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Written by: Rick Husky
Directed by: John Connor
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Don S. Davis (Wilton Fisker), Lisa Anne Morrison (Linda Conway), Glenn Morshower (K.C. Garner), Ewan "Sudsy" Clark (Sean Penny), Marya Delver (Jackie Simms), Sean Allan (Lyle Stone), Ty Olsson (Bo Crockett).

Summary: Ellison's peaceful fishing weekend takes a vicious turn when the remote town he's staying in becomes the site of an elaborate, illegal operation involving millions of dollars, a highly contagious "disease," phony military officers and a train bound for nowhere. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on April 22, 1998.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Simon's office. Day. Simon and Blair in front of Simon's computer.~

Simon: Great. Conventional memory I have plenty of. What do they mean by conventional memory?

Blair: Sir, think of it as your computer's living room. It's where you keep the things that you'll use every day. Now upper memory is like the attic where you keep information you use but not continuously as opposed to expanded memory, which is...

Simon: Blair?

Blair: Yeah?

Simon: Just make it work.

Blair: Okay.

Simon: If I don't get my tax files out of this computer by midnight tonight, I'll be standing in line at the post office like all those other poor schmoes, who are trying to avoid paying late fees.

Blair: Right. Sir, this is a memory manager. It'll only take two minutes to set up and you'll be just cherry.

Jim comes in.

Jim: Lounging around in the adult chat room, boys?

Simon: Ah... Blair's cleaning out my living room.

Jim nods.

Simon: What do you need?

Jim: Well, Captain, if it's not a problem, I was wondering if I could take a week off.

Blair turns around to look at Jim. Simon waves a hand in a distracted fashion.

Simon: No, no, no problem. Go ahead.

Jim turns to leave. Then Simon realizes what Jim said and turns as well.

Simon: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Jim...a week?

Jim: Yes, sir.

Blair: What's wrong?

Jim: Nothing's wrong. Why does something have to be wrong?

Simon: Well, I personally can't remember a time you asked for a day off, much less a week.

Jim: That's just it, Captain. I haven't had any time off. I'm a little burnt. I need time to smell the flowers, the fresh out a little bit.

Simon: Easy, easy, you're preaching to the choir, Reverend. Take as much time as you need.

Jim: Thank you. (turns to leave again)

Simon: You got a spot in mind?

Jim looks at Simon, then Blair, then answers slowly.

Jim: Yeah... a little place that I go to in the summer. It's up by the Canadian border, you know...sweet little spot tucked away in the middle of nowhere...trout are just waiting to be bugged. (chuckles)

Blair: (getting excited) Dig it, dig it, yeah. I'll get to try out my new tackle and didn't you make a new fly with big orange eyes and hair on the legs?

Jim: It sounds like some of your dates, Chief.

Simon: No, no, no. (shows his fly) This here...this baby will have those fish lining up for the pan like a magnet.

Jim: Sir, this is not a group activity.

Blair: What are you talking about? You wanna be alone?

Jim: That's the plan, yeah.

Simon: All right... What's going on?

Jim: Come on, why don't we take this in the interrogation room?

Blair: Hey, hey, no reason to get all snippy...

Computer makes a noise behind him. He turns back to look at the screen.

Blair: Uh-oh.

Simon: (going over to look at computer) Uh-oh? What's uh-oh?

Blair: Uh, it's crashing, sir. I don't suppose that you have a boot disk, do you?

Simon: Sandburg, I'm going to boot your disk from here to Seattle. Get up!

Blair gets up, and Simon sits down. Blair picks up the phone.

Jim: Uh, I'll be back Wednesday. (leaves)

Simon: No, no, no, hang on, Jim. I'll be right with you.

Blair: Sir, just relax. Don't worry about it. I'm calling the technical support line.

Simon: Sandburg? It says it's deleting files. Why is it deleting files? (punching keyboard keys) Where did you get this program?!

Blair: I got it off the internet.

Simon: The net?!? Why didn't you just call Virus "R" Us?

~Cut to Jim driving along country road. Still day. He passes a sign that reads "Clayton Falls, 30 miles."~

~Cut to much later. Night. Jim pulls into Clayton Falls to a gas station. As he pumps gas, he talks to the station owner (Sam).~

Jim: What's going on up here? Last time I was in these parts, I remember a lot more activity in town. Where is everybody?

Sam: Oh, a couple of years back, some bureaucrat decided this part of the forest ought to be ecologically protected. Good for the trees, bad for the town.

Jim: Well, I guess they got to strike a balance somewhere, huh?

Sam: Yeah.

Jim: Used to be a mill up here, right?

Sam: Oh, yes, sir. Sure was. I used to be a double-shift man myself. Yep. Now we got the station, we got the diner, got the old inn, and we got a few cabins back in the woods me and a few others who ought to know better keep trying to hang onto. Yeah. Hard to shake off old roots, I guess. Now this town is just a crossroads to nowhere.

Jim nods and takes a drink from a bottle of water.

Sam: You won't be needing that. We got natural spring water right out of the tap.

