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True Crime

Written by: Daniel Levine
Directed by: Tony Westman
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Elizabeth Mitchell (Wendy Hawthorne), Scott Cleverdon (Connor), Walton Goggins (Mick), John Tench (Jack), Jackson Cole (Eddie), Kavan Smith (Quinn), Lance Gibson (Frank), Andrew Wheeler (Bank Manager), Colin Lawrence (Ray), John Destry (Pete).

Summary: An investigation into a series of bank heists becomes complicated when the key to solving the crimes falls to the film crew of a "Cops" type show, whose ambitious producer may have helped the criminals. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on October 9, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Bank. Day. A long-haired man comes into the Datta Credit Union and sets down a silver case. He scans the area while reading a brochure. He checks his watch. Outside, a blue van blues up and men get out. Long-haired man leaves; the silver case remains where it is. A few other men enter. One stops to talk to the guard at the door.~

Guard: He's right over there. (points across the room)

Man #1: (to bank manager) Excuse me, sir. We had a bomb threat called in. We have to evacuate this area immediately. Disposal team's on the way.

Manager: Oh, my god. But...

Man #1: Now, sir.

Outside, the long-haired man pushes a button on a remote. The case inside explodes. A few screams and startled exclamations. The man talking to the bank manager pulls out a gun and holds it up to the manager.

Man #1: Show us the vault.

Man and manager head to vault as all the patrons exit the bank rapidly, scared.

Man #2: A minute, thirty.

Manager: The combination won't do you any good. The vault's on a time lock.

Man #1: Indulge me.

Manager: 3...37...19...46...6.

Man #1 types in code as manager talks.

Another man gets out of blue van outside, carrying a bag labeled "bomb squad". He enters bank.

Man #1: And the override code?

Man #3: We're cool outside.

Manager: Good. Our friend here's got temporary tongue lock.

Man #3: Ah, I can fix that. (hits manager)

Man #2: Two minutes.

Man #3: What is it? What is it? (hits him again)

Manager: 12...21...4...1

Man #1 types in code. Man #3 hits bank manager again.

Man #1: That's enough.

Man #2: Two-thirty.

Man #1: Let's do it.

They start to empty vault.

~Cut to bank a bit later. Simon, Jim, and Blair. Still day.~

Simon: The device was basically a smoker with a lot of bang. It was designed to cause a panic not do any serious damage.

Blair: Looks like it worked.

Jim: How much did they get?

Simon: Two million plus.

Blair: Two million?

Jim: Any of it marked?

Simon: Just the cash they left behind. They obviously knew the difference.

Jim: Let me guess -- no prints, no clues.

Simon: We'll run the briefcase through the lab, see what they can pick up.

Blair: You guys know what I could do with two million dollars? The studies...

Jim: The mind boggles, Chief.

Jim: Is this the same crew that hit Orion Savings last week?

Simon: It's got to be. Same M.O.

Jim: Three inside, one driver.

Simon: Yeah. They stole the van off the department's repair lot. We found it ditched down the road a couple miles. At Orion, it was a hazmat truck and a phony gas leak.

Jim: Pretty slick, even for pros.

Simon: They sure know their way around a vault. The override code only works for five minutes out of the hour. During that five minutes is the only time they can override the time lock. The schedule changes daily. Somehow those guys figured that out and were in at the right moment.

Blair: Either that or they got incredibly lucky.

Jim: Nobody's that lucky. How's the bank manager?

Simon: Concussion, broken ribs.

Jim: At Orion, they shot a bank teller in the leg when she went for the silent alarm.

Simon: If we don't solve this soon, somebody'll end up dead.

~Cut to Jim and Blair leaving bank.~

Woman: Can we get a statement?

Man: Why is the department coming up empty? Is it open season on Cascade banks?

Jim: You know damn well Cascade P.D. is doing everything it can to catch these guys which we will do if you stop tripping over your tongues and creating a panic. Thank you.

Blair: (laughing) Very diplomatic.

Jim and Blair walk toward the truck; reporters follow.

Woman: Any suspects? Was anyone hurt?

~Cut to Connor and Wendy watching Jim and Blair.~

Connor: Want me to get this?

Wendy: No. It's a snooze.

Connor: Hell, Wendy, we keep coming up empty.

Wendy: Don't worry. We'll find an edge. Let me see. (takes camera)

Connor: Who is he?

Wendy: (looks through camera at Jim) Detective James Ellison. Major Crimes. Best case record in the city. He's one of the cops in the file. Research picked him out for us. The camera loves him.

Connor: Sounds like he doesn't love it.

Wendy: Maybe I can change his mind.

~Cut to Major Crimes bullpen. Next day. Jim is at his desk when Blair walks in.~

Blair: Hey, Matson, how are you doing? Hey, Jim.

Jim: Okay, what's her name?

Blair: Well, can't a guy be happy for some reason other than, you know...

Jim: Not you.

Blair: All right. It was Emily.

Jim: You kids today.

Simon comes in , joining them.

