okay if he comes along? I understand. Get right on it. (hangs up, then calls another number) Rhonda, better hang up your coat. We're gonna be staying late tonight. See if you can find Lieutenant Plummer. Make sure she stays and also see if we can track down Jim Ellison. Right. (hangs up)

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering Major Crimes.~

Blair: Can't you tell me anything about where we're going?

Jim: Sorry, Chief. It's not my call. (sneezes on Blair)

Blair: Come on. Do you know germs have a life of their own? Not only did you pull me out of bed in the middle of the night, but now you're going to get me sick. Here. Take a couple of these. (hands him tissues)

Jim: Sandburg, I'm seeing a whole new side of you. Didn't realize you were such a hypochondriac. I'll be fine. (takes tissues)

Blair: Seeing that I am risking disease tonight, can't you tell me what this is all about?

Jim: Picking up a package and bringing it back to Cascade.

They stop by desk where Jim puts some stuff in a duffle bag.

Blair: What type of package requires this much secrecy? Come on, Jim. Who am I going to tell?! (says last too loudly and everyone looks at him) How are you guys doing? Good to see you. (to Jim, more quietly) Sorry. Look, uh... let me give you something here. The Genjaka Indians swear by this stuff they extract it from the root of the niktabi plant. It'll keep you from getting sicker. You just take a little pinch... let it dissolve underneath your tongue.

Jim: Thanks. I've had my flu shot.

Blair: Those don't always work. See there? See? (Jim sneezes) Take a little bit of this. I'm telling you.

~Cut to Simon's office. Simon is opening a large envelope. He pulls out a set of divorce papers. He picks up a pen to sign them, then pauses. Jim comes in by himself, coughing.~

Jim: We're ready to roll, Captain.

Simon: Good. Plane's waiting for you at the airport. It'll get you to the state line. After that, the train's making a special stop to pick you up.

Jim: Good. Would you mind if I told Sandburg what's going down, get him off my back a little bit?

Simon: (chuckling) That bad, huh?

Jim: Worse.

Simon: Well, sorry. You can't tell him anything till you get on board that train.

Jim: Thanks very much for your support.

Simon: I don't make the rules.

Jim: That's what I keep telling him. (sees Simon has a packet of papers) They finally came, huh?

Simon: Yeah. Says in big letters, "You are divorced. Now what?" Hell, man. I kept expecting this to be a great moment, and... I don't know. All I feel is empty. It gets better, right?

Jim: Yeah. Gets better.

Simon: Thanks.

Jim: I'll check with you later on.

Simon: All right. Take care of that cold.

Jim: Yeah. It'll pass. (leaves)

~Cut to car by train station. Same night. Jim and Blair back seat. Another officer in driver's seat.~

Jim: Okay, let's go.

Blair: I got to say it. I'm really beginning to take this personally. It's because I'm not a real cop? Not part of your great fraternal brotherhood?

Jim: You're right. That's it.

Blair: Oh, man.

Jim: We're a cult. Every cop in the state of Washington is required to join this cult. Actually we have our secret headquarters under the Masonic Temple on 8th street.

Blair: Get out.

Jim: Hey, Mike, am I lying? Of course you realize that now that we've divulged our secret, we will be obliged to kill you. Thanks for the ride, Mike.

They exit car and walk toward train.

Blair: Why can't we take this package back to Cascade in a plane?

Jim: It can't be flown.

Blair: Ask a stupid question...

~Cut to inside train. Jim and Blair in corridor. Jim is checking out the cabins, seeing that they're all empty.~

Blair: Hey, wait a minute. I'm not getting mixed up with anything poisonous or radioactive, am I? I mean, that's it, right? The plane crashes, the stuff becomes airborne, gets into the water supply, people start getting sick, losing fingers, having mutant babies... I'm right. Jim, I'm an anthropologist, not a biologist. This is definitely not my area.

Jim: Our package's name is Derek Wilson. Oregon State Police are handing him over to us. He's supposed to testify against a guy named Edward Murdock. You heard of him?

