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Last updated October 8, 1999

All pictures belong to UPN, Pet Fly Productions and Paramount.
No copyright infringement is intended.
These pictures are shown here only for the enjoyment of the fans.

Balloon Commercial


(missing first part of the commercial)
Blair: Like buildings.
(shots of various explosions)
Jim: And houses.
(more explosions)
Blair: Cars.
(more explosions)
Jim: Thanks to UPN, this season's gonna be no different.


Blair: And to prove it, we're even gonna blow up this year's network theme line.


Announcer: The Sentinel -- Wednesdays this fall on UPN.


Jim: So what do you want to blow up next?
Blair holds out the red balloon labeled "Must See TV."

SenQuil Commercial


Jim: I was wondering if anybody out there knew of a good eyes, ears, nose, and throat doctor?
(shots of various episodes where Jim has sensory problems)
Announcer: They call him The Sentinel because he uses his heightened senses to fight crime.
But you can just call him...

The night-time, running, shooting, punching, butt-kicking, stop crooks you can rest easy cop.


Announcer: The Sentinel -- Five heightened senses, one super cop; next on UPN.

Animated Jim Commercial

What's the perfect companion to UPN's animated series, Dilbert?

The Sentinel -- Animated

Announcer: The Sentinel, that's what.

...running... ...kicking... ...punching... ...breaking glass...

Rappers: He's the man, he's the heat; he's the man, he's the heat.
Back on the beat.
He's the man, he's the heat; he's the man, he's the heat.

...and then we have... ...our boy Jim

Announcer: Okay, so he's not a cartoon.
Jim: Oops, cat's outta the bag, Chief.
Announcer: But in his own way, he is highly animated.
(shots of various Jim stunts)
Announcer: The Sentinel returns this Monday.

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