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Sleeping Beauty

Written by: Gail Morgan Hickman
Directed by: Gail Morgan Hickman
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Tamara Braun (Stacey Neumann), Edward Edwards (Martin Van Zandt), Derek Webster (Dr. Tarloff), Tamara Phillips (Kerri Sullivan), Ian Marsh (Falk), Kurt Max Runte (Devlin), Rebecca Philpott (Young Stacey), Sheila Tyson (Audrey), Cory Dagg (Brian).

Summary: A beautiful 20-year-old woman awakens from a 10-year coma, and reveals clues to her parent's murder long ago. Ellison and Sandburg work closely with her, trying to adjust to a mature woman with a child's knowledge and personality. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 21, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Little girl's room. Night. Stacey is asleep with a stuffed animal. Her mother comes in to wake her up.~

Mother: Stacey? Stacey? Honey, wake up.

Stacey: Hmm? What?

Mother: Stacey. You have to get dressed.

Stacey: Mom, why?

Mother: Look, I don't have time to explain. Just hurry.

~Cut to Stacey going down the stairs. She looks into the living room to see her father in front of the fireplace, throwing papers into the fire. Her mother comes by and puts a few suitcases down by the door.~

Stacey: Mommy, what's going on?

Mother: We have to go on a trip. Tonight.

Stacey: Where are we going?

Mother: We don't know yet.

~Cut to outside of house. Father closes trunk and talks to Mother.~

Father: We better stay off the main highway. We'll take the back roads.

They walk around to get in the car. Stacey is already inside, in the back seat. Mother hands her the stuffed animal.

Mother: Don't want to forget Bowser.

They take off down the road. A few moments later, a semi starts up and follows them.

~Cut to a bit later as they're driving down the road. It's raining. Still dark. The semi is still behind them, with its brights on. The truck pulls closer and closer and then bumps the back of their car.

Stacey: Mommy, what's happening?!

Mother: Brian, what's he doing?

Semi bumps them again and again.

Father: He's going to kill us.

Their car gets shoved off the road past a guardrail.

Father: Hold on!

Stacey screams.

~Cut to a hospital room. Night. Stacey (8 years later) wakes up abruptly. She sits up and rips the monitors from her head, then knocks a tray away from the bed. The monitors start to go crazy. Outside, a nurse at a desk is on a phone.~

Nurse: Cindy, hang on. (looks at monitors) Oh, god. It's Stacey Newman. She's pulled out her monitors again. Let me call you back. (hangs up)

In the hospital room, Stacey is on the floor. She sees herself in the silver tray on the floor, stops for a moment, then back away onto the bed.

Nurse comes down hallway and slowly enters room. She doesn't see anyone.

Nurse: Stacey? Oh, my god. (goes over to Stacey's empty bed)

From behind, Stacey, shoves the door at the nurse, knocking her over. Then Stacey runs out of the room and disappears down the hallway. Nurse gets up and runs out after her, but doesn't see her anywhere.

Nurse: Stacey!

~Cut to a doctor (Tarloff) running down a hallway to meet a security guard at the elevators.~

Tarloff: She wasn't in intensive care or physical therapy. Now, I want you to go down and check the basement to see if she's hiding down there.

Guard leaves. Nurse comes up to Dr. Tarloff.

Nurse: Dr. Tarloff!

Tarloff: You have any luck?

Nurse: I found this outside the main entrance. (shows him an ID bracelet)

Tarloff: That's Stacey's ID bracelet. Go tell security that she's outside of the hospital. Go, go, go.

~Cut to Blair in his Volvo driving down the road. Still night. And it's raining a little. He is listening to an Angie Ferris song, "Coming Back to Me Now" and singing along with it. Someone runs out in front of him briefly and Blair screeches the car to a halt.~

Blair: Whoa! (gets out of car and walks over to an alleyway where he finds Stacey huddled next to the wall)

Blair: Hey. Hey, you okay? You scared me there. You need some help?

~Cut to loft. Jim is sitting down with a book (Jack Kerouac) and a sandwich at the table. He is just picking up the sandwich when Blair opens the door and comes inside.~

Jim: Sandburg, I thought you were going to the movies.

Blair: Yeah, uh, I was, but something happened. Come on in. It's okay.

Blair brings Stacey inside. Jim stands up and walks over to them. Stacey just stands there in the hospital gown (and socks) with Blair's coat on as well.~

Jim: Who's this? Your date for the evening?

Blair: No. Jim, I almost hit her with my car. She jumped right out in front of me. She's not talking, she doesn't have any ID, and...she looks terrified.

Jim: Judging from the gown, I'd say she's an escapee from the psych ward at Engelman General. I'll make a few calls. See what we can find out here. Chief, keep her off the furniture.

Blair waves a hand at Jim as Jim picks up the phone to call. Blair closes the door and watches as Stacey wanders around the room.

Jim: Yeah, this is Detective Jim Ellison from Cascade Police Department. I was wondering if any of your patients are missing.

Stacey goes over to a shelf and picks up a handmade doll from the shelf and holds it to her, petting the hair.

Jim: A Caucasian female about 5'5" between, uh, 110-120. Uh, brown hair...well, she's got that green gown on.

Blair: (to Stacey) You like that? That was made by a tribe in the pacific northwest called the Haida Nation.

Jim: Yeah. All accounted for. All right, thanks. (hangs up) She's not from Engelman.