Jim: Just an old habit.

Sam: Bring your own fish, too?

Jim chuckles.

~Cut to Jim in the old hotel. Still night. He rings bell on counter top. A voice echoes from the back.~

Fisker: Be with you in just a minute.

A toilet flushes, then a man (Fisker) comes out.

Fisker: Sorry. Been waiting long?

Jim: No, no, I just stepped inside. Place sure hasn't changed much.

Fisker: Been here before?

Jim: A long time ago, yeah.

Fisker: I just bought the place a couple of months back. It's a little run-down now, but I'm trying to preserve the best of what's been. I hope there'll be enough warm-weather business to pay for groceries.

Jim: (chuckles) Yeah, let's hope so. I just need a room for the night. I'll be heading out in the morning.

Fisker: I'm sorry, son. I've got her stripped down to the bone. Uh, the beds are broken down and, uh, the rooms are a mess. There's a Value Lodge in Greenville.

Jim: No, that's back where I came from.

Fisker: Well, look, if you don't mind the dust, you can sleep on one of those couches tonight. (motions to couches in living room)

Jim: No, I don't mind at all, sir. In fact, I can pay you.

Fisker: Just come back when I reopen, and bring friends.

Jim: Be happy to do that. What about the store? Is it open, uh, for some supplies?

Fisker: Well, the hippie that runs it sleeps in back. Just bang loud enough in the morning and he'll open up.

Jim: Very good. Thanks.

~Cut to Jim walking outside. He walks out towards diner. Then stops as the light to the cafe goes off and the owner leaves.~

Jim: Ah, great. There goes dinner.

He walks back to his truck, gets his bag and starts munching on jerky as he heads back to the inn.

~Cut to Simon's office. Night. Computer tech (Charlie) closes up his briefcase and walks to door. Simon watches.~

Charlie: You're all set, Captain. Next time you have a problem, call us first.

Simon: That's my motto from now on. Thanks, Charlie.

Charlie leaves office, passing by Blair. Charlie shakes his finger at Blair and clucks his tongue as he goes. Blair steps inside office.

Blair: Is everything okay now?

Simon: Just stay over there. You're a walking computer virus.

Blair: Hey, Simon, I'm really sorry about that. I didn't...

Simon: Aw, forget it. You know, Blair, we have another problem.

Blair: What's that?

Simon: Our friend, Jim. Do you really buy this, uh, time alone bit? I think he's trying to snake us.

Blair: What do you mean, snake us?

Simon: This whole fishing spot of his -- I think he wants to keep it a secret. I bet it's a place where the trout are practically leaping into the net.

Blair: What, do you think he's holding out on us?

Simon: I know he's holding out on us. Now, I say we take an expedition up there, bust into his one-man operation, and claim our fair share of the haul.

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I'm down with that. Yeah, good... (pause) But, uh...but what if he does want to be alone?

Simon: We'll fish the other side of the lake.

~Cut to next morning. Clayton Falls. Inn. Jim is asleep on one of the couches when the front door starts to rattle. Eyes that belong to Simon and Blair peek inside as they knock on door. Jim jerks awake inside and stumbles over to the door, hair mussed. He opens the door and Blair and Simon come inside.~

Blair: Morning.

Simon: How you doing, Sunshine?

They take a look around the front room in some confusion.

Blair: What's the matter -- you too cheap to afford a room?

Jim: What the hell are you guys doing here? How did you even find me?

Blair: Yes, it's nice to see you, too.

Simon: What do you mean how did we find you? I tracked you down like I would any cards, gas receipts, restaurant -- just followed the paper trail.

Jim: What for?

Simon: Did you really think we were going to let you empty at lake of trout all by yourself?

Blair: Yeah, we wanted to surprise you. You're not mad, are you?

Jim: Let me put this another way without offending you. You know, there was a time when I lived alone. I worked on my own for years.

Blair: So, what are you saying? You want me to move out? I got no problem with that. Actually there's a room's opened up right below us unless that's too close to you, too, and I'll be infringing on...

Jim: Don't pull the Felix Unger trip on me, okay, Chief? You've made this sentinel thing work and I appreciate that. I wouldn't change a minute of it, but you're always therein my face, observing.

Simon takes off his hat and thwacks Blair on the arm with it.

Simon: I told you to stop treating him like a lab rat.

Jim: Simon, Simon, this is no different from being your full-time pit bull.

Blair hits Simon on the arm. Jim sighs and covers his eyes.

Simon: Pardon?

Jim: Every time some badass blows into Cascade, I get the assignment.

Simon: Jim, I thought you wanted those assignments.

Jim: It's not about that. It's just seven days a week, 365 days a year gets a little bit much. I need a break.

Simon: (shrugs) Great.

Simon and Blair head toward the door. Jim grabs them both by the arm to stop them.

Jim: Come on, now, listen...

Simon: No, no, no, wait, wait...

Jim: Look, get your tails out from between your legs, huh? I love you. I don't want you to go away mad. Let's go have a bite to eat and we'll talk about it and then you can hit the road, okay?

