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Most Wanted

Written by: Robert Bielak
Directed by: Scott Williams
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Jude Ciccolella (Harry Conkle), Dorie Barton (Lindsay), Dean Paul Gibson (Jack Cryss), Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe), Charles Andre (Eddie Kolach), John Mann (Man #1), Terence Lewis (Second Man), Jacques Lalonde (Third Man), Chris J. Newton (Harwick), John Callander (Stocking Face), Richard Sargent (Manager), Forbes Angus (Guard).

Summary: Ellison pursues one of the FBI's most-wanted criminals, a bank robber and an alleged cop killer. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 17, 1999.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Darkened warehouse. A man (Man #1) in the shadows stands behind a table. A light shines out from table, glaring into the eyes of another man (Man #2) seated several feet away. The man behind the table cannot be seen and speaks with an electronically altered voice.~

Man #1: Are you still drinking?

Man #2: No.

Man #1: Drugs?

Man #2: I've been clean for three years.

Man #1: Do you know why you're here?

Man #2: Vaguely.

Man #1: The job I have for you is very special. It requires a high level of expertise -- your expertise.

Man #2: How much does it pay?

Man #1: You're here to answer questions Not ask them. I will tell you everything you need to know.

Man #2: Okay. Keep talking.

Man #2: First, you need to know a bit about your objective.

~Cut to street. Night. A woman (Lindsay) pushes her baby (Tyler) in a stroller down the street. She starts to notice a man in a trenchcoat and hat following her and watching her from across the street. She walks faster. The man crosses the street and continues to follow her. She sees a patrol car coming and waves them over.~

Lindsay: Officer: Hey! Police! Over here!

Officer: What's the trouble, miss?

Lindsay: There's a man following me.

Officer: Where, Miss? I don't see anybody.

Lindsay: He's gone.

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Lindsay. And baby Tyler.~

Lindsay: Like I told the patrolman and the officer downstairs, I was too scared to notice if he had a weapon or not. Besides, it was very dark.

Jim: Did he say anything to you? Uh, make any threats of any kind?

Lindsay: No. He never got that close. Look, I-I just feel like I'm being stalked. I have a new baby. I live alone. I haven't seen this man in 15 years and...

Blair: Wait. You know this guy?

Lindsay: He's my father... Harry Conkle.

Simon: Number nine on the FBI's most wanted list.

Jim: I can see why you'd be a bit worried.

Lindsay: He's changed. The man I knew was not capable of killing two policemen.

Simon: (to Blair) It was a couple of years ago. Colorado bank robbery. Harry masterminded the whole thing.

Jim: All right, you didn't see your father in 15 years, then what?

Lindsay: Well, a few months ago, just after Tyler was born, he started writing and calling, saying he wanted to see us.

Blair: There's nothing strange about that -- a man wanting to see his family.

Lindsay: Harry Conkle, family man? Give me a break. I was ten when he left and never got a birthday card or a Christmas card after that. Two years ago, my mother died and he...couldn't even make it to the funeral. Anyway, when he called last week, he sounded really angry. Said he was coming to Cascade and that he didn't care if I hung up on him or didn't answer his letters, that he was going to see us one way or another. That's when I got scared.

Simon: That'll be all for now, Miss Conkle. I'll have a patrolman take you home and we'll get you set up with round-the-clock protection.

Lindsay: Thanks. He's not my father anymore. He's a stranger now. Can you understand that? (leaves)

Simon: All right. I want you guys to take the first shift.

Jim: Stakeout? Captain, shouldn't we be out on the street talking to, uh...

Simon: This is not an option. We have a chance at nailing one of the most wanted.

Jim: I don't mind stakeouts, sir.

Blair: All for it.

~Cut to apartment across from Lindsay's for the stakeout. Night. Blair is sitting in front of the window. Jim is sitting further back in the room.~

Blair: Whew! Man, I hate these stakeouts. Do you smell that?

Jim: It could be the material you're working on, Chief.

Blair: You know what, you're probably right. I got to have this ready for tomorrow.

Jim: You're not going to practice that lecture out loud, are you?

Blair: No. (picks up the binoculars to look out the window) You don't think Lindsay's in any real danger, do you? I mean... why would a father want to hurt his own child?

Jim: Well, it happens.

Blair: You and your father -- you didn't have the greatest relationship, but you couldn't see him wanting to kill you.

Jim: Actually, I could -- two or three times.

Blair: (sees Lindsay undressing through the shades) You know what? This stakeout stuff's not too bad.

Jim: Oh, what do you got? (walks over to Blair)

Blair: Well, she's just put the boy down...and she's heading for the showers.

