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Teleplay by: Harold Apter
Written by: Harold Apter and Juan Carlos Coto
Directed by: Scott Paulin
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Kimberly Kates (Laura), Harry Van Gorkum (Ted McCarthy), Jason Carter (Bruce McCarthy), Ken Earl (Taggart), Ingrid Torrance (Calli), Ken Kramer (Miller), Don MacKay (Stein), Jan Bailey Mattia (Forensic Officer).

Summary: While working the crime scenes of several recent diamond heists, Ellison is repeatedly distracted by unexplainable feelings. Then as he and Sandburg pursue a hot lead, Ellison meets the beautiful Laura McCarthy and uncharacteristically neglects the burglary assignment in favor of his overwhelming desire for her. Soon, Sandburg theorizes that pheromones have heightened Ellison's sentinel-like powers to the point of irrationally. He then becomes suspicious of the connection between his partner's uncontrollable infatuation and the strange feelings the detective experienced at the crime scenes. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 22, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In all tribal cultures every village had a sentinel. Now, a sentinel is chosen because of a genetic advantage -- a sensory awareness that can be developed beyond normal humans'. Your time spent in Peru has got to be connected with what's happening to you now. I've got hundreds of documented cases of one or two hyperactive senses but not one single subject with all five. You could be the real thing."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night over the city. A group of people fly down on a cable and break through a window in a high rise building. They blow a vault and steal trays of diamonds.

~Cut to next day. Same high rise. Blair is looking at the sill of the broken window. The owners of the office, two older gentlemen, are talking. Jim is trying to take their statement.~

Man #1: "Take the office at the Rayburn Tower," he says. "It's 30 stories up. Who can rob us there?"

Man #2: So all this is my fault?

Man #1: Oh, you'd better believe it.

Jim: Gentlemen.

Both men: What?

Jim: Just a few more questions. I'd like to be able to finish my report.

Man #2: He wants to finish his report.

Man #1: Typical. All you need to know is half a million. Half a million! Five hundred...

Man #2: ...thousand dollars.

Man #1: The entire shipment, gone.

Man #2: Lucky for us we're insured...with a 20% deductible.

~Cut to outside. A man drives by in a jaguar and looks up at the building.~

~Cut back inside.~

Jim: Okay, gentlemen. Thanks for your help. We'll be in touch As soon as we find something.

Man #1: He'll be in touch.

Jim: Let's go, Chief.

Blair: Excuse me.

Man #2: What is he? Some kind of Indian?

Jim: (to forensics woman) You all done here?

Woman: Yep. It's clean.

Jim: Thank very much.

Woman: Okay.

Jim crouches in front of vault and stares at it.

Blair: You picking up something?

Jim: It's kind of hard to define. Well, maybe it's just a nervous reaction.

Blair: To what?

Jim: I don't know.

Blair: Can you describe it?

Jim: Uh, my vision's clearer and my hearing's a little better. My skin's tingling like I finished working out. But not...I don't know, it's subtle.

Blair: Ever felt it before?

Jim: Well...

Blair: Well, what?

Jim: Yeah, the other robbery scenes.

Blair: What other robbery scenes?

Jim: You know, like this one. The jewelry robberies?

Blair: And you didn't tell me?

Jim: Well, it didn't seem important.

Blair: Well, what's different about it now?

Jim: It's starting to bug me.

Blair: All right, um...Uh, okay, okay. Uh, move around the room and see if the intensity level...see if it switches, changes, anything.

Jim walks around the room. The two older guys are still watching.

Jim: No.

Blair: All right, um, okay... Walk back over to the safe, but try to walk in a straight line. Okay?

Man #2: What is he, a cop or a carpet installer?

~Cut to Jim and Blair exiting building.~

Blair: So it's gone now?

Jim: Everything's back to normal.

Blair: So in other words, you don't feel good any more.

Jim: I feel fine.

Blair: Define "fine."

Jim: Okay, all right, all right.

Blair: Let's just get back to that intensity thing.

