We'd Rather Be in Cascade -- Our Sentinel Trip

JPG Images of our Vancouver trip with explanatory captions

Spoiler Warning: these captions explain what episode the site was seen in on The Sentinel, thus they contain spoilers for several past episodes up to the end of 4th season. The spoilers for the yet un-aired 4th season episode, "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg," are minor and do not reveal anything aside from seeing what outfits Detective Rafe, Detective Brown, and Jim will be wearing in the episode. There's one picture of Robyn holding up the front page of Blair's thesis, but you can't read any of it.

Note: In an attempt to preserve the quality of these pictures, they have been saved as high resolution .jpg files (no compression) and may take a long time to load. The pics range in size from 60 to 230 kb with the actor pictures being the smaller ones.

Some of these pictures are similar to those on Lois Balzer's Tour Page of Sentinel sites and studio sets in Vancouver, but hey, some of our pictures turned out really nice and we just had to put them up anyway <g>. If you'd like to see more beautiful pictures of other Sentinel filming sites in Vancouver and pictures of the Sentinel sets at Pet Fly Studios, check out Lois's page!

Special Thanks to Lois Balzer and Cathy Mayo for taking us on their wonderful tour and taking the pictures in which both of us appear. We highly recommend their tour! Thanks also to Maureen Caine of The Sentinel for a wonderful set tour and for taking the pictures in the loft and with Richard Burgi in which we both appear.

Visit to Ryf van Rij and Henri Brown's trailer

guardshack.jpg -- We're standing outside of the guard shack at the entrance to Pet Fly studios. It's all decorated for Christmas and has the Cascade PD seal on the wall between us as well. The occasional white spots are snowflakes. It was cold!

redcoats_rb.jpg -- Here's the proof Ryf and Henri let us wear their jackets! We're inside Ryf and Henri's trailer wearing the famed red jackets from His Brother's Keeper, and grinning like idiots <g>. Becky (R) is wearing Brown's and Robyn (L) is wearing Rafe's. The logo says "The Precinct Stogies" with their names embroidered underneath.

ryf.jpg -- with the incredibly charming Ryf van Rij in his trailer. He's dressed as Detective Rafe.

henri.jpg -- with the incredibly lovable Henri Brown in his trailer. He's dressed as Detective Brown.

Vancouver Location Sites

University of British Columbia (UBC), a.k.a. Rainier University

hargrove1.jpg -- Hargrove Hall #1 (actually the UBC Chemistry building) seen in Rogue, Breaking Ground, and all other episodes showing Hargrove Hall except for Sentinel Too. The road running in front of the building is "Garbage Truck Lane" from the pilot (Switchman).

hargrove1b.jpg -- closer view of us standing on the steps to the entrance of Hargrove Hall #1.

hargrove2.jpg -- Robyn standing on the steps of Hargrove Hall #2 from Sentinel Too. The students hanging out on the steps couldn't figure out why we were taking pictures! Jim runs up these steps before spotting Blair in the fountain.

fountain.jpg -- We're sitting on the edge of the infamous fountain from Sentinel Too. It was surprisingly clean. Jim's truck pulls up on the driveway behind and to the left of us in Sentinel Too.

rosegarden.jpg -- A view looking down into the winter rose-less rose garden where Blair walks with Alex in Sentinel Too. Blair also stands in front of the railing with Molly when he sees Alec getting kidnapped in the episode Smart Alec.

museum1.jpg -- We're standing in front of the back side of UBC's Museum of Anthropology. Magnificent building! The large glass-enclosed room behind us is where they filmed the scene of Blair talking to his old professor/adviser in Smart Alec.

Other Vancouver Sites

crossroadtown.jpg -- The "town in the middle of nowhere" used to film the episode Crossroads is actually the Vancouver Police Mounted Squad headquarters in the middle of Stanley Park in central Vancouver. You can see the gas pumps where Jim filled the hayseed up with gas.

loft1.jpg -- The building used for the outside of the loft is actually located in the city of North Vancouver. The two windows on the 3rd story (to the right of the open window and directly above Colette's) are supposed to be Jim's bedroom windows but don't match the layout of the inside of the loft. Jim supposedly climbed up the fire escape on the left, ran across the roof, and climbed into his bedroom window in the episode Mirror Image.

loft2.jpg -- We're standing at the downstairs entrance to the loft's building.

The Sentinel Set Tour (Loft Set)

petfly.jpg -- The outside of Pet Fly studios on Bentall Street in Vancouver where The Sentinel and Viper are filmed. The small red and white sign on the fence in front of the guard shack says "U.S. Embassy Security Entrance: Authorized Personnel Only." LOL!

jimsbed.jpg -- Robyn sitting on Jim's yellow comforter-covered bed. It was quite comfy <g>.

kitchen1.jpg -- A close-up view of the loft's kitchen. The round bluish glasses on the top shelf above the sink were pulled down by Blair who gave them to a blind Jim in Blind Man's Bluff. As you can see, Jim and Blair have at least two teapots.

kitchen2.jpg -- We're standing in the kitchen behind the island, waiting for Jim and Blair to cook us pasta with Narwhal horn marinara sauce <g>.

thesis.jpg -- Robyn sitting at the loft's dining room table holding up the first page of Blair's thesis on sentinels, the hot subject of 4th season's 8th episode. The big pile of paper on the table is the rest of the thesis and is mostly the front page copied over and over. You can't read the body text in the picture but it's just something about Mayan rituals (sounds like an encyclopedia entry!)-- nothing profound or having to do with sentinels.

loftcouch.jpg -- Robyn (L) and Becky (R) making ourselves at home on one of the "new" blue couches in Jim and Blair's living room. Blair's bedroom and the stairs going up to Jim's room are behind and to the right of the bookcase behind Becky. The balcony is to the left of Robyn. The yellow X on the couch between us is "where Richard's butt goes" according to Maureen.

frontdoor.jpg -- We're standing in front of the loft's front door. Robyn is holding the famed key basket that Jim and Blair toss their keys into -- it usually sits on the table to the right. The Red Heron Fish Hooks poster is actually a painted sheet of metal nailed to the door.

balcony.jpg -- This picture is taken from Jim and Blair's balcony. I liked this because it shows the edge of the large glossy backdrop showing the nighttime skyline of Cascade/Vancouver. It's placed outside the balcony windows. I always thought it looked so real on the show! The studio also has another large backdrop of skyline which is placed outside Simon's office windows.

RB1.jpg -- Two very happy Sentinel fans with the handsome and sweet Richard Burgi during a filming break. He looks so Jim Ellison in this picture but he sure doesn't act like him off screen! Much friendlier but just as gorgeous, of course.

RB2.jpg -- This time Richard's smiling but not looking at the camera. Oh well! We excuse him -- he had a bad cold. Again, we look deliriously happy...

becky_robyn.jpg -- Becky (L) and Robyn (R) in the airport wearing our black and green The Sentinel hats Maureen gave us at the end of the tour. In case you hadn't noticed, we had a great time!

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