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Breaking Ground

Teleplay by: Harold Apter
Story by: Steven Kriozere and Harold Apter & Laurence Frank
Directed by: William Gereghty
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Lisa Akey (Cassie Welles), Dale Wilson (Mark Cantor), Zack Ward (Orange Glasses Man), Gabrielle Rose (Emily Watson), Deborah Donohue (Reporter).

Summary: A murder at a Cascade archeological dig hits close to home for Sandburg, who takes a personal interest in the case. During the investigation, he and Ellison learn that the assets of a secret society dating back hundreds of years are supposedly buried at the murder site, owned by the mob-linked Mark Cantor. But Cantor is on a mission to find the treasure "map" -- a cryptic message etched into a jagged piece of gold -- and has no qualms about eliminating anyone who stands in his way. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on December 17, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. Cantor construction site. Camera goes over the fence and into the a dig area where one man (Gillman) is trying to climb out of the hole on a ladder. Another man with orange glasses on (hereafter known as OGM) grabs him and pulls him back down.~

OGM: Where the hell are you going? (holds Gillman up his throat) Now one more time -- I want to know where it is.

Gillman: It's not here, man. I told you, it's not here.

OGM hits Gillman. Gillman falls over and lands face down in a puddle of murky water.

~Cut to loft. Day. Jim is watching the news on the TV on one couch. Volume is way down. Blair is on the other couch, reading a textbook, marking stuff occasionally. Blair looks up at the TV, then looks again.~

Blair: Hey, turn this up.

Jim: Why?

Blair: Why? Because I can't hear it. There's some definite drawbacks to living with you.

Jim turns up the volume for newscast that is taking place at the Cantor construction site.

Reporter: It looks like we have a very grave situation here.

Blair: That's Emily Watson. She's an archaeology professor.

Jim: She doesn't seem like your type.

Blair: Sh-sh-sh.

Reporter: We understand your graduate assistant Martin Gillman is missing and may have been buried alive when the tunnel collapsed.

Watson: We're praying that's not the case, but yes, I'm afraid it doesn't look good.

Reporter: Is there anything else that you can tell us about this incident?

Watson: No, I'm sorry. Right now, I know about as much as you do.

Blair: Oh, my god.

Jim: You know this Gillman too?

Blair: I've heard the name a couple of times.

Reporter: We know very little about this incident at this time, but we will keep you up to date with any further developments. Until then, this is Helen Mersky reporting

Camera on TV moves and shows Cassie in the background.

Jim: (chuckles) If it isn't Nancy Drew herself.

Phone rings in the loft. They both look at it, each other, then the TV, and back.

Jim: Nah.

Blair: Oh, that'd be strange.

Jim: (answers phone) Ellison. Yeah. Listen to me, Welles. Before you hit Simon with this, I want to come down and check it out myself. Because I don't want you to make an idiot out of yourself. Welles... (hangs up)

Blair: What'd she say?

Jim: They just found Martin Gillman. She thinks he was murdered. (gets up from couch)

~Cut to Cantor construction site. Still day. Coroner is putting body in a body bag. Officers are holding spectators back at the gate. Sorta drizzly outside. Jim and Blair pull up in the truck just outside of gate. They get out and walk toward the site.~

Blair: You know, Jim, if you're so anxious to teach Cassie the realities of detective work, why don't you just let her fall on her face once or twice?

Jim: That's not my way, Chief.

Blair: You know what I think? I think it's 'cause you want to take her out.

Jim: Just because you find a woman attractive doesn't mean the whole world's in competition with you, you know?

They pass coroner's van where the body bag is being loaded.

Jim: Hold on a second. (takes a look inside bag)

Blair leans away, then looks to where Emily Watson is talking with a man further down into the site. He can hear them talking.

Cantor: I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

Blair: Hey, there's Emily over there.

Jim and Blair walk toward them.

Watson: Mark, this project represents over a year of my life.

Cantor: And it got Gillman killed.

Watson: Martin got himself killed.

Cantor: The bottom line is you're three months behind schedule. I need to put my building up.

Watson: I need more time.

Cantor: Well, I changed the locks. You're finished as of this morning. (walks off)

Watson: Mark!

Blair: Hey, Emily.

Watson: Blair? What are you doing here?

Blair: I saw the news report on television. I thought I'd come down. This is my friend Jim Ellison -- he's with the police department.

Watson: How do you do? It was really great of you to come down here, but...we're going to have to talk later, okay? (walks off)

Blair: Sure. (to Jim) Who do you think that guy was she was talking to?

Cassie walks up behind them as Jim starts to shake his head.

Cassie:'s Mark Cantor; he owns the land.

Jim: So you think that Gillman was murdered?