Simon: Yeah, whatever. (puts hat back on)

Jim: There's a little place down the road. I'm just going to change.

Blair: What are you talking about? The place that says, "country cooking"? (looks at Simon) What are we going to have, possum on a stick?

Simon: What's the matter with that? My mother made possum.

Blair: I got no problem with that; I could eat.

~Cut to diner. Simon and Blair come in. Blair points to a booth. The waitress (Jackie) behind the counter greets them.~

Jackie: Good morning, boys. Have a seat.

Simon: Thanks.

They get into the booth, sitting across from each other. Jim comes in and sits down next to Blair as the waitress brings over water glasses.

Jim: Good morning.

Jackie: Morning.

Jackie sets out the water glasses on the table. Blair is watching her with a glazed over look.

Jackie: Okay, so, we have fresh eggs, griddle cakes, oatmeal, ham steak, killer waffles, and the best coffee in the state, but if you ask me for a cappuccino, I will kill you.

Jim: Well, I guess we'll start with the coffee, then.

Jackie: You got it. (walks back to counter where Sam sits.

Sam: Jackie...

Jackie: Mm-hmm?

Sam: You got any aspirin? I'm not on top of it this morning.

Jackie: Yeah, sure, Sam. I'll check.

~Pan back to table.~

Simon: (to Blair) Could you be a little more obvious?

Blair: What?

Jim: He's just observing the indigenous customs before he launches into his own mating cha-cha. You know... (does a little dance thing at the table)

Blair and Simon both laugh. Blair drinks some water and then chomping on some ice.

Simon: What are you doing?!

Blair: I'm hungry.

~Pan to back of diner where Jackie gets a plate of food from cook.~

Jackie: Thanks. (brings over plate to another customer) There you go.

Jackie then goes over to Jim, Blair, and Simon's table with a pot of coffee. She starts to pour coffee, then sets down the coffee pot. She starts to waver on her feet.

Jim: What is it?

Jackie puts a hand up to her throat, then drops the tray to the floor. She stumbles back a few feet.

Jackie: Oh...

Jim, Blair, and Simon get up and go to her as she slides down to sit on the ground next to another booth.

Jim: Are you all right? What's going on?

Jackie: My stomach.

Jim: What is it?

Jackie: It hurts.

Simon: Somebody get a doctor.

Man: I'll get Doc Conway. (leaves)

Jim: What happened to your stomach?

Jackie: I don't know. It just...

Sam starts to curl in on himself. Simon goes over to him.

Simon: Are you all right? Easy, easy. (looks over at Jim) Jim, it looks like this guy has the same symptoms.

Jim: Where is this doctor?

A woman (Linda) comes in and crouches next to Jackie.

Linda: Right here. All right, Jackie, Tell me what's wrong.

Jackie: I don't know. It just came on sudden.

Linda: You have abdominal pain?

Jackie: It feels like I'm burning up.

Simon: Doctor, this guy has the exact same symptoms.

Fisker comes in.

Fisker: Linda, Andrea Peterson collapsed in her kitchen. She looks as bad as these two. What the hell's going on?

Linda: It's beyond me. These people need a doctor.

Jim: Aren't you a doctor?

Linda: I'm a veterinarian.

Jim: Where's the nearest hospital?

Linda: Gifford County, an hour away.

Simon: I'll give them a call.

Linda: You're out of cell range here.

Blair tries payphone.

Blair: This phone's dead. I'm not even getting a dial tone.

Fisker: I tried the phone at Andrea's place. Hers is dead, too.

Jim: What the hell's going on here? We're with the Cascade police department. We're gonna make sure these two get to the hospital. (to Linda) Would you tend to the others?

Linda nods.

Jim: (to Jackie) Can you stand, miss? (helps Jackie up)

~Cut to Simon's car as they go down country road. Simon driving, Jim in front passenger seat looking at map. Blair, Sam, and Jackie in back.~

Jim: It looks like you hit the interstate on the other side of the lake, and, then, you look for a junction east after five, six miles.

Simon looks over at him as he gives directions, nodding. Jim looks forward and he braces himself. Simon looks forward and slams on brakes, pulling the car sideways as they see a caravan of army vehicles. After they stop, Jim gets out of the car. Blair gets out as well.

Jim: Almighty!

Garner: Let's go!

Army guys in camouflage fatigues get out of trucks and head toward them.

Garner: Stop right there. Where are you coming from?

Jim: Clayton Falls. What's going on here?

Garner: You have to turn around and go back.

Blair: Sir, we got to get sick people in the car. We gotta get them to the hospital.

Jim: Yeah, uh... (moves forward)

An army guy pulls out a gun and cocks it.

Garner: I said that's far enough.

Jim: Take it easy, cowboy. Just getting some ID. I'm Detective James Ellison with the Cascade PD.

Garner: I'm Colonel Garner, United States Army. We've been order to contain an outbreak of a highly contagious disease.

Jim: What sort of outbreak?