Blair: Oh, yeah, yeah. He's that real estate guy. Just went on trial a couple of days ago.

Jim: Yeah, he torched one of his hotels and used $20 million in insurance to help save his other businesses. Seventeen people died in that fire.

Blair: Oh, man. I'd say this guy's ruined his karma for the next 60 lifetimes.

Jim: Yeah. Wilson was his accountant. He agreed to testify in exchange for a quick trip to the witness relocation program after the trial. Odds are that Murdock's going to do everything in his power to see that that doesn't happen.

Blair: So that's why all the secrecy.

Jim: That's right. Nobody's taking any chances on this one.

Blair: No. Definitely not.

Jim: Hold that. (gives Blair his used tissue) For extra security we're supposed to have the whole car to ourselves.

Blair: Oh, great, great, great.

Jim knocks on a cabin door. Guard comes out.

Jim: How you doing? Jim Ellison, Cascade P.D. How was your trip?

Guard: Oh, I, uh... wouldn't want to spoil it for you.

Jim: Mm-hmm. (signs something on clipboard)

Guard: He's all yours.

Guard: All right.

Jim: Take care.

Guard: Thanks. (leaves; a second guard from inside the room follows him, closing door as he goes)

Jim: Hey, you got another tissue?

Blair: Yeah.

A man passes by them in passageway. He and Jim look at each other a little oddly before he disappears around corner at other end of car.

Blair: What's all that about?

Jim: I felt like I knew him from someplace.

Blair: Yeah, me too. Cascade Zoo. Primate house.

Train starts up and, goes down track. Jim enters cabin, sees woman (Isabel) sitting on one side of car.

Jim: Hi.

Isabel: Hi.

Jim: (to man on other side) Mr. Wilson?

Blair enters cabin.

Wilson: Yes. You guys taking me back?

Jim: Yeah. I'm Detective Ellison. This is Blair Sandburg.

Jim undoes Wilson's cuffed hands.

Wilson: Never been in this kind of situation before. Sorry about the train thing. I have a ruptured eardrum. If I fly, I get these really terrible migraine headaches.

Blair: (who has sat down next to Isabel) Hi. (holds out his hand)

Isabel: (she shakes it briefly) Pleasure.

Wilson: I've got pills, but they never seem to work. You don't want to know.

Jim: You're right. I don't. (turns to Blair) Junior, please sit next to the gentleman. Come on. Let's go.

Blair stands, puts his backpack on the rack above the seats, then sits down next to Wilson. Jim puts the cuffs on both of them, locking Wilson and Blair together.

Jim: I'm sorry about the jewelry, kids, but, uh... These are the rules. Procedure. (turns to Isabel) You are..?

Isabel: Isabel Kane. I'm an attorney with the firm representing Mr. Wilson.

Jim: I'm Jim.

Isabel: The boss thought it'd be a good idea to have someone along.

Jim: Oh. Good. (goes back and sits next to Blair; sneezes) Excuse me.


Blair: Hey, it's a party.

Jim sneezes again as train continues down tracks.

~Cut to Simon's office. Simon smoking a cigar and humming, getting ready to sign the divorce papers. A knock at the door interrupts him.~

Simon: Yeah?

Carolyn comes in.

Carolyn: There's a problem, Simon.

Simon: What's up?

Carolyn: The D.A. just got word from an informant. There's been a leak. Murdock's people know about the train. And they're planning a hit.

Simon: Maybe I can catch Jim before he gets on the train. (picks up phone and dials)

Phone voice: The mobile customer you have called is either away from the phone or out of range.

Simon: (hangs up) His cell phone's out of range. Derek Wilson is going to be a sitting duck unless we can find a way to get in touch with Jim fast. (picks up phone again) Rhonda. Yeah, give me metro.

~Cut to train heading down tracks.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cascade PD. Simon's office. Continuing scene.~

Simon: (into phone) All right, thanks a lot for your help. (hangs up phone) We're screwed. The train has already left the state line.

