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We'd Rather Be in Cascade -- Our Sentinel Trip

We'd rather be in Cascade!
This page contains a trip report and pictures of Becky and Robyn's trip to Vancouver
during the filming of The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, the 8th episode of The Sentinel's 4th season and finale of the series.

Trip Report
(contains spoilers for the episode The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg)

As promised, here are some of the pictures we took on our trip --
photos of Sentinel location filming sites and the inside of the loft set at Pet Fly studios.
We're in some of them. Photos with Ryf van Rij, Henri Brown, and Richard Burgi are also included.
These explain where each picture was taken and what episode the site appeared in.
Thus, these contain spoilers for past episodes and very minor ones for the
The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

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