Jim: (pushes down the binoculars) You know we have Peeping Tom laws in Cascade, Chief.

Blair: Jim, we are the law. We have to keep a watchful eye on her. Don't you remember that scene from Psycho?

Jim: Did Norman bates use binoculars?

Blair: Oh, I get it. See, some of us, we don't need binoculars.

Jim: Chief, the street. (walks away)

Blair: The street. (watches the street, then goes back up to looking at Lindsay's windows)

~Cut to a bit later. Still dark outside. Jim is at the window looking out when there's a knock on the door. He goes over and answers it. Rafe and Dills (another officer) come in.~

Jim: Welcome.

Rafe: Hey, Jim. Shift change. How's it going?

Jim: Slow. Only two people in or out all day long -- the landlady and the mailman. How's it going on your end?

Rafe: Nothing at all.

Blair: We got some fish tacos left over for you. Eat up.

Rafe: No, thanks. We got pizza coming.

Jim: Oh. I hope you brought a good book. Have fun, gents. (he and Blair leave)

Rafe: Man... what a dump.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the truck, heading back to the loft. Blair is looking through his papers.~

Jim: It must be tough growing up with an old man on the most wanted list.

Blair: Yeah, maybe I was lucky not knowing who my real father was. I might not have liked what I found out. Speaking of not finding something... oh...

Jim: What is it now?

Blair: Well, I left my notes on the lecture I'm supposed to give tomorrow back at the stakeout.

Jim: That's too bad.

Blair: Jim, we got to go back.

Jim: Chief, can't it wait? It'll take 20 minutes just to get there.

Blair: Well, I got to do the lecture tomorrow morning.

Jim: Of all the partners I get the nutty professor. Ah, what the heck. Maybe we can have some pizza when we get there.

They turn around.

~Cut to Lindsay with Tyler in his room. She leaves the room and heads out to the hallway. As she closes the door, a man speaks up -- it's Harry Conkle.~

Conkle: Lindsay...

Lindsay: How did you get in here?

Conkle: I've had a lot of practice. (holds up lock picks)

~Cut to Jim and Blair outside stakeout. Blair is knocking on the door.~

Blair: Come on, guys, open up. It's Sandburg and Ellison. Where are they?

Jim starts to smell something.

Jim: Do you smell that? It's gas.

He listens in to their heartbeats inside.

Jim: Their heartbeats are slow. Watch out. (kicks in the door)

They both go in, Jim with his gun at the ready. Dills and Rafe are both unconscious. Jim coughs.

Jim: Check Dills.

Blair: He's out cold.

Jim: Chief... get an ambulance here and some backup -- A.S.A.P. (leaves)

~Cut to Jim in Lindsay's house, looking for Lindsay.~

Jim: Lindsay! Lindsay?!

Neither Lindsay or Tyler are there.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Lindsay, Tyler, and Conkle in a car parked outside by the water. Same night.~

Lindsay: What do you want?

Conkle: I told you -- I want to talk. You're my kid.

Lindsay: I haven't been your kid for 15 years.

Conkle: Look, I'm, uh, I'm leaving the country. I have something for you and your boy. (hands her an envelope of money)

Lindsay: (throws envelope back at him) I can take care of him myself.

Conkle: Look at you. You're not even married.

Lindsay: So he'll grow up fatherless. It's family tradition.

Conkle: Some things can't be helped.

Lindsay: And some can. You chose your life.

Conkle: Okay, hate me if you want to but don't take it out on your boy. Let me help. It won't hurt to take this money for him.

Lindsay: And where am I going to tell him that it came from? His grandfather, the bank robber? The cop killer?

Conkle: I didn't kill those cops, Linds. I was set up on it.

Lindsay: It doesn't change the rest of it. You know, the saddest part was mom telling me, on her deathbed, that she still loved you. What a waste.

Conkle: Linds...I can't change the part. I can help your future. It's not much, but...

Lindsay: No. I don't want your help. I don't want your money. Whatever I might have wanted from you was a long time ago and you couldn't give it. Now, you told me that if I came out here and listened to what you had to say that you would leave us alone. Are we done?

Conkle: Yeah, I guess so.

Lindsay: Then do your part and don't come back here again.

~Cut to stakeout. Rafe (with an oxygen mask on) is being wheeled out. Jim and Blair are there, as well as other police personnel.~

Blair: He going to be okay?

Jim: Paramedics said there must have been some kind of knockout gas that had come up through the vents.

Blair: So while we were watching Lindsay, he was watching us.

Officer: Detective Ellison...they found the girl and the baby.

Jim: They all right?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Blair: Well, that's good news.

Jim: Let's go.