Garner: We have a bug on our hands that could burn right through this area and spread like wildfire. This is a hot zone, gentlemen -- total quarantine -- and that means you are all under military control.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Clayton Falls. Still day. Army is moving in and setting up shop. All army personnel are wearing gas masks as they walk around. Guns in abundance.~

Soldier #1: That's it. Grab those, guys. Let's go.

Soldier #2: Right!

Soldier #1: Scofield -- with me.

Simon, Jim, Blair, and Linda are standing in street. Simon has his cellphone out.

Simon: The cellular is totally useless. With the landlines down, we're totally cut off from the outside.

Blair: I don't like this. It's obvious the army took out the phones. What're they trying to cover up?

Jim: Good question.

Linda: I can't just stand around and watch. I'm going to go see if they need help. (leaves)

Jim: All right. Why don't we go talk to the colonel?

Jim heads over to Garner, followed by Simon and Blair.

Garner: Give me a secure perimeter on Clayton Falls. Then, clamp down the interstate at the county line. Want every civilian in the hot zone accounted for by 1100.

Soldier: Yes, sir. (leaves)

Garner: You people should stay with the others. You'll be examined as soon as we have medical facilities set up.

Simon: Why the communications blackout, Colonel?

Garner: Lockdown orders from DC. Until we have things under control, we don't want the media to get ahold of it and panic the entire state.

Jim: Colonel, Captain Banks, Mr. Sandburg, and myself, we've all dealt with civil emergencies before, even a biotoxin threat.

Garner: In Cascade. I remember the incident. So, what exactly are you gentlemen doing in Clayton Falls?

Blair: It was supposed to be a fishing trip.

Garner: That's pretty bad timing. Look, you may be cops, but my people are trained for this. Let us do our job. (walks off)

Simon: Do you believe this? (goes after Garner) Hey, Colonel. Hey! Excuse me. We understand about the quarantine. What we would like explained is how this outbreak happened in the first place.

Garner: A specimen monkey broke loose from an army research lab. It was infected with a mutant strain of filovirus similar to ebola.

Blair: Ebola? I knew it. This is some secret government plan gone to hell, right?

Simon: Sandburg... (puts his hand on Blair's shoulder)

Garner: It was an accident. The animal has been caught and destroyed, but several of the lab workers were exposed and it spread from there.

Jim: Is it airborne?

Garner: It's the nature of hot agents to travel through the air, yes.

Simon: CDC been contacted yet?

Garner: They've sent their own doctor. You can speak with him if you like. (walks off)

Simon: Damn straight, I like.

They walk over to medical truck to talk to doctor (Stone).

Simon: What about a vaccine, Dr. Stone? Anything.

Stone: With most cases like this, there is no vaccine.

Blair: Well, to create an antiserum you have to identify the carrier or the host. And you guys caught the infected monkey, right?

Stone: Our lab in Atlanta is analyzing what they found, but finding an antiserum to knock this thing down will take time. In the meantime, we'll give the victims here an inoculation which will alleviate their symptoms.

Jim: What's the worst-case scenario?

Stone: If the virus is replicating and spreading, it could kill everything in its path.

~Cut to Simon and Linda sitting on the back fender of a truck, watching victims being carried by on stretchers.~

Linda: I feel so helpless.

Simon: I know what you mean. I got to admit, though, Doctor. You've got me curious. I mean, with the way people have been moving out of this town seems like there wouldn't be too much call for a vet these days

Linda: Yeah, well, we went from a one-horse town to a couple of dogs and a goat. Yeah, I've had offers to move my practice up to Cascade, but I grew up here, Captain. These people are the only family I have left. If someone breaks a bone or needs a couple of stitches, I can do that, at least. It's better than not having a doctor at all.

They stand up.

Simon: Look at this. You would think they'd at least give us gas masks or something.

Linda: I wouldn't think that would matter now. We've already been exposed.

Jim and Blair join them.

Simon: Hey, guys. You have any luck locating a phone?

Jim: I can't get a straight answer about anything. Now who would be the law around here?

Linda: When the mill was operating, there was a security detail, but now there's only state patrol and they don't even come near here unless they're called.

Jim: Couldn't if we wanted to, huh?

Linda: (to Blair) You all right? You look a little flushed.

Blair: Who, me? I'm fine. I'm just pissed off. I mean, you know how this whole thing started? Some secret government research program with infected lab animals and this Colonel Garner guy admitted to it.

Fisker comes up behind Simon.

Simon: This is getting out of control. I'm just gonna demand they give us an outside line.

Fisker: What about a radio? Couldn't help overhearing. You boys are cops -- don't you carry shortwave units with you?

Simon: They were confiscated when we came in.

Fisker: Could be they missed one. I was cleaning out some boxes when I took over the inn. I seem to remember an old shortwave unit stored there somewhere.

Blair: Let's go check it out.

Simon: I'll stay here with the doctor and keep an eye on things.

Jim: Lead the way.

Jim, Blair, and Fisker head off.

~Cut to storage area in inn. Jim, Blair, and Fisker looking through shelves.~

Fisker: Infected monkey, huh? Damn. How's that for payback? Human race started with an ape, then ends with one.

