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Dead Drop

Written by: Peter Lance
Directed by: Danny Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Rex Smith (Gallileo), J.A. Preston (Mel Wilksenson), Clarence Clemons (Workman in Elevator), Kimberly Huie (Caitlin), Ken Earl (Joel Taggart), Tom Butler (Tom Watson), Gordon Currie (Ronnie), Lynda Boyd (Secretary in Elevator), Marc Baur (Riley), Henry Brown (Detective Brown), Robert Moloney (Tregaser), Colin Lawrence (Ray).

Summary: Sandburg is among a group of hostages in the elevator that is being dropped 10 floors at a time in a dangerous and daring ransom scheme. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on February 19, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Wilkenson Tower. 40th floor. Day. Blair exits an office labeled "Antiques" and heads for the bank of elevators. One arrives as he enters hallway. He heads for it, intending to get on. A whole crowd of people pile in. He starts to go in when an old lady appears, blocking his way with her cane He stops and gestures her forward. She gets on and the doors closes. Sighing, he walks back over to another elevator to stand with three other people -- a man in a business suit, a woman in a suit, and a workman with his tool chest. Blair pulls a watch face out of his pocket.~

Blair: Oh, no, I'm late for lunch.

Man: Yeah, you and half the floor.

Workman: With my luck, every car's already on its way down.

Woman: Story of my life.

Elevator arrives; the three of them get inside. As the Blair (last one in) starts to enter, another woman (later named Caitlin) comes around the corner.

Caitlin: Could you hold that, please? (drops the stuff she was holding, including several modeling photos)

Blair: (goes out to help her pick up her stuff) Let me help you here. Ooh. You're a model.

Caitlin: Not for much longer.

Man: You getting on or what?

Blair: Yeah.

Blair and Caitlin go inside. Business man sets his briefcase on the floor and hits the button for the 37th floor. They all stand around in silence as the elevator descends. Blair watches them.

Blair: Acceleration disease.

Workman: What?

Blair: It's an affliction common to the '90s. Everybody's wired, overcommitted. I got lots of information like that.

Elevator stops at 37th floor. Business man gets out, then pauses a moment to look at Blair.

Man: That thing you said about being wired.

Blair: Yeah?

Man: You must be a mind reader.

Blair: Yeah.

Doors close.

Blair: That guy was weird, huh?

Woman hits the button to continue down.

Blair: Oh, the guy left his briefcase.

~Cut to Major Crimes bullpen. Jim is at his desk, preparing to leave. Simon exits his office and walks over to him.~

Simon: Hey, Jim, want to grab some lunch?

Jim: Normally I would, Simon, but I told Sandburg I'd meet him for Cuban food.

Simon: Where is he?

Jim: Late as usual, so I'm just gonna blow it off.

Simon: More research questions?

Jim: Sandburg's neverending search for the missing link.

Simon: Maybe he should check a mirror.

Jim: Why don't you and I just go?

Simon: No, no, come on, call him. He can meet us at the restaurant.

Jim: Sure?

Simon: Yeah, yeah. Hurry up. I'm hungry.

~Cut a shot of a laptop screen with a schematic of the elevator. A button is pushed.~

~Cut to elevator. Elevator stops. Floor number is popping between 30 and 31.~

Blair: Looks like we're stuck between floors.

Woman: Oh, no...

Blair: Just calm down. It's all right. This kind of stuff happens every day. I've been working with the police department and...

Caitlin: You're a cop?

Blair: Not exactly. I'm a research fellow at the university. My name is Blair Sandburg.

Workman: How you doing? (to woman) Would you hit the red button?

Woman: Oh, with pleasure.

Loud piercing alarm rings, followed by a man talking to them over the intercom. There's a camera in the corner of the elevator. Man speaks to them from building security.

Reilly: Car four, this is building security. Is everybody all right?

Blair: Yeah, we're fine. What's wrong?

~Cut to building security.~

Reilly: I don't know -- we're checking it right now. We'll have you down in a second. Just stay calm. (into phone) Get me Watson. Number four just stopped in the pipe.

~Cut to Major Crimes.~

Jim: (hanging up his phone) There's no answer; let's just go. He can call on my cell phone.

Joel comes into the bullpen.

Joel: Simon, I was just over in dispatch. A call came in on 911 -- a 1025 extortion at Wilkenson Tower. It looks like the real thing and he calls himself, uh, Galileo.

Simon: Where is he?

Joel: Line six.

Simon: You call over to communications. Have them start a trace.

Joel: Got it.

Simon and Jim pick up two separate phones simultaneously.

Simon: (into phone) This is Captain Banks.

Galileo: Listen. The number four elevator at the Wilkenson Tower is suspended between the 30th and 31st floors.

Jim writes something a pad of paper and holds it up for Simon to read -- "Sandburg is there."

Phone conversation scene switches to show Galileo -- the man in the business suit from the elevator. Scenes switch back and forth between him and Major Crimes. His laptop shows the inside of the elevator.

Galileo: I'm in complete control. There are four people on board. If you don't do exactly as I say, it'll drop.