Cassie: Yes, I do, and, no, I haven't spoken to Simon about it yet.

Jim: Well, good 'cause if you're going to insist on doing detective work, I think you'd probably want to operate on solid ground.

Cassie: Right.

They all walk off.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Cassie going down ladder into the dig site hole. Other police are there taking a few pictures.~

Blair: I've been dying to look at this place for months now. Visitation was strictly limited. Watson invited me once, but I couldn't come 'cause I was working on a case.

Jim: What's the big deal? I mean, it doesn't look like much.

Blair: Maybe not to you and maybe not on the surface, but most of the work here consists of brushing away dirt millimeter by millimeter. It's actually a really fascinating process.

Cassie: When they were digging the foundations for the new building, they discovered Cascade's old waterfront.

Jim: Hmm. Yeah, so?

Blair: So it has historical value.

They're looking at smaller hole.

Jim: Yeah. This must be where they found Gillman, huh?

Cassie: Yeah. It was a brand-new excavation. At first it looks as though Gillman was crawling in the dark and his movements made side walls collapse on his head.

Jim: Sounds reasonable.

Cassie: Well, yeah, except... (coughing) ...except for the fact that I spoke to Professor Watson and... the site closes at sundown. What was Gillman doing crawling around in the middle of the night?

Jim: It doesn't rule out accidental death. I mean, if it was murder, where's your motive?

Cassie: (wheezing loudly) I-I have an idea on that. Excuse me. (wheezing)

Cassie climbs up out of hole; Jim and Blair follow.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Cassie looking into a broken-into car on the street.~

Cassie: This is Gillman's car. Killer broke in and was looking pretty hard for something.

Blair: You know, she might be right, Jim.

Jim: I don't know about that. Doesn't have to be an isolated incident. There's two other cars down the street that have been broken into and vandalized. (looks down street)

They walk down the street a little.

Cassie: Oh, my.

Jim: This is one. The other one is down there.

Cassie: Yeah, well, maybe the killer didn't know which car Gillman was driving.

Jim: Right.

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it. Cassie and Blair keep walking down the street to look at the other vandalized car.

Jim: Yeah, Ellison. Yeah, Simon, we got a little backed up.

Blair: You know, I think you're right.

Cassie: You do?

Blair: Yep.

Cassie: You can tell me if you don't. You don't seem to mind me putting in my two cents as much as he does.

Blair: That's probably because I'm not really a detective either. (chuckles)

Cassie: Uh, yeah, well, you know, Jim is right. I do have a tendency to leap before I look and if you tell him I said that, I will kill you.

Blair: Okay. All right. Back off. (chuckles) A forensics chief committing murder. You know, that might be the perfect crime. Listen, uh, why don't you and I go out to lunch?

Cassie: Blair, come on, you know my rule.

Blair: Yeah, I know, you don't date co-workers. This wouldn't be a date. This would it whatever you want -- an appointment.

Cassie: Right. Well, I already have an appointment, but, um, I could take a rain check.

Blair: Okay.

~Cut to Rainier University, Hargrove Hall. Day. Emily Watson's office. Watson is at her desk, working on something. Blair opens the door and comes in slowly.~

Blair: Hey.

Watson: Blair. Oh, my god. I am so sorry. I got so wrapped up in everything this morning, I completely...

Blair: I understand. I was just on my way to my lab. I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Watson: I've had better days.

Blair: Yeah, I can imagine. I'm sorry about Martin.

Watson: Thanks. I am, too. The truth is he and I weren't exactly friends.

Blair: What? I thought he was heading the dig for you.

Watson: Not by my choice. Mark Cantor insisted on it.

Blair: Mark Cantor. What does he have to do with departmental assignments?

Watson: He owns the site. Besides, he has enormous clout with the city council. He's the biggest developer in town. They never would have backed the dig without his full cooperation.

Blair: Well, why was Gillman so important to him?

Watson: I don't know. Ricky Carson was my assistant up until two months ago. Martin Gillman was on one of his dig teams. Then I get a call from Cantor insisting that Gillman be put in charge. When I said no, he threatened to shut us down. Now he's going to use Martin's death as an excuse to bulldoze the dig.

Blair: I'm sorry. That really sucks.

Watson: Yeah. Not as much as what happened to poor Martin.

~Cut to major Crimes. Night. Jim is at his desk, working on something. Cassie comes over and plops a file onto his desk right in front of him.~

Cassie: ME's prelim -- had them put a rush on it.

Jim: Of course, you did. (looks at file) "Cause of death: asphyxia, related to water in the lungs." He drowned?

Cassie: I think that Gillman's body was repositioned to make it look like he was buried in an accidental cave-in.

Jim: That's a pretty good hunch.