Carolyn: Well, can we get through to Jim?

Simon: The railroad's gonna try. But their communication gear doesn't work very well up in those mountains. The cell phone is out of range. They're going to hold the train at the next scheduled stop.

Carolyn: But that won't be until another four hours! I don't like this, Simon.

Simon: Hey, I don't like it, either but at the moment, there's not much we can do. That's why I put Jim on the train in the first place. There's nobody better in a situation like this. (pause) All right. The train makes one stop before it gets to Cascade. I'm going to get on the horn with the state police. I want to be there with the welcoming committee. Meantime, I want you to hold down the fort here. Also, uh, I know it's out of your area but if you wouldn't mind rustling me up a chopper..?

Carolyn: Right away. (leaves)

~Cut to train car with Jim, Blair, Wilson, and Isabel. Jim sneezing.~

Isabel: Must be a pain, huh, Detective? Being dragged out in the middle of the night to ride shotgun especially when you're not feeling well.

Jim: That's my job, Miss Kane.

Blair: Yeah, that's our job. "Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will stay these guys from doing their appointed rounds."

Jim: Isn't that the post office motto?

Isabel: Well, I've got to say you're a lot nicer than those other two guys.

Blair: We aim to please.

Wilson: You know, this train's a classic. It was rusting away in a warehouse someplace in Wisconsin until somebody had a brainstorm, fixed her up, and started making this run. In the summer it's booked solid. You can't even get a coach ticket. I've tried.

Jim: (uncuffs Blair) I need...I need to speak to you outside.

Jim and Blair go into corridor. Jim is coughing.

Blair: Hey, Jim, come on, man. Do us all a favor. (holds out niktabi)

Jim: I'm fine.

Blair: It's not going to poison you.

Jim: Look, if that's stuff's so great run it by the F.D.A. and put a label on it. Then I'll give it a try.

Blair: What'd you drag me out for?

Jim: I'm gonna take a walk around. I'm going to check out the rest of the train.

Blair: Is something wrong?

Jim: I don't know. I just got a strange feeling.

Blair: Maybe you're running a fever. (tries to feel Jim's forehead)

Jim: (knocks his hand away) No, no, I don't have a fever. You just hold down the fort till I get back.

Blair: Well, wait a second. You're the one with the gun, man.

Jim: Well, lock the door.

Blair: Well, don't you think we should have some type of secret password or something?

Jim: A secret password.

Blair: Yeah, so I know it's you.

Jim: All right. Well, why don't you say, "who is it?" and I'll say, "Ellison." and then you open the door. (walks down corridor)

~Cut to Simon's office. Carolyn comes in.~

Carolyn: The choppers aren't flying tonight. Too windy.

Simon: All right. Look, it's going to take four hours before that train arrives at the next stop. I can make it in three if I take the mountain roads. I'll get them to loan me a four-by-four downstairs. (stands up and walks around desk)

Carolyn hands him his coat.

Simon: Thanks. (puts on coat)

Carolyn: Listen, that road's pretty treacherous, Simon. Be careful.

Simon: All right, I will.

Carolyn: And tell Jim I'm, uh... never mind. Forget it.

Simon: Carolyn... I'll call you from the road and let you know how things are going.

Carolyn: Thanks. (leaves)

Simon looks at his divorce papers, picks them up, and puts them in his inside coat pocket.

~Cut to train. Passenger car. Jim is sitting on a couch. A steward comes over with a bottle of SenQuil on a tray.~

Steward: Thanks. Here you go, sir.

Jim: (takes bottle and opens it) Ah... This is the non-drowsy formula, right?

Steward: Yes, it is.

Jim: Thank you. (drinks some of the medicine down out of the cup)

Steward: You bet.

Isabel appears and joins him.

Isabel: Would you rather I sit someplace else?

Jim: No, no, no. Don't tell Sandburg.

Isabel: I was getting claustrophobic in there and, uh, your partner kept staring at my legs.