Jim: I told you. Near the safe, it got more intense...I guess. But we're talking hair's breadth here.

Blair: But you did sense a shift.

Jim: Or not.

Blair: Well, did you or did you not?

They go to the truck, passing by the man who had pulled up to watch building. After they pass, he pulls out a phone and starts talking into it.

Man: It's the same detective. Ellison, yes. We'll just have to take precautions. No, we mustn't deviate from the plan. Right. I'll call you later.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Simon: There's been seven robberies in the past three months. Each netting over a hundred thousand dollars in gems. All pulled off by daredevil acrobatic stunts.

Jim: They've beaten every security systems just by doing things nobody would expect.

Blair: High wires, trapeze, and now this.

Jim: It's as if they swung down from the roof on a cable and broke through the glass.

Simon: Maybe they should sell tickets.

Jim: Well, actually, sir, we've been checking out circuses, local, gymnastics teams, that sort of thing, to see if any of their people had records. One high-wire act -- it played Cascade a couple of months ago. They came up clean. Also none of the out-of-towners that have stayed in Cascade have been here more than a couple of weeks.

Simon: Well, keep at it.

Jim: Okay, sir. Let's go.

Simon: Is there something else?

Blair: Something new with Jim's senses.

Jim: I don't think we need to bother the captain.

Simon: What's he talking about, Jim?

Jim: Nothing, sir.

Blair: Jim, this is not nothing.

Simon: Is it going to help us?

Blair: I don't know. I haven't quite figured it out.

Simon: Out of my office.

Jim: Thank you, sir. Let's go.

Blair: Fine.

~Cut to a red Porsche pulling up outside a pool hall/bar. Night. A woman steps out and goes inside. Inside, Jim and Blair are sitting at a table with two women. Jim gets up and walks off. Blair follows him.~

Blair: Where are you going, man? What's the problem?

Jim: You didn't have to pounce on the first two girls who smiled at you here.

Blair: Come on, Jim. That's the way it's done, you know. You just got to hit it, you know.

Jim: Sandburg, I'm just not really good at this kind of stuff, you know.

Blair: Just, just relax, man. Take it easy. The important thing is just roll with it.

The woman from outside goes by, slightly bumping Jim.

Jim: Excuse me.

Blair: Just roll with it. Oh, man.

They watch the woman go sit at the bar.

Blair: What is the matter with you? I swear to God, if you don't go over there, I will.

Another man approaches the woman at the bar.

Blair: Oh, Jim, hurry up, hurry up. You're about to get snaked. Go, go, go, go. (pushes Jim toward the bar)

Woman: Here he is. (other man leaves) I told him I was waiting for you. I think he was trying to pick me up.

Jim: Never would have guessed.

Woman: I should thank your girlfriend for letting me borrow you.

Jim: Actually, we just met.

Woman: Mmm. How's it going?

Jim: It's not.

Woman: Maybe she's shy.

Jim: Like you.

Woman: Oh, I can't afford to be shy. I don't know that many people.

Jim: Jim.

Laura: Laura. See? Now I know one more.

~Cut to a bit later. They're talking while standing next to a pool table. Jim is playing with her hair.~

Laura: So when my I figured it was a good time for me to get out too. I was 16. Never been more than 50 miles out of Atlanta. Had this boyfriend. He was older...wanted to be an actor. So we went to New York. It was awful. This is really boring. I'm sorry.

Jim: Not at all.

Laura: Well, it was a long time ago. If I could do things different, I would. Tell me something about yourself.

They kiss.

Laura: Mmmm....I shouldn't have started this.

Jim: Last time I looked there are two of us here.

Laura: You know what I mean -- the way I picked you up. I don't know what got into me. I'm sorry.

Jim: Why are you sorry?

Laura: I like you, Jim. Let's not ruin it with a lot of details.

Jim: I didn't see a wedding ring, and I...

Laura: I'm not. I'm not with anybody. You and me just wouldn't be a very good idea right now.

Jim: Well, we could take our time...get to know each other. Just be friends.