Simon: Jim. The Chief caught your little speech on television last night. Congratulations. As of this morning, you'll be heading up the bank robberies case.

Blair: All right. Blew his socks off, huh?

Simon: I believe his exact words were "Tell Ellison to put up or shut up."

Jim: Bring him on.

Simon: There's also a part two. You'll be babysitting a team from True Crime during your investigation.

Jim: What Crime?

Blair: True Crime. It's a reality-based syndicated television show that goes to different cities, follow cops, and films them at work.

Jim: Time out. I'll pass on this one.

Simon: The decision's already been made. You'll be working with the show's producer -- a woman named Wendy Hawthorne and her camera man.

Jim: Wait a minute, Simon, you've got to be kidding me.

Blair: What if he zones out?

Simon: Look. This come straight from the Chief. Let's just deal with this, all right? (walks away)

~Cut to garage. Jim is with Wendy and Connor handing them ID badges. Connor has his camera rolling.~

Jim: These are to be worn at all times. Please wear them where they can be seen. I don't know how you sold the Chief on all of this...

Wendy: I told him I wanted to show a hard-working, highly-skilled police team in action, not create a panic.

Blair joins them.

Blair: You must have heard Jim's speech.

Wendy: And agreed with every word. What I'm proposing is not your typical piece. I want to present your message to the public. Think documentary, "a day in the life" -- your life, Detective Ellison.

Jim: One step over the line, You can think, "bye-bye."

Wendy: Whatever you say.

Blair: Hey, I got the videotape from the bank security cameras.

Jim: Good. Let's go to communications.

Wendy: Why don't you use the playback in my van. We've got advanced imaging capabilities you wouldn't believe.

Connor: State-of-the-art, mate.

~Cut to everyone inside van as they watch security video.~

Wendy: So, tell me about the real James Ellison -- what your hobbies are, what you dream about, um...all the things you think.

Jim: Stop.

Blair: Jim, calm down. It might be fun. Just relax.

Jim: The tape. Stop the tape. Back it up. Bring it back. Right there. Stop. (tries to focus in on the watch on the long-haired man, but can't) Uh, can you...go in closer on the watch and clean it up?

Connor does so.

Wendy: What is it?

Blair: That's a limited edition Mickey Mantle watch.

~Cut to bank robbers' hideout. The long haired man (aka Man #3) is hitting baseballs in a batters' cage).~

Mick: Oh! Upper deck, baby.

Jack (aka Man #1) walks over to edge of cage to talk to him.

Jack: Mick, would you cut the crap and get over here? We've got work to do. (goes back to a table where three other men are counting and sorting the money)

Mick: (coming over to join them) I'm going to need some of my end if this jersey comes in I ordered comes in. Number seven -- the "Mick" himself, baby.

Jack: Now is not the time to be spreading around a lot of cash.

Mick: But it's my cash.

Quinn (aka Man #2): Correction. It's our cash.

Mick: I'm not talking about your share, Quinn.

Jack: One last job, Mick, and we'll have all the money we said we needed when we started this thing. We stick around for six months, let things cool, then we go our separate ways. You can't wait? You want early retirement? That can be arranged.

Mick: You're the boss.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim and Blair talking to Simon.~

Jim: We called every sports memorabilia store and we finally found what we're looking for. A guy fitting the description of the bank robber wearing the watch. He ordered an original Mantle jersey three weeks ago. Told the store owner he'd be in to pick it up.

Simon: Tell me more about this watch.

Blair: It was a collector's edition of a thousand. The thing costs like a ton.

Jim: Yeah. And the bank manager also heard one of the gang call the guy, "Mick."

Simon: And you're sure only a collector would want this watch?

Blair: Yeah. Absolutely.

Simon: How you know this stuff?

Blair: You see, I do some collecting myself, Simon. Cards, mostly. I own a bat though that once belonged to Nolan Ryan.

Simon: Ryan was a pitcher.

Blair: Yeah, I know. That's the reason I could afford it.

Simon: Sounds a little thin to me.

Blair: Well, you see, with some enthusiasts, it's a specific team or year. With me, it's 1961 and still with others, it's a specific player like, um...

Jim: An obsession?

Blair: Right. Thank you. Exactly. Like Mantle-mania. Now items like this can only be picked up exclusively at specialty outlets.

Jim: The plan is to put Blair in the store and wait for the guy to show.

Simon: Undercover?

Jim: Yes, sir.

Simon: I don't like it.

Jim: Come on, Captain.

Simon: No.

Blair: I know this stuff. It'll be a snap. We've already talked to the store owner.

Jim: All he'll have to do is signal us, sir. He'll be secure. I've thought this through.

Blair: I want to help.

Simon: All right, all right. It's your case.

Jim: Thank you, sir. Good coffee.

Simon: I don't want to be hearing about this on the evening news.

Jim: Not a chance, sir.

~Cut to the loft. Morning. Jim in bed. He starts to hear something from below -- voices outside the front door. He gets up, gets his gun from under his pillow, and goes downstairs (in just his boxers). He wakes Blair (in a tank top and boxers) and they tiptoe over to the door.~

Woman: I don't know. What? No. Well, that's too bad. Shh. What? No, just... Get the camera. Just trust me. What?