Simon: (to Joel) Are we in touch with security there?

Joel: Got them on com four. The guy's not lying; the car's frozen. And none of the equipment's responding.

Simon: (to Galileo) What do you want?

Galileo: What do we all want? and $5 million wired to a numbered account in the bank of my choice.

Simon: $5 million is a lot of money.

Joel: Simon...Com two.

Simon: (to Ray) How long, Ray?

Ray: 30 seconds.

Simon: (to Galileo) Uh, which bank?

Galileo: I'll get back to you on that. But for now I want to demonstrate my resolve with a little experiment... in gravity.

Simon: No, wait!

Galileo hits a button on his computer.

~Cut to elevator.~

The breaks release and the elevator car drops. It stops after five floors, sending everyone to the floor in a rush.

Woman inside elevator: Oh, god. Why did it do that?

~Cut to bullpen.~

Joel: He just dropped it five floors.

~Cut to elevator.~

Blair: You all right? You okay?

Woman: Oh, yeah.

~Cut to Major Crimes.~

Simon: Ray?

Ray: Not enough time.

~Cut to elevator.~

Blair: Sure everybody's okay? Yeah? (pulls over his backpack, gets out his cellphone and dials)

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim's phone rings and he answers it. Conversation switches between he and Blair.~

Jim: Ellison.

Blair: Hey, Jim, doesn't look like I'm going to make it to lunch.

Jim: Don't tell me you're on that elevator.

Blair: Yes, I am, actually. Yeah, I was here getting a figurine appraised for the university. It's Chinese, 3rd century. It's supposed to be a good luck charm.

Jim: Good luck? Remember that breathing exercise you taught me, the one to relieve stress?

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: Start doing it.

Blair: Why?

Jim: Some schmuck is threatening to drop that elevator car you're on unless he gets five million bucks.

Blair: Well, that's, uh...that's interesting. I assume that you're on top of this. You're on top of this, right, Jim?

Jim: Yeah, just sit tight, we'll be right there. (hangs up)

Blair: Jim? (hangs up and smiles at the other passengers)

~Cut to outside of Wilkenson Tower. Police van stops in front. Officers pour out. Jim, Simon, and Joel enter building.

Simon: Taggert!

Joel: Yo.

Simon: I thought you were off-duty.

Joel: Sandburg helped me with that church bombing thing. I'm here.

Simon: All right. Well if this wacko calls back, have Ray patch him through to the security office.

Joel: Got it.

Jim: I can't believe Sandburg's in the middle of this. Before he started tagging around with me, the worst that could happen to him at the university was a paper cut.

Simon: Look at the upside. His police experience is gonna help him through this.

Jim: Hey, Simon, is it me or is Cascade the most dangerous city in America?

~Cut to building security. Simon and Jim enter. Another man greets them.~

Watson: Tom Watson, head of building security.

Simon: Captain Simon Banks. This is Detective Jim Ellison.

Watson: That's elevator four on the big monitor.

Reilly: It's our boy -- P.D. patched him through.

Watson: Patch him into speaker.

Simon: Check the trace.

Jim: On it.

Simon: Yeah. Go ahead.

Galileo: Bank of Commerce. St. John's, the Cayman Islands. The account number is 6-7-0-5-6-4-9.

Scene switches between elevator security and Galileo -- Galileo is in a large room. Lots of pipes and machinery around him.

Galileo It's 12:16. You have until 1:00 p.m. to wire the five million. Once I receive confirmation, the car will be lowered to the lobby. If not, it drops five floors every ten minutes. After that, it drops the last 15 stories. Do I make myself clear?

Jim: (hangs up his cellphone) (to Simon) Okay, thanks. The trace is no good. He's forwarding the call through a dozen different cell phones.

Simon: This is Captain Banks, Cascade P.D. How the hell do you expect us to come up with $5 million in under an hour?

Galileo: Actually, there's a source that's very liquid...and very close.

Jim: And what would be that?

Galileo: The man who owns the building.

Watson: Mel Wilkenson does not respond to threats.

Galileo: Oh, he will this time. Take a good look at your monitor.

Watson: Caitlin?

Jim: Who's she?

Watson: Wilkenson's daughter.

Jim: Let's get a hold of Wilkenson.

Watson: Pointless, Detective. He won't negotiate. Back in '89, he was kidnapped in Mexico. He stonewalled till they let him go.

Simon: Yes, yes, I remember that. The guy made the cover of Newsweek.

Jim: Oh, well, his neck's not on the block. We got an elevator carfull of innocent people, including my partner.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene.~

Watson: (into microphone into elevator car) Caitlin? This is Tom Watson.

Caitlin: Yeah?

Watson: Are you okay in there?

Caitlin: Yeah. I'm...I'm all right.

Watson: Good.

~Cut to elevator.~

Woman: How the hell does he know you?

Caitlin: My father owns this building.

Workman: What? Wilkenson? We contract out to do all of his repairs. Guy controls half of downtown. He's your dad?

Blair: But this is a good thing. If your father owns the note on this building, he'll have us out of here in no time, right?

Caitlin: Don't count on it.