Laura: I've got to go. (walks away)

~Cut to outside where Laura gets in her car and drives off. Jim gets outside just as she leaves.~

~Cut to evidence lock-up at the station. Jim and Blair.~

Blair: I didn't hear you come in last night.

Jim: It was late.

Blair: Oh, yeah?

Jim: Yeah, I was driving around by myself. Got halfway to the Canadian border before I realized where I was.

Blair: So what happened?

Jim: I don't know. I guess she wasn't interested.

Blair: Hey, man, you know, well, uh least you went down swinging. I've never seen you work that hard before, man. You going to try to see her again?

Jim: Nah, she didn't even tell me her last name.

Blair: Well, did you ask?

Jim: So, what now, Coach? Twenty laps around the field?

Blair: Oh, man, are hopeless.

Blair is pulling out evidence.

Jim: What's this stuff?

Blair: Trust me.

Jim: Coming from you, those are the scariest words in the English language. What is this?

Blair: We checked these out of evidence lockup.

Jim: "We"?

Blair: Well, actually, you did. You see, I've gotten really good at forging your signature. Anyway, there's an item here from each of the seven robbery scenes. Now, this was found on the floor by the safe at the Rayburn Tower robbery. Check it out. Uh, you getting any of that same feeling again?

Jim: Well, like I said, it, uh... It was all very subtle. It went away fast, you know? It might have all been in my head. I don't know.

Blair: No. No, no, no. I refuse to believe that.

Jim: Well, believe what you want, Junior. The reality is the thieves are still out there and we still have nothing solid to go on. (leaves)

~Cut to a night party scene. A woman gets out of a limo to a crowd of people and flashing lights of cameras.~

Man: Lisa!

Woman: Lisa, hi!

Overhead, several black-clothed figures can be seen crossing a tightrope. Across the street, a fire starts in another building. No one notices until the windows blow out.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene a bit later. Jim and Blair pull up and talk to Joel.~

Jim: Hey, Taggart. Hey.

Joel: Hey, Jim. Hey, Blair.

Jim: What you got, big guy?

Joel: I was talking to Chief Roberts from the Fire Department. Fire started when the thieves blew the safe. Sparks ignited the draperies and then the wood paneling went up. Folks across the street saw the windows implode from the backdraft, thought it was a bomb and called us. It's pretty much under control now though.

Coroners roll out a body on a gurney.

Jim: Who's this?

Joel: Security guard. They think he was bludgeoned before the fire.

Blair: Oh. Ow. Poor guy.

Jim: It's a pretty fancy place. What'd they get?

Joel: Only a million dollars in diamonds.

Blair: A million?

Joel: Some special collection overnight in town for appraisal.

Jim: It's built like a fortress. How'd they get in without tripping one of the alarms?

Joel: Like those other robberies you guys been investigating: No obvious way in...or out.

~Cut to a bit later. Jim is examining a safe. Blair stands a few feet away.~

Jim: I'll be damned.

Blair: What?

Jim: That...that feeling again. That sensory thing.

Blair: Uh, okay. Uh, use it.

Jim: How?

Blair: I don't know. Um, uh, where's it strongest?

Jim: Well, right here by the safe.

Blair: Okay, okay. Uh, okay, move outward and see if you can pick up any other hot spots.

Jim moves around the destroyed office.

Blair: Anything?

Jim stops and looks around for a moment.

Blair: All right. You got something.

Jim uses his sight to look upwards and sees the broken skylight. He pulls Blair over to him and points it out.

Jim: Yeah. It looks like when they remodeled this place to put in the store, they neglected to connect the, uh, new alarm system to the old skylight. And that's how they got in. The guard was added for extra security.

Blair: I still can't believe someone has to die for a bunch of rocks, man.

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: Where did they come from?

They walk outside and Jim looks around.

Jim: There's no roof access on any other building. (picks something up from the ground)

Blair: What's that?

Jim: Explosive bolt. Residue is still fresh. (looks upward)

Blair: You see something?