Jim: I'm sure it's just a nervous tic.

Isabel: Right.

Jim looks over at bar, sees man who had passed him earlier in corridor.

Isabel: Is everything okay?

Jim: Couldn't be better.

Isabel: So...

Jim: So...

Isabel: A cop, a defense attorney -- would it be unethical for us to be friends?

Jim: I don't know. It might be a conflict of interest, huh? I arrest the bad guys and you do everything you can to get them off.

Isabel: It would make for some interesting conversation.

Jim: Or we could just end up killing each other.

They laugh. Jim's hearing starts to cut in and out. Sight starts to blur.

Isabel: Detective, what's wrong? Are you all right? Should I call someone? Jim... Jim...

Jim: Uh, excuse me. I'll be right back. (leaves)

Jim walks down corridor, holding hears as train bells go off. Lights blur, flashing at him as he passes people.

Jim: Excuse me. (bangs into restroom door)

Woman: (from inside) Just one minute. (comes out) Excuse me.

Jim goes into restroom, locks door, and unscrews bulbs of lights. Puts water on face, then dries it off with paper towels.

~Cut to Simon driving down road, calling on phone.~

~Cut back to Jim as his cellphone rings and he answers it, holding it far away from his ear. Conversation goes between two of them.~

Jim: Yeah?

Simon: Jim, it's Simon. (pause) Jim, you there?

Jim: Yeah, yeah, I'm here.

Simon: Murdock knows about the train. There's a bogey on board that'll try to hit Derek Wilson. You copy that?

Jim: Yeah. Yeah, I hear you. There's some guy on board who looks familiar to me. I'm just not sure where I know him from. Maybe he's the one.

Simon: All right. Try not to spook him. I'm on my way. I'm gonna meet you at the next stop with the state police. Till then, you and Sandburg are on your own. I'm counting on you, Jim. (pause) Jim? Jim, you okay?

Jim: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. (hangs up, then opens door)

Man: How long you gonna be?

Jim shuts door again, then puts on sunglasses. He exits and heads back to join Isabel.

Jim: Let's go back to the compartment. I'm not feeling very well.

Isabel: Having a problem with your eyes too?

Jim: It's the light. Would you just come on?

They go back toward compartment. Two men in black get up to follow them. A woman (also in black) sits nearby. She opens her bag briefly to show a gun.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Blair and Wilson in train compartment playing a game. They're back to being cuffed again.~

Wilson: Uh-uh-uh-uh. Three more kills and I win, right?

Blair: Uh-huh. Um... Hmm. (makes a move)

Wilson: Pathetic.

Blair: You know this game is 5,000 years old? It took me months to get good at it. Are you sure you haven't played before?

Wilson: Nope.

Blair: Maybe we should switch to tic-tac-toe.

~Cut to Jim and Isabel coming down corridor. Jim knocks on door.~

~Cut back inside compartment.~

Blair: Who is it?

Jim: It's Ellison.

Blair opens the door to let Jim and Isabel in.

Blair: What's up with the shades?

Jim: Let's go. We got to talk. (uncuffs Blair) Come on.

Blair: What? Again?

Jim: Come on. Be right back.

They go outside the compartment into the narrow hallway.

Jim: I just got word from Banks. Murdock's got somebody on board. They're planning to take Wilson out.

Blair: So what do we do? Stop the train?

Jim: No, no, no, it's going to be too dangerous. Don't want to tip them off that we know. Banks's meeting us with state police. But there's another problem. My senses have gone completely crazy. I mean, I'm totally out of control.

Blair: How out of control?

Jim: I mean, you want a laundry list?

Blair: Yes!

Jim: Every little light blinds me. When somebody flushes the toilet down the other end of the train, it sounds like Niagara Falls in my head. One minute I'm hot, next minute I'm freezing.

Blair: Sounds like menopause.

Jim: (slams Blair up against side of corridor) This is not the time for jokes.

Blair: I'm not.

Jim: You got to help me stop this, 'cause I can't do my job this way.