Cassie: Mm-hmm. Keep reading. They found cement in his lungs. I bet you five bucks it's the same kind of stuff used at that construction site.

Jim: Don't jump to conclusions. I'm not saying your theory is wrong. We just have to prove it.

Cassie: Great. When do we start?

Jim: We're not starting. I meant me and Sandburg.

Blair comes in and joins them at Jim's desk.

Blair: Hi.

Cassie: Well... Good luck. Excuse me. (walks off, bumping into Blair as she leaves)

Blair: Whoa. (watches her leave, then turns back to Jim) What'd I do?

Jim shrugs, but doesn't say anything, just goes back to his paperwork.

~Cut to Cantor construction site. Still night. Cantor is letting Jim and Blair inside gate.~

Jim: Appreciate you coming out on such short notice, Mr. Cantor.

Cantor: Well, a man was killed on my property, Detective. I'd liked this solved as quickly as possible, you know, before the press turns it into a circus.

Jim: We understand you got Gillman promoted.

Cantor: I knew him socially.

Jim: How well?

Cantor: Well enough to know he was a fine young man with a promising future. To lose him like this is just a damn shame. I'd appreciate it if you'd only let your officers have access. I'd hate to have this happen again.

Blair: What's going to happen to the dig?

Cantor: Professor Watson will have a chance to remove anything of importance she's already uncovered, but I'm afraid that's where it stops. (walks off)

Blair: Well, that's great.

They go inside.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the dig site hole looking around. Blair has a flashlight. Jim is looking at streaks on the walls of the hole and the puddles on the ground.~

Jim: Cement.

Blair: How'd that get down here?

Jim: Well, it rained pretty good a couple of nights back. Lot of construction debris up top. Probably some loose cement mixed with water, ran down the edge here, gathered into a pretty good-size puddle. (starts to see flourescent-type footprints on the ground) The killer dragged the body from over here to over there.

Blair: How do you know that?

Jim: Turn the light off.

Blair does so.

Jim: There's cement...on the shoes. They made a print. Some kind of...some kind of metal tap on the heel. (walks over to footprints) You don't see that?

Blair: No.

Jim: I see some phosphorus in the cement.

Blair: Oh. Well, maybe the moonlight's working on your senses. Sort of like a black light effect, you know? That's wild. (starts walking over to join Jim)

Jim starts to hear wood splintering and looks back at Blair.

Jim: Sandburg!

The ground cracks under Blair and he falls through.

Jim: Sandburg! (looking down into new hole) Sandburg!

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Jim gets the ladder and puts it down into the hole. Blair is lying on his back below, groaning. Jim climbs down ladder and goes over to Blair.~

Jim: Oh, my god, Chief, you all right?

Blair: Uh, yeah.

Jim: Don't move.

Blair: Yeah, I'm fi... No, no, no, I'm fine. Don't worry. Yeah. Oh, I'm so stupid.

Jim helps Blair up to his feet.

Jim: Are you okay?

Blair: I should have been watching where I was standing. God.

Jim: All right, take it easy.

Blair: Oh, god. I bet it takes weeks to brush away the earth. Wow. That dig team must have thought there was a room down here, but just never found it. Check this place out.

Jim: Look at this. Wow.

Blair: Wow, what is it?

They go over to look at some really big doors.

Jim: Some kind of cast-iron doors.

Blair: Would you look at these markings?

Jim: These are really thick.

Blair: I don't recognize the language. Would you hold this? (hands Jim the flashlight)

Jim: You sure you're all right?

Blair: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm going to take rubbing. (puts a piece of over the markings and rubs dirt over it to make a rubbing) I'm going to get it over to Professor Watson. You know, if she can prove that it's of any significance, maybe the University can talk Cantor into keeping the dig open a little longer. Ow! (gasping)

Jim: You all right?

Blair: Yeah, I'm fine. You know, we may have found something really big here, Jim.

~Cut to loft. Next morning. Blair is at the table with books strewn everywhere. He is on the phone listening to Emily Watson's answering machine.~

Machine: This is Emily Watson. I can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, I'll return your


Blair: Emily, hi. This is Blair again. Please call me back as soon as you can. Bye.

Jim comes down the stairs, dressed in a grey robe. He comes over to the table.

Jim: How's it going?

Blair: Ah, not too well. I have been up all night long studying this thing.

Jim: And...?

Blair: And I can't figure it out, man. I mean this lettering -- some looks Greek; some looks Egyptian. I'm pretty sure there's even some Hebrew thrown in there for good measure. It's all mixed up.

Jim heads over to the kitchen, picking up Blair's empty mug.

Jim: More coffee?

Blair: Yeah, please. The only thing I do know for sure is it's some secret writing.

Jim: Secret writing?