~Cut to building security.~

Watson: Somehow, he's overridden the onboard braking system.

Jim: If he's got control of that car, he's got to be close.

Simon: Where's the system that controls the elevators?

Watson: Utility room, top floor.

Simon: All right, Brown, get a couple of men up there on the double. Check it out.

Brown: I'm on it, sir. (leaves)

Simon: I want this entire building evacuated.

Watson: Reilly.

Simon: Look, Taggart, contact dispatch. Let's get every available unit over here for an office-by-office search.

Joel: You got it. (leaves)

Jim: Somehow, we got to get into that shaft for a look.

Wilkenson and another man (later named Tregaser) enter.

Wilkenson: Fill me in.

Watson: Situation's still static, sir.

Wilkenson: This wouldn't have happened if you were doing your job.

Simon: Mr. Wilkenson... Captain Simon Banks, Cascade P.D. This is Detective Jim Ellison. I understand you have some sort of position about negotiating with extortionists.

Wilkenson: It's simple -- I don't.

Jim: You haven't told him yet.

Wilkenson: What?

Jim: Sir, your daughter is onboard that elevator.

Wilkenson: Caitlin?

Simon: Apparently, she was visiting your office.

Wilkenson: Why wasn't I told?

Simon: What's it going to be? $5 million or he drops that car.

Jim: Perhaps you want to reconsider. You've got 33 minutes, sir.

Wilkenson: We haven't even begun to weigh our options.

Simon: Mr. Wilkenson.

Wilkenson: Do you think I built this tower by folding every time somebody called my hand? Men like him count on weakness -- somebody who will cut and run. Well, I'm not made like that. (leaves)

Simon: The guy has some set of stones.

Jim: Yeah. Only stones are like elevators -- you drop them, and they'll fall.

~Cut to Brown and two other police heading up the stairs to the utility room. They enter and check things out. ~

Brown: Empty on 40. No sign of him.

Simon: Work your way down from there. You can meet up with the other guys coming up from below.

Brown: Copy that. Let's move.

They leave. Galileo appears from underneath a large machine after they leave.~

~Cut to elevator. Workman puts his coat over the woman and Blair's cellphone rings.~

Woman: Thank you.

Workman: Oh, god, something's wrong. This is taking too long.

Blair answers his phone. Conversation switches between Jim and Blair.

Blair: Yeah. Where the hell are you?

Jim: In the building security office.

Blair: And...?

Jim: We're working on it.

Blair: Geez, Jim. Well, did he come up with the money yet?

Jim: Not so far.

Blair: You got to be kidding me.

Jim: Sorry, Chief. The old man doesn't negotiate.

Workman: What is it?

Jim: Look, I'm going to say something over the speaker. (hangs up)

Blair: Okay. (hangs up) He'll talk to us in just a second.

Jim: This is Detective Ellison from the Cascade P.D. The department is doing everything in its power to ensure your safety and to get you out as soon and safely as we can. Thank you.

Workman: I don't like this. How come the cops are involved?

Blair: I know your father's some kind of hard-ass, but maybe you can get things going faster if you talk to him.

Caitlin: He won't speak to me.

Blair: Why not?

Caitlin: You wouldn't understand.

Blair: Well, try me. I minored in psych.

Caitlin: I got married when I was 18 and I made the mistake of picking my husband without asking daddy.

Woman: Will that stop your father from helping us, is it?

Blair: I'm sure Caitlin's father's doing everything he can to get his daughter and the rest of us out of here. Let's just relax. This will all be over soon.

~Cut to Galileo who is watching and listening to them in the elevator. Then he dials up the building security office and watches while he talks to them.~

~Cut to building security. Wilkenson is back~

Reilly: It's him.

Simon: This is Banks.

Galileo: The first ten-minute deadline is about to pass. I've been in touch with my bank. There's been zero movement on my demands. Who do you think you're dealing with?

Simon: We're having a little trouble locating Mr. Wilkenson.

Galileo: Is that right? Well, he standing next to you in a $3,000 Saville Row tailor-made, $500 Briano loafers, and if you check that Rolex Presidential on his wrist, you'd see that his daughter has 31 minutes to live.

Jim: He's plugged into the security system and it hardwired, right? That means he's got to be inside the building.

Simon: There has got to be a way to keep him from hearing and seeing us.

Watson: We can cover the camera lenses and cut the audio.

Simon: Do it.

Galileo: Hey! Are you listening to me?

Jim: Yeah, we're listening.

Galileo: You've got 60 seconds to decide.

~Cut to a bit later. Same place. Jim watches as Reilly tapes over the lens of the camera in the room.~

Reilly: That ought to give him a black eye.

Jim: Good. And what about audio?

Watson: (standing from disconnecting the wires) Now he can't hear us either.

Simon: Great.

Jim: All right, this guy has penetrated the security of a downtown office building and seized one of its elevators. His calls have thus far evaded all of our trace attempts. He has a working knowledge of electronics and international banking.

Wilkenson: Exactly and with that profile you should be able to find him.

Simon: Damnit, man, you have an offer on the table and less than 30 seconds to decide.