Blair: There's a ton of other hospitals in Cascade, Jim.

Jim: I think we should just take her down to the station and let them sort it out down there.

Blair: No, no. That's why I brought her here, man. The station'll terrify her. There's too much going on.

Jim: You got a better idea? Come on.

Jim's phone rings and he answers it. Stacey is still rocking the doll.

Jim: Yeah. It's Ellison. Uh-huh. All right, I'll be there in 15 minutes. Where are you guys again? All right. (hangs up)

Blair: What's up?

Jim: That was Brown. He's on a stakeout. Dolinski was supposed to relieve him. Only Dolinski just called in with the flu.

Blair: You got to go take over for him?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: Well, uh, why don't we just let her stay here tonight until we figure out what to do with her?

Jim: Chief, we don't know anything about this girl. She could be a doper, have outstanding warrants. She might need medication.

Blair: Come on, Jim. What are you talk...? (looks back to see Stacey laying down on the couch) Jim, come on, take a look. How dangerous could she be?

Jim: Sandburg, I thought I asked you to keep her off the furniture.

Blair: What am I going to do?

Jim: All right. Call Missing Persons. You ask for Bellows. Any problems, call me on my cell phone.

Blair: All right.

Jim: And, Sandburg? Why don't you lock up the cutlery.

Blair laughs a little, then points at the sandwich on the table as Jim goes to the door.

Blair: Hey, Jim, you don't want your sandwich anymore, do you?

Jim goes back and grabs his sandwich from the table.

Jim: I'll see you in the morning. (leaves)

Blair picks up the afghan from the back of the couch and lays it over Stacey. Then he picks up the phone and dials.

Blair: Missing Persons, please.

~Cut to loft. Next morning. Stacey still asleep on the couch. Blair sleeping in the yellow chair. Sunlight shining in through the balcony windows. Someone knocks on the door, waking Blair. He gets up and walks toward the door.~

Blair: Who is it?

Man: We're from Somerset Rehabilitation Hospital. We got call from the police. You found one of our patients.

Blair: Uh, yeah, yeah. Hang on. (opens door; two men come in) Hey. How you doing? Good morning. Come on in. Blair.

Peter: Peter.

Blair: She's right over here.

~Cut to outside of loft. The two men are man-handling a struggling Stacey (now with a gray robe over her green gown) into the van. Blair comes out with them.~

Blair: There's nothing to be afraid of. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Take it easy!

Peter: You're just going to take a ride back to the hospital. Come on, Stacey.

Blair: Don't be so rough with her.

The other man gets in the back with Stacey as Peter closes the door.

Peter: This is our job, okay? Just let us do it.

Blair: I understand it's your job, but come on. (goes up to look in van's windows) Hey, you don't have to be so rough with her!

Peter: I told you to back off. (pulls out a gun and aims it at Blair)

Blair: All right, all right. Take it easy. Just calm down.

Peter goes around and gets in the van. Van takes off. Blair hits the back of the van as it goes and looks frustrated. A moment later, Jim comes around the opposite corner in the Expedition. Blair motions to him.

Blair: Hey, Jim! Come here.

Jim pulls up next to him.

Jim: What's up?

Blair: Hey, man. There were two guys, they told me they were from the hospital. (gets in truck) They pointed a gun and they took her! Let's go!

Sirens flashing, Jim tears off, taking off down the street.

Blair: Where'd they go? They couldn't have got too far. Maybe they went up Franklin here or they're heading for the freeway, you know.

Jim: Be quiet.

Jim stops the truck and listens for a bit, then hears the man in the back of the van talking to a crying Stacey.

Man: Want to get hit? Keep it up!

Jim takes off again.

~Cut to ambulance. Ambulance reaches an intersection and a car goes through it. Peter screeches to a stop momentarily. In the back, Stacey shoves the other man away, then pushes open the back doors and runs. The man gets out after her and grabs her.

Man: Hey, come back here! She's getting away!

Stacey fights against the man, struggling to get away.

Peter: Bring her back! Hurry up, man. Come on! Let's get out of here!

~Cut to Jim and Blair.~

Jim: Over this way.

~Cut back to ambulance. Driver can hear the sirens approaching and see Jim's truck in the distance behind them.~

Peter: Come on! Let's go! Come on! Cops are coming!

Man releases Stacey and jump back into the ambulance.

Man: Go, go, go!

Ambulance takes off. Stacey stands in the middle of the road, robe hanging open, crying a little. Jim pulls the truck to a stop at the side of the road, bumping the front into the curb. He and Blair get out and go up to Stacey.~

Jim: Are you all right?

Stacey looks at Jim, then faints.

Blair: Okay.

Jim: (catches Stacey) Oh, good lord. (picks her up) Open the back.

Blair: I'll get the door.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Still day. Simon, Jim, and Blair there. Dr. Tarloff there talking to Stacey on the couch. A few other police personnel milling around.~

Tarloff: Thank you, Stacey. (gets up to talk to others) Well, other than a few scrapes and bruises I'd say she's fine...given her condition.

Jim: What is her condition?

Tarloff, Simon, and Jim step away from the couches to talk. Blair stays with Stacey.

Tarloff: When she was 12 years old, Stacey was in a car wreck with her parents. They were killed. She's spent the last eight years in a coma.

Simon: Eight years?!