Blair: In the old days, codes and secret writing were used to keep things confidential. People weren't any more trusting then than they are today. Now that I've started, I can't finish until I figure it out.

Jim sits down at the table.

Jim: Maybe it's time you let Dr. Watson in on it.

Blair: I've been trying to do that. I've been leaving messages. She just hasn't called me back.

There's a knock on the door. Jim gets up to answer it. He opens the door to see Cassie.

Cassie: Hi.

Blair: Hey, I thought you were going to call.

Cassie: I forgot my cellphone. This a bad time?

Blair: No, not at all. Come on in.

Cassie: Hey, Jim, how you doing? (comes in as Jim closes the door) Blair told me about the writings that you guys found. I minored in cryptography. Well, for a semester before I found criminology.

Jim: Right.

Cassie: (drags over a chair to sit next to Blair) So, where is it?

Blair hands her the rubbing.

Cassie: Oh, wow! That is very cool. (picks up Blair's coffee to take a swallow)

Blair: Yeah, and very, very, very frustrating. I can't figure it out.

Behind hem, Jim goes back up the stairs with his coffee.

Cassie: Mmm. Well, let's see here...

~Cut to Rainier University. Watson pulls up outside Hargrove Hall and goes inside. Another car pulls up a bit aways and someone gets out who is wearing cowboy boots. Inside, Watson walks down the hallway to her office. Someone else appears in hallway as she goes into her office. Camera pans up to show the man with orange glasses (OGM) walking toward Watson's office. Inside her office, Watson opens a file cabinet drawer and pulls out a locked case. She unlocks it and takes out a wrapped object. At her desk, she unwraps it -- it's a large gold object with markings on it. She starts to look at books to compare markings. Outside, OGM pushes open her door slowly and goes inside.~

~Cut to Major Crimes bullpen. Day. Jim is at his desk when Blair and Cassie come into bullpen by the door next to his desk. They both have several books.~

Blair: Hey, Jim.

Cassie: Hey, I thought today was your day off.

They set the books and stuff down on the empty desk next to Jim's.

Jim: I had a couple things to catch up on. When can I take a look at Gillman's car?

Cassie: Oh, my team's almost finished.

Jim: What'd they find?

Cassie: Couple partials, Probably Gillman's. Whatever that killer's looking for, it ain't there.

Jim: How do you know that? What if the killer was looking for something small or something that was disguised as something else, like a radio knob or a piece of carpet that had a little secret writing on the bottom?

Cassie: You know, why don't you go examine it yourself?

Jim: I just might do that.

Cassie: Great.

Jim: Enjoying your day, Chief?

Blair: Yeah, actually, I am. We've almost got this mystery writing thing figured out.

Cassie: At least we think we know who may have written it.

Jim: Really?

Blair: In 1893, a fire wiped out the Cascade waterfront.

Cassie: And instead of clearing the remains of the old buildings, they just built right on top of them.

Blair: Where the dig is now is right on top of where an old masonic lodge was.

Jim: Masons?

Blair: Yeah, the modern ones do public service and stuff like that, but they grew out of a secret society dating back hundreds of years ago.

Cassie: Sacred rites, ceremonial costumes...

Jim: Their own fraternal alphabet.

Blair: That's right. And the writing that we found may belong to a sect of Illuminati.

Jim: Illuminati?

Blair: Yeah. They were subversives. Their main purpose was to infiltrate masonic lodges and to use the memberships and the resources to affect governments and sway the balance of world power and stuff like that.

Jim: Huh. That's pretty ambitious for a group of guys in furry hats with antlers.

Blair: (laughs) Well, come on, Jim, we're not talking about Fred Flintstone and the Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo here. I mean, these guys were serious.

Cassie: Yeah. Some of the most famous men in history were Free Masons. There's like 16 presidents and what, 53 of 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence?

Jim: That's quite interesting, but I doubt any of our founding fathers had anything to do with Martin Gillman's death.

Blair: Maybe the killer was looking for something Gillman uncovered at the lodge.

Cassie: You know what? I've got this friend in DC. He's modeming us a pretty up-to-date cryptography program. If we can crack the mason's code, unravel the writing, we might be able to find it. You know, I bet it's here. I'm going to look for it.

Blair: Bye-bye.

Cassie: Bye. (leaves)

Blair: Wow. (chuckles) She's pretty great, man.

Jim: Yeah.

Jim's phone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Ellison. All right, sir, we're on our way. (hangs up) Let's go, Chief.

Blair: What's going on? What?

~Cut to Waton's office. Watson is on the floor -- dead. Jim, Cassie, and Blair come in as the other officers there are beginning to cover the body. Blair looks at Watson, then looks at Jim.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Simon is also on the scene.~

Simon: You all right, Sandburg?