Blair: Well, I wouldn't go setting my doomsday clock yet. Anyway, we're not really descendants of apes. We're from a common simian ancestor.

Jim: Hey, might want to go easy on the seminar.

Blair: Sorry about that. I'm an anthropologist. I'm just attached to the police department.

Fisker: Well... army, killer virus, dead phones, out-of-town cops -- you know, I started to think you all were part of whatever the hell's going on, but you're okay. Hell of a day to go for trout, huh? (finds shortwave) Here she is. (pulls down radio)

Blair: Uh, this was definitely before transistors. (opens it) Aw, look at that: all the tubes are gone.

Fisker puts shortwave away. Blair turns away and leans on a shelf; his face is sweaty.

Jim: You okay?

Blair: Yeah, I'm fine, um...I just got... I got to get out of here. (steps forward, but hunches over)

Jim: What's wrong?

Blair: Oh, god, I just got to get some air.

Jim helps Blair out. Fisker follows.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Blair on a stretcher outside, being taken in to medical tent. Jim is walking with stretcher. Simon and Linda in background. A soldier (Crockett) is on guard outside tent.~

Jim: Come on. Just relax, buddy. They're going to take good care of you.

Blair taken inside tent.

Jim: (to Crockett) What happens now?

Crockett: Isolation.

Jim: I'd like to see the doctor from the CDC.

Crockett: He's busy. My orders are to protect him from interruption.

Jim: This isn't an interruption. This is about the condition of my friend.

Garner comes over.

Garner: What's the problem?

Jim: The problem is that this has become personal to me and I'd like to know what's going on.

Garner: I strongly suggest you back off and let us do our work before a lot of people die...including your friend. (walks off)

Crockett: (to another soldier) Take over. (walks off)

Jim zooms with his vision inside tent to see doctor giving a patient some medicine in a cup.

Stone: Here. Take this.

Jim walks back to Simon and Linda.

Jim: (to Linda) Would you mind keeping an eye on Sandburg for us? Just whatever you can do.

Linda: Yeah, sure. As much as I can do. (walks off)

Simon: Come on. Let's go.

Jim and Simon walk through town.

Simon: Think the kid's going to be all right?

Jim: I hope so. No one here has died yet. Now, I'm holding on to that for now, but something's bothering me about this virus. I mean, most of the town is flat on its back. Why aren't we?

Simon: Could have something to do with our immune system. Fisker and Dr. Conway aren't affected either. Only thing that's bugging me right now is if Sandburg's going to be okay. Other than that, I feel fine.

Jim: Yeah, me, too. But if this virus is airborne, we're already exposed.

Jim sees something and stops Simon. He zooms in with his vision to see a soldier in the distance with no gas mask on. They walk over to the corner of a building to watch.

Jim: That guy doesn't have a mask on. He looks all right.

Crockett (with a mask on) goes up to the soldier. Jim listens in to the conversation.

Crockett: You wanted to see me?

Soldier: Garner wants you at the motorcade. Get your ass over there.

Crockett: This better be the word to go. I didn't sign up to baby-sit this town. You think maybe you should put your mask on?

Soldier puts mask on as Crockett walks away. Jim and Simon move a little closer.

Simon: What's going on?

Jim: A private just gave orders to our favorite lieutenant. It's not the army I know. Crockett also referred to the word "go." Like they're waiting on something.

Simon: What the hell's going on here, Jim? Are these guys for real or what?

Jim: Got me, Captain.

Simon: All right. Let's take a look around.

Jim: It's probably better if we're not joined at the hip.

Simon: Right. Be careful.

Jim and Simon split up. Jim wanders over to where he sees two soldiers by a truck with a bunch of canisters in the back. He listens into conversation.

Soldier #1: Should we dump more in?

Soldier #2: Did you get the main line again?

Soldier #1: This morning, yeah.

Soldier #2: Good. After the shipment arrives, we're out of here.

Garner and Crockett come up behind Jim.

Garner: I thought I'd discouraged you from walking around. Ellison, I am talking to you.

Jim turns around.

Jim: Just trying to clear my head. I was thinking about my friend in the tent.

Garner: I'm ordering anyone still standing confined to their homes. You can stay at the inn.

Jim walks off.

Crockett: We should do something about him...something permanent.

Garner: We're almost done here. It doesn't help the plan if we're cop killers. In the meantime, we'll keep him on ice.

~Cut to medical tent. Stone is pouring some medicine and giving it to Blair who is lying on a cot.~

Blair: What's that?

Stone: Just a light sedative to keep you calm.

Blair: (takes cups) How are the other people? Did you find an antidote yet?

Stone: Relax. You're being given the best of care.

Garner calls from front of tent.

Garner: Doctor, can I see you for a moment?

Stone: Drink that down. It'll ease your cramps. (walks off)

Blair dumps medicine back in bottle.

~Cut to Jim walking outside a building. He meets up with Simon and Linda.~

Jim: Any word on Sandburg?

Linda: Still inside. They won't give me specific information.

