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Production Credits for all 65 episodes by name and episode
last updated November 11, 2000

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Paul Abascal -- Spare Parts (director)
Harold Apter -- Night Train (writer); Attraction (teleplay writer; co-writer with Juan Carlos Coto); Deep Water (writer); Reunion (co-teleplay-writer with Steven Baum); Spare Parts (writer); Hear No Evil (writer); Secret (co-teleplay-writer with David Balkan); Private Eyes (writer); His Brother's Keeper (writer); The Girl Next Door (writer); Breaking Ground (teleplay writer; co-story-writer with Steven Kriozere and Laurence Frank); Finkelman's Folly (writer); Foreign Exchange (co-story-writer with Laurence Frank); Neighborhood Watch (writer); Four Point Shot (writer); The Waiting Room (writer)

David H. Balkan -- Secret (co-teleplay-writer with Harold Apter); Red Dust (teleplay writer); Vanishing Act (co-teleplay-writer with David Newman); Mirror Image (teleplay writer); Foreign Exchange (co-teleplay-writer with Gail Morgan Hickman); Sentinel Too, part 2 (co-story-writer with Gail Morgan Hickman); Dead End on Blank Street (writer)
Steven Baum -- The Debt (writer); Reunion (co-teleplay-writer with Harold Apter)
Greg Beeman -- Reunion (director)
Robert Bielak -- Most Wanted (writer)
Bruce Bilson -- The Killers (director); Night Train (director); Out of the Past (director); Deep Water (director); Second Chance (director); Secret (director); Private Eyes (director); His Brother's Keeper (director); Inside Man (director); Dead Certain (director); Foreign Exchange (director)
Danny Bilson -- Switchman (co-writer with Paul DeMeo; director); Siege (director); Flight (director); The Rig (director); Dead Drop (director); Warriors (director); Three Point Shot (director); Four Point Shot (director); The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg (director)
Scott Brazil -- Light My Fire (director)
Randy Brown -- The Real Deal (teleplay writer)

Howard Chaykin -- Rogue (writer); Survival (writer)
Richard Compton -- Prisoner X (director); Sentinel Too, part 1 (director)
John Connor -- Hear No Evil (director); Pennies From Heaven (director); Fool Me Twice (director); Crossroads (director)
Juan Carlos Coto -- Attraction (co-writer with Harold Apter)

Paul De Meo -- Switchman (co-writer with Danny Bilson)

Darrel Fetty -- Three Point Shot (writer)
J. Rae Fox -- Love Kills (story writer)
Laurence Frank -- Cypher (writer); Breaking Ground (co-story-writer with Steven Kriozere and Harold Apter); Prisoner X (co-story-writer with Rick Husky); Sweet Science (writer); Foreign Exchange (co-story-writer with Harold Apter); The Real Deal (story writer)
Bill Froehlich -- The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg (writer)
Tom Fudge -- Remembrance (co-writer with Joseph Johnson)

William Gereghty -- Payback (director); Black or White (director); Red Dust (director); Vanishing Act (director); The Girl Next Door (director); Red Ice (director); Breaking Ground (director); Sweet Science (director); Love Kills (director)

Gail Morgan Hickman -- The Killers (writer); Flight (writer); Out of the Past (co-teleplay-writer with David Newman); The Rig (co-teleplay-writer with Harv Zimmel); Secret (story writer); Sleeping Beauty (writer; director); Dead Certain (writer); Foreign Exchange (co-teleplay-writer with David Balkan); Sentinel Too, part 1 (writer); Sentinel Too, part 2 (teleplay writer; co-story-writer with David Balkan)
Rick Husky -- Prisoner X (teleplay writer; co-story-writer with Laurence Frank); Crossroads (writer)

Joseph Johnson -- Remembrance (co-writer with Tom Fudge)

Bruce Kalish -- Love and Guns (writer); Vow of Silence (writer)
Steven Kriozere -- Breaking Ground (co-story-writer with Harold Apter and Laurence Frank)
Don Kurt -- Murder 101 (director); Dead End on Blank Street (director)

Michael Lacoe -- Finkelman's Folly (director); The Waiting Room (director)
Peter Lance -- Payback (writer); Black or White (writer); Dead Drop (writer); Red Dust (co-story-writer with Ann Powell); Storm Warning (writer)
Daniel Levine -- True Crime (writer); Blind Man's Bluff (writer); Vanishing Act (story writer)
Lydia Look -- Love Kills (teleplay writer)

Paul B. Margolis -- Iceman (writer)
Brad Markowitz -- Out of the Past (story writer)
James Marshall -- Survival (director); The Trance (director); Night Shift (director); The Real Deal (director)
Richard Maxwell -- Red Ice (writer); Night Shift (writer)
Stephen A. Miller -- Reunion (story writer)

David L. Newman -- Siege (writer); Out of the Past (co-teleplay-writer with Gail Morgan Hickman); Vanishing Act (co-teleplay-writer with David Balkan); Pennies From Heaven (writer); Warriors (writer)

Scott Paulin -- Attraction (director)
Ann Powell -- Red Dust (co-story-writer with Peter Lance); The Trance (writer)

Jeffrey Reiner -- Vow of Silence (director)

Oley Sassone -- Storm Warning (director)

Rich Tabach -- Mirror Image (story writer)
Ron Taylor -- Murder 101 (writer)
David Thoreau -- Light My Fire (writer); Vendetta (writer)
Gus Trikonis -- The Debt (director)

Tim Van Patten -- Love and Guns (director); Iceman (director); Vendetta (director); Remembrance (director)
Michael Vejar -- Cypher (director); Rogue (director)
John Vorhaus -- Second Chance (writer); Smart Alec (writer); Fool Me Twice (writer)

Tony Westman -- True Crime (director); Blind Man's Bluff (director); Smart Alec (director); Poachers (writer; director); Mirror Image (director); Sentinel Too, part 2 (director)
Scott Williams -- Neighborhood Watch (director); Most Wanted (director)

Harv Zimmel -- The Rig (co-teleplay-writer with Gail Morgan Hickman; story writer); Inside Man (writer)