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Jim and Simon.~

Simon: That's all they did, huh? Harry and Lindsay -- they just talked?

Jim: Well, according to her, it was just father and daughter stuff, you know? "The usual lies," as she puts it.

Simon: Yeah, well, here's a list of information we managed to gather from informants.

Jim: A lot of stolen C-4.

Simon: Enough to blow the biggest bank vault in town. Take a look below that. Somebody's been making inquires. Weapons, dealers... drivers... explosive experts.

Jim: Individual recruits -- not a team.

Simon: Well, that's Harry's M.O Now that he's in town the FBI is going to want in.

Jim: Ah... Simon...

Simon: I know... I want to make the collar, too. He made us all look bad. But if we play this fast and loose, they'll crucify me.

Jim: Well, can you at least stall them? Lindsay thinks her father's car might have been a rental. So we can split-up the agencies between me and Rafe and Dills. Take composites in...

Simon: You could get lucky. I'll give you the rest of the morning, then I make the call.

Jim: Very good, sir.

~Cut to darkened warehouse for another interview. Man behind the table again speaks with altered voice.~

Man #1: You're late.

Man #2: Traffic was bad.

Man #1: That's not an acceptable excuse. This operation depends on sit-second timing. Our interview is over.

Man #2: You mean, I came all the way down here for nothing?

Man #1: I said, you're finished.

Man #2: You wouldn't like it if I wrapped that lamp around your ass.

Man #1: You can try it. There's a shotgun under the table pointed at your gut. You can leave healthy or with a very bad stomachache.

Man #2: Nice knowing you. (leaves)

~Cut to Simon, Jim, and Blair outside a hotel. Day. A SWAT team is there as well, standing outside a hotel room.~

Simon: Now, the manager saw him come back a little while ago. There's only one way in or out. I think we got him this time. Bust it!

SWAT team breaks down door.

Officer: Nothing. Nothing here. Clear. Nothing, sir.

~Cut to a bit later after officers have been searching.~

Simon: He's gone. They checked everywhere. I tell you, this guy should be named Houdini.

Jim: There's something screwy about this right from the jump -- it's too easy. First, the rental clerk gets to see his face and then Harry forgets to put down a fake address.

Blair: It's not too smart for a world-class bank robber. But he was here. The manager saw him. How'd he just vanish into thin air?

Jim looks down the street and sees Conkle down a ways, carrying a bag of groceries.

Jim: Maybe he didn't. Come on, Chief.

They get into truck. Conkle sees them and runs. They chase him in the truck.

Jim: All right, get on the horn to Banks. Give him our 20. Get some backup here.

They stop next to a warehouse and get out of the truck.

Jim: Stay behind me, Chief -- stay close.

They go into the warehouse. Jim leads with his gun. They see Conkle and give chase throughout the building. Jim uses his sight and hearing to find him at one paused point. They find him and Jim points his gun.

Jim: Drop your weapon.

Conkle pulls a string and the floor beneath Jim and Blair opens up. They fall into a hole. Conkle comes over.

Conkle: Gentlemen... (points a gun at them) Don't move. Put your piece on the floor, now. You guys feds?

Jim (already standing) shakes his head. Blair gets up.

Conkle: Not feds, huh? Wasn't sure the local heat could find the trail I left.

Jim: Yeah, well, we're smarter than we look. What are we doing here?

Conkle: You boys are after the wrong man.

Jim: Oh, right. Yeah... We're looking for Harry Conkle, who's studying for the priesthood.

Conkle: Look, I've been pulling bank jobs and armored car heists for 20 years. In all that time, no one -- cop or civilian -- has gotten hurt.

Jim: So, at is your point?

Conkle: That Denver job wasn't me.

Jim: Right. Those two cops just shot each other.

Conkle: The guy you're looking for is Jack Cryss. We partnered up for a while but it didn't work out. I'm a thief. Jack's a killer. Since we went our separate ways, he's been pulling heists using my M.O.

Jim: That's a very creative story.

Blair: Yeah, so, why don't you just turn yourself in and we'll help you prove it?

Conkle: I'd need some concessions. Charges dropped. Guarantees...assurances my family will be taken care of.

Jim: Twenty years of stealing other people's money and you want concessions? It doesn't work that way.

Conkle: I'm the only one who can help you nail Cryss. He's in town right now putting another job together.

Jim: I thought you said you went your separate ways.

Conkle: We don't exactly exchange Christmas cards, but I think he's following me -- maybe planning to set me up again.

Jim: So why don't you go to the D.A. -- take your chances there?

Conkle: I can't do that. Wheels of justice move too slow.

Jim: What's the matter? You got to be somewhere?