Jim yanks the door open, gun pointed -- to find Wendy and Connor there.

Connor: Don't shoot, mate, it's only us.

Jim: What the hell are you two doing?

Wendy: Roll camera.

Connor: Wendy, he has a gun.

Wendy: Well, guns are good. This is a cop show. Roll camera. Connor, keep rolling. Remember, never ever stop shooting until I tell you to.

Jim: Sandburg, you better take this gun, 'cause I'm going to shoot them.

Blair: Jim, you don't want to do that.

Jim: I'm gonna shoot them.

Wendy: This is exactly the look we're going for -- the gun, the bod, the whole image. (moves inward to door)

Jim: (to Blair, handing him the gun) Hold this, hold this. (starts closing the door)

Wendy: Really... nice. Really nice. Listen, could we just get you...brushing your teeth with your shoulder holster on maybe? In a towel? No. Okay...a "day in the life," right?

Jim closes door.

~Cut to surveillance van. Day. Jim, Wendy, and Connor are watching video monitor of inside the sports store where Blair is in position behind the counter with the store owner.~

Wendy: You know, you have a very good look, Detective -- solid, capable... but not dull. Tough, yet sensitive. If you'd only smile a little more often.

Jim: What? Am I auditioning for some toothpaste ad? I'm a cop, not a debutante.

Wendy: I could do you good. A little extra recognition...publicity wouldn't hurt your career any.

Jim: My career's doing just fine, thank you very much.

Wendy: Everyone's career could use a push.

Jim: I'm really not interested.

Wendy: Look, I just want to do a good job. All I do is report the truth.

Jim: Your truth.

Wendy: Is it me you don't like, Detective? Or just what I do for a living?

Jim: Is there a difference?

~Cut to inside sports store. Mick enters and goes to counter.~

Mick: Hi. I, uh, called about a Mantle jersey yesterday. I'm here to pick it up.

Store owner gets nervous.

Blair: I have this one.

Mick: What's the matter with him?

Blair: Oh, nothing. (goes down to get jersey and presses the signal button for Jim)

~Cut to van.~

Jim: You two stay put. I'll let you know when it's safe. (leaves van)

~Cut to store. Blair puts box with Mantle jersey on counter and uncovers it.~

Blair: You'll love this. Yeah. It's in beautiful, beautiful condition. Check that out.

Mick: Oh, my god, man.

Blair: Do you believe that?

Mick: '64 Mantle, huh?

Blair: Uh-huh.

Mick: Ooh. Mickey Mantle.

Blair: That's dirt from sliding into second base.

Jim enters store and stands off to the side.

~Cut to van. Wendy and Connor pull ID badges and leave van.~

Wendy: Let's get closer.

They head toward store, Connor with his camera out and rolling.

~Cut to inside. Blair sees Wendy and Connor outside. Jim doesn't.~

Blair: (to Jim) Be right with you, sir.

Mick turns and sees Wendy and Connor outside. He pulls a gun. Jim pulls out his.

Jim: Freeze!

Mick starts shooting, taking out the glass window, plus half the store. Wendy and Connor duck out of the way. Mick runs out the back of the store, still shooting. Jim stands finally and glares out the shattered window.

Jim: Idiots! Sandburg, you all right back there?

Blair: Yeah, yeah. We're fine. (uses jersey on store owner's arm, which is bleeding)

Jim chases Mick into the alley. Gunfire exchanged. Jim eventually tackles Mick and cuffs him. Wendy and Connor appear with the camera, getting closer and closer. Sirens can be heard approaching in the distance.

Jim: Get that thing out of here!

Wendy: Get it in his face.

Jim: I told you to stay put!

Wendy: Get it on camera.

Blair appears.

Blair: You got him?

Jim: I told you to stay put.

Wendy: Look, we didn't mean...

Jim: I don't care what you say, lady. This ends now! Take a hike! (to arriving officer) Get 'em out of here. (walks off)

Connor sees Mick's cellphone on the ground and takes it before he leaves.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Mick in the interrogation room.~

Jim: Wanna start with the easy questions first? Who are you?

Mick: Well, who are any of us, really?

Jim: Your name.

Mick: My friends call me Mick, but you can call me sir.

Jim: Just be grateful I don't call you an ambulance.

Mick: Oh, man, you're no fun. You know, I don't think I want to talk to you anymore.

Jim: Call yourself a lawyer.

Mick: No, thank you. I'm already having a bad day.

Jim: No, it's... actually just begun. (opens door)

Mick: Mr. police officer. Would you take care of my jersey, man? I paid good money for that.

Jim leaves.

~Cut to Simon's office. Simon and Blair already there examining Mick's wallet as Jim comes in.~

Simon: How's our boy?

Jim: A real charmer. Anything here?

Simon: Prints came up negative. All the I.D.'s are phony.