Jim: There was a cable attached up there. The other end of the cable was attached to the building across the street. The thieves must have use a remote control device to blow the bolts holding it down and then reeled it in when they got to the other side. With the fire and the party going on, who would notice, you know?

They go toward the building with the party going in inside.

Jim: (to two other cops) All right. You two come with me. All right. Split up and cover all the exits. (to the crowd gathered outside) Detective Ellison, Cascade P.D. Nobody leaves here without checking with me first.

They go inside. Woman at door stops them.

Calli: Excuse me, gentlemen. May I see your invitations, please?

Jim: (pulls out his badge to show her) Detective Ellison, Cascade P.D.

Calli: I'm sure you do a lot of wonderful things for the city, Officer, but this party is by invitation only.

Jim: Oh.

They continue on in anyway.

Calli: Excuse me? Officer? Ted. Two police officers just came in -- they're over there.

Ted: Thank you, Calli.

Calli: Yeah.

Blair: Jim, don't you think the circus has already left town?

Jim: No, no. They're not, uh...

Blair: What? Are you still getting that feeling?

Jim: Just as strong as it was before.

Man comes up to them.

Ted: Ted McCarthy, Chatfield's manager. I wondered if I might I have word with you.

Jim: Not now, please.

Ted: In that case, I must ask you and your friend to leave.

Jim: This is a police investigation.

Ted: And this is a private party. You have no right to come in here and insult my employees and disrupt the evening.

Jim: In case you haven't noticed, sir, we have a situation across the street. A security guard has been killed. A million dollars in jewels have been stolen and a fire has broken out.

Ted: Well, that's all very horrible indeed, but it has nothing to do with us.

Jim: We have reason to believe the perpetrators escaped to the roof of this building.

Ted: That's absurd. Have you any idea how many important people there are here this evening? I do not want them harassed.

Jim: Sir, our intentions are not to harass anybody. We just want to find out who's here so we can question them later on if necessary.

Ted: Very well. (walks off)

Jim: Thank you.

Simon enters the building.

Blair: You got something?

Jim: You know how many perfumes are in the air here, not to mention colognes, aftershaves?

Blair: So what, did you lose the trail or what?

Jim: I don't know. I'm just kind of confused right now. (sees Laura) What's she doing here?

Blair: Jim, there are no accidents, man. This is a sign from God. You must go. Go forward, man. (pushes him to Laura)

Simon: Jim.

Jim: Oh. Hi, Simon. (keeps going to Laura)

Simon: Ellison!

Jim meets up with Laura and they walk off together.

Simon reaches Blair's side.

Simon: What the hell's going on with Ellison? First, he calls me down here, telling me that he's got the place locked up. Then he walks away from me like I'm trying to sell him a time-share.

Blair: I don't know, Simon. He met this girl, and...

~Cut to Jim and Laura in a coat closet, kissing.~

Laura: You didn't tell me you were a cop.

Jim: You didn't tell me your name.

Laura: McCarthy...Laura McCarthy. I used to be married to...Ted's brother, Bruce.

~Cut to party. Two gentlemen in tuxes are trying to leave. Another man is trying to stop them.~

Man: Sorry, gents. Police have asked us to keep everybody inside. I'm serious. You got to stay inside. I mean, I'm really serious.

Simon: Get Ellison.

Blair goes off to find Jim. A fight breaks out. Simon intervenes and takes down one of the men trying to run. He finds stolen jewelry and watches in the man's pockets.

~Cut to Blair entering closet.~

Blair: Jim.

Jim and Laura stop kissing and what-not and look at him.

Jim: Uh...

Blair: Um... (chuckles nervously and leaves)

~Cut to party. Simon is handing off the petty thief to a uniform police officer.~

Simon: Go ahead. Get him out of here.

Jim appears with Blair.

Simon: Well, nice of you to join us.

Jim: I'm sorry, sir. I...

Simon: Drop it. Take a look at this. (shows him all the petty robbery stuff)

Behind them, Laura appears in the crowd. She sits down and a man stands next to her -- the man is the one who had been watching the Rayburn Tower earlier. They look at each other, then back at the cops.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene. Petty thieves are being taken out.~

Blair: What about all those watches and stuff?