Wilkenson: He's not going to murder four people.

Simon: How do you know that?

Tregaser: Because Mr. Wilkenson's a deal maker. He plays this kind of poker ten times a day.

Jim: Yeah, well, not with his daughter's life.

Wilkenson: If he was serious, he would have dropped it. He wouldn't have given us a series of ten-minute deadlines. The man's not a closer.

Watson: Five. Four. Three. Two...

Phone rings. They open the line.

Simon: Banks.

Galileo: Time's up.

Elevator drops 5 floors. Inside the passengers scream.

Woman: Ow!

Jim grabs the microphone and yells into it after the car stops.

Jim: Blair, you all right? Damn it. Sandburg, can you hear me?

Woman: Ohh!

Blair: Yeah, I'm all right. I'm all right.

Woman: Oh, god, my ankle.

Man: I think it's broken.

Blair: Are you okay?

Caitlin: I told you -- he doesn't care.

Blair: Hey, if Mr. Wilkenson's there -- Caitlin's father -- if you got one ounce of human compassion or feeling, you better start paying attention to what's going on here 'cause whoever has control of this elevator is insane!

Galileo: Good judge of character.

Blair: Come on! Quit messing around! Come on! This isn't funny anymore! She broke her ankle!

Watson: We've disabled the cameras in all the halls, in the other elevators except for four. We're leaving it operational so we can keep an eye on the hostages.

Phone rings.

Simon: Guess who?

They open the line.

Simon: Banks.

Galileo: You want to search the whole building, go ahead, but understand this: I'm Galileo. I wrote the book on falling bodies.

Tregaser: Sir, with all due respect, I don't think this guy's going to... (stops when Wilkenson looks at him)

Jim: We're going to do everything we can to get those people out, but in the meantime, I'd locate thatmoney.

Wilkenson: Or else what?

Jim: I drop a dime to the media and the world finds out that Mr. Newsweek hero is just an empty suit who'd let his own daughter die. (leaves)

Wilkenson: What the hell is the matter with him?

Simon: Well, Mr. Wilkenson, I'll tell you. That's his friend in there and if you cared half as much for your daughter, maybe this whole thing would be over.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Wilkenson Tower. Lobby. Joel is herding people out.~

Joel: Come on! Out in an orderly fashion -- thank you. Come on, this way. Come on.

~Cut to Brown and men checking out a floor.~

Brown: Seventh floor all clear.

~Cut to a camera being lowered into the elevator shaft.~

~Cut to building security where they're watching the picture.~

Watson: You were right. He's got devices on each of the emergency brakes.

Jim: It looks like they're set with remote antennas.

Simon: Can't we cut the wires and disable the damn things?

Jim: Not easily. The leads are in some kind of housing. Even if we could cut through one of the wires, this clown Galileo would pick up the power loss and release the other brakes.

Watson: Yeah, and I doubt if one functioning brake would be enough to keep that car up.

Simon: Well, we can't take them out through the roof. He'll just drop the car.

Jim: Not if it can't fall.

Watson: What?

Jim: He can't see or hear us, right?

Watson: No. We're secure.

Jim: So all he sees is what the surveillance cameras show.

Watson: Right.

Jim: There are no videos in the elevator shaft, right? So that area's blind to him. What if I go downstairs and come up on elevator three. I bring one of the SWAT guys who's a welder. We literally fuse the car to the support shafts, right? So this way if he releases the brake, the car's not going to drop.

Simon: Worth a shot. Make it happen.

~Cut to elevator.~

Woman: Look, I don't know what went wrong between you and your dad, but maybe you could just talk to him.

Caitlin: You don't know him. To Malcolm Wilkenson, it's never about the deal. It's the principal of the thing.

Man: Yeah, so how come we got to pay the price? I got a wife and four kids.

Woman: Yeah, and I got a 12-year-old daughter. Look, honey, why don't you just reason with him?

Caitlin: He won't listen to me. You don't understand. The man that I married worked for my father. He got fired. Now we're broke. I tried to see my father four times in the past two weeks. I couldn't even get past reception. I tried again today after I went on this modeling call. I didn't get it. I'm in real trouble now.

Blair: What do you mean?

Caitlin: I'm pregnant.

~Cut to building security where Simon and Wilkenson are watching the monitor.~

Blair: Hello? Did you hear that? She's pregnant.

Simon: Did you hear that, Mr. Wilkenson? What about it?

Blair: Your grandson or daughter.

Wilkenson: Uh... I don't take this position lightly. I mean...there isn't a person of means in the world today who isn't a target. Somebody has to draw the line. Somebody has to say "enough." I'm not going to kowtow to terrorists.

Simon: Pardon me, sir. That's a decision you can make for yourself. But now, your daughter is at risk, along with three other innocent people -- four, if you count your grandchild.

~Cut to elevator shaft. Jim and welder. Jim and SWAT guy go up on top of the next elevator and ride upwards toward the stuck elevator.~

Jim: (to SWAT guy) I want you to keep it as quiet as you can, he might be able to hear us on the mic inside of the hostage car.