Jim: Simon, did you have any of the local water since you've been here?

Simon: City boy like me? (lifts a bottle) Drinking bottled water and so has Sandburg.

Jim: Yeah, me, too.

Linda: My place has its own well, but the rest of the town works off the main line supply. Why?

Jim: Meet me at your office in ten minutes. (heads off)

Simon and Linda go up a set of stairs.

~Cut to medical tent. Blair is still on the cot, mostly awake. He can hear Stone and Garner talking. He sits up to hear better.~

Stone: There's a lot of flack falling on me.

Garner: I'm aware of that. You're not alone on this.

Stone: If there are any problems with this operation, I need to know now. This thing better go off exactly the way we planned. There's absolutely no margin for error here -- I'm talking about human or mechanical.

Blair walks toward the front of the tent.

Stone: I got to know right now if this thing is going to go as planned. Are we absolutely clear on this, gentlemen? I mean, absolutely clear?

Garner: ETA of the train is right on schedule.

Stone: Good. We've got a short window after recovery kicks in for these people.

Garner: Once we're out of here, I don't want anything to lead back to us -- no ID's of any kind. Have them double-check and triple-check. When we're gone, I want us to be invisible.

Blair goes back to his bed and lays down on bed.

Crockett: I'll take care of it. There's no way anyone will be able to identify us.

~Cut to Linda's medical office. Still day. Jim holds out a glass bottle of water to Linda. Simon watches.~

Jim: I got this from the tap in the diner. I was wondering if you could run a basic screen on it.

Linda: Sure, but how could a virus that's airborne be in the water system?

Jim: I overheard these jackasses in camouflage talking. They put it in there.

Simon: What?

Jim: Whoever these clowns are, they're not the US army. I don't know what they're up to, but they're strong enough to immobilize a whole town.

Linda: Well, let's take a look. (starts putting water in a test tube)

Simon: What else were you able to find out?

Jim: I overheard somebody talking about a shipment they were waiting on.

Simon: Shipment? Is that what this is about? They inoculate the town with some virus, so nobody knows anything.

Linda puts test tube of water in a centrifuge.

Jim: Yeah. People in the containment tent aren't getting any better because they're doped up with something. And with the martial law that they've imposed, everybody walking is going to be contained. (to Linda) Now how long is this going to be?

Linda: Not long.

Crockett and two soldiers walk in.

Crockett: Anyone not under treatment goes to the inn. We also need the keys to your vehicles and your weapons if you're carrying them.

Simon snorts and turns away.

Jim: I don't think so.

A soldier cocks his rifle.

Crockett: Don't make this any harder, guys. Hand over your weapons, now.

Jim and Simon start to hand over their guns. Behind them, Linda is analyzing the water sample on the computer screen.

Simon: I don't believe this. We're law enforcement officers.

Crockett: In this situation, it doesn't matter. The military's in charge. You'll get everything back after the quarantine's lifted.

Linda finishes reading the analysis and turns off the monitor. Crockett (unaware of what she's read) goes over to her.

Crockett: You, too. Keys.

Linda: I have a place in the back. Why would I be dragged out of my own home?

Crockett: I'm just following orders, doc. You want to do this the hard way?

She hands over her keys.

Crockett: Let's go. And just a reminder...under the rules of martial law, any violations and it's within my authority to shoot to kill.

They all file out.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Inside inn. Still day. Linda goes over to talk to Jim and Simon. Other folks there as well, including Fisker.~

Linda: This isn't my field, but I found a viral form in the water that shouldn't be there.

Jim: Do you have any idea what it is?

Linda: It looks like a mild toxin.

Jim: Something that mimics a rampant virus.

Linda: Maybe.

Simon: Not enough to kill. Just enough to immobilize and scare the hell out of everybody?

Linda: Yeah. There wasn't anything that could be considered lethal.

Jim: So Blair and the others are gonna be all right.

Jim: Yeah, that's the weird thing, Simon. Why Blair? Why not us?

Simon: It had to be something that he... (snaps his fingers) Ice! He was chewing on ice at breakfast.

Jim: Right, right, right. All right...but the big question is why go through all this trouble? We're out in the middle of nowhere. Why would you want to immobilize a town. There's got to be something real big at stake here, right?

Simon: I don't know. Must be something.

Vehicles pull up outside. Jim goes over to look out window. Sees army guys loading weapons.

Simon: Can you see what's going on out there?

Jim: I don't know. (goes back to Simon) We got to get Blair out of that tent.

Simon: How do we do that and get past the guards?

Fisker comes over to them.

Fisker: Is everything all right?

Jim: Yeah, just looking for a way out of here...other than the front door.

Fisker: Maybe it would be best just to sit it out. That is the US army out there.

Simon: We're not so sure. We could use a little help.

Linda: I think you should trust them, Wilbur.

Fisker: I'm not too crazy about this lockdown routine myself. Back corridor off the lobby, there's a stairwell in a closet. Goes down to a wine cellar. The cellar has a door that leads to the outside.

Jim: Let's do it. (to Linda) I think you'd better stay here. If we all go it will draw attention to us.