Blair: All right, but first things first. Just calm down. Relax.

Jim: (releases him) All right.

Blair: Remember -- this is all new to me too. Just let me think.

Jim: All right.

Blair: How's your cold?

Jim: My what?

Blair: Your symptoms -- your sneezing, your coughing. Anything?

Jim: I'm fine. I took some stuff.

Blair: What stuff, Jim? What did you take?

Jim: Some stuff in a bottle, said non-drowsy formula. They weren't kidding.

Blair: Well, that's gotta be it. It's the cold medicine.

Jim: Okay, genius, so how do we reverse it?

Blair: We don't. It's too late. It's already rattling around in your blood system. We just gonna have to wait for it to wear off..

Jim: So how long is that going to be?

Blair: Like I have a clue.

Jim: Oh, man. (he smells something) What is that?

Blair: What is what?

Jim: Hoppe's number nine. It's this fluid you clean guns with. Get in there. (shoves Blair inside the compartment)

The two men who followed Jim come into corridor.

~Cut to inside compartment.~

Jim: Get the vest out of my bag and put it on Wilson.

Wilson: What's going on, Detective?

Jim: Just procedure.

Blair: All right, get up. (straps vest on Wilson)

Wilson: What's this all about?

Isabel: I don't know, Derek.

Jim: Folks, please bear with us and be quiet. (has gun out; listens to outside corridor)

~Cut to corridor where two men wait. One nods at the other who pulls a cord. Train comes to a stop. Woman with gun in bag gets up, gets out of passenger car to the outside.~

~Cut back corridor where two men each pull a gun.~

~Cut to woman. She enters front engine car.~

~Cut to Jim. Isabel is trying to look out window.~

Jim: Close the blind and move away from the window.

Wilson: I want to know what's going on. This is not part of...

Jim: Sir, sit down. I won't ask you again.

~Cut to caboose.~

Conductor: (into radio) What's your indicator, Bobby? Who pulled the cord?

~Cut to engine car.~

Bobby (Engineer): (into radio) Nobody. Malfunction. Board's on the fritz again. I'll talk to you later. (camera pulls back to show woman holding gun at him) I hope.

Woman: Let's move it.

Train starts to move again.

~Cut to corridor. Man listening to woman on radio.~

Woman: All communications gear is switched off. The train is ours.

Man: Good.

Two men get ready to enter compartment.

~Cut to Jim listening to outside.~

Jim: (gives Blair his gun) Anybody who comes through that door without my face, you shoot them.

Blair: You got it.

Jim goes into adjoining cabin and watches through slitted doorway as a two men with guns step in front of Wilson's cabin. He attacks. They fight. Glass window gets busted. His sunglasses get knocked off. The light blinds him. He gets tossed off the train out the window.

Camera pans down to see Jim hanging on bottom of train. Senses all fritzing.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Next to tracks. Simon pulls up and gets out, goes to officer and shows ID.~

Simon: Banks -- Cascade P.D.

Officer: Been expecting you, Captain.

Simon: Any word yet from the train?

Officer: Nothing. The railroad hasn't raised them.

Simon: Could mean we have trouble. We don't know yet who's on the train or what weapons they're carrying. So your men should be ready for anything.

Officer: Yes, sir.

~Cut to Jim hanging on train. His cellphone rings and he tries to answer it. He loses it.~

Jim: Oh, damn.

~Cut to Blair. Two men knock on door.~

Blair: Who is it?

Isabel: Detective Ellison?

Blair: If it was him, he would have said something. (more knocking) Jim?

Isabel: Maybe he's hurt.

Blair: Oh, man. I might have to shoot somebody. Okay.

Wilson attacks Blair and gets gun.

Wilson: Put that gun away!

Isabel: Derek? Derek, what are you doing?

Wilson: Sit. Sit!

Isabel and Blair sit together.

Blair: Are you nuts, man?!

Isabel: You know how long we worked on that plea bargain?

Wilson opens door and lets two men in.

