TS Park

TS Park -- The Most Dangerous Park in America
Help! They killed Sandburg!

Jim Ellison Best cop TS Park has to offer, despite tendency for jaw-clenching, dropping his gun, and inability to control his hormones. Has wrecked a LOT of vehicles. Has a cat for an imaginary friend. Often seen with his mouth hanging open. Has a hard head in more than one sense.
Blair Sandburg Endearing anthropologist/police observer who eats weird food, talks a lot, gets lost easily, carries a backpack, and charms women. Should stay away from fountains and ponds.
Simon Banks Crotchety police captain who barks, yells, bosses, and will someday die of an ulcer or a heart attack. Chews cigars, lit or unlit. Cannot be the star of an episode unless shot first.
Joel Taggert Expert at disarming things that go boom, or getting away before they do go boom.
Henri Brown Easy-going cop, never seen dressed in a suit (with a one-time exception of a tux). Nickname Don Cornelius.
Rafe GQ cop, almost always dressed in a suit and/or suspenders. Remains good-looking despite bloody facial wounds.
Megan Conner Aussie inspector with frequently changing hairdo. Martial arts trained. Quickly figured out that pink dingo does not equal good fashion in the U.S.
Jungle Jim Has no patience for bad guys who kidnap his friends. Uses shoe polish generously. Prefers primitive weapons including crossbows and blow darts. Large machine guns also acceptable.
Jim and Blair It's about friendship.