Blair: Yeah, I'm fine. I can't just leave. She's a friend of mine.

Jim: Nobody's asking you to do that, Chief.

Simon: Did you know she was diabetic?

Blair: Uh... no.

Simon: Looks like she was giving herself an injection. Probably had an insulin reaction.

Jim: Isn't that kind of unusual?

Cassie: No. If a person accidentally takes too much insulin or haven't had enough to eat. Diabetics usually keep a stash of sugar around, just in case. (opens fridge) See? That way, they can reverse the action quickly if they need to. Okay, so... Watson, at her desk realized she's having a reaction. Stands up...probably feeling pretty dizzy. She trips, falls, hits her head. (pulls back the cover) That's why she never made it.

Blair looks away again.

Simon: We'll have to wait for the ME's preliminary report. But if you're right, what we're looking at here is probably just an accidental death.

Jim: Accidental, sir? I mean, first Gillman, now Dr. Watson. That doesn't sound like a coincidence to me.

Cassie: Is your ego so big, Jim, that you can't let another team kick a field goal once in a while?

Blair: (getting upset) There's somebody dead here. This isn't some sporting event, all right?

Jim touches Blair on the shoulder.

Blair: I'm just going to go down the hall to my lab.

Cassie: Blair, I'm sorry.

Blair leaves. Jim comes over and crouches down to look at the body.

Jim: This kind of a trauma could have been made by any sort of blunt instrument. (uses sight to see a needle mark in Watson's leg) The killer injected her in the same spot where she injected herself. (gets up and leaves the room)

Cassie: What killer? Where is the hell is he going?

Simon: Just doing his thing.

Cassie: Doing his thing?! The evidence is all right here! Where is he going?

Cassie goes out after Jim. Simon rolls his eyes, sighs, and follows.

~Cut to outside of Hargrove Hall. Jim exits the building, Cassie and Simon shortly behind him. He walks across the sidewalks and lawn to the street, following the same footprints he saw at the dig. He stops at a vented manhole cover and looks down into it. He sees a needle inside on the ground.~

Jim: There's your second hypodermic down there.

~Cut to forensics garage. Still day. Jim and Cassie walking up to Gillman's car.~

Jim: You know, Cassie, your theory was perfectly valid. It was just what the killer wanted us to think. Maybe I just got lucky this time.

They stop at Gillman's car.

Cassie: Ooh! Humble is good. Suits you. Look, I'm going upstairs to check on those prints from Watson's lab.

Jim: All right, I'll catch up with you later.

Cassie: Okay. Uh... Jim. This is good. You know, us working together -- it's...nice.

Jim: Yeah... good.

Cassie leaves and Jim starts to examine car. He feels and checks everything, inside and out. As he checks out the glove compartment, he zooms in on a bit of red color. Using his knife, he cuts the lining inside. HE pulls out a diskette and a wrapped object -- another gold piece.

~Cut to Cassie's lab. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Cassie looking at gold piece.~

Cassie: All my tests indicate it was smelted over a hundred years ago.

Blair: That's incredible.

Jim: Yeah, but what is it?

Cassie: It's the thing that got two people killed.

Jim: Maybe... maybe.

Cassie: Oh, come on, Jim! Gillman had this so well hidden a whole team of forensics guys couldn't find it.

Blair: What about that computer disk?

Cassie: Oh, well, this thing is encrypted -- the only computer that can read it is the one that wrote it.

Jim: I've asked for a warrant to search Gillman's place. We'll run it on his computer. Any luck with those prints?

Cassie: No. Watson's, a couple of her students.

Blair: Why her? You know? I mean, if this is what they were after and they knew that Gillman had it...

Jim: (looking at gold piece) You know, check out this irregular side. Doesn't it seem like it's a piece of a puzzle to you?

Cassie: Hmm...

Blair: Yeah. So, if there's other pieces...

Jim: Maybe the killer thought she had one.

Cassie: Okay, so it's a puzzle, but, you guys, the gold is only worth a couple thousand dollars. I mean, come on.

Jim: Not much to kill for.

Blair: But when you put it all together, it's got to be worth a lot more. And... what does it make when you put it together?

~Cut to Cantor and OGM parked in a limo on a street. Still day. Cantor as gold piece.~

Cantor: This is a treasure map? How the hell we going to figure it out?

OGM: Don't worry. We will.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cassie's lab. Night. Cassie is at her computer, punching a few keys with her pencil as she hums.~

Cassie: Oh, that's cool.

Blair comes in, carrying a bag.

Blair: Hey.

Cassie: Hey!

Blair: How are you doing on the Mason's code?

Cassie: This program my friend sent me is very cool. It's based on the alphabetical system so whatever you feed into it automatically translates. Should be done pretty soon.