Blair: Would you guys look at this? A '62 Maris in mint condition. There's notes about collectibles here. A DiMaggio autographed baseball...175 bucks. You believe that?

Jim: Let me see this. This is a deposit slip from Keefer Savings and Loan.

Blair: Maybe he's got an account there.

Simon: Maybe that's their target. We should stake it out.

Jim: No, no, no. No good. Once they figure out Mick is missing, they'll pull the plug. Unless...

Blair: What?

Jim: Unless we can convince them it's safe to do the job.

~Cut to bullpen. Jim and Blair at Jim's desk. Wendy comes in, very mad, dropping jackets and badges on Jim's desk. Jim stands up and goes around desk to talk to her.~

Wendy: Have you ever heard of freedom of the press, Detective?

Jim: Miss Hawthorne, glad you're here.

Wendy: We were invited along and promised access, and, by the way, while citizens of Cascade consider you to be a great cop, to me you're nothing more than an arrogant, insecure, misogynist jerk!

Jim: Miss Hawthorne... You are right. I'm sorry. I was rude and dictatorial. I was just trying to do my job. I know you were doing yours.

Wendy: Right...

Jim: I'm hoping that you and Connor will reconsider and continue to work with us in the spirit of civic cooperation. Please accept my, uh, humblest apology.

Wendy: I accept your apology.

Jim: Thank you, Miss Hawthorne.

Wendy: You can call me Wendy.

Jim: Okay. You can call me Jim.

Blair: Call me stunned.

Jim: Uh, Miss Hawth...Wendy...I need you to do me a favor.

Wendy: Of course you do.

~Cut to loft. Blair at the table with his laptop open. Jim comes in with some files.~

Blair: Hey, Jim, what'd you get?

Jim: The F.B.I. faxed us a profile of all the unsolved multiple-bank robberies across the country in the last ten years.

Blair: Well, all right.

Jim: Phoenix, Detroit, Atlanta were all committed within the last five years.

Blair: These guys like to move around.

Jim: Yeah. In each city they did exactly three jobs then dropped out of sight. Then it's a year or more before the next city. The pattern doesn't change.

Blair: Are we sure these are the same guys?

Jim: Well, the M.O.'s are identical in every case except for the first job they ever did. There was four of them, not three. They killed a bank guard, shot him in the head.

Blair: Oh, man.

Jim: You got any cheery news here?

Blair: Well, actually, sort of cheery. Surfing the net here a little bit checking out Miss Wendy Hawthorne. Turns out she was pretty hot stuff. She was a segment producer of a major weekly news magazine show.

Jim: How'd she wind up on True Crime?

Blair: Well, she faked a story to make it more dramatic. They caught her and fired her. She hasn't worked in four years. I guess this is her shot at a comeback.

Jim: I wish I'd known -- I asked her to manipulate a story here.

Blair: Well, Jim, this is for a good cause, man.

Jim: I'm sure that's what she told herself the first time.

~Cut to bank robbers' hide-out.~

Quinn: Well, Mick has always been a screw-up. Assume he's gone. I say we're better off without him anyway.

Jack: Mick wouldn't leave without the money. We pack it in, gents. We leave town tonight.

Frankie: Man, Jack, that S&L is fat. Now, we figure what? Four or five mil.

Jack: Can't spend it in jail, Frankie.

~Cut to Connor in Wendy's van by himself. Day. He takes out Mick's phone and dials.~

~Cut to bank robbers' hideout where the cellphone rings. Jack answers it.~

Jack: Where the hell have you been? Mick? Hello?

Connor: Sorry. Wrong number. (hangs up)

Eddie: I say we give it a few hours. He could call or walk in at anytime.

Quinn: I don't think so -- check this out, guys. (turns up the volume on the TV)

Footage on TV shows shot-up sports memorabilia store, including the bloodied Mantle jersey.

Wendy: (TV voiceover) No official statement yet as to the identify of the man who onlookers say engaged undercover officers in a spectacular gun battle in this memorabilia shop today. Unconfirmed rumors report that the suspect may have been fatally wounded. Police continue to investigate. This is Wendy Hawthorne for P.O.V. We'll keep you informed as new information is available.

Quinn: Mick and that damn jersey.

Eddie: I guess it's a four-way split now.

Frankie: What about the S&L?

Jack: I'll call Cascade P.D. and check. If Mick has been offed...we're back on.

Quinn: As planned?

Jack: No. We improvise.

~Cut to outside S&L. Day. Jim, Blair, Simon and SWAT team setting up outside. Wendy and Connor are there as well.~

Simon: You sure it's them?

Jim: Yeah, it's them.

Simon: Why on a Sunday? It's not their pattern.

Blair: Change of plans, losing Mick?

Jim: Good thing we staked it out. They took out that alarm in five minutes flat.

Simon: Jim, this has got to be an inside job.

Blair: They can't all be inside jobs, can they?

Simon: We got all our units in position?

Jim: Everything's set.

Wendy and Connor try to move closer. Jim waves them back.

Jim: No, no. You're going to have to wait back by the van. You can set up behind us.