Tarloff: She finally woke up a month ago. She's undergone intensive physical therapy to overcome the effects of such a long coma. She's doing fairly well. Psychologically, it's another story. She won't talk, she has bad dreams and she gets frightened easily. Physically, she's young woman.

Blair picks up the Haidu doll to give to Stacey.

Tarloff: Emotionally, Stacey's a 12-year-old girl. I'd like to get her back to the hospital as soon as possible.

Simon: No, that's out of the question, doctor. We still don't know who those two men were. Until we do, I want her under 24-hour protection.

Jim: I'll arrange for a safe house.

Simon: Actually, it's probably best if she stays here. The less exposure, the better. How about it, doctor?

Tarloff: Yeah. Yeah, I suppose a few days will be all right. I'll arrange for a physical therapist to work with her here.

Simon: Great. Then it's all settled. I'll set it up.

Jim: Right.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Jim and Simon walking down hallway.~

Jim: These are the police reports on that wreck that killed the girl's parents, Brian and Audrey Newman. There's evidence they were run off the road by another vehicle.

Simon: You're wondering if there's any connection between that and the two guys who grabbed Stacey? Well, maybe they're afraid she can identify them.

Jim: Yeah, that's possible.

They stop in bullpen entryway by the donut dolly cart. Simon reaches for his wallet to buy something.

Jim: Sir, your cholesterol problem.

Simon makes a face and they continue walking into the bullpen.

Jim: Anyway, uh, I got the address of the place where Newman used to work as a mechanic. He only worked there for a couple of months. His boss said he was the best mechanic he ever had. Whenever he would put his hands on an engine, it was like magic.

They enter Simon's office.

Simon: The only magic my mechanic performs is when he reaches into the bottom of my wallet.

Jim: Yeah, I hear that. Well, the boss told me that when, uh, Newman died, he cleared out his locker and he found this notebook.

Simon: (takes notebook and looks through it) Looks like rocket science.

Jim: This make sense to you? Not to me, sir.

Simon: Good. I thought it was just me.

Jim: (takes notebook back) No. Obviously, Newman was into a lot more than just being an auto mechanic.

Simon's phone rings and he answers it.

Simon: (into phone) Banks. No, he's here. Go ahead. Patch it through. (to Jim) It's for you.

Jim: (takes phone) Ellison. Uh-huh. You sure? All right. Thanks. (hangs up) I asked the FBI to run the names and social security numbers of Stacey's parents through their computer.

Simon: Yeah?

Jim: Brian and Audrey Newman were killed in a plane crash in Florida 12 years before their car wreck.

Simon: What?!

Jim: Obviously, they borrowed the identities of somebody who's dead.

Simon: If they're not the Newmans, who are they?

Jim: And who the hell is Stacey?

~Cut to the Newmans' old house. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Stacey pull up outside and stand in front of it.~

Blair: This is her old house, huh?

Jim: Yeah. I got the keys from the realtors. I thought coming here might help her remember.

Blair: Right.

~Cut to them going inside. House is pretty much empty.~

Jim: Do you know where we are, Stacey?

Stacey walks a bit further into the house.

Jim: She looks lost.

Blair: She is, man. She went to sleep as a child. She woke up as an adult. She missed critical years of her life. All sorts of cultural indoctrinations, rites of passage. I can't imagine what she's going through, you know?

Stacey goes up the stairs; Jim and Blair follow. Stacey enters a bedroom upstairs and goes over to the window.

Jim: This must have been her room.

Blair: Yeah.

Stacey looks out the window to see two girls playing on the lawn with Barbies. She leaves the bedroom. Jim and Blair look at each other, then follow.

~Cut to outside. The three of them walk toward the two girls, who are playing.~

Girl #1: Okay. See ya.

Girl #2: Hey, you lost a shoe.

Girl #1: I'm going shopping for a new outfit. I saw a beautiful dress at the store that I know boyfriend will love.

Stacey sits down a few feet away from them and picks up a Barbie. The two girls look at her, then start whispering to each other.

~Cut to a view through binoculars. A man in a car down the street is watching them.~

~Cut back to house.~

Girl #1: (to Stacey) You're too old to play with Barbies. Don't you think she's a little old to do this?

Girl #2: Yeah, she's weird.

Girl #1: She's really weird.

Jim turns and looks down street. He zooms in with his vision to see the man watching them.

Jim: Stay with her. (walks off)

The first girl stands up and goes over to Stacey, holding out her hand.

Girl #1: Can I have my doll, please? We have to go.

Stacey gives back the doll. The two girls pick up their stuff and leave. An ice cream truck comes down the street. Stacey looks at it, then starts walking toward it as it stops.

~Cut to man in car. The ice cream truck blocks his view of Stacey. He gets out of the car and walks a little bit down street. Jim comes around the corner up the street a bit, heading toward the man. A dog barks at Jim. The man turns and sees him.

Jim: Hey! Cascade P.D. (pulls out his badge)

The man runs. Jim runs after him.

Jim: Hey! You don't want to do this! Hey. Hey!

Man jumps over the bed of a truck parked down a side street. Jim follows.

Owner of truck standing on the street: Hey, what are you doing?

The chase continues. Man runs out into road without looking. He turns around to face Jim, pulling his gun as he does. Jim pulls his. A horn honks. Man looks up to see a truck barreling down the street. Truck hits the man before driver can stop. Jim winces, then walks into road. Driver gets out of the truck.