Wilson: What happened?

Man: We threw him out the window.

Isabel: Oh, my god.

Blair: You son of a bitch!

Wilson: Give me your hand. Give me your hand! (handcuffs Blair and Isabel together; cuffs around a chair support)

Isabel: Derek, we got you a really good deal. You are already home free. What are you doing?

Wilson: Home free? You really think I was going to spend the rest of my life cooped up in some small town pulling a government pension? Please. I skimmed enough from Murdock to last me two lifetimes. Anyway, even if they do manage to, uh, get a conviction, guys that rich don't stay in jail for long. Witness protection? That means records. He'd find me, And he'd kill me. I guarantee it.

Blair: You don't understand. It's happening now. Murdock really does know you're on the train.

Wilson: Remember, Mr. Sandburg, I'm better at games than you are.

Blair: Come on. How else could I know that those guys were outside the door?

Jim: Maybe Ellison saw them when he was out there before and figured something was up.

Man: That's impossible.

Wilson: You all have records. He's a detective. Why not?

Man: Because we were careful.

Blair: Face it, Derek. There is somebody on this train who is going to kill you. If Murdock can find you in the witness protection program, he can also find you here, right?

Wilson: Okay, so what? I should just fold? No, no, I've got too much invested for that. Let's go.

Isabel: Look, if you give this up right now, I'm sure we can cut you a really good deal. For all of you!

Two men leave.

Wilson: You really think the D.A.'s going to go for that? After Detective Ellison's little accident? No. I closed that door when I stole from Murdock.

Blair: You're making a big mistake, man.

Wilson: Maybe so. Anyway, nothing personal. Enjoy the ride. (leaves and shuts door)

Isabel: Boy, he sure had me fooled.

Blair: Yeah, join the club. (pause) Man, this sucks! I am definitely not having a good time.

Isabel: "Neither rain nor sleet..."

Blair: Hey. I'm just along for the ride. And as a matter of fact, I may be reevaluating my whole situation very soon.

Isabel: Why? Do you think Ellison...

Blair: No. People can fall off a train without... Anyway, this is not your ordinary guy.

~Cut to Jim hanging on bottom of train, senses still flashing on and off. Then has a memory flashback to a test Blair performed earlier to help him learn to control his senses.~

Blair: Now, remember, you were born with these senses. They're a gift passed on to you by your ancestors.

Jim: What are we doing here?

Blair: Oh, it's something very cool. (puts headphones on Jim) Made it myself. Okay. Put your chin here.

Jim: Hmm?

Blair: Put your chin here.

Jim sits in a chair and puts his chin on a chin support. Blair starts up a machine that has multi-colored flashing lights. Jim winces away.

Jim: Hey, come on.

Blair: Relax, man. I've put your sense of sight on overload. Don't struggle. See if you can separate from it and just hear the music.

Jim: I don't like it.

Blair: Fine then. You're the one with the wacko senses. You don't want to learn how to control it, it's no skin off my back, pal.

Jim puts his chin back on support.

Blair: All right. Now we're talking. One step at a time.

Jim breathes deeply, watching the colored lights.

Blair: It's all about breathing and concentration. One step at a time. Zone out the light. Concentrate. Yeah. Yeah, that's it. Zone out the light. There's only music.

~Cut back to Jim in present as he climbs on bottom of car.~

~Cut to Isabel and Blair. Blair tries to stand up.~

Isabel: Ow! What are you doing?

Blair: My backpack. I want to get my Swiss army knife.

Isabel: Why?

Blair: Well, it's sort of a good luck charm. I got it for my bar mitzvah. (Isabel shakes her head.) To see if we can use it to pick the locks on the cuffs.

Isabel: Well, why didn't you say so? Let me move closer. Try now. Okay. Can you reach it?

They proceed to try to wiggle around to get more arm length to get the backpack, nearly crawling on top of each other.

Blair: No. Almost. Not quite.

Isabel: Oh, wait. Can you reach it?

Blair: Come on. Come on.