Wendy: What?

Jim: We have armed suspects inside. For your safety.

Wend: We want to film the entire operation.

Jim: This isn't up for debate.

Wendy: I did you a favor; you owe me.

Jim: You'll get your exclusive, from back there.

Connor: We've been scammed.

Jim: Call it what you want. Please.

They got back to Wendy's van.

Wendy: I call it a crock.

Connor opens Mick's cellphone, dials it, and places it open on the roof of a car before going back to his van. Jim hears the phone ring inside.

Blair: Jim, what is it?

Jim: A cell phone's ringing inside the bank.

~Cut to inside bank where the bank robbers stop and look at phone.~

Eddie: Another wrong number?

Jack: Let's find out. (answers it)

~Cut to back outside. Robbers inside can hear what is being said.~

Jim: It stopped.

Blair: Can you hear anything else?

Simon: Is the perimeter still clear? I want a check of all units by the number. On my count. Go.

Jim: I'm getting a weird echo effect.

Simon: Perimeter's still clear.

Jim: Let's move in now.

Simon: Jim, it's better to take them coming out.

Jim: I just don't like this, Simon.

Simon: All right, move in all the units.

Officer: Roger.

~Cut to inside.~

Jack: Cops. (hangs up)

~Cut to outside.~

Simon: All units, go, go, go!

Police move in. Front of bank explodes, sending debris and cars flying. Officers fall back, landing hard on the pavement.

Jim: All right, fall back!

More explosions. Wendy and Connor move in.

Jim: You all right?

Wendy: Get in there, right in.

Jim: Get out of here! Move on!

Wendy: Get in.

Ambulance pulls in.

Jim: You all right, buddy? Over here!

Wendy: Get the entire thing. Over there. Good.

Jim: Medic! Let's get a medic over here! (to an officer) Hang in there, partner. Keep breathing.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing same scene a bit later. Wendy being interviewed in background. Simon comes up to Jim and Blair. Jim's arm is bandaged.~

Wendy: Yes, well, right place right time -- we got lucky.

Simon: How's the arm?

Jim: It's nothing. How's Anderson?

Simon: They got him in surgery.

Jim: He's got a family, doesn't he?

Simon: Couple of kids. Our guys checked out the alley behind the bank. There was a loose manhole cover. We traced the sewer to an outlet beyond our perimeter. Probably had a car waiting.

Blair: This was their plan? To drag a couple million bucks through the sewer?

Jim: They figured they'd waltz right out. The sewer was a back door. It's standard guerrilla tactics -- always have a second option and make it dirty.

Simon: You thinking these guys are ex-military?

Jim: It's as good a guess as any.

Simon: I'm going to the hospital -- check on Anderson and the others.

Jim: Keep me posted.

Simon: Yeah. (leaves)

Blair: Now what?

Jim: We get some sleep, try and clear our heads. (starts toward truck)

Blair: I was just in the van, checking out the footage they shot. Playing on the news all over the country. It's pretty amazing stuff. You seen it yet?

Jim: I can see it just by closing my eyes.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck a bit later, still at scene. They pause to look over scene.~

Jim: It was my operation. It's my fault.

Blair: Don't do this to yourself, Jim.

Jim: Now the phone call into the bank -- it all went sour from there.

Blair: Yeah. You said you were getting some kind of weird echo effect.

Jim: Yeah. Like I was hearing what you and I and the captain were saying, but from inside the bank.

Blair: Well, that's impossible. I mean, there'd have to be an open line between us...and the bank.

Jim: What if the call originated from near the command post?

Blair: But there were only cops out there.

Jim: Uh-uh. No, not only cops. There was somebody else. And she had a cell phone.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim, Simon, and Wendy. Next day.~

Wendy: What gives you the right to search my van? I've called the station's lawyers and the commissioner's office. I don't know what game you're playing, but you're going to lose.

Simon: (holds up a bagged cellphone) This phone was reported stolen eight months ago. The number is a clone. According to the phone company says it called another clone number the same time we heard a phone ring inside the bank. We believe someone outside used it to warn the suspects.

Wendy: Who?

Jim: The phone originally belonged to a person we have in custody. His prints were all over it. We think he lost it during the arrest.

Wendy: You're accusing me.

Simon: You and Connor were at the arrest at the memorabilia shop. You were also the only non-department personnel outside the bank.

Wendy: You just bought yourself a big fat lawsuit, gentlemen.

Jim: We found the phone in your van, locked in an equipment box.

Simon: The charges pending against you, if you're wondering, would be evidence tampering, aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice...

Jim: And if that cop in the hospital dies, you'll be accessory to manslaughter.

Wendy: This is ridiculous.

Simon: Are you denying you made the phone call?

Wendy: Categorically. Am I under arrest?

Simon: Not at the moment.

Wendy: Are my prints or Connor's on that phone?

Simon: No.

Wendy: Why would I do such a thing?

Jim: 'Cause you're desperate to pump up your story. Instead of filming a simple arrest, you get World War III.