Driver: I didn't see him.

Jim: It's okay. I'm from the police department.

Driver: Is he okay?

Jim checks the man and sighs. Man is dead.

~Cut back to Blair and Stacey who are watching the kids around the ice cream truck.~

Woman: Do you have enough change?

Ice cream man: Here you go.

Girl: Me first, me first.

Stacey: Can I have some ice cream?

Blair stares at her.

Stacey: Please?

Blair: (digs in his pockets) Oh, yeah. Of course. (pulls out a rumpled bill and gives it to her) Here.

Stacey runs over to the ice cream truck. Blair, blinking a few times, watches her go and shakes his head in amazement.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hospital. Still day. Dr. Tarloff is talking to Stacey.~

Tarloff: Do you remember the car accident?

Stacey: Um...not really. It's confused.

Tarloff: What about your mother, your father?

Stacey: Well, I remember...Mom had brown hair.

Tarloff: Mm-hmm.

Stacey: And Dad...I can't remember. Why can't I remember them?

Tarloff: It's okay.

Jim walks into view talking into his cellphone. He walks over to Blair.

Jim: (into phone) Okay, Simon. I'll call you in a while. (hangs up) That guy's name was Lee Devlin. He's got a rap sheet as long as my arm -- assault, attempted murder, armed robbery.

Blair: Do we know who he was working for?

Jim: No. Simon's still checking on that.

Dr. Tarloff comes over to them.

Tarloff: Well, after her coma, it's not surprising that she'd suffer from partial amnesia, but at least she's talking to us.

Blair: So is this one of those wait-and-see situations?

Tarloff: I'm afraid so.

~Cut to Jim and Tarloff walking down the hospital hallway to the elevators. Jim and Stacey follow behind them.~

Jim: All these years Stacey's been here who's been picking up her tab? The state?

Tarloff: Hardly.

Jim: Then who?

Tarloff: The Chadway Foundation. It's a private organization that does scientific research.

Jim: Why would a private foundation pay her hospital bills?

Tarloff: It's extremely rare for a patient to survive a coma for so long. Stacey's been written up in the medical journals.

They arrive at the elevators.

Tarloff: Look, I have some rounds to run, so if you have any more questions, just give me a call. (leaves)

Jim: Thanks very much for your time, doctor.

A woman appears behind Stacey and Blair.

Sullivan: Stacey... Stacey Newman?

Blair grabs Stacey and hustles her away from Sullivan.

Sullivan: I'm Kerri Sullivan from the Cascade Sun. Can I speak to you for just a moment?

Jim: That won't be possible. Miss Newman's in protective custody.

Sullivan: And you are?

Jim: Detective Ellison.

Sullivan: Come on, Detective. She just woke up from an eight-year coma.

Elevator arrives. Jim, Blair, and Stacey get in. Sullivan tries to follow them in.

Sullivan: It's like a real sleeping beauty story. I just want to know a few things. It's not gonna take very long.

Jim: I'm sorry. This elevator's full.

Sullivan: You have no right.

Elevator doors close in her face.

~Cut to loft. Night. Stacey is opening a dress box. She pulls out a long flowered sundress.~

Stacey: Oh! It's beautiful! How did you know I'd like it? (holds dress up to herself as she goes over to Jim)

Jim: Uh, a lucky guess.

Blair: (sitting on the couch) Jim Ellison in a dress shop. I would have loved to have seen that. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

Jim: Oh, come on, I was married once, you know? I mean...

Stacey puts her arms around her neck and hugs Jim. Blair just watches. Stacey releases Jim and steps back.

Stacey: Thank you.

Jim: You're welcome.

Stacey: I'm going to go try these on. (gathers up the dress boxes)

Jim: Great.

Blair: Uh-oh.

Stacey goes into Blair's bedroom.

Jim: All right, Chief. You got anything to say, just come out with it.

Blair: I don't have anything to say. I think she said it all.

Phone rings and Blair answers it.

Blair: Hello? Yeah. Hey, Simon. How you doing? Hang on a second. (hands phone to Jim)

Simon: (in his office) Jim, it's Simon. The morgue finally dug out those fingerprints on Stacey's parents. The FBI has positively ID'd them as Jack and Nora Strassman of Tacoma. Yeah. They were researchers in the physics department at Pacific Tech University and nine years ago, for no apparent reason, they vanished.

Jim: All right. We'll check it out.

~Cut to next day. Jim, Blair, and Stacey pull up outside Pacific Tech University and get out of the truck.~

Jim: Anything look familiar?

Stacey: I don't know. Maybe.

Jim: I'm meeting with a guy named Martin Van Zandt. He used to work with your mother and father. (to Blair) Why don't you and Stacey have a walk around the campus -- see if anything jogs her memory. I'll meet you in front of the library in an hour.

Blair: All right.

Jim walks off.

~Cut to Jim talking to Van Zandt in a laboratory.~

Van Zandt: An eight-year coma...and she finally came out of it. That's amazing. I'm sad to hear about Jack and Nora. I was always puzzled by their disappearance.

Jim: Can you think of any reason why someone would have wanted to kill them?

Van Zandt: As far as I know, they didn't have an enemy in the world.

Jim: According to the morgue, they had at least one. What sort of work were the Strassmans doing?