Isabel: You're...

Blair: Um...

Isabel: Oh, wait. Okay.

Blair: Um...

Isabel: There.

Blair pulls back to look at Isabel.

Blair: Uh, this may be really weird, but...

Isabel: Please. Not a chance. The knife. Okay?

Blair: Right. The knife. (back to stretching)

~Cut back to Jim who is still climbing towards back of caboose. He manages to crawl up side and get into train car. He leans against wall, eyes closed, relaxing. Conductor sees him.~

Conductor: Hey!

Jim opens his eyes in time to see a punch coming toward him, hitting him.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Blair and Isabel still working on getting the knife. Daylight outside.~

Blair: Okay. (still can't reach) Aw, man!

Isabel: All right. Let me try. I'm taller than you. Just give me a little slack here.

They switch and Isabel stretches up to reach bag.

Blair: Oh. Um, all right. Yeah, I got it. Oh, great.

Isabel: Okay.

Blair: Ow. Oh, shoot.

Isabel's blouse comes untucked just a few inches from Blair's face.

Blair: How you doing?

Isabel: Almost.

Blair: That's good. (pause) That's real good.

Isabel manages to get a hold of bag and pull it down. It lands sorta on Blair's head.

Isabel: Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.

~Cut to engine car. Woman still holding gun on engineer.~

~Cut to tracks where Simon and other officers wait. Train approaches.~

Simon: All right, everybody, This is it! Let's go!

Officer: Everybody take your positions!

~Cut to engine car.~

Engineer: You don't know what you're doing. It isn't safe.

Woman: Shut up!

Engineer: You're going to kill somebody.

Big shoot-out as train blows past blockade. Woman gunman shot~.

Officer: (into radio) I'm at the Brackendale Crossing. I got four men down. I need an ambulance.

Simon comes up to him.

Simon: Is there a service road that runs along the tracks?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Simon: How do I get to it?

Officer: About three miles north of here where the tracks cross Robinson Road.

Simon: Get a couple of your guys! Have them get in a car and follow me! (runs off, gets in police 4x4 and takes off.)

~Cut to caboose. Jim lying on floor. Man that he saw earlier in corridor trying to wake him. Conductor stands behind other man.~

Man: Detective Ellison. Detective? Detective?

Jim wakes up and punches the man.

Conductor: Hey, hey, hey! Relax! Relax! He's a doctor!

Jim: A doctor?

Everyone stands up.

Conductor: Look, I'm sorry I hit you. I thought you were a train-jumper.

Jim: Boy, I'm sorry. I apologize.

Doctor: I thought I recognized you from the floor, Detective.

Jim: Last summer, yeah. At the hospital.

Doctor: You had problems with your hearing. We ran some tests.

Jim: Yeah, I'm sorry. It's a small world.

Conductor: What's going on? We blew through the last stop. There's gunfire everywhere.

Jim: Gunfire? (runs out)

Conductor: Hey, wait a minute. Wait! (chases after him)

Doctor: I see a lawsuit.

~Cut to Simon driving along road. Another vehicle follows him. Both have sirens running.~

~Cut to Jim (conductor following) running down corridor to compartment. Calls through closed door.~

Jim: Sandburg!

Door opens.

Blair: Jim! Oh, you're alive.

Jim: But where's Derek?

Blair: I don't know, man. But this whole thing was a set-up from the start. Those guys are here to help him escape, not kill him.

Train begins to stop. Engine car separates from rest.

Jim: We're stopping.

Conductor: What the hell is going on?

Jim: (to conductor) You stay out of this. (runs off)

Blair: Come on, go! Go! Go! (he and Isabel follow Jim)

They exit end of car to see engine pulling away.

Jim: Damn it. (gets off train as Simon pulls up in the 4x4) (to Blair) You stay with her. (runs over to Simon and gets in car) Wilson took off. He's on the engine. Let's go.

Simon: (waves other car forward) Go! Go! Go!