Jim follows Fisker out.

Linda: (to Simon) Well, what do I tell them if they discover you're missing?

Simon: Tell them we got a better rate somewhere else.

They exchange smiles, then Simon goes after Jim and Fisker.

~Cut to wine cellar. Jim, Simon, and Fisker.~

Fisker: Storm door's this way.

Jim: We can find it from here.

Fisker: No, I'm going with you boys. This is my town. If something's up, I want to know.

They head down to door and open it onto the outside. They walk outside and stop to watch soldiers load up in a truck.

Soldier: All right. We're ready to roll. Let's go, let's go.

Simon: They're getting ready to meet their shipment.

Fisker: What shipment?

Jim: Let's go find out.

They go over to medical tent. They stop at the front. No guards. Jim sees a hazmat suit and boots just inside.

Jim: I'm going in.

Simon: We'll be in back.

Jim goes inside; Simon and Fisker jog to the back of the tent.

~Cut to inside tent. Jim, now in hazmat suit, goes into the main part of the tent. He walks past several beds with townspeople on them. He finds Blair's bed and bends over it, waking him up.~

Jim: Hey, it's me. You all right?

Blair: Jim, they're doing something. They're trying to keep us down or something.

Jim: We're going to get you out of here. Come on.

Jim helps Blair up and they head to the door. A soldier comes in.

Soldier: Hey, what are you doing?

Jim steps on a button on the ground which sends a stream of pressured steam at the soldier. Then Jim punches him, knocking him out. He drags guard inside.

~Cut to Jim (still in suit) and Blair walking up to join Simon and Fisker.~

Simon: Blair, you all right? How you feeling? (feels Blair's forehead)

Jim starts stripping off hazmat suit.

Blair: I'm feeling a lot better. The sweating's gone, stomach pain's gone, too, but my head still feels like mush. What's going on?

Jim: The whole thing's some kind of setup. They neutralized the town so they could get some kind of shipment.

Blair: I heard Garner talking about the ETA of a train and it being a small window of opportunity afterward before the people started to feel better.

Fisker: Train wouldn't be coming here. Branch line hasn't been used for years ever since the mill closed.

Simon: Branch line. That's where they're meeting the train. Whereabouts is it?

Fisker: Straight north, through the woods. I can show you.

Jim: We've put you through enough already. We'll take it.

Fisker: But I...

Jim: Go back to the inn. We've got it covered. We appreciate all your help.

Jim, Blair, and Simon head off.

~Cut to medical tent. Stone and soldier walk in. They look down at bed where Blair should be. Blanket is totally over figure. A hand hangs out -- showing a part of camouflage fatigues. Stone walks over and rips off blanket -- revealing soldier.~

~Cut to view of train going by a mountain. Inside, two men play poker. Above train on hills, men in camouflage and gas masks jump onto top of train. One pulls out a gas bomb and pulls the release.

Man inside train: You hear that?

Man outside train drops gas bomb inside car. Inside, men cough and fall unconscious. More gas bombs dropped. Outside, one man goes into back of train. Another goes up front to the engine.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Simon jogging through the woods. Train horn heard.~

Jim: I hear the train. It's over here.

~Cut to train. Train is coming to a stop as engine is uncoupled and goes on without it. Another soldier goes into engine and holds a gun on two men inside.~

Soldier: Stop the engines right now.

Man: Huh?

Engineer stops engines. Train comes to a stop. A plastique bomb is put on a car and blown.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Simon in the woods. Jim hears the explosion.~

Jim: They're hitting the train. Come on.

~Cut to train. Crates lableled "US Treasury Dept" are unloaded by soldiers.~

Soldiers: Let's go. Move! Get that truck backed up. Come on. Let's go. Here. I got it.

Garner: Keep it coming. That's the way, boys. We don't have much time.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Simon watching from hillside.~

Simon: What the hell are they unloading?

Jim: "US Treasury money."

Simon: That's what they've been up to this whole time. This thing is a damn money train.

Fisker and lots of men with guns appear behind them.

Fisker: That's right. Money. Best kind, too -- old money. $274 million being transferred to a federal facility to be incinerated. That's the kind of waste I couldn't tolerate. Sorry, boys. Like that train you've come to the end of the line.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Diner. Fisker is running his hand over a table. Jim, Simon, Blair, and Linda are there, plus Garner and Crockett.~

Fisker: Nice craftmanship. (straightens) You know, at one time I might have actually been happy retiring here.

Jim: Was that before you decided to knock over a Treasury train and assault a couple of federal agents?

Simon: Look, Fisker, how did you know the money was on that train?

Fisker: It was my job to know. I used to work for the Treasury Department. (opens a freezer door) Still had access to the computer codes. Found out a shipment of old currency was being sent to Denver to be burned.

Simon: Is that when you decided to sell out your country?

Fisker: (chuckles) Beats a government pension. As a matter of fact, all of my partners here are ex-government men. Hell, I had to turn recruits away. Clayton Falls was the weak spot on the train route. Cell phone gray zone.