Van Zandt: (pulls out a small mint container) Mint?

Jim: No, thank you.

Van Zandt: It's difficult to put In layman's terms. Basically, they had a grant to research the generation of light energy from sound. It's called sonor luminescence. (pops mint in his mouth)

Jim: Is that what this notebook is about? (pulls notebook from back pocket and hands it to Van Zandt)

Van Zandt: (looks through notebook) No. This is just some equations for an internal combustion engine.

Jim: What were you expecting to find?

Van Zandt: Oh, nothing really. I was just excited to see some work by an old colleague. Look, I have a faculty meeting. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you more. (gives notebook back)

Jim: Well, I appreciate your time.

They shake hands. Jim tunes into Van Zandt's pulse with his ears and eyes.

Van Zandt: Okay.

Jim: Uh, Professor. Can you tell me who funded the Strassmans' grant?

Van Zandt: Well, I'd have to check, but I think it was the Chadway Foundation.

~Cut to outside. Blair and Stacey go up to a statue of a bird.~

Stacey: I remember this...and I remember She was sitting right there...and she was wearing a white sweater!

Blair: Well, good, good. Yeah.

Jim runs up to join up with them. Stacey sees him and goes over to him.

Stacey: Jim!

Jim: Hey.

Stacey: I remembered I was here.

Jim: Oh, that's good news. That's terrific.

Blair: How'd your meeting with Van Zandt go?

Jim: I got the feeling he's hiding something. I got a strange suspicion that the same Foundation that's paying Stacey's hospital bills also funded her parents' research. (pulls out his phone and dials) I need the number for Chadway Foundation, please.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Stacey pulling up outside a fenced-in warehouse. Still day. Jim and Blair get out and walk up to the fence. Stacey watches from inside the truck.~

Jim: So this is the Chadway Foundation.

Blair: What kind of foundation operates out of a warehouse, man? It doesn't even look like they use it anymore.

Jim: Well, if they don't use it, why would they need a security system and a high-tech surveillance camera?

Blair: Good question.

Jim starts to climb fence.

Blair: Hey... hey, where are you going?

Jim: I was going to see if anybody's home. (climbs over fence to get inside)

Inside, Jim pulls out his wallet and goes up to the doorway of the building. He runs an ATM card through the card scanner and then punches random number buttons on the keypad by the door.

Jim: This ought to get their attention.

Lots of alarms go off.

Jim: Jackpot.

A black van screeches up on the street, parking just a bit away from the Expedition. Men with big guns pour out and head for Blair.

Man: Let's go! Put your hands where we can see them! I got him, I got him!

Jim moves toward the fence to go back over, but the warehouse door opens and another man with a gun comes out and pulls him away.

Jim: Oh, easy.

Blair: Relax, big guy. I'm unarmed. Relax.

Jim: I'm a detective with the Cascade Police Department.

Men outside pull Stacey out of the van. And Sullivan comes out of the building.

Sullivan: We know who you are, Detective.

Blair: Take it easy on her!

Sullivan: What are you doing here?

Jim: Well, I could ask you the same question. And while you're at it, why don't you tell me who you really are?

Sullivan: Military intelligence and you just broke into a high-security government facility, Detective. A very serious offense, so unless I get some fast answers, you're going to jail.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same scene a bit later. Inside the warehouse. Jim, Blair, and Stacey all seated in chairs, several feet apart. Sullivan stands in front of them. Armed men are scattered around the edges of the room.~

Jim: Come on, Sullivan. It's getting a little old. We've been going over this for a couple of hours now. None of us know anything.

Sullivan: You know about Jack and Nora Strassman...about Pacific Tech...the Chadway Foundation.

Blair: But we can't make sense of any of it.

Sullivan: Do you want to go to prison, Stacey?

Stacey: No.

Sullivan: Then tell me what your parents told you.

Stacey: I can't remember anything. I've tried, but I can't.

Jim: Hey, Sullivan, we might be able to help you out if you tell us what's going on here. Yeah, this is a voluntary Q&A and I've had enough. You have no right to hold us here. (stands up)

One of the men comes over to stand next to Jim.

Sullivan: Sit down. I said sit down!

Man puts out an arm to shove Jim back in his chair. Jim grabs the man's arm and pulls it behind him, getting his gun in the process. Jim holds the gun to the man's head as the other men move in.

Sullivan: Everybody hold your fire.

Simon marches in with Rafe and a few other officers.

Simon: Cascade Police! Any of these people make a threatening move, shoot them! I'm Captain Simon Banks. These are my people.

Sullivan: This is federal property.

Simon: I don't see any signs here. Did you, Jim?

Jim: No, sir.

Simon: Unless I see a federal warrant in two seconds, these people are coming with me. (pause) That's what I thought. Let's go.

Jim: (to Stacey as he helps her up) You all right? (to Blair) Come on.

Simon: I don't know who you people are or what you're up to, but I'm going to find out.

Jim, Stacey, Blair, and Simon head out. Rafe and other officers watch their backs and follow after them.

Jim: Nice to see you, sir. How did you find us?

Simon: I heard you were going to the Chadway Foundation.

Jim: You were bluffing back there, Captain?

Simon: You know me. I love to play poker.

~Cut to Pacific Tech University. Still day. Van Zandt is walking down an outside walkway. Jim is waiting for him around a corner.~

Van Zandt: Hello, Detective. What brings you back to Pacific Tech?