They take off, chasing engine. Other police car has an exchange of gunfire with gunman. One gunman goes down. Police car's hood gets blow off. Both cops okay.

Wilson: Good work!

Cops wave Simon on.

Officer: Go get 'em! We're okay. Go!

~Cut to inside of 4x4 with Jim and Simon.~

Jim: Let me have your gun.

Simon: Where's yours?

Jim: I gave it to Sandburg.

Simon: You what?!

Jim: I'll explain later. Please. Let me have your gun.

Simon: For heaven's sake. Here, take it. (gives Jim his gun)

~Cut to engine car.~

Wilson: We're still right on schedule. Chopper supposed to meet us about two miles up the line. Let's get this beast under control, shall we?

~Cut back to Jim and Simon.~

Simon: All right, now what?

Jim: Pull up next to her. I'm getting on.

Simon: Are you out of your mind?

Jim: I'm getting on, sir. Unless you want to risk that locomotive taking out a stray passenger train.

Simon: I'll try to hold her steady. Go!

Jim gets out window and works on getting on engine car.

Jim: Over to the right. Right there. Hold it up. Keep her steady. (he jumps on)

Gunman pulls gun on Wilson, pointing it at his chest.

Wilson: You? You're the one they sent to kill me?

Gunman: Sorry.

Wilson: Okay, look Whatever he's paying you, I can double it or more. But let's just get with the plan, okay?

Gunman: Today.

Wilson: What?

Gunman: I want the money today.

Wilson: That's impossible. I can't. That money is invested. You know that.

Jim comes around corner of engine, gun out.

Jim: Drop your weapon!

Gunman puts down gun. Both men hold up their hands.

Wilson: Thank God. I'm not with him.

Gunman hauls Wilson in front of him as a shield.

Wilson: Don't shoot!

Gunman shoves Wilson at Jim. Jim loses gun.

Gunman and Jim have a small scuffle. Jim knocks gunman unconscious. Wilson picks up gun.

Jim: (to Wilson) Give me the gun.

Wilson: Detective, I can make you a very rich man.

Jim: No, thanks.

Wilson: I'm getting really tired of this.

Jim: So am I. (knocks out Wilson and takes gun)

~Cut to Cascade PD, Major Crimes. Day. Isabel on phone. Blair nearby watching her. Jim just entering bullpen.~

Isabel: Uh, I'll talk to you later. (hangs up) Hey, you look pretty good for a man who was hanging from a train a couple hours ago. What are you going to do for an encore? Leap tall buildings in a single bound?

Blair: No, no, no, don't encourage him.

Isabel: Oh, you were okay too.

Blair: I was?

Jim: I don't remember you being there.

Blair: Oh, what about when I was watching your back?

Jim: My back? I was pushed out a window. Where were you then?

Blair: Oh, oh, that's my fault?

Isabel: You know, together, you guys have everything that I've been searching for in a man.

Blair: We do?

Jim: Oh, really?

Isabel: Now, if I could only find that man. (walks off)

Blair: Ah, nah, she wasn't that great anyway.

Simon comes into bullpen.

Simon: Hey, how about some breakfast?

Jim: Sounds good. Who's buying?

Jim and Blair point at each other, then both point at Simon.

Jim: You sign your papers, Simon?

Simon: (to Blair) Turn around. (uses Blair's back to sign papers)

Blair: Jim, what was it like when those things started happening with your senses?

Jim: I don't know. Everything was bigger than usual, more intense. Why?

Blair: How intense?

Jim: Where are we going with this?

Simon: Downstairs in five. (leaves)

Jim: You bet.

Blair: And everything seems to be better now?

Jim: Seems to be.

Blair: Damn. I really wanted to get you back to the lab see if we could study this. You know, you could take some more of that cold stuff in a controlled environment, of course.

Jim: Okay.

Blair: Great.

Jim: Under one condition. You hang underneath a speeding train while I spend the night handcuffed to Isabel, huh?

Jm pats Blair on the cheeks and walks off. Blair follows after a moment.

~ The End ~