Conkle: You could say that. I got cancer. It's in my bloodstream.

Jim: Even if I did believe your story, Harry, I don't have the authority to make those decisions.

Conkle: Then I guess we're through. (walks off)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon's office. Day. Simon, Jim, and Blair.~

Simon: Damn it, this guy is making the whole department look like a bunch of fools!

Jim: We'll get him, Simon, this guy's good, but we'll get him.

Blair: Let's not forget -- nobody's caught him for 20 years either.

Simon: Then maybe it's a good idea that we bring the feds in 'cause obviously we need the help.

Jim: Simon, can't we...

Simon: You don't talk now. I talk. It's a joint operation, but if we screw up one more time, I have no choice but to turn the reins over to the feds.

Blair: What about what Harry said? What about him dying?

Simon: What did you say?

Blair: Jim, look, come on. You were there. You heard him. He's got cancer. He's talking about some guy setting him up. I mean, we're after the wrong guy.

Simon: (chuckling) How long you been with us, Sandburg?

Blair: Three years.

Simon: Three years. I been here over 20, and in all that time if I had a dime for every time a perp told me I was after the wrong guy, I'd be retired, living near the Canadian border, fishing for trout instead of Cascade lowlifes.

Blair: If Harry's a cop killer, why didn't he kill us or Rafe? Why didn't he kill Dills? He actually went to a hell of a lot of trouble not to kill us.

Jim: Good point, Captain.

Simon: Why don't you ask him? Better yet, I'd like to ask him. So, Jim, I'd like you to do some good police work. Am I clear?!

Jim: Yes, Captain. Crystal.

They leave office.

Blair: Whew. You know, you could have backed me up in there.

Jim: Chief, you saw Simon's mood. I wasn't going to get anywhere with that.

Blair: Yeah, but you kind of believe Harry. I know it -- I could see it in your face.

Jim: Right now, I don't know what I believe, okay? How do you think people like Harry have lasted so long? I mean, do you think they just walk around or tell people that they're guilty? These clowns would sell their mother's souls to beat a rap.

Blair: So, what? Do you think he's scamming us?

Jim: Let's just say I'd bet the house odds on that.

Blair: Great. So what do we do now?

Jim: Like the captain says -- some good police work. Let's see if we can beat Harry at his own game.

~Cut to warehouse. Another interview going on. Again with the altered voice.~

Man #2: At exactly 2:10, I blow the vault door, walk slowly back to the truck, and wait.

Man #1: And what would you do if one of the others accidentally dropped a bag of money at your feet?

Man #2: I don't do nothing. I do my job and let everyone else do theirs.

Man #1: Very good. You may go now.

Man #2: So... does that mean I'm in?

Man #1: You'll do.

Man leaves.

Interviewer steps out into the light -- it's not Conkle, but Cryss.

Cryss: You'll do just fine.

~Cut to Lindsay being taken out of her apartment building on a gurney and loaded into an ambulance. Day. Conkle is watching from across the street.~

Woman: Oh, my god, is that Lindsay? I wonder what happened to her. I hope she's okay.

~Cut to hospital. Conkle is walking down the hallway. He starts typing on a computer. A nurse stops him.~

Nurse: Can I help you?

Conkle: Oh... I'm sorry. My...I have a friend who was just admitted -- Lindsay Conkle?

Nurse: You'll have to talk to the doctor.

Conkle: I'd rather talk to my friend. Can you tell me what room she's in?

Nurse: She's in isolation. There are no visitors allowed. You won't be able to see her until after surgery. I'm sorry, but you'll have to check back with us later.

~Cut to a bit later. Same place. Conkle, dressed in scrubs and a surgical mask, walks into Lindsay's room and goes straight to her, petting her hair back from her forehead.~

Conkle: Sunshine. Are you all right?

Jim comes out from behind a curtain, with his gun out. Other officers appear at the door.

Jim: She's fine. Real easy, Harry, real easy. Take him, boys.

Lindsay sits up and takes the oxygen tubing away from her face. Officers take Conkle and pull him out.

Conkle: Why, Linds? Is their reward money any cleaner than mine?

Jim: Are you all right?

~Cut to two officers and Jim taking Conkle out of the ICU area. Jim's cellphone rings and he stops to answer it.~

Jim: I'll catch up to you. (into phone) Yeah, Ellison.

Simon: Yeah, Jim. I need you to get down to Sixth and Laramie right away. We just had a call about a bank robbery 15 minutes ago. From their description, it sounds like one of Harry's jobs.

Jim: It can't be.

Simon: Why can't it be? It has Harry's M.O. written all over it.