Simon: High-priced pickpockets. You guys must have spooked them when you came in. Several of the guests have already identified many of the missing items.

Blair: So these aren't the thieves we're looking for?

Jim: Think about it. If you had just stolen a million dollars worth of jewelry from across the street, would you hang around to snag a couple extra watches?

Simon: It's been well over an hour since the fire. The real thieves must be long gone by now.

Jim: They're still in the building, Simon. Don't ask me how I know. I just do.

Simon: I can't explain away our presence to the deputy mayor and six members of the damn city council by saying you had a "feeling."

Jim: Simon...

Simon: Wrap it up! Now, that's an order.

~Pan to Laura and man watching them. Man leans over and whispers in Laura's ear.~

Bruce: No time like the present.

Laura stands and walks up a short step like she is leaving. Bruce follows and grabs her arm, swinging her around to face him. Jim picks up the conversation.

Bruce: If you want to tart yourself up and go out on the town with some policeman, you do it in someone else's restaurant.

Laura: It's none of your business what I do anymore, Bruce.

Bruce: You're a whore and a cheap one at that.

Laura throws a glass of wine into Bruce's face.

Jim: Excuse me. (walks to Laura) Are you okay?

Laura: Yeah. My ex-husband can really be a bastard. I don't know why he keeps doing this. He's been seeing Calli for months now. Want to take me home?

~Pan to bar where Simon and Blair are still standing.~

Simon: What the hell is with him tonight?

Blair: You see that girl over there?

Simon: The one he's going after like he just got out of jail?

Blair: It's the strangest thing, Simon. He just met her the other night and he's gotten totally infatuated with her.

Simon: And now he's acting like some teenager?

Blair: No, no, no, it's different than that. It's like he can't even reason. He's...working on pure instinct.

Simon: Like a dog.

Blair: Yeah, if you want to be crude about it. Yeah.

Simon: Works for me. (walks off)

Blair: Pure instinct...

~Cut to Bruce and Ted in a back room, looking at that stolen gems.~

Bruce: Sensational.

Ted: Lucky. We could have all died in that fire. And what about all those policemen running around? How did they figure out we were here so fast? They should have been chasing their tails for weeks.

Bruce: It was shoddy planning. We should never have attempted anything from this building.

Ted: The jewels were too good to pass up and the party was the perfect cover. We'd have been out of the country before they'd even figured it out-- if they ever did.

Bruce: It was foolish, and you know it.

Ted: Don't push me, mate. I haven't got the patience. Besides, it's Laura you should be angry with. She started that fire.

Bruce: That was an accident.

Ted: Maybe, but I still don't trust her. Stupid cow. I should've sent her out for stew months ago.

Bruce: You keep your hands off her.

Ted: What's wrong, Bruce? Calli can't keep you satisfied?

Bruce: Laura's stubborn. As soon as she thinks I'm serious about Calli, she'll come running.

Ted: She hasn't changed from the day you met her. She'll hitch her wagon to anyone she thinks she can use and then dump them -- like she did you. You saw how she was chatting to that police detective and how you got a drink thrown in your face.

Bruce: It was my idea, so he wouldn't suspect anything. And I had her follow him after the Rayburn Towers job to keep an eye on his investigation.

Ted: Why didn't you tell me about this?

Bruce: I didn't think it was...

Ted: That's right. You didn't think. Laura is capable of anything.

Bruce: So she is the perfect person to keep an eye on Ellison. He gets too close, she'll have no problem taking him out.

Ted: And what makes you think she won't use him to set us up?

Bruce: No. No.

Ted: Laura's a liability. And I aim to do something about it.

~Cut to Jim and Laura kissing and so forth at Laura's place.~

Jim: What's wrong?

Laura: I like you, Jim.

Jim: Well, I like you too.

Laura: If things were different...

Jim: What things?

Laura: Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.

They continue on...