Jim calls Blair on cellphone. Scene switches between Jim and inside of elevator.

Blair: Yeah?

Jim: How you holding up?

Blair: I've been better. I think we've all been better.

Jim: We're going to try and weld the brakes. This guy's blind except for the camera in your car -- stay alert.

Blair: Gotcha.

Man: So, man, what?

Woman: What was that?

Blair: I didn't hear anything.

Jim puts his ear next to the car to listen.

Workman: Wait a minute. I'm serious. Somebody's outside.

Up in the utility room, Galileo frowns, hearing something.

In the elevator shaft, Jim motions for the SWAT guy to stop welding. Then he calls up Blair again.

Blair: Yeah?

Jim: The guy's listening in, so make some noise. We just need a few minutes. (hangs up)

Blair: Well, like what? Jim?

~Cut to building security.~

Wilkenson: How long is this going to take?

Simon: I don't know, sir. We've never done this before.

Watson: Hey. Check this out.

Elevator monitor shows Blair and the others doing the macarena.

All: ...and we still alive. Hey, macarena! Stuck in an elevator, this really sucks. Hey, macarena Come on, rescuers, and make it quick... Hey, macarena I don't know what we gonna do, but I hope it all comes true Hey, macarena

~Cut to utility room where Galileo looks vainly for other ways to find out what's going on. The only thing that appears is the elevator. He slams his hand on the table and marches across the room. Opening a floor panel, he looks downward to see downward to see the welding.~

~Cut to inside elevator.~

Blair: That was kind of fun, huh?

Workman: Man... man, man, you cannot sing.

Woman: You guys.

Workman: What?

Woman: I hate to break up the party, but how much time we got?

Workman: We got about ten minutes before the next one.

Woman: God, I can't take another drop. You have got to plead with your father. You just call him!

Caitlin: It wouldn't do any good, okay?!

~Cut to building security. Phone rings.~

Reilly: Patching it through the speaker.

Simon: This is Captain Banks.

Galileo: I guess you people just don't listen. I told you no rescue attempts. Tell your boys down there in the shaft to check the top of the car. There's no way you can get them out.

Simon: Jim, he's on to us. He says to check the roof of car four.

~Cut to elevator shaft.~

Jim: All right. Take her up.

The car goes up and Jim climbs over to top of car four. With a small flashlight he looks around and finds a huge packet of C-4.

Jim: Simon. He's got the escape hatch rigged with C-4. It's hidden under a support girder. You got to alert Taggert.

~Cut to utility room.~

Galileo: The welding idea was cute, but I've got more than one way to drop that car. Tell the psych minor to open the briefcase. If he doesn't, I'll blow it all right now.

~Cut to building security.~

Simon: Blair, this is Simon. He wants you to open the briefcase.

Blair: Hey, Simon, I don't think that's such a good idea, man.

Simon: Blair, we have no choice. You have to open it.

Blair goes over, gets the briefcase and drags it over to him.

Blair: Oh, it's heavy. (sits down) Good thoughts, huh? Oh... (opens briefcase to show a whole bunch of C-4 and a timer ticking down from 20 minutes.

Man: Oh, my god! Great. Oh, my god!

~Cut to utility room.~

Galileo: I don't think you people understand the gravity of the situation. (hits a button on his laptop)

~Cut to elevator shaft. The brakes start to give. Jim is still on the stop of the elevator.~

Jim: Oh, god. (grabs on as the elevator drops)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene as the elevator falls. Slowly it stops after 5 floors.~

~Cut to inside elevator.~

Blair: Are you okay?

~Cut to building security.~

Simon: Jim, are you all right?

~Cut to elevator shaft. Jim climbs upward to stand on the car.~

Jim: Yeah, but I think I'm going to pass on that Cuban food.

~Cut to inside elevator.~

Woman: Oh, god. It hurts so much.

~Cut to building security.~

Wilkenson: Oh, my god.

Simon: This guy has got to be using elevator motor control.

Watson: I thought your people checked the utility room.

Simon: Detective Brown. Get back to that utility room on 40. Check it again.

~Cut to Brown and men in utility room. They find a computer cord as the only sign of Galileo.~

Brown: Captain Banks?

Simon: Talk to me, Brown.

Brown: He was here. We found the cable he used to tap into security system.

Simon: Any other sign of him?

Brown: No, sir.

~Cut to building security.~

Simon: All right. I want that entire place dusted for prints. Find me something I can use. Let's see if we can figure out who this guy is. You catch all that, Jim?

Brown: Yes, sir.

Jim: Yeah. I'll meet you on 15.

Simon: Right. Let's go.

Wilkenson: Captain Banks. I want to go with you.

Simon: I'm sorry, sir. This is a police matter.

Wilkenson: Please. I instructed my staff to wire the money. Caitlin's in there. I want to help.

Simon: All right, sir. I'll tell you what you do. Now, from the way this guy described you, he is obviously somebody close. Now, I need you to go back and check your records -- anybody that worked for you who might hold a grudge.

Wilkenson: Right.

~Cut to elevator shaft. Jim goes back down through elevator.~

Jim: All right open it up.