Jim: A lot of questions, Professor, and I think you have the answers.

Van Zandt: Well, come inside.

~Cut to Jim and Van Zandt inside laboratory.~

Van Zandt: Jack and Nora Strassman weren't just two of the best scientists I've ever known. They were also the most moral. Their passion was to develop a cheap, pollution-free energy source. They were on the verge of breakthrough. They needed money, so I got them some.

Jim: From the Chadway Foundation.

Van Zandt: Yes.

Jim: Which is a front for the military.

Van Zandt: Well, they use it to channel funds when they want to keep a low profile. The military wanted to use their research for weapons applications. I, uh...didn't tell that to the Strassmans. (eats a mint)

Jim: And when they found out?

Van Zandt: They were peace activists, Detective. They refused to continue and the military threatened to take their project away.

Jim: Was Kerri Sullivan involved?

Van Zandt: You've met her?

Jim: Yeah.

Van Zandt: Then you know how difficult she can be. Somehow she got the notion that the Strassmans wanted to sell their ideas to a foreign government. She confronted them. They disappeared, along with their work.

Jim: So, for the last eight years Sullivan's been waiting for Stacey to wake up, hoping that she'd lead them to the research.

Van Zandt: Yeah.

Jim: Could anybody else have known about Strassman's work?

Van Zandt: Well, picture an energy source so wonderful that it could make nuclear arms obsolete. I think any government on earth would want that.

Jim: But the Strassmans could just have destroyed their files.

Van Zandt: No. It was the discovery of a lifetime. Knowing Jack and Nora, they probably hid it somewhere hoping to retrieve it when the time was right.

~Cut to loft. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Stacey come inside. A bunch of boxes are inside.~

Blair: Hey, what's all this?

Jim: While Stacey was in the hospital, her parents' things were put in storage. I asked Rafe and Brown to bring couple of things over here. I thought it might help her memory. Why don't you help her with one of the boxes, Chief.

Blair: Yeah. (helps Stacey move a box onto the floor) There.

Stacey sits on the floor in front of the box. Blair sits next to her. Jim comes over and sits on a low footstool on her other side. Stacey opens the box and pulls out the stuffed animal from when she was a child.

Stacey: (laughing) It's Bowser.

Blair laughs with her and does a little "aroor" noise. Then he pulls out a picture album.

Blair: What's this? We've got some picture here? (opens album) Yeah.

They look through the album.

Blair: What a cute baby.

Jim: Is that your mom? She's pretty. You look a lot like her.

Blair: Hey, look, there she is at the university with the white sweater you were talking about. Is that it?

Stacey has a memory flashback of her mom in the white sweater eating an apple by the statue.

Jim: There's your dad, huh?

Stacey has another memory flashback of her and her dad.

Jim: Looks like a happy family.

Stacey drops the album back in the box and starts to cry. She jumps up, holding onto Bowser, and runs into Blair's bedroom. Jim and Blair stand and watch her go.

Blair: Oh, man.

Jim: Why don't you go talk to her?

Blair: Jim, I think right about now, you're the one she's closest to.

Jim: Me?

Blair: Yeah. Last night...when she went to sleep, I, uh...I found this on the floor. (shows Jim a pink heart valentine that says "Stacey loves Jim."

Jim: (takes valentine heart) This is some kind of schoolgirl crush. Come on. I mean, emotionally, she's a kid, remember?

Blair: When you're 12 years old, your feelings, they may be immature, but they're still real.

Jim looks at heart, then up across the room.~

~Cut to Jim entering Blair's bedroom. Stacey is curled up on one end of the bed, hugging Bowser.~

Jim: Stacey, can I come in? (closes door and walks a little ways inside) I know this is all very difficult for you, Stacey.

Stacey: Sometimes I wish I was still asleep. I have all these feelings. I get mixed up.

Jim: You've been through a lot. It's going to get better. Things will change.

Stacey: But maybe I don't want things to change. Maybe if things change too much, you won't be around anymore.

Jim: (sits down on bed, smiling) I'm not going anywhere. We'll always be able to be friends and that's not going to change.

Stacey: What if I want you to be more than just my friend?

Jim: Stacey... So much has happened to you. I think your emotions are a little confused right now.

Stacey: You think I'm just a child? Some little girl?

Jim: No, no, not at all. I just think you have some time to make up and you just need to be a little bit more patient with yourself.

Stacey: I don't want to be patient. It's too hard and it takes too long.

Jim: You know, these feelings that you have for me right now... They aren't what they seem to be.

Stacey: You don't know what I think or how I feel.

Jim: No, I know. I wouldn't...

Stacey: Just go away. Just leave me alone.

Jim: Stacey...

Stacey: Just go.

Jim: All right. (leaves the room and rejoins Blair in the kitchen) Man, that was a great idea. (opens a cupboard)

Blair: No good? (pauses) Well, maybe we should just leave her alone for a little while, huh?

Jim: (stops and looks back toward bedroom) Do you feel that?

Blair: Feel what?

Jim: Cold air?

Jim opens the bedroom doors and sees that the back fire exit door is open.

Blair: Oh, great.

~Cut to hospital parking lot. Dr. Tarloff is walking to his car. Stacey appears from around a car.~

Stacey: Dr. Tarloff?

Tarloff: (turns) Stacey?