Wendy: People were hurt.

Jim: Exactly.

Wendy: I wouldn't do that.

Jim: Well, you already have.

Wendy: You had me investigated?

Jim: It's a good thing I did, huh?

Wendy: That was different.

Jim: Was it.

Wendy leaves.

~Cut to interrogation room. Jim and Mick.~

Jim: We're way beyond armed robbery and aggravated assault, Mick. We've got a cop in critical condition. And if we can identify you from bank security tapes, we've got you nailed for the first-degree murder of a guard in Detroit. Now, you can make a deal with us...but the clock's ticking.

Mick: What is it that you want to know?

Jim: Your real name for a start and the names and present whereabouts of the rest of your crew.

Mick: After what happened, they're probably on a plane to the Caribbean.

Jim is listening to Mick's heartbeat.

Jim: That's too bad. 'Cause you're left holding the bag.

Mick: I want to talk to a lawyer.

Jim: Oh, I guess you're having another bad day.

~Cut to communications room. Simon, Jim, and Blair. Ray (communications guy) is there, with headphones on.~

Jim: I figure we've got one shot at this. If I read him right and Mick is lying, they're still here.

Blair: Are you sure you heard his heartbeat increase when you were asking him the questions?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: His pupils begin to dilate, started to perspire?

Jim: Yeah.

Simon: Boys, boys. This is not an exact science, even with a machine.

Blair: He's all we got.

Jim: I figure if they answer the phone, it's gonna be out of curiosity. They're gonna want to know who helped them last night and find out who their unknown accomplice is. So I'll try and play the role the best I can. But I figure the minute they catch on, they're going to hang up.

Ray takes off his headphones for a moment.

Simon: How much time do you need, Ray?

Ray: For an exact fix -- 60 seconds. Whenever you're ready.

Jim: Let's do it.

Simon: I got units standing by. Go ahead.

~Cut to robbers' hangout.~

Frankie: Son of a bitch sold us out.

Jack: If he'd sold us out, we'd be to our elbows in cops.

Quinn: Then who made the call?

Eddie: Yeah, Mick would have said something.

Jack: Guys, guys, all anybody needed was Mick's phone.

Cellphone rings. Jack picks it up.

Jack: Time me. 45 seconds.

Quinn: Done.

Jack: Go. (answers) Yeah, who's this?

Jim: I saved your ass yesterday.

Jack: Prove it.

Jim: You're still walking around.

Jack: You sound different.

Jim: Maybe there's more than one of us.

Jack: So, what do you want, pal?

Jim: A piece of the action.

Jack: Put Mick on.

Jim: Who's Mick?

Quinn: Time.

Jack: Don't bother calling again, cop. (hangs up)

~Cut to communications room.~

Ray: Somewhere near the harbor.

Blair: That's half the city.

Jim: Smart bastard. If I say I know Mick, they know he's alive. If I don't, I'm lying.

Simon: Did you get that all on tape?

~Cut to holding cell area. Eddie and Frankie arrive (in cop uniforms) and talk to guard, who is eating a sandwich.~

Eddie: We have an authorization to move a prisoner. (shows him a clipboard with forms on it)

Guard: That's your 608. Where's your 1142? You guys can never remember -- we need a 608 and an 1142.

Eddie pulls back the top form to show a second one. Guard signs off on the forms.

Frankie: Good-looking grill. Is that Manny's?

Guard: Yeah.

Eddie: Manny's rules, huh?

Guard: He's all yours. (pushes a button)

~Cut to Eddie and Frankie bringing Mick out and loading him into a van.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. All the robbers are in the van.~

Mick: Man was I glad to see you guys, man. I knew you guys would come back for me. Hey, listen, about what happened in that bank, man. I had nothing to do with that. Jack, I swear, man, I kept my mouth shut.

Jack: Yeah. We believe you, Mick.

Mick: So what's the plan?

Jack: We retire your number.

Mick: What?

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim, Blair, and Simon. Simon slaps a picture of Mick, very dead, on the table.~

Simon: They found him on a little league diamond.

Blair: Center field.

Jim: Dead center.

Simon: These punks are making fools out of us. Now they walk into my station, steal my prisoner?

Jim: Well, this puts us right back to square one, sir. We don't have solid descriptions of these suspects or any idea where they're holed up. Nothing.

Simon: Think they'll hit another bank?

Jim: No.

Blair: Well that's something. It's not enough, of course -- not nearly enough, Captain. Sorry.

~Cut to Major Crimes hallway. Wendy comes up to meet Jim and Blair.~

Wendy: Detective Ellison.

Blair: Uh, I'll meet you down at the car. (leaves)

Wendy: This is probably a waste of time.

Jim: Probably.

Wendy: I didn't do it, any of it.

Jim: Well, I hope for your sake that's true.

Wendy: If it's not?

Jim: I hope you get what you deserve.