Jim walks into hallway and meets up with Simon, Joel, and Watson on the 15th floor.

Jim: Hey, any security cameras or mics on this floor?

Watson: Not anymore. We're clean here.

Jim: Where's Wilkenson?

Simon: Checking ex-employees who might have something against him.

Watson: That could take years. Had another look at the devices he has on the brakes. They're wired into the building's A.C. Same as the remote for the bomb on roof.

Simon: Well, can't we cut power to the entire building?

Watson: Yeah, but we lose the cameras in there.

Simon: But he won't drop the car.

Jim: What about the briefcase bomb?

Joel: It won't work with that. Sandburg says there's an onboard battery.

Simon: Look, we got to come up with something quick, guys. That drop is coming up fast.

Jim: What about the money?

Simon: You ever do a bank wire transfer? It's in the works. It's going to take time.

Watson: Power cut's our best move.

Jim starts to hear something.

Simon: What do you think, Jim? Jim?!

Jim motions for him to follow him as he walks away.

Simon: Jim! What is it? Look, you guys stay here; get it set up.

Joel: Got it.

Simon follows Jim into the stairwell.

Jim: There's somebody on one of the upper floors. It sounds like a power drill.

Simon: No way. We had all those floors checked.

Jim: Oh. I'll call you when I get there. (starts climbing stairs)

~Cut to building security. Simon comes in.~

Simon: Cut the power.

Power goes off.

~Cut to elevator. Goes dark.~

Caitlin: What happened?

Blair: They must have cut the power. Hey, do you have a flashlight in your toolbox?

Workman: Yeah, yeah.

Blair turns on flashlight, then looks at his watch.

Blair: Okay, um... we're coming up on another deadline here, so, uh, let's get ready.

Woman: When is this going to stop?

Workman: Oh, hold on. Hold on. God...

Blair; Okay. Three... Oh..hang on. Two... One.

Woman: Nothing happened.

Workman: Then, they must have stopped it. Whatever he did to the brakes must have got cut when they pulled the power. Yes. We're going to get out of here.

Woman: Oh, god.

Man: Looks like you called it, man.

Blair still looks worried.

Workman: Come on, man. What's wrong?

Blair: That's what's the matter.

Scene shows briefcase bomb. Timer at 9 minutes.

~Cut to Jim on the stairwell. He pauses for a moment.~

Jim: Simon.

Simon: Yeah, Jim.

Jim: I don't like this.

Simon: What do you mean?

Jim: The power cut -- Galileo. He's planned this whole thing meticulously. He's one step ahead of us the whole time. He's tapped into the building's electrical system.

Simon: So are you saying he wanted us to cut the power?

Jim: I don't know. When's the last time he called?

Simon: He hasn't. Look, Jim, if it's not the five mill, then what the hell does he want?

Jim: When I find him, you'll be the first to know. (goes back to climbing stairs)

~Cut to someone cutting a hole in a ceiling. Galileo and another man, his brother (Ronnie) drop through.~

~Cut to building security. Wilkenson on the phone.~

Tregaser: Sir, with the power cut, we're having trouble accessing the personnel database.

Wilkenson: Damn it, tell them at use the one at corporate headquarters.

Simon: Come on, Mr. Wilkenson, think. You said you had enemies, people who threatened you before.

Wilkenson: Show me a CEO who doesn't. I've got 62 companies worldwide, maybe 20,000 employees. Every time one of them gets the out for non-performance, I can get harassed.

Simon: All right, what about your daughter?

Wilkenson: What about her? She's headstrong. I've never been able to tell her a thing.

Simon: I wonder where she gets that from.

Wilkenson: She hasn't listened to me since her mother died.

Simon: Maybe she needs you to listen to her.

Joel comes in.

Joel: Simon... we got a print of the elevator cable. The guy had no record so we had a picture faxed over from DMV. The guy's name is Frank Rachins.

Wilkenson: What? Damn it. I should have seen this coming.

Simon: Why? Do you know this guy?

Wilkenson: Rachins? He's the arrogant little bastard my daughter married. Used to work in my semi-conductor division. I caught him stealing, so I fired him.

Simon: All right, all right. We need an angle. How do we get to him?

Wilkenson: He has a younger brother, Ronnie... decent kid. Still works for me somewhere. Call personnel.

~Cut to Jim still on the stairwell. He hears drilling.~

~Cut to Rachins and Ronnie as they are drilling on a set of bars.~

Ronnie: Think she's okay? Frank!

Rachins: What?

Ronnie: With the power cut, we can't use the building's video. Think Caitlin's all right?

Rachins: You knew we'd be blind when they cut the juice.

Ronnie: Yeah, but her inside there with that suitcase ticking away...just makes me nervous, that's all.

Rachins: Everything's going perfectly. We jacked the elevator, so they'd cut the power. Now, the vault alarm's dead, and I've killed the backup.

Ronnie; But, Frank...

Rachins: What? You getting scared on me, little brother?

Ronnie: No, Frank, I'm just worried, that's all.