Stacey: I didn't know where else to go.

Tarloff: Well, you came to the right place.

~Cut to Simon's office. Still day. Jim and Blair with Simon.~

Simon: Rafe and Brown were right outside the loft. How could she get past them?

Jim: She went down the fire escape and out through the back alley, sir. We already searched her old house, went to her old school -- every place from her past we could think of.

Simon: She has to be somewhere.

Blair: Well, you know, guys, it doesn't have to be a place from her past. What if it's a place from her present?

Jim: The only new place she knows is the loft.

Blair: And the hospital.

~Cut to hospital parking lot. Stacey (with Bowser) is in the passenger seat of Dr. Tarloff's car. Tarloff is outside car, talking on cellphone.~

Tarloff: Yeah, yeah, she's here. This is getting out of control now. Yeah, all right. (hangs up and walks around to Stacey)

Stacey: Who were you talking to?

Tarloff: That was a friend is going to help us out. He'll be here in a minute.

Stacey: I'm cold.

Tarloff: I got a jacket in the trunk. (goes to the trunk of the car)

Inside the trunk, he opens a leather bag and pulls out a few cloths, then a bottle labeled ether. A few moments later, he walks back to the front of the car and hands Stacey the coat.

Tarloff: Stacey...

Then he puts an ether-soaked cloth over her nose and mouth, holding it there as she struggles and until she passes out.

~Cut to Jim and Blair pulling up into hospital parking lot. They get out and start to walk to hospital Then Jim stops.~

Blair: What's going on?

Jim: I smell gunpowder.

They walk through parking.

Jim: It's coming from over here somewhere.

They go over to Tarloff's car and find Tarloff in his car -- very dead.

Blair: Jim, that's Tarloff.

Jim: Oh, man.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene a bit later. Police crews, including Simon, have arrived. Blair is talking to Brown as the morgue bags up Tarloff's body.~

Blair: We came looking for Stacey Newman trying to find Dr. Tarloff and...looks like we found him.

Simon: I'm still confused. How does Tarloff figure into this?

Jim: He must have been working for them.

Simon: Well, that would explain how they knew Stacey was at your loft that night.

Jim: What I'm concerned about, Simon, is just who the hell are "they"?

Sullivan appears and marches up to Jim and Simon.

Sullivan: I can't believe you guys lost her! When Stacey Newman is found, I am putting her in protective custody. (pokes a finger at Jim)

Jim: You put that away, all right?

Simon: Look, Sullivan, whoever has Stacey will probably kill her once they find out what they want. Instead of being a pain in the ass, why don't you help us out?

Sullivan: A pain in the ass. Fine. How?

Simon: For starters, you must have some idea as to who took her.

Sullivan: The truth is, I don't.

Simon: And you call us incompetent?

Jim: Let's lay out what we have, huh? When the Strassmans were at Pacific Tech, how did you find out that they intended to sell their research to somebody else?

Sullivan: We had confidential information.

Jim: And who would that be?

Sullivan: Shall I define "confidential"

Simon: (chuckles) Sullivan, this is what I'm talking about.

Jim starts to see something several feet away from them.

Simon: This isn't helping out at all. Now, why don't you try to help?

Jim zooms in to see a mint laying in an empty parking space.

Jim: Excuse me. (walks over to parking space and picks up mint)

Simon and Sullivan follow him.

Jim: It's a breath mint. It was Van Zandt, wasn't it?

Sullivan: What are you talking about?

Jim: The Strassmans weren't going to sell out. It was Van Zandt. He set them up to cover himself and you fell for it.

Sullivan: That's impossible.

Jim drops the mint in her hand, then he and Simon walk away.

~Cut to Newmans' house. Still day. Stacey is in a chair in front of the fireplace, slowly coming around from being ethered. Van Zandt stands in front of her.~

Van Zandt: (holding out Bowser) Hello, Stacey.

Stacey: What happened? (takes Bowser)

Van Zandt: It's all right. You're safe.

Stacey: Who are you?

Van Zandt: I'm Martin Van Zandt. I was a very good friend of your parents at the university. Don't you remember me?

Stacey: I don't remember a lot of things.

Van Zandt: You will. (gets a box and sits on it in front of Stacey)

Stacey: Why did you bring me here?

Van Zandt: Because I want to help. The government thinks that your parents were traitors.

Stacey: But they weren't.

Van Zandt: I know. But to prove it, you need to remember where they hid their research.

Stacey: I've tried, but I can't.

Van Zandt: This time, you will. (pulls out a needle) It's a drug to help your memory. You're going to have to trust me, Stacey. You're doing this for your parents because you love them. (injects drug into Stacey's arm)

~Cut to Jim and Blair in Expedition driving along road.~

Blair: All right, why are we going back to the house?

Jim: If Van Zandt wants those research papers, he's probably going to want to jog Stacey's memory so he can get them back. Which means he'll probably do what we did.

Blair: Yeah, but we know that the feds went through there years ago. The papers aren't there.

Jim: Chief, you got a better idea, I'm all ears.

~Cut to Van Zandt and Stacey.~

Van Zandt: Just relax. Breathe slowly. Let it take you into the past. Remember the night that you left this house.

Stacey has memory flashbacks of being with her parents, then the night they left.

Stacey: I remember my mom came into my room and told me to get dressed.