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft the next morning. Jim enters. Blair is in his room and looks out to see Jim. Blair hangs up his coat, then walks into the kitchen area, picking up the coffee pot. One side of his shirt is untucked. Blair comes out.~

Blair: I wouldn't drink that if I were you.

Jim: Why's that?

Blair: We ran out of coffee. I'm reusing the grounds.

Jim: (drinks it anyway) It's not too bad. No breakfast?

Blair: Sorry.

Jim: Donuts?

Blair: No.

Jim: I'm sorry I ran out on you last night. I, uh... Well, I guess I got a little preoccupied. (walks off)

Blair: Preoccupied? I think I'd use a different word.

~Cut to a bit later. Jim is upstairs, changing clothes. Blair comes up.~

Blair: Hey, Jim, uh...we got to talk about something. Um... this woman...

Jim: Her name is Laura.

Blair: Right. Laura. Yeah. Don't you think your attraction to her is just a little bit off scale? I've been watching you, and...

Jim: Whoa, whoa. You've just crossed that line. You can study the sentinel thing all you want, but stay out of my personal life.

Blair: I have been studying, Jim, all night long, because I was sure that this experience you're having with Laura somehow factors into this thing at the crime scenes.

Jim: You're nuts.

Blair: I just hadn't made the connection yet.

Jim: There is no connection. There's just two ordinary human beings know, found each other.

Blair: There is nothing ordinary about this.

Jim: I don't want to analyze it, Sandburg, okay?

Blair: Think about it, Jim. When you saw her last night it was like nothing else on the planet... existed.

Jim: So what? Why do you want to rain on my parade?

Blair: You're going to have to go with me here because this is a little bit off the wall. But I think I know what's going on. Pheromones.

Jim: Pheromones.

Blair: Weah, yeah, listen to me for a second. Pheromones are a substance manufactured by the body. We've all got them -- it's been proven. Now there are these microscopic receptors in our nose which pick them up. It's kind of like when people say that you got chemistry with somebody. Well, we actually do have chemistry.

Jim: What is your point?

Blair: My point is that these feelings you're having at the crime scene are in response to Laura's pheromones. Your sentinel powers exaggerate them to the point of irrationality. It's the only logical explanation for what's going on with you.

Jim: No, no. I don't buy it.

Blair: Pheromones can stay active in the right environment for hours. That's why you were able to pick them up in hot spots at the crime scenes and why you could not detect anything that I got out of evidence lockup. But when we were in Chatfield's last night, you were 100% positive the thieves were still there. And then you zoned out completely...on her. Face it, Jim, she is part of this.

Jim: Prove it.

Blair hands Jim a wrapped object.

Blair: I want you to unwrap this and hold it in your hand.

Jim unwraps it to reveal a champagne glass.

Blair: Feel it?

Jim: Where'd you get this from?

Blair: Laura put it down on a tray last night and I grabbed it. That's her lipstick on the edge. I'm really sorry, man.

Jim: 'Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.'

Blair: Tell me what?

Jim: Something Laura said last night. Almost as she was...trying to confess.

~Cut to hotel safety deposit room. Bruce and Laura are inside with clerk just leaving.~

Clerk: There you go, sir.

Bruce: Thanks very much. (pulls out the safety deposit box for Laura to examine contents)

Bruce: Well, then?

Laura: It's all here.

Bruce: Ted hasn't been in today. I checked. Anyway, no reason to assume that's he's gonna to pull anything on us just yet.

Laura: What do you mean, "just yet"? (pause) Never mind. I just want my share and I'm out of here.

Bruce: It's too dangerous, especially after the fiasco last night.

Laura: "Fiasco" is right. What happened, Bruce?

Bruce: I explained it to you. Ted went across the wire too fast. I simply couldn't catch him in time to push him off. If we're to get away... with all of dear brother...has to appear to be caught in the act so the police think he did it alone. We'll just have to wait.

Laura: How long?

Bruce: Don't know. He's very angry at you for starting the fire. I was an accident. But things could get very sticky.

Laura: How?