Rachins: Please, this is foolproof. We set the charge to go at the same time the bomb blows. By the time they pick up all the pieces...we're out of here.

Ronnie: After we get Caitlin out, right? When are you going to make the phone call to tell them we're going to release the hostages?

Rachins: Well, there's been a change in plans. We're not releasing any hostages.

Ronnie: What? Frank, what the hell are you talking about? Not even Caitlin? She's your wife, Frank.

Rachins: Yeah, should have thought of that before you two did the deed.

Ronnie: Frank, what are you talking about?

Rachins: You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Ronnie: Frank, come on...

Rachins: You've been doing my old lady.

Ronnie: Hey, hey... hey, come on. You've been ignoring her for months. You only married her to get close to her father.

Rachins: Lot of good that did, right? (cocks his gun)

Ronnie: Should have showed him a little respect, Frank.

Rachins: What, like you, Ronnie? Always sucking up to the boss. What were you thinking with Caitlin? If things didn't work out at the company, maybe you'd live off her modeling career? Well, guess what. That's over. She's pregnant.

Ronnie: What?

Rachins: (holds gun on Ronnie's face) She's having a kid! And it's not mine, little brother. So it has to be yours.

Ronnie: Okay, okay. Wait a minute, Frank. Now, wait a minute. I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you dragging me into this. If Caitlin's going to have a baby, that's all the more reason for you to let her...let her out, Frank -- just get her out of there. Frank...

Rachins: (walks away) There's a certain...logic to that. But, hell...I don't need her anymore. And I sure as hell don't need you. (points gun at Frank)

Ronnie: Come on, Frank!

Rachins fires; Ronnie falls back.

~Cut to Jim on the stairwell. He jerks after hearing the shot and moves faster up the stairs.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Scenes switch between Jim and Simon (in building security).~

Jim: Simon, I just heard shots fired above me. He's somewhere between you and the top floor.

Simon: Listen, Jim, w also have a suspect. His name is Fank Rachins, Wilkenson's son-in-law. Some kind of wire-head, knows computers. According t his personnel record, he also has a working use of munitions. Are you going to want me to send in backup?

Jim: Negative. If he's got some kind of detonator, I'm better off taking him alone.

~Cut to elevator. Blair examining bomb and talking into cellphone.~

Blair: There's a timer with a lot of wires and a whole bunch of C-4, Joel. I have no idea what to do.

Jim: Don't even try to get near it.

Workman: What the hell does it matter if the car doesn't drop? We'll wind up in the next time zone anyhow.

Woman: Please, let us out! (bangs on the doors)

Simon: Let me talk to him. (into phone) Blair, Simon.

Blair: Hey, Simon. Yeah?

Simon: The guy we're looking for is Caitlin's husband.

Blair: What do you want me to do?

Simon: Find out if she knows something. She said they were strapped for cash. Maybe this is some plan to get back at daddy.

Blair: Come on, you think so?

Simon: I don't know. What's he going to do? Blow her up, too? Check her out. There's less than six minutes


Blair hangs up phone and scoots over to sit next to Caitlin.

Blair: They think it's best that I just leave it alone. (to Caitlin) When's he going to let you off?

Caitlin: What?

Blair: Your husband.

Caitlin: I don't know where you're going with this but my husband doesn't...

Blair: Caitlin, think about it. He hasn't called here in over 20 minutes and we're close to another splashdown. I don't know what you two got going on, but he is going to let you off, right?

Caitlin: He's going to shut that thing off. He promised me.

Woman: How could you do this?!

Caitlin: I told you. He's going to stop it.

Blair: When?! When is he going to shut this off, Caitlin? 'Cause we don't even know if he can hear us anymore.

Caitlin: Look, I didn't want any of this. Frank said it was all for the baby. There was no other way with my father.

Blair's cellphone rings.

Blair: Yeah? Speak of the devil. Talk to him. (hands phone to Caitlin)

Caitlin: Daddy?

Wilkenson: Caitie... I heard about you being pregnant, and I...just want you to know that I'm sorry. I shouldn't have judged you. It's just that I had a feeling. I've always had a feeling about Frank. Something about him was wrong. We wired the money. We're just waiting for confirmation, him and tell him so, so he'll stop this. I just... I don't want to lose you.

Caitlin: I'm... I'm so sorry, Daddy. You were right about Frank. Ronnie is the one that cares about me. And now...Frank's got him involved in this, too.

Blair: This is all great, Caitlin, but we don't the time for this. Where is he?

Caitlin: The exchange.

~Cut to Jim in stairwell.~

Jim: Why couldn't this have been in a shorter building?

Simon: Jim, he's on the 37th floor -- the bullion exchange.

Jim: Copy that. (tries the door that goes to the 37th floor) Door's bolted from the other side. (continues up the stairs)

~Cut to elevator. Blair looks at the bomb timer.~

Blair: 3:53.

Workman; What the hell are we going to do?

Blair: (to Caitlin) Would you do me a favor and point this flashlight at the ground? Thanks. (cuts through the carpet and pulls it up)

Caitlin: What are you doing?

Blair: It's a metal floor. (to workman) Do you have anything in that box that will cut through metal? A blowtorch?