Blair pulls over a chair and sits at the table with her, putting the bag on the table.

Cassie: What's all that?

Blair: Well, this is our rain check. And the beauty of it is we're here. It's not a date; it's not even an appointment.

Cassie: Mm, Blair.

Blair: Oh, come on, I'm serious. (takes out little Chinese food containers) This is just two friends having a casual working dinner. That's all. Just relax.

Cassie: Well, I am kind of hungry.

Blair: Good. Fried rice...

Cassie: Ooh... Look at this.

Blair: I will never steer you wrong when it comes to food.

Simon comes over to the open door and looks inside.

Simon: Sandburg? Where's Ellison?

Blair: I don't know. It's Saturday night; he might have a date.

Simon: Yeah, that's probably why he's not answering his cell. Look, the warrant came through for Gillman's apartment. So you can go over and check it out. Manager's waiting for you. If you see him before I do, let him know.

Blair: Okay.

Simon starts to walk away. Blair and Cassie go back to eating.

Cassie: Here. Try some of this.

Blair: Here. Try some of this; it's really good.

Cassie: Mmm.

Blair: Mmm.

Cassie: Mmm.

Simon returns to the door and clears his throat.

Simon: (to Blair) Can I see you a minute -- privately?

Blair: Yeah. Sure. (joins Simon at the door) Did you want some?

Simon: No, I don't want some. Look, if there's anything going on here besides fried shrimp, keep it off the premises.

Blair: Right.

Simon: Video.

Blair: Right.

Blair goes back to join Cassie.

Cassie: Mmm...mmm! Hey, the program's broken the code.

Blair: Did you put in our message yet?

Cassie: It's coming through now. Let's see. Let's try the symbols from that little piece that you found at the dig site, you know, off the door. (enters code)

Blair: "Beware! There is no escaping...

Both: ...the maze of the sacred chamber"?

Blair: It's not uncommon for masonic lodges to have secret rooms. Maybe this one's underground.

Cassie: Protected by a maze. You know what, let's try the symbols off that gold piece that Jim found in Gillman's car. (enters more code) Uh-huh.

Blair: Looks like part of a direction to a secret room.

Cassie: Yeah. What are they hiding down there?

Blair: Whatever it was, it's enough to kill someone over.

Cassie: You know, and Gillman knew that. That's why he encrypted the disk to keep it secret. Oh, man. Let's go. (grabs her laptop computer)

Blair: What do you mean, let's go? Where?

Cassie: Come on. We've got the warrant. Simon just said so -- let's go. (heads toward the door)

Blair: Hey, hey, wait a minute. Cassie, I know I'm probably risking bodily harm here, but...

Cassie: I am not a detective.

Blair: Well, yeah. That's right.

Cassie: But I am a duly authorized agent of the Cascade PD empowered to collect evidence based on a specific crime. I'm also a member of the team investigating Gillman's murder. Are you coming or not?

Blair gets his coat and follows her out.

~Cut to Cassie and Blair pulling up outside Gillman's apartment building in Blair's Volvo. Night. Blair is holding his cellphone up to his ear.~

Blair: Look, I got to let Jim know what we're doing before we go in there.

Cassie: You've already called him three times.

Blair: Yeah, well, so, I'm going to call him again.

Scenes cut back and forth from Blair to Jim (at the loft) during the phone conversation.

Jim: Ellison.

Blair: Hey, Jim, where you been, man?

Jim: I took a friend to dinner; where are you?

Blair: Well, I'm with Cassie. The Gillman warrant came in, and we're out front, and she wants to go in.

Jim: Put her on the phone.

Blair: All right, hang on. (hands phone to Cassie) He wants to talk to you.

Cassie: Hello?

Jim: I'll be really calm about this, Cassie.

Cassie: Funny, you don't sound calm.

Jim: Cassie..

Cassie: Jim...

Jim: I'm gonna be there in ten minutes. You stay put until I get there. (hangs up)

Blair: Well?

Cassie: He said to stay put. (opens car door)

Blair: So where are you going?

Cassie: I'm going to stay put inside. (gets out of car)

Blair: Cassie, don't do this to me. You're putting me in a weird spot. I'm Jim's partner.

Cassie: Yeah, well, I work alone. (shuts door and heads up to apartment building)

Blair: Well, good. 'Cause I'm going to stay here. Alone.

~Cut to inside apartment building. Manager leads Cassie to Gillman's apartment. The door is already open.~

Manager: It's open.

Cassie: Thanks.

Manager: You're welcome.

Cassie goes inside apartment -- which has been trashed.