Mother: (past) Stacey, honey, Wake up. Stacey.

Stacey: My dad was downstairs. There were suitcases by the door.

Stacey: (past) Mommy, what's going on?

Mother: (past) We have to go on a trip.

Stacey: We got in the car. My mom handed me Bowser.

Mother: (past) You don't want to forget Bowser.

Stacey: We drove away. That's all I remember.

Van Zandt: There has to be more. Now, Stacey, think. All right. All right. Try again. It's very important.

More memory flashbacks.

Stacey: My dad -- he's by the fireplace. He had Bowser. Couldn't see what he was doing.

Van Zandt: All this time it was in a damn toy! (grabs Bowser and rips open the back a little, pulling out a small cartridge of microfilm)

Stacey: Now we can give it to the government people.

Van Zandt: Yes. (throws Bowser back to Stacey)

More memory flashbacks. This time of the wreck. Stacey remembers looking up from the car and seeing Van Zandt on the hillside above them.

Stacey: It was you. I saw you. You killed my parents.

Van Zandt: Stacey, you don't understand. I was trying to help them. I saw the potential in their work. When they needed money for their project, I was the one that got it for them. They were such idealists. When they found out the money came from the military, they got angry. That's when I told them of my idea to sell it to another government.

Stacey: But how could you do that?

Van Zandt: You're just like your parents. I told them, if you want to have peace, make sure that everybody has it and in the process, we become rich. What's wrong with that? They were so self-righteous, just like you.

Stacey tries to run. A man just outside the room catches her.

Van Zandt: (showing the man the microfilm) I got it.

Man: What about her?

Van Zandt: What do you think?

~Cut to Van Zandt leaving the house. As the reaches the bottom of the steps, Jim comes out from beside the house and points his gun at him.~

Jim: Cascade P.D. Hold it right there.

Van Zandt: What's this about. Detective?

Jim: Where's Stacey?

Man comes out of the house, holding a gun on Stacey.

Man: She's right here.

Man: Put down that gun or I'll kill her. (comes slowly down the stairs) I'll do it! You want her to die?

Stacey: Don't let him hurt me. (elbows the man and runs)

Jim fires at the man, taking him out. Off to the side, Blair runs over to Stacey.

Blair: Are you all right? You okay?

Jim runs over to check the man. He looks up to see Van Zandt taking off in a truck. He runs out on the street. Truck is too far away to take a shot at. A man on a motorbike comes up and Jim stops him.

Jim: Cascade P.D. Police emergency. I need your bike, buddy. (gets on bike and rides off)

Biker: Hey, man, what are you doing? Where you going?

Blair: (to Stacey) Come on.

~Cut to Jim chasing the truck through the roads of Cascade. They end up in a warehouse area. Lots of semi and such. Jim pulls up next to the truck.~

Jim: Pull over! Pull it ov, damn it!

Van Zandt pulls away. The chase continues for a bit. A semi heads for them. Jim swerves one way. Van Zandt swerves another way and loses control of the truck. The truck slides sideways into a cluster of gas pumps. The truck hits them and explodes with the pumps. Jim watches a bit away from it.

~Cut to loft. Day. Simon's on the phone.~

Simon: Are you kidding me, Dave? That's great. All right. Thanks, man. (hangs up)

Jim comes down the stairs from upper bedroom.

Simon: Friend of mine at the federal building says Sullivan's bosses were so pissed at her actions that she's been relieved of duty and scheduled for a review. By the time they're through the only assignment she'll pull is mopping the director's office.

Jim: Oh, life can be so cruel.

Simon: Oh, yes it can, can't it? It is too bad about the Strassmans' research being destroyed in that explosion. A clean source of energy would have been nice.

Jim: Amen to that.

Blair and Stacey come out of Blair's bedroom with suitcases.

Blair: All right, guys. We're all ready to go to the airport. (goes to door)

Jim walks over to Stacey.

Jim: Well... don't you look great. So grown-up.

Simon: Hey, Blair, you know, there's, uh...some construction over on Fifth. You might want to check out this...

Blair: Oh, right. Yep, mm-hmm.

Simon and Blair walk away, giving Jim and Stacey some privacy.

Jim: Blair tells me that this school you're going to in Portland has a great program. They're going to help you catch up.

Stacey: I hope so. Well, you know, I look in the mirror and I see this grown-up person. Inside, I still feel small. Actually, I'm a little scared.

Jim: I feel that way a lot myself. (chuckles) But if you ever feel that way, feel free to call anytime, okay?

Stacey: Thank you. Mm-hmm. For everything. You helped me get back my life.

They hug.

Blair: Ahem. Uh, guys, we really got to go. (comes back over)

Jim: Take care of yourself.

Stacey: Okay.

Jim: See you soon. (to Blair) Drive safe.

Blair: Yes. We'll see you later.

Jim: Talk to you.

Blair: See you, Simon.

Jim shuts the door after Blair and Stacey have left. Simon comes over to Jim.

Simon: Ever wish you could just sleep through those bad periods of your life, wake up and it's all over?

Jim: Me? No. Never.

Simon: (chuckles) Come on, buddy. I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Jim: Better make it a double. If I fall asleep now, uh...I don't know when I'll wake up.

Simon laughs as Jim reopens the door and they exit.

Jim: I don't think I'd make a very good sleeping beauty. (closes door as they leave)

~ The End ~