Jim: I mean, it can't be Harry because he's with us.

~Cut to Jim exiting hospital. Officers are with Conkle.~

Jim: All right, I'll take over from here. Thank you, folks.

Officers leave. Blair joins Jim.

Jim: (to Conkle) Looks like you were telling the truth after all.

Blair: What's going on?

Jim: There's another bank robber out there. I got a feeling Harry's the only one who can help us find him. You still interested?

Conkle: I'm interested.

Jim: Chief, why don't you take Lindsay home, huh? Harry and I got some people to see.

Blair: What am I going to tell Banks?

Jim: Tell Banks that I got Harry in custody. We're going over to the bank that just got robbed. He can meet us there if he wants to.

Blair: All right.

Jim: Let's go.

~Cut to Jim and Conkle in car.~

Jim: So, Harry, I hope you don't make me regret this.

Conkle: I won't try to escape, if that's what worries you.

Jim: That's reassuring. Now I can sleep at night.

Conkle: My word is good.

Jim: Well, we seem to have a little problem, Harry. We did a little background check into your friend Jack Cryss. He has no record.

Conkle: Because he's never been caught. No fingerprints, no mug shots to go by.

Jim: What about his crew?

Conkle: New personnel every job. The guys he recruits talk to a spotlight and an altered voice. Even if they get busted, they can't bring it back to him. And they never know the other guys on the crew so they can't rat each other out.

Jim: Very clever.

Conkle: He learned from the best.

~Cut to Lindsay's apartment. Blair and Lindsay stand in the doorway of Tyler's room, watching Tyler.~

Lindsay: Isn't he beautiful? He has his father's eyes.

Blair: Yeah? What happened to his father?

Lindsay: Took off. I don't know where. I don't really care anymore. After my mother died, I was in a bad space and I made some wrong decisions, especially about relationships. But you know what? I wouldn't take back any of it 'cause out of all that came Tyler.

Blair: He's a great kid.

They walk out to the main room and sit down.

Lindsay: You know, I'm still not sure I did the right thing turning Harry in.

Blair: Well, Lindsay, whether or not your father ever hurt or killed anyone doesn't really matter. I mean, he's still a bank robber.

Lindsay: He's still my father.

Blair: Yeah.

Lindsay: I mean, I didn't even realize that I still cared about him till he showed up at the hospital and he called me "Sunshine." He used to call me that when I was little. I could tell that he was really worried.

Blair: Well... I wouldn't second-guess yourself.

Lindsay: You know, my mother never stopped loving him. She used to pray that he would change his ways but he never did.

Blair: Well, uh... there's still plenty of time, right? (pause) Oh...I'm sorry about that, Lindsay. I didn't...

Lindsay: About what?

Blair: About your father.

Lindsay: What about him?

Blair: Uh...the other day, when you two spoke, he didn't...? You guys just talked about the money.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Blair: Well, I might be crossing a line here. I don't know if Harry wanted you to know this or not, but, uh...your father's dying, Lindsay.

Lindsay: What? How?

Blair: Cancer. He told us yesterday.

Lindsay: You know, even when I was little, Harry didn't always tell the truth.

Blair: I don't think he's lying but if you want to take that chance, you know, that's up to you. Me, I...I never met my father. I a chance to know him. You two...have a chance to resolve things here. If it were me, I don't think I could just let that slip by.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Inside robbed bank. Day. Simon comes in to see Jim with Conkle. Bank manager stands behind them.~

Simon: Well, if it isn't the great Harry Conkle. Why isn't this man in lockup?

Jim: Take it easy, Captain. He's still under arrest. He's in my custody.

Simon: You didn't answer my question.

Jim: Sir, if you just give me a chance, I think we can answer all of your questions. Harry, this is Captain Banks. Please tell him what you told me before.

As Conkle talks, scenes are shown of the actual robbery that match what he says.

Conkle: I figure four of them. They're all wearing masks, surgical gloves, business suits. They've got walkie-talkies and head mics so they can keep in touch without shouting and panicking anyone. One neutralizes the guard. One gets on the counter to get everyone's attention. His voice is electronically modulated. He tells everyone, "Be quiet, and no one gets hurt." He starts counting off the time. The first guy ties up the guard and watches the customers. Makes sure no one gets cute. At 30 seconds, one of them is into the drawers. He takes only from the middle. No dusted bills from the top, no plants from the bottom. At two minutes, 30 seconds, they're done. They pop a smoke

grenade at the door. A stolen late model S.U.V. waits for them outside. By the time they're a block away, they join rush hour traffic, looking like everyday commuters.

Jim: Captain, this is the bank manager, Mr. Ginzberg.