Bruce: He wants to kill you. And me, too, I assume...just as much as we want to kill him. Don't worry. I'll make sure nothing happens to you.

He tries to kiss her, but she evades him.

Bruce: All right. Have it your way.

Laura: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

They kiss.

Laura: Everything's just been so confusing lately. I'm so scared.

Bruce: Did you get anything from that detective?

Laura: He thinks they're close to finding the thieves.

Bruce: In that case, we...we have no choice. You and I will take the jewels and leave Cascade today. Ted hasn't been here, so he still has the diamonds from last night. We've more than doubled that amount here. With any luck by the time they get Ted with what he's got, we'll be long gone. Freedom's worth a million, wouldn't you say?

They kiss again.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the truck going down the street. Still day.~

Blair: So how much did you tell her about the case?

Jim: Nothing. (pause) Just that we were getting close. Somewhere inside I just knew something wasn't right. You know, I just didn't want to accept it.

Blair: Well, of course, you didn't. I mean, hey, man, I still want to believe in Santa Claus. (pause) What's so different about this? That type of body chemistry doesn't come along every day and when it does, we have to believe that it's something more to keep us from seeing it for what it really is which is a purely instinctual reaction to another person's body chemistry. Jim, I have studied so many cultures and you know what? Nobody's got it figured out. I mean, hell, man, if someone ever did there would be no art, no poetry, no music.

Jim: I just don't get it, you know. How can it be chemical when what I'm feeling are real feelings?

Blair: They are. That's the paradox. I mean, as a sentinel, your body chemistry is going wild. But as a a man, it affects your feelings. One's not exclusive to the other, Jim.

They pull to a stop at an intersection. A blue jaguar comes around the corner and parks.

Jim: That's her apartment house. And that's her car. She's with her ex.

Bruce gets out and jogs across the street to Laura's red Porshe. Jim zooms in with his vision to see a woman sitting in the passenger seat. He spots an ankle bracelet on the woman's ankle. Bruce closes the passenger door, then gets in the driver's side. He starts the car and the car explodes.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Joel and Simon walking towards Major Crimes discussing the explosion.~

Joel: I think I pieced this one together, Simon. Two bodies in the car -- one male, one female.

Simon: Ellison had a visual make. He was in pursuit. The guy was Bruce McCarthy, a manager of Chatfield's.

Joel: Hmm. We found this in the debris field. Must have been thrown clear in the explosion. (gives Simon a bagged piece of evidence -- it's Laura ID)

Jim joins them.

Jim: What's going on?

Simon: Jim? (gives Jim the ID)

Jim: My god.

Simon: Look at it this way: Maybe she really was trying to confess.

Jim: Now we'll never know. (hands evidence back to Joel and walks into the bullpen. Simon follows)

Simon: Look, Jim, maybe you should take the rest of the day off. We can take it from here.

Jim: I prefer not to, sir. This is my case and, uh, I'm going to see it through.

Simon: Nobody would blame you, man, if you stepped away.

Jim: I would.

Blair comes in with a file.

Blair: You guys are not going to believe this.

Jim: Oh, good. (takes the file)

Simon: What?

Jim: Well, sir, I figured if Laura was involved in the robberies...well, take a look at this. I had an international search done on circus performers.

Simon: Ted McCarthy.

Blair: Yup. He was in an act called "The Flying Sullivans."

Jim: Yeah. They toured Europe and the United States from the early '30s into the '70s. Did all the usual stuff -- trapeze, highwire, pyramids -- but they also had a specialty, something nobody else did. They would form themselves into a ball and swing down from the ceiling and break through, uh...

Blair: They'd break through these huge panes of industrial glass.

Simon: Like the Rayburn robberies.

Blair: Ted and his brother were partners.

Jim: They took over the Sullivan act, revamped it, and toured around for a number of years before they got out of the business.

Simon: And started stealing jewels?

Blair: Right, right, and I guess they just picked up...Laura along the way somewhere.

Jim: So Ted McCarthy decides to eliminate his partners and take everything for himself. I guess he figured that by the time we identified the bodies in the car, he'd be long gone.