Workman: Sure. Why? What are you going to do?

Blair: I'm gonna cut a hole in the bottom of the elevator. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to drop the bomb out. Fifteen stories. Boom! It's gonna be too far away to hurt any of us.

Workman: Depends on the size of the bomb.

Blair: The size of the bomb, the velocity of the explosion The rate of the fall, whether or not mercury is in retrograde, for crying out loud. But to tell you the truth, none of that really matters. (finishes cutting away the carpet) Because we are only minutes away from redecorating the inside of this elevator. Come on, get that thing going. (to Caitlin) Can you hand me those glasses, please? Thank you. (puts on glasses) Okay, that's it. Okay. Come on, three minutes. (takes torch) Here, let me have that. Two summers at a sheet metal plant -- fastest torch in my crew. Nothing personal. (starts cutting through the floor with the torch)

~Cut to Jim coming onto the roof of the building. He looks around, then heads over to the edge of the building. he grabs some cables and tosses them to the side.~

~Cut to elevator. Blair still cutting through the floor.~

Workman: 2:25.

~Cut to Jim. He makes a harness and uses the cable to lower himself down over the edge of the building to the 37th floor. He pushes away, then shoots the glass window outside the exchange, then swings inward. Inside, he removes the harness, and zooms in on the explosive charge on the bars outside the exchange vault. He takes out his gun. Then Rachins appears next to him and holds his own gun up to Jim's head.~

Rachins: Ease it down. Do it.

Jim tosses his gun away.

Jim: So it was never about the elevator.

Rachins: Just a diversion.

Jim: Why Galileo?

Rachins: 'Cause he was a man like me -- gifted, a visionary among smaller men. Censored for challenging the established order.

Jim: My history's a little rusty, but, um, wasn't Galileo known for dropping the ball?

Jim kicks Galileo's gun away and they proceed to fight, long and hard. Rachins half forces Jim out of the window. Jim pushes him away and they continue to fight.

~Cut to elevator. Blair finishes up the cutting.~

Blair: That should do it.

~Cut to Jim and Rachins. Jim manages to get his gun and holds it on Rachins.

Jim: Get up and put your hands behind your back.

Rachins: (holds out the detonator) Get back! Drop the gun.

Ronnie: (from where he lays on the floor across the room) He's got a remote detonator!

Rachins: Drop it.

Ronnie: No. He'll blow it.

Rachins; Drop it!

Jim puts down the gun.

Jim: Even with your wife on the elevator?

Rachins: There's more than one way to get a divorce.

Ronnie gets his hands on a gun and shoots, hitting Rachins in the leg. Rachins half-falls. Jim moves forward to grab him, but Rachins recovers.

Rachins: Get back!

~Cut to elevator. Blair stands and smashes one leg through the cut panel of the floor. The panel falls down the shaft and the workman hauls Blair back inside. Blair grabs the briefcase (which reads 10 seconds), closes it, and drops it down the shaft.~

~Cut to Jim in the exchange. He starts to struggle with Rachins for the detonator, unaware that the briefcase is falling down the shaft. The detonator goes off as the briefcase falls and the bomb goes off -- sending flame up through the hole of the elevator, but leaving the passengers untouched. Jim flinches when the bomb goes off, then punches Rachins.~

~Cut to elevator.~

Woman: Sandburg, you're a genius!

Blair: It worked!

Woman: I love you!

~Cut to exchange.~

Jim: (to Rachins) Why don't we drop you off the building and see how fast you hit the ground? (hauls him off screen)

~Cut to elevator.~

Blair: All right! Oh, god.

~Cut to a bit later as the bomb squad takes the bomb off the top of the elevator, then opens up the top hatch to let everyone out. Joel waits outside.~

Man: All right, folks, this way out.

~Cut to a bit later when Blair gets out of elevator. Joel waits for him, helping him out.~

Joel: Out of the box at last, huh? Are you okay?

Blair: Well, you know that parachute ride down at the Cascade Pier?

Joel: Yeah.

Blair: Try it blindfolded, with a bomb in your lap and three hysterical people hanging onto you. I'm fine.

They walk down the hall.

~Cut to lobby. Wilkenson and Watson wait outside the elevator.~

Watson: Here they come now.

Woman is wheeled out by the workman. Caitlin comes out next, handcuffed. She goes to Wilkenson who hugs her.

Caitlin: Daddy, I'm so sorry for lying.

Wilkenson: Not me. I got you back now.

Blair comes out and pauses.

Caitlin: Blair... You take care of yourself.

Blair: Yeah, you, too. You take care of that baby.

A policewoman takes Caitlin and they walk off.

~Pan to Jim and Blair as they walk through the lobby toward the exit.~

Jim: Hey, Chief, this figurine you brought here to have appraised?

Blair: Oh, yeah. Wang-Cho dynasty, third century B.C.

Jim: Some kind of good luck charm?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Jim: If I were you I'd bring it back up to have it reappraised. Only this time...

Blair: ...take the stairs.

Jim: (to other officers as they leave) Good job, gents.

~ The End ~