~Cut to outside where Blair is waiting in car. He pulls Cassie's laptop on his lap and starts working on it. Camera pans to the side of building to show OGM walking out onto sidewalk. OGM goes past Volvo from behind and sees the laptop screen and all the symbols. He smiles and heads closer to the car.~

~Cut to inside apartment. Cassie finds Gillman's computer and turns it on. She starts typing.

~Cut to outside. Jim pulls up in the truck and parks in front of the Volvo.~

~Cut to inside. Jim walks into the apartment and goes straight over to Cassie.~

Jim: What the hell gets into your head?

Cassie: Look, I didn't touch anything. I just touched the computer. Wait till you guys get a load of this.

Jim: Where's Sandburg?

Cassie: I don't know. He's in the car. (off Jim's look) Maybe he went for coffee. I don't know.

~Cut to OGM and Blair in an SUV pulling up outside the Cantor construction site. OGM has a gun on Blair. They stop.~

OGM: Come on. Move. Get out of the car.

They both get out of car and heads over to limo. OGM opens door.

OGM: After you.

Blair gets in, then OGM. Cantor is inside.

Cantor: He's a cop.

Blair: Well, I'm not actually a cop. I'm only a...

OGM: Hey. Shut up. (to Cantor) So?

Cantor: We can't kill a cop.

OGM: Maybe you can't. Me -- I got no problem with the concept.

Blair: Yeah. (looks away)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene a bit later. Blair has Watson's gold piece in his hands, as well as the laptop.~

Cantor: Can you decipher it?

Blair: I don't know.

OGM: Hey, quit stalling. You already got half in there.

Blair: This will take time unless you have a scanner. Otherwise, I got to program in each letter separately.

OGM: (points his gun at Blair) Then get to it.

Blair: You know what, man? Just back off. If you kill me now, you're never going to find what you're looking for.

~Cut to Jim and Cassie still in apartment.~

Jim: Gold.

Cassie: According to Gillman's research, the fire wiped out more than just the waterfront. When the fire took the lodge, it took the entire leadership; they were all killed and among them were two men thought to be Illuminati. Now, there a memoir written in 1903 by this elderly Mason. He reports that the is a huge vault filled with their collective assets in gold bars hidden beneath the foundations of the building. Also, the Illuminati, they were keepers of two golden keys that have instructions leading to that vault. But the bad news is nobody believed this guy.

Jim: Why?

Cassie: He was institutionalized at the time, dying of dementia. Cut to, a hundred years later, Gillman digs up one of these gold keys. Now he's much more interested in being rich and famous than being a nice guy, so he cuts Watson out of the loop, goes directly to Cantor.

Jim: So once he knew about the gold, why didn't Cantor start digging?

Cassie: Well, that would have attracted too much attention. I mean, he has to keep it quiet.

Jim: But why?

Cassie: Greed. Rumor is Cantor's broke. He claims all of his money is tied up offshore someplace, but banks all over the city are threatening to pull in his loans. Some people even say he had to go to the mob to stay afloat.

Jim: Mm. If that's true, he could funnel the gold through them and end up with millions in tax-free cash. It all seems to sync up.

Cassie: Gillman suspected Watson had found the other gold key but was keeping it under wraps so she could decipher the writing. Gillman didn't tell Cantor, but...

Jim: He might have figured it out himself and sent the killer to get it.

Cassie: That's right.

Jim: Where the hell is Sandburg?

~Cut to Jim and Cassie leaving building and going up to Volvo.~

Cassie: Oh, man, my computer's gone. Does he always leave his car open like that?

Jim sees something on the street and goes over to it.

Cassie: What?

Jim: (picks up the thing from the ground) A steel tap, like the one on the boot prints we found. The killer's got him. (gets into truck)

Cassie: What? The killer... wh-what? (gets in truck as well)

They take off.

~Cut to dig site hole. Cantor and Blair pull open steel doors while OGM keeps the flashlight on them and the gun up.~

OGM: All right -- you first.

Cantor: Why don't you just kill him now and get it over with?

OGM: 'Cause I want to make sure he programmed this right. Go. Get moving.

They all go inside and head down a series of stairs. Blair has the flashlight and leads the way in the darkness. They reach the bottom.

OGM: That way. Let's go.

They keep going.

~Cut to Jim and Cassie pulling up outside Cantor construction site.~

Cassie: How did you know they were here?

Jim: A hunch. (gets out of truck)

Cassie: A hunch? (gets out of truck) A hunch? A hunch? So, what, you get to have hunches and I don't get to have any hunches?

Jim: Hey, Welles, can we have this discussion another time?

They go into site and head to hole.

Cassie: What?

~Cut to below as Blair, Cantor, and OGM keep walking.~

~Cut back to Jim and Cassie at the entrance to the underground maze. Cassie is beginning to have an asthma reaction.~

Jim: Maybe you'd better go back up.