Simon: We have an address?

Blair: Cascade Towers Hotel.

Simon: I'll get you some backup.

Jim: Thank you, sir.

~Cut to Ted going to hotel desk.~

Clerk: Yes. Can I help you, sir?

Ted: I need my safe deposit key.

Clerk: That number again?

Ted: 132.

Clerk: Sorry. Here you go.

Ted: Thank you. (goes into room)

Ted opens safety deposit box. It's empty. As he leaves room, Jim and Blair pull up. They go to hotel desk.

Jim: Excuse me, sir.

Ted walks around behind them and pauses. He and Jim look at each other, then Ted runs. Jim and Blair follow him outside.

Jim: Hey!

Gunfire exchange.

Jim: You stay here.

Blair: You got it.

Jim chases Ted. Ted gets up to the roof. There is a cable stretching across from the roof to another building. He tests it, then takes off his shoes and climbs up to prepare to go across it. Jim comes out and shoots the cable before Ted can get very far. He pulls Ted down.

Jim: I never did like the circus. (punches Ted)

~Cut to Jim entering Laura's hotel room with a hotel clerk.~

Clerk: Mrs. McCarthy usually leaves word if she's expecting someone, Detective.

Jim: Mrs. McCarthy won't be coming back, sir. Thank you. I won't be long.

Clerk leaves, shutting the door. Jim walks around. Sees Laura's packed bags. He hears something and pulls out his gun.

Jim: Police officer. Come out of there with your hands where I can see them.

Laura steps out.

Jim: Laura!

Laura: Hi, Jim. Bet you're surprised to see me.

Long pause.

Jim: You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and may be used...

Laura: Stop it. Stop it. I told you it was a bad idea getting involved. I knew it would be dangerous...but I really liked you. You're the first good man I have met in so long.

Jim: I need to hear the truth, Laura.

Laura: That is the truth.

Jim: Well, I don't believe you. (pause) I'm waiting.

Laura stands near a post of the four-poster bed, leaning against it.

Laura: When I left Atlanta, I didn't...go to New York with an actor. I went to Sarasota...joined the circus. That's where I met Bruce and his brother. Look, Bruce told me this morning that Ted wanted to kill us. We were afraid.

Jim: Who was the woman in the car with Bruce?

Laura: Calli. We gave her my Porsche to keep her quiet. Bruce and I were going to leave town with the stuff we stole. It's right over there in the suitcase.

Jim: So Ted found out what was going on and planted the bomb?

Laura: Yes. Look...everyone thinks I'm dead. You don't have to tell anybody you saw me. You can say you found the stuff here and give it back. I'll just disappear. Please? (she kisses him) And maybe after some time goes by...we can see each other again. (more kisses) Do you think you could do that? Please say yes. Please. (more kisses)

Jim: All right.

Laura: Mmm. You mean it?

Jim: Just think of me from time to time.

He holds her hands up to the post, then cuffs them there.

Laura: What are you doing?

Jim: I'm helping you disappear.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim, Simon, and Blair.~

Jim: Her name isn't Laura McCarthy. It's Jane Cunningham. She and Bruce were never legally married. They met at the circus. At the time she was living with some guy whose specialty was pyrotechnics -- taught her everything she knows. She blew the safes for Ted and Bruce.

Blair: Ted had the diamonds on him from last night's robbery. When he found out he was finished, just bleah! spilled the whole thing.

Simon: So Laura was the one who really blew the car.

Jim: She wanted to have it all.

They walk out of the bullpen.

Simon: And was willing to kill two people to get it.

Jim: Yup.

Simon: It's been a while since I was that turned around by a woman.

Jim: I hear that.

They pause at the doorway.

Blair: Oh, man. Happens to me at least three or four times a week. Of course, most of these girls don't even know that I'm alive.

Jim: That's the difference between pheromones and hormones.

Jim turns to look at an older woman who walks by, then looks back at Simon and Blair for a moment, then starts to smile.

Jim: Just kidding. (walks down hallway)

~ The End ~