Wendy: Four years ago I saw an opportunity to take a good story and make it great. I was ambitious and stupid. I got caught. The story never aired, but my career was ruined. I was the only one who got hurt. I have no one to blame but myself. I've spent the last four years regretting my actions on a lot of levels. I know the line. I won't cross it -- not for anything. I wish I could make you believe that. (walks away)

~Cut to loft. Jim and Blair listening to the taped conversation between Jim and head bank robber, Jack.~

Jack: (on tape) Yeah, who's this?

Jim: (on tape) I saved your ass yesterday.

Blair: Anything?

Jim: (on tape) You're still walking around, aren't you?

Jim: Just the voices.

Blair: All right, just filter them out. Concentrate. Try to listen to the background.

Jack: (on tape) Put Mick on.

Jim: (on tape) Who's Mick?

Jack: (on tape) Don't bother calling again, cop.

Jim begin hear a squeaking noise.

Jim: What was that?

Blair: Uh, what?

Jim: A high-pitched, metal against metal? You know, vibration?

Blair: Did it sound familiar?

Jim: Kind of like, uh...somebody going... (imitates squeaking noise)

Blair: What'd it sound like?

Jim imitates the sound again and Blair starts to chuckle.

Jim: ...Aw, man.

Blair: A sentinel you may be, but Rich Little you are not, my friend.

Jim: All right, let's just pack it in. (gets up)

Blair: Well, come on, man. Don't give up. I was just joking.

~Cut to Wendy pulling up outside her van. Day. She waits as she hears Connor talking to someone on the phone.~

Connor: That's right, mate. We're talking about footage held back from the networks. Yeah, I've got it all on tape from the moment the fireworks began and the cops hit the deck. Yeah, there's nothing like being in the right spot at the right time. Look, you have a word with your people. You know my price. (hangs up)

Wendy opens the door. Connor comes out.

Wendy: I've been looking for you, Connor. If it wasn't me, it had to be my trusted, loyal cameraman.

Connor: Had to be what?

Wendy: You took the phone; You made the calls. You were letting me take the heat.

Connor: You're crazy.

Wendy: You were too ready outside that bank. Either you spill your guts now or I call Ellison. I don't think you want him on your case. Do you have any idea how serious this is?

Connor: I didn't know what would happen.

Wendy: Why didn't you tell me?

Connor: After those cops gut hurt? I couldn't. I was going to get rid of the phone, but I didn't have time.

Wendy: I can't believe this. Idiot.

Connor: It doesn't matter -- it'll blow over. We don't have to do or say anything and it won't happen again, I promise. I was just looking for an you taught me.

Wendy: That edge cuts both ways.

Connor: You know how it is when you're starting out.

Wendy: Yeah, I do. I spent four years thinking about it.

Connor: Four years? You lost me, Wendy.

Wendy: The cops will find out. You could face criminal charges.

Connor: Look, please, help me. I'll do whatever you want.

Wendy: So far we've done nothing but get in the way. Maybe if we could be of some help.

Connor: Wait. This was with the phone. It might be nothing, but... (gives her several little pieces of paper)

Wendy: You've had this the entire time. What goes through your head? Looks like we have an address here.

~Cut to loft. Jim and Blair. Same day. Jim sitting on the couch. Blair sitting on the floor in front of the TV as they watch the surveillance tapes.~

Blair: Robberies are always similar but never exactly the same, are they?

Jim: All banks are different -- different hours, routines, security systems.

Blair: Yeah, but who gonna know about it except people who work there? They can't all be inside jobs; we've already been over that. So it's got to be something else. These guys were... they were what? They were cops, they were ex-military...

Jim: Bank guards. Who'd know the banks' routines better?

Blair: No, no, wait. Mick's prints, they came up negative. If he was a guard, they'd be registered somewhere, right.

Jim: Including Mick we know there are five at least, right? They do three jobs in each city. All they need is for one guy to be at each bank. Three guys. Mick doesn't have to be a guard.

Blair: Right. They come into town, they get jobs at banks, they learn the routines, hit all three and then split.

Both stand.

Jim: Right, but not right away. They hang around for a while and they continue to work. This way it throws off all the possibility of them being suspects. That's why they're still here.

Blair: Right, so all we need are the home addresses for guards hired in the last year or so at each bank.

Jim: No.

Blair: No?

Blair: What are you doing?

Jim puts a tape in the VCR and plays it, freezing it on a frame of the bank guard for the Datta robbery -- it's Frankie.

Jim: All we need is his address. (pointing at the bank guard from the bank) Remember their first job they ever did? They killed the bank guard. What better way to throw off suspicion than to be a guard at the bank that's being robbed.

Blair: Right.

Jim: Pretty damn smart.

Blair: Who's that? Us or them?

Jim: Both.

Blair: Right.

~Cut to Wendy and Connor walking up to warehouse, from the address they got from the papers with the phone. Still day.~

Wendy: This looks deserted.

Connor: Maybe you should try calling Ellison again.

Wendy: Well, we really don't have anything. All we have is a receipt showing Mick had a batting cage delivered to this address two months ago. It's probably a wild goose chase.

Connor turns around to film behind them. Jack and Quinn come out of warehouse.