Cassie: (coughing) Look, I'm going to be okay. I want to help Blair, too, okay?

Jim: Okay, the way you can help is to keep breathing. Call Simon Banks for some backup. (gives her his phone) Now, go on.

Cassie: Okay... (heads back up)

Jim goes inside and starts downstairs.

~Cut to Blair's group. OGM looks at the laptop and then the path.~

OGM: It says six more paces and it should be up on your right.

Blair: I don't see anything.

OGM: Look harder.

Still nothing there.

Blair: Well, you know what, maybe you're reading the map wrong.

OGM: Yeah? And maybe you screwed with the program. You make this thing work or I'll shoot you in the spine, okay? Got it?

Blair: All right, okay. (types on laptop)'re right. Look, I read it wrong there. Uh...17 paces. Yeah.

Computer starts to beep.

Cantor: What's that?

OGM: It's the battery. It's running low on juice.

Blair: You know what? If this thing goes dead, there's no other way out of here. We'll never find our way out. We'd better go upstairs...

OGM: Shut up. You don't get a vote. Now move your ass.

Cantor: He's right. Let's just recharge the battery and come back down.

OGM: (points gun at Cantor) You, too -- move. Move!

Beeping continues.

~Cut to Jim wandering through maze, following sounds of breathing and the computer beeping.~

~Cut back to Blair's group.~

Blair: Should be up here around the corner It's all blocked off.

OGM: Oh, man, you got to be...kidding!

Cantor: Great. Now, what?

OGM: You know what, I guess you're going to have to dig.

Blair: I don't think that's such...

OGM: Shut up and dig. You, too, old man. Get your hands dirty.

They start to pull boards back. The walls start to crumble.

Blair: This is crazy! This whole place could fall on our heads, and I'm not doing it anymore!

OGM: Then you got no reason to live.

Jim appears and shoots at OGM, hitting the gun and knocking it out of his hands. Blair grabs the gun as Jim joins them.

Jim: You all right, Chief?

Blair: Yeah, I'm fine.

Cantor: I can explain...

Jim: Quiet!

Jim begins to hear wood splintering and sees wood trickling out from cracks in the framework. The support beams start to shake.

Blair: Oh, I knew it. I knew it. This place is like a house of cards. You take away a couple of these few bricks, the whole thing will fall.

Jim: All right, everybody out! Come on!

They start to all run out. OGM fights with Jim and runs back, refusing to leave with them.

Jim: What are you doing?! Don't be stupid! The whole place is going to go!

The rest of them keep running as the walls and ceiling collapse around them and on them. They run up the stairs and up the ladder. Jim is the last one out. Inside, everything just collapses in on itself. Outside, the tent collapses as well.

Jim: Let's go. (takes Cantor away)

Blair takes a last look, then follows Jim.~

~Cut to Major Crimes hallway. Day. Jim, Blair, and Cassie. Jim is eating chips from a bag.~

Cassie: Oh, man! I still don't get how you guys found your way out of that maze.

Blair: Uh, let's just say that Jim's got a really good sense of direction.

Jim: A little luck helps.

Simon (dressed in work-out togs) comes out of the elevator.

Simon: Jim, I got word back from Cantor's construction foreman. They've done some excavating. If that gold vault does exist, it's buried under footings they've already poured. It wouldn't be cost-effective to get it out of there.

Blair: Wouldn't be cost-effective. Can you believe that?

Simon: (to Cassie) Also confirmed your reasons for Cantor's working for the mob. Very good work, Welles -- asset to the department.

Cassie: Thank you.

Simon: But I have two words of advice. (looks at Cassie and Blair) Don't fraternize. (walks off)

Cassie and Blair look at each other, then away. Jim looks at both of them.

Jim: What was all that about?

Cassie: Jim, thank you for giving me full credit on figuring out Cantor's deal. Thank you.

Jim: Well, you deserved it. (looks at them again) I think it's time we had a little talk, okay?

Cassie: Uh-oh. Sounds serious.

Jim: I think we all know what's going on here and before we have...

Cassie: Jim, I think you're probably...

Jim: Before it gets to be a problem, we just need to set some ground rules.

Blair: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Jim: I think we should...decide to be just friends, all of us. And stick to it.

Cassie: You think you guys can handle that?

Jim (still eating chips) and Blair look at each and smile and shrug.

Cassie: Uh-huh. Okay. Fine. Good. (gets into elevator)

Jim: Toodles. Goodbye.

Elevator doors close. Blair moves around to stand in front of Jim.

Blair: "I think we should be just be friends."

Jim: Right.

Blair: Right.

Jim: You want some of this?

Blair: Yeah.

They chest bump.

Jim: Bring it on, man.

~ The End ~