Blair: And it's only six miles from the Canadian border.

Fisker: Right. A complicated plan, maybe...but some of us, Mr. Sandburg are just a few steps ahead of that common ancestor.

Garner: Let's get on with it, Fisker.

Fisker: No one was supposed to get hurt, but you people found out more than we wanted you to know. Now, Mr. Garner here doesn't want any bloodshed. Mr. Crockett, on the other hand, doesn't share that consideration. I'm going to split the difference. (opens freezer door again) Put them in the freezer.

Linda: And you think that won't kill us?

Fisker: Maybe. But someone might find you after we've gone. If not, well, can't say I didn't give you a chance, anyway.

Blair and Linda go inside. Crockett goes over to Jim.

Crockett: Let's go.

Jim and Simon go inside. Door is locked from outside. Screwdriver is put in lock. Garner turns on freezer fan inside. Then all soldiers leave.

Simon: There's no opening anywhere except for the air vent.

Linda: Great.

Jim: We, at least we have air...for now. (goes over to look out door; can see door lock in mirror reflection) They wedged this door with some kind of tool. (goes back over to fan) We've got to jam this somehow.

Simon: Huh?

Jim: Let me have your coat.

Simon: Why don't we use your coat?

Jim: 'Cause you're the captain. You can afford a new coat. Come on, let me have your coat.

Simon: Get that off.

Jim starts to unscrew cover of fan as Simon takes off his coat.

Linda: You're going to cut off all the air.

Jim: Just relax. We need what's inside. There's a magnet.

Simon holds his coat up to the fan.

Jim: Ready?

Simon: Go ahead. (stuffs coat in fan blades to stop it)

Jim: Let me find the wires that turn it off.

Simon: Got it?

Jim: Ah, yeah. (turns off fan) You know where I'm going with this?

Simon: Yeah. After you're finished I've got some wiring in my house you can do.

Jim takes out innards of fan and goes to door with it. He uses magnet to pull up screwdriver through door.

Jim: Come on.

Magnet trick works on second try.

~Cut to outside as soldiers are finishing loading up.~

Garner: What about all this gear?

Fisker: Leave it. What use is it to us now? (to Stone) The plane arrives in 20 minutes. Convoy the rest of the trucks to the airstrip. Then radio back with an all clear. We'll meet you with the payload.

Trucks all loaded up.

Stone: (into walkie) Okay, let's roll.

Trucks leave town.

~Pan to building where Simon, Jim, Blair, and Linda exit. They run through town to edge of building and look around corner. One truck left.~

Simon: That's the last truck. The rest of them are gone.

Jim: It's full of money. I can smell it.

They walk toward truck. Jim eras a voice.

Stone: Convoy's clear. Deliver the package.

Fisker: We're on the way.

Jim: Is that the only road out of here?

Linda: Yeah.

Jim: Simon, we've got to do something here.

Simon: I'll check around, see if they left any communication gear, try to reach backup.

Jim: All right. You should stay here. There's a lot of people who could use your help, including those federal agents.

Last truck leaves.

Jim: Come on, Chief, you're with me.

Simon: What are you going to do?

Jim: I'm going to head them off at the crossroads.

Jim and Blair take off.

~Cut to Jim and Blair getting into train engine.~

Jim: We've got to get this puppy down the line, create a roadblock.

Blair: Jim, what are you going to do? Have you ever driven a train before?

Jim: Sure. Yeah. I had a Lionel set when I was ten.

Blair: Oh, god.

Jim: Hang on.

Engine starts moving down track. They pull up next to truck with Garner and Fisker.

Garner: What the hell is he doing?

Fisker: Trying to block us at the crossroads.

Fisker fires his rifle out the window at the train. Jim and Blair duck away. Train pulls away, getting ahead of them. Inside train, they get back up. Someone pops out of back of truck and starts firing.

Jim: Watch out!

They duck away again.

Fisker: Damnit, Garner, you have to beat him through.

Garner pulls ahead of train. Train pushes it to catch up.

Blair: Jim, we're coming up to a crossing. You've got to slow this thing down.

Jim: Not yet. Hang on. They're going to try to make it across the tracks. I'm going to brake.

Truck goes across tracks just as engine gets there. Train hits truck. Truck goes to the side and blows up.

~Cut to later back in Clayton Falls. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Linda.~

Linda: Well, the toxin is wearing off and people are up and around wondering what the hell's going on. Although that's your typical day here.

Simon: Well, state patrol captured Fisker's men at the airstrip. Although the Treasury Department doesn't agree with your methods, Jim, they do thank you for destroying their old bills.

Linda: So it's back to Cascade?

Jim: Well, actually, I thought we could all do some fishing tomorrow.

Blair puts a hand up to cover his face.

Linda: And I'm in. I'll spring for breakfast.

Jim: Great.

Simon: (chuckles) No, thank you. I think I prefer the mayhem of the city. Nice meeting you. (walks off)

Blair: Uh... I think I'm down with the mayhem. (walks off after Simon)

Jim: I finally shook them.

~ The End ~