Wendy: Connor, turn around.

Connor: What is it? (turns, with camera rolling)

Quinn takes out his gun and points it at them.

Jack: Haven't I seen you two on TV? (zaps them both with a tazer)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Blair in the truck driving. Jim talking on the phone. Still day.~

Jim: It's an enormous industrial warehouse, Simon. It may take us a while to find them. Right. I'll call you when I want you to close in. (hangs up)

They arrive at warehouse.

Blair: There's Wendy's van.

Jim: What the hell are they doing out here?

They stop and get out of truck, moving closer to warehouse, going in from the side.

Jim: All right, you stay right behind me. Once we're inside, I'll tell you when to beep the captain.

Blair: All right. I can do that.

Jim: Just don't try and turn hero on me, Blair, okay?

Blair: Me? You must be joking.

They climb up the side of the warehouse and enter through a window. Inside, Jim starts to listen. Hears a man talking and that metal-on-metal sound.

Man: ...shotgun, grenade launchers...

Jim: There's that sound. We must be getting close. Call in the troops.

Blair: Well, do we wait? (pulls out phone and starts dialing)

Jim: No, not with that news team here. Let's go.

~Cut to main hideout area. Jack goes over to Wendy and Connor, who are both tied up.~

Jack: Two questions: how did you find us and does anybody else know?

~Cut to Jim and Blair going down a staircase.~

Jim: Hold it. Motion sensor.

They go over the railing.

~Cut to Jack, Wendy, and Connor. Jack pulls out a knife and holds it to Wendy's face.~

Jack: You know, patience is not something I am good at!

Wendy: There's always room for improvement.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in a hallway.~

Jim: Now, keep your head down and stick with me.

Blair: Thanks, Jim.

Jim: That way I can keep my eye on you.

Blair: Thanks, Jim.

~Cut to Jack again.~

Jack: It doesn't matter. (to Quinn) Kill them. (hangs Quinn a gun)

Jim jumps over from above edges and tackles Quinn.

Jack: What the..?

Jim cuts the tape on Wendy and Connor.

Jim: Back there.

The three of them hide behind a stack of boxes and barrels just as robbers begin shooting.

Jim: Help is on its way.

More gunfire exchange. Blair is sneaking around on the same level. He tries to wave and get Jim's attention, but Jim doesn't notice.

Jack: Eddie, circle around.

Blair sees that Eddie is circling around to get a better shot at Jim. He looks for a bit, then picks up a baseball and backs into cover again. Jim sees Blair as Blair steps forward and throws the baseball, beaning Eddie in the forehead. Blair pauses a moment to chuckle. Frankie fires at him and Blair dodges back into cover. Jim takes out Frankie, then looks to where Blair was. Blair sneaks back out again a little. Meanwhile, Jack grabs a leather case and runs the opposite direction, toward an elevator. Jim takes off after him. Blair stands a moment and pats himself down and doesn't find any holes.

Jim arrives at the elevator after it's closed. He hears a car engine going and gets down to the garage to see Jack taking off in a jeep. Jack tries to run over Jim a few times as gunfire is exchanged. Jim keeps with him, then vanishes out of Jack's sight at one point. Jim blocks off his area of escape with walls and a truck.

Jack: Son of a bitch! Who the hell are you?!

Jim drops into the jeep and knocks Jack out.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Wendy comes.~

Wendy: Detective Ellison? Mr. Sandburg, of course.

Blair: Uh, Blair. Call me Blair.

Jim: What's the occasion? Not another ride along?

Wendy: Not that you'd have me.

Jim: I might.

Wendy: This is everything we shot, boxer shorts included. A souvenir. (hands Jim a stack of tapes)

Jim: That's very nice. Thank you.

Wendy: About the man who was hurt at the bank...

Jim: He'll survive.

Wendy: I'm glad. Relieved, anyway. Connor will be too. He worked out a plea bargain -- probation and community service.

Jim: He's lucky. (sets tapes aside)

Wendy: We're both lucky.

Jim: I hear you're leaving True Crime.

Wendy: Yeah. I'm going back to straight TV news reporting. I got an offer from New York.

Blair: All right. Congratulations. The big time.

Wendy: Yeah, I turned it down for a reporting job here in Cascade.

Jim: You're staying in Cascade?

Wendy: Yeah, Cascade is turning out to be a very exciting city.

Jim: I guess it can be if you know the ropes.

Wendy: Maybe you could show me.

Jim: How about night at 8:00?

Wendy: I'll be ready.

Jim: Great.

Wendy: Thank you. (kisses Blair on the cheek)

Blair: Oh.

Wendy: Thank you. For saving my life. (kisses Jim on the cheek)

Jim: It's... what we do.

Wendy leaves.

Blair: Did you just make a date?

Jim: Yeah, I guess. Yeah.

Blair: All right. Pretty smooth. Still be careful.

Jim: Of what?

Blair: Well, you know, date at 8:00, news at 11:00.

Jim: Ah, that's nice.

~ The End ~