Simon: How about it, Mr. Ginzberg? Is that how it happened?

Ginzberg: That's exactly how it happened. Except for that last part. I couldn't see because of the smoke.

Simon: So far, you've just told us your M.O. Tell me something I don't know.

Conkle: They didn't blow the vault. Cryss doesn't know this model. I do. Bought a whole lot of C-4 for nothing.

Ginzberg: It's new. We just put it in. A good thing, too. They hit us bad, but it could have been a lot worse.

Simon: How'd you know about the C-4?

Conkle: That's what I'd use.

Jim: Thanks, Harry. Uh, excuse us a second. Captain, please? (pulls Simon aside) We need this guy. He's the only one that can get inside Cryss' head. Just give us 48 hours, would you?

Simon: You got 24. That's it. I can get the FBI to buy into this.

Jim: Let's go, Harry.

~Cut to Jim and Conkle in truck parked outside a steam plant.~

Jim: You know, Harry, 20 years is quite a run. What did you do with all that dough? It's expensive to stay hidden.

Conkle: Most of it's gone.

Jim: Was it worth it?

Conkle: I had some good times.

Jim: That wasn't the question.

Conkle: No. It wasn't worth it. Took me a while to realize that.

Jim :Let me guess you realized it about the time you went to see your doctor last.

Conkle: Yeah. Funny how that works. I blew it. Big time. I promised Lindsay's mother I'd take care of her but we've pretty much passed the time where she needs a father.

Jim: You never stop being a parent. You should just talk to your daughter, Harry.

Conkle: I tried. She can't forgive me for being what I am.

Jim: Yeah. Never too late to change. A good place to start would be getting Jack Cryss off the streets.

A man comes out of the plant.

Jim: Here's our boy now. (pulls the truck forward to the doors, then parks and gets out of the truck) Hey, Eddie.

Eddie: Ellison. It's good to see you.

Jim: It's nice to see you, too. I was wondering if you could tell me anything bout a lot of stolen C-4. (walks up the stairs to the doors)

Eddie: Sure. No problem. Whatever you need. (knocks over a barrel and runs back inside)

Jim: Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! (goes inside plant and starts chasing Eddie through it) Eddie? (comes across another worker) Police.

Man: Up there.

Jim chases him up and out of the building. Eddie leaves through the front door and runs past the truck. Conkle opens the door just as Eddie goes by, knocking Eddie to the ground. Jim comes out a few moments later.

Jim: Oh, nice work, Harry. I didn't think you'd be here

Conkle: When I got out. I gave you my word.

Jim: That you did. I think I'm going to need your handcuffs.

~Cut to Lindsay's apartment. Still day. Lindsay comes out to the main room, carrying Tyler.~

Lindsay: Look who got up.

Blair waves at Tyler. There's a knock on the door. Blair goes over to answer it, letting in Jim and Conkle.~

Jim: We were heading downtown, and Harry wanted to see Lindsay. I figured it was on the way.

Blair: I got to talk to you. (he and Jim go outside into hallway) Uh, I told Lindsay about Harry. About him dying. I, it just sort of blurted out. I didn't mean to. I'm thinking that maybe they need a couple minutes alone.

Jim: All right. I'm going to send the uniform up to help you out.

~Cut to inside apartment.~

Conkle: That's my grandkid. Can I hold him?

Lindsay: Yeah. Sure.

Conkle: Look at this guy, huh? It's been ages since I've held a baby. Since you. You said your mother never stopped loving me. I never stopped loving her.

Lindsay: Too bad you couldn't have told her that.

Conkle: I did. At the hospital just before she died.

Lindsay: You couldn't have. The whole place was under surveillance.

Conkle: So's your apartment.

Lindsay: Right.

Conkle: I saw you graduate from high school, Linds. Watched you walk across the hospital parking lot to visit your mom. I've been around. I just...haven't been there for you.

Lindsay: Well, if you cared so much, then why did you ever leave us?

Conkle: It was only supposed to be for a little while. Then months stretched into years, the time you were old enough to know what was going on, we didn't see the good that could come from your having explain to your friends what your father did for a living. Look, Lindsay, I don't know how, but...I swear I'm going to make this up to you. Some way.

Lindsay: I don't want you to make any promises that you can't keep.

Conkle: I won't. I'm just glad to be here.

~Cut to Jim and Simon in Simon's office. Still day.~

Jim: Captain, Eddie Kalach can't stop talking but we're missing a few pieces.

Simon: I don't give a damn about Kalach. I just got off the phone with the feds. Where's Harry?

Jim: At his daughter's house, sir. I've got a couple men on him. There's nothing to worry about here. Harry's on our side now.

Simon: Oh, really? Well, the feds don't buy that. They want him in now.

Jim: Simon, we are so close on this one. I can feel it.

Simon: You don't even know if Jack Cryss exists, let alone if he's still in town.

Jim: Why would Harry make something like that up? I mean, he's been on the money about everything so far.

Simon: Look, I have strung them out as long as I can. The FBI is in charge now. There's nothing you or I can do about it. Feds, in. You, out.

Jim: Okay, sir. Very good.

~Cut to Jim going up to Lindsay's apartment door. He stops when he starts to smell something.~

Jim: Not again.

Jim bangs open the door, gun out. He checks an officer who's unconscious on the floor, opens a window, then goes over to Blair, who is unconscious on the couch.

Jim: Chief? Chief? (slaps his cheek a little) Chief, come on, wake up.

Lindsay comes in.

Lindsay: Oh, my god.

Jim: You all right?

Blair: Yeah.

Lindsay: Where is he? Where's Tyler?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon's office. Jim, Simon, and two feds. Day.~

Simon: You know, I'm really tired of this guy sticking it to us. Why would the man kidnap his own grandson? There was no note, no ransom, no... nothing?

Jim: It doesn't add up, Captain.

Fed: I'll tell you what adds up, gentlemen. We've got a cop killer on the loose...with a kidnapped little baby. And as of right now, Agent McCallum and myself are in charge of this investigation. Everything is to be run through us.

Rafe comes in.

Simon: What is it, Rafe?

Rafe: Sorry, Captain, uh... Jim, you've got a call.

Jim: Rafe, can't it wait? I'm a little busy here.

Rafe: They said it was urgent. You know, kind of like life-and-death urgent?

Simon: Go on, take the call.

Jim: Excuse me. (leaves, takes the call at Rafe's desk) Thanks. (into phone) Ellison. .... Who is this?.... Well, if it doesn't matter, why the distorted voice? ..... All right... I'll be there. (hangs up) Rafe, tell Banks I'll catch up with him later.

Jim: Something's come up.

Rafe: Where are you going, Jim?

Jim: Job interview.

~Cut to warehouse where Jim has an interview.~

Man: You come highly recommended.

Jim: I earn my pay.

Man: I see that you have a background in the military. That will come in handy. Precision movement and timing are of the essence.

Jim: Will I be, uh...?

Man: I'll ask the questions. Your job is to listen and answer.

Jim uses sight to cut through glaring light and sees Conkle standing behind the table.

Conkle: Are you familiar with all kinds of vehicles, sir?

Jim: If it has tires or treads, I can drive it.

Conkle: Good. I'm going to give you a set of instructions. Memorize them. Leave it all in your brain.

~Cut to car outside, where Cryss listening and watching. Tyler is in car seat next to him.~

Cryss: Your grandpa's a real pro.

~Cut back inside.~

Jim: I take route 40 and drop the bags off. I head back to the motel and wait to be contacted.

Conkle: Good job. Welcome to the team.

Jim leaves. Conkle comes into view of the camera and uses a cellphone to talk to Cryss.

Cryss: I don't like him.

Conkle: It's not your call. You want me to get inside that vault? I pick the team.

Cryss: I still want to check him out.

Conkle: Be my guest, if you think we can afford the time.

Cryss: I just don't want any screw-ups.

Conkle: You mean like spending 5,000 on C-4 when a buck and a half could buy all I need.

Cryss: I didn't miss your smart mouth, but I have to admit it's been fun working with you again.

Conkle: You keep up your end of it and I'll keep up mine. I pick the team. Just make sure my grandson is safe.

~Cut to Major Crimes hallway. Jim comes out of an elevator just as Blair is passing by.~

Blair: Hey! You want to tell me about your new job interview?

Jim draws Blair down the hallway a bit.

Jim: I've been recruited as a driver in a bank holdup.

Blair: You're kidding me.

Jim: No, no, it gets better. The recruiter was Harry Conkle himself. He didn't want to be seen , but I saw him.

Blair: Wait a minute. You're losing me

Jim: Harry's just a puppet. Someone else is pulling the strings here, Chief.

Blair: Jack Cryss?

Jim: It would make more sense Cryss would kidnap the baby.

Blair: Why? To force Harry to go along with him? Cryss has been pulling these jobs and laying the blame on Harry. Why mess with a winning plan?

Jim: Maybe he's got an agenda. Maybe he wants Harry out of the way altogether.

Blair; If Harry's dead, he takes the blame for all of Cryss' robberies forever.

Jim: And Cryss is home free.

Blair: Did you ever think maybe it was Harry behind it the whole time and he's just been scamming us?

Jim: Anything's possible, Chief. The only way to find out is to go through with the robbery.

Blair: Oh, the feds are going to love that.

Jim: Chief, we're not going to tell the feds and I don't want to let Simon know until the last minute, all right? I'm going to need your help on this one. Harry's the planner. If he's on the level, it's our last shot to help him and the kid.

Blair: All right. Just let me know what I got to do.

Jim: All right. I'll keep in touch.

~Cut to outside of bank. Ginzberg (bank manager) walks up to talk to guard. There's someone sleeping on the sidewalk just outside the bank.~

Ginzberg: Who's that?

Guard: Just some wino.

Ginzberg: Check him out. Check him out!

Guard: (goes over to bum) Come on, bub. Let's go.

Men in masks and trenchcoats come up behind Ginzberg. One of them puts a gun in Ginzberg's back and speaks in an altered voice.

Robber #1: Don't move.

Bum gets up. Dressed like the others.

Robber #2: Give me the gun! Nice and slow!

Robber #1: Open it up, now.

Ginzberg opens door. They all go inside.

Robber #1: Down! (checks his wtach) 30 seconds.

Conkle goes in back to blow the vault.

Robber #1: One minute.

Vault blows.

Robber #1: One minute and 30. Four, three, two, one.

Conkle and other robber come out with money.

Robber #1: Let's go.

They all leave and pile into an SUV outside. Jim is in the driver's seat. Conkle sits in the passenger seat. Money is tossed in. Jim takes off just as cops arrive.

Jim: I got to say I'm impressed. No shots fired.

Conkle: Cut the chatter. Just drop them off.

Jim: All right, first drop off.

One man gets out. Jim leaves. Police cars pull up and an officer gets out.

Officer: Freeze!

Jim drops the second man off.

Man: Thanks for the ride.

Jim leaves. Another police car pulls up. Rafe appears from around the corner.

Rafe: Nice and easy. Keep your hands where I can see them.

Jim stops again at the final stop. Jim gets out and Conkle slides into driver's seat.

Conkle: Sorry. It was the only way. They were watching my every move.

Jim: Not a problem. Think you can handle the rest?

Conkle: That's my grandson Cryss has.

~Cut to Conkle entering warehouse and unloading money from back of SUV. He puts them in the trunk of another car.~

Cryss: Got all four bags? Put them in the trunk. Thanks for your help, Harry. Oh, did I mention this was my last bank job?

Conkle: Good for you. I'll take my grandson and be on my way.

Cryss: I can't let you do that, Harry. See, I don't need a scapegoat anymore and I can't take the chance that you'll do something silly like turn yourself in.

Conle: Cops won't figure me for a suicide.

Cryss: They'll put it on one of the lowlifes you hired. A double-cross. There's nothing to tie me into this.

Conkle: You're a good learner. I'll give you that. Just do me one last favor. Call my daughter. Let her know where her son is.

Cryss: Oh, someone will find him... sooner or later.

Jim appears from around the back of the SUV, his gun out.

Jim: Drop your weapon.

Cryss starts shooting. Jim dodges.

Conkle: Tyler! (runs at Cryss)

Cryss shoots him. Conkle goes down. Jim comes back out and shoots Cryss -- he goes down. Jim runs over to Conkle.

Jim: Harry!

Conkle: Tyler...

Jim: Uh, hang in there, buddy. Hang in there. (goes over to Tyler and picks him up) Hey, sweetheart. Hi. Look at you. Oh, yeah.

Conkle looks up to see Tyler, then collapses again

~Cut to hospital room. Jim, Blair, and Simon are standing in the doorway. Conkle is in the bed, playing with Tyler. Lindsay stands next to the bed.~

Lindsay: Dad, I can't tell you how proud I am of you.

Conkle: Come on. You're embarrassing me. You know, I can't bitch about the time I'll do. What hurts is the restitution. I wish I could have saved something for you and Tyler.

Blair: What about the reward money? I mean, she did help us catch him.

Jim: There's got to be a way to work this in Lindsay's favor somehow, Simon, eh?

Lindsay: Well, it would be for Tyler's college. I already got what I want.

Simon: I'll see what I can do. And, Harry, I know it's the state correctional system, but, uh, they have good doctors. They'll take care of you.

Conkle: Oh, hell, I'm not worried about the cancer. I can fight that. I just hope the prison food doesn't kill me.

Lindsay: Well, Tyler and I will have to bring you some home cooking.

Conkle: Does that mean you'll come and visit?

Lindsay: Just try to keep us away.

Jim, Blair, and Simon leave as Tyler makes baby